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Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
Whoops, missed your vote on Flare, sorry! Scratch this one I guess.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
Gonna throw out the rest of my reads, plus update a couple.

Null to Scum (Top is scummiest):
On Flare, I'm a smidge more worried than before. On one hand, I was actually a little confused at why Vyse voted on Zetsu when he did, while did provoke an interesting reaction, it wasn't instantly obvious what Vyse was doing when he did vote. What I don't like is that Flare claims that there weren't discussion points to talk about! We are still analysing the fallout of that mess, so clearly there are things to talk about! Trying to avoid discussion reads as more than a little scummy.


@Flare: Why do you think there wasn't anything to talk about? What do you think of the other people commenting on the whole fight? If we were to lynch Frogue and he flips scum, who would you suspect? Same for town?

As for the others, Fogu going quiet suddenly is something I'm not liking, especially given his normal activity. The whole Zetsu thing seems overblown to me, and his absence makes it look sketchier in hindsight.

Riki stays here since nothing has changed since the last time I mentioned him. @Riki, what are your opinions on Flare and Frogue now?

Deamon has made some comments that have been helpful, but he's also taken jabs at people who are being suspected. The fact that he's been doing so without voting makes me a little iffy on him right now.

Null to Town (Strongest town read first too):
Zetsu. I've said it already, his doubling down makes him look townie, especially since he was clearly panicking. Not a scum strategy most likely.

Paige. Has been helpful to town so far, including a good analysis of the Frogue/Zets fight. One small note though, I really don't like Paige's argument against Flare, because this is the type of thing that lets hidden scum skate free.

Goose's replies to both Inky and on inactives have been helpful.

Yugi, I like his replies, less so that most of them are prompted.

Zee has been contributing quite a bit, but at the same time feels a bit insubstantial? I dunno.

I kinda ran out of steam at the end there, but that's a basic rundown of my reads right now.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
Another notable digression from past games: Battle Royale mafia contains no lynchers and no jesters. Both roles cause issues and confusion come lynch time, resulting in a lot of awkward speculation and often stalling things out. Lynchers usually need to be balanced as anti-town roles and the mere possibility of jesters can have really dire anti-town effects.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
Hope you feel better soon, Zetsu!

Gonna give a few more of my reads.

First up, Flare. Two posts, one joke vote and one serious post so far. It's a little weird to me that Flare doesn't recognise Frogue, but apart from that, there's little to analyse that doesn't reiterate what Vyse says in post 188 (on mobile so can't link).

Espi on the other hand, reads closer to neutral for me, though it seems to be hewing close to what's already been said. I can see the argument that it's trying to fly under the radar, but I don't think it really warrants a vote at this moment though.

Riki's questioning of Zetsu. It's oppurtunistic, eveb if I believe that it's a thing town might do. I'm not liking the timing on it a whole lot though, and the question asked seems to be attacking something trivial. Shifty eyes in this direction.

Just gonna Unvote: boogie for now.

For now I'd like to hear from Flare about his views on the Zetsu/Frogue thing and on his reads thus far.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread

Old meta is helpful, but not that much. 5 years is a long time, similar to how long I was away from this board's mafia too, and I'm very sure that my old playstyle is very unrepresentative of current play, so asking questions about it seems more than appropriate.

Frogue and Zetsu: The push is agressive in a way which makes me confused? I'm still trying to understand how it developed, so I'm gonna have to reread that.

The argument based on Zetsu's inconsistent characterisation of the push makes me feel a little uneasy, because to me it looks more like Frogue is using Zetsu's inconsistent use of terminology to further his argument, while I see it more as Zetsu playing emotionally rather than being scummy, not to say those are mutually exclusive.

Zetsu sticking to his guns is a small plus point in his favour, I don't feel that's a scum thing to do.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
@Frogue What do you mean by 'just confirms'? There's already a bunch of votes before Deamon checks in, so I'm not sure what you mean?

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
EBWOP: Welp misread that! Blame my misplaced sense of self importance and carry on

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
Um, I voted for Boogie, not Yugi, so that doesn't really hold.

The Greatest Sideshow on Earth
It was a with sense of unease that she reentered the room.

Her mind kept returning to Tessa, still outside in the rain, still watching them from out there.

And she knew exactly what she was doing and why and she hated that she was doing it.

It was wrong to be afraid of her this way? The way her mind was making her corpse some boogeyman because she didn't want to normalise it. Didn't want to acknowledge that this was real, that Tessa being dead was real, that dying was a real thing that happened.

And so she was afraid of Tessa.

She wouldn't join her. She wouldn't.


Emma's voice cut into her empty sleep, slowly bringing the world back into focus once more.

Amanda sat up, blinking at the room, trying to work out what was wrong apart from that already not-so-short list of problems that stemmed from being dropped onto an island and told to kill your classmates.

"What?" She stood up, still confused. Kaitlyn was missing?

"She's not in the backroom or anything?"

She rushed over towards the backroom herself, swinging open the door hard enough that it slammed against the wall behind it, only to find a severe lack of Kaitlyn within the room.

It was only with the announcements later that morning that things made a little more sense.

Kaitlyn was a killer. Not just any killer but apparently she was the bloody Best at it, whatever that actually meant. Kaitlyn was the one who'd killed Mia and she'd just bloody claimed that she committed suicide and she just stayed there with them and took Tessa's stuff and she just let it go because no matter how much she didn't like it, Kaitlyn just looked like she was trying to survive and what the heck was she supposed to say about that?

And she had a bomb.

Kailtyn had a bomb and it was all her fault.

She should have shot her, she should have stopped her, she should have done anything other than nothing.

But she didn't and now Kaitlyn was out there with a bomb, a gun, and whatever weapon the terrorists had decided to throw at her.

Okay, calm. She needed to do something, but not something stupid.

"Okay guys," she turned to Jaime and Emma. "We need to talk. About Kaitlyn."

She didn't want to talk so much as ramble, but that was far beside the point.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
I have received a role. Or at least something that looks suspiciously similar to a role.

Anyone I'm goona VOTE: Boogie because clearly, a ruse is a lie, and lynch all liars is clearly extensible to this, right?

The Way the Sun Can Still Burn Down
The suitcases were a mess, a few of them scattered on the ground next to a small pile, half-opened as if to prove that each and every one of them was devoid of anything that could help them.

The feeling of emptiness, of lack seemed like it was a theme here. The island had been stripped bare, not a single object for sustanance had been left, things that felt as if they should have been there were missing, leaving behind some sort of almost liminal space, haunted by the ghosts of those who had left this place all those years ago.

Jordan could hear Hazel and Jeremy talking as he continued to look around the other side of the room, the near-whispers worrying to him for no discernible reason at all. Some sense in his head was absolutely sure that they were talking about him, but that was some clearly misplaced sense of self-worth.

But he couldn’t help but try to listen anyway.

Honestly, he was worried.

Not just about himself. Not just about Hazel too, though the tone of her voice prevented him from doing anything but, but he worried for Jeremy as well, who had been uncharacteristically distracted suddenly, and Jordan was sure that something, somewhere in those announcements had hurt him; Jeremy certainly hadn’t been like this yesterday.

He wanted to say something.

To Hazel. To Jeremy.

But he sucked at this.

Jordan knew that too often, he was sometimes just there, listening, thinking, absorbing things, and sometimes that meant it felt like no one ever acknowledged him. But yet it was so difficult to put himself out there. But that meant he never really knew what people were talking about him. If people even knew he existed, really.

But after this time, he felt like he needed to try. Not like that token 'are you okay?' he'd given in the morning because no one ever said they weren't okay unless absolutely everything was already off kilter in the first place.

"Uh, I-" His breath caught on the start of his sentence.

"Yeah, you guys are- Do you guys wanna talk? I couldn't help but overhear you and while I can't tell you guys that everything's gonna be okay, I can try and help. I guess."

The Way the Sun Can Still Burn Down
((Jordan Green continued from Woof Woof, I'm a Dog. Kill Your Friends))

He should have guessed Alex wouldn't have come along.

But in hindsight, it was obvious that he wouldn't. Glad to meet them, my foot. Not glad enough to leave his own deathtrap of a hideout, at least. But at least it was clear to Jordan now, that Alex had been lying about everything, and that it was all the best that they had left when they did. That little sympathy Alex had managed to garner with his friendliness seemed squandered now.

But Hazel's words echoed through his head. They'd left Alex behind, alone, and who knew what he'd do now. It shouldn't matter to him what Alex did, but even if he wasn't responsible, he'd feel responsible and that was the worst feeling.

Okay, probably not the absolute worst, but mixed with everything that had happened so far, it was a mess that he would be perfectly happy to not think about.

But it had been a day since they'd left, and the initial irritation had long since abated and had been replaced with a mild unsettling dissappointment, which had only made the trek through the asylum all the more uncomfortable. They clearly weren't the only people there, not with the occasional sounds of someone shouting, but it was always distant and echoing, and he was half certain each one was accompanied by someone getting hurt.

He barely remembered any of the route they had taken, partly because he was distracted by conversation or thought, partly because the corridors felt like they were blending into each other as endless masses of rust and rotting wood and discolored concrete. They'd rested somewhere, somewhen, but it had barely seemed to register, apart from the fact that he woke up feeling more miserable than he had the previous day.

He and Jeremy had talked a little, mostly about banal things at they had gone along. Mostly about school and the people they were looking for.

Emma. Serena. Alessio. Clarice. Joshua. Jasmine. Caedyn.

That was the list Jeremy had, and Jordan guessed that Vanessa would have been hastily scribbled on after yesterday as well. Most of that list was fine with him, with the probable exception of Alessio and Caedyn. But finding the rest of them was a nice thought, and the morning had been spent looking into some of the therapy rooms.

This one was different from the rest though, large, with more doors and light than he had come to expect from the asylum. It even had a chandelier, making the whole room look all the more ethereal. But most striking of all were the chairs, which apart from the few that had been knocked over, had been set in a neat circle, like a great fairy ring in the middle of the room.

"This room gives me the creeps. Maybe we should..."

No. They probably shouldn't leave. It was probably worth a search, at least. There was more they needed to do too than just finding people. Food. Water. Neither of those were lasting as long as he'd hoped.

He shrugged, as if they could somehow discern those thoughts from that one movement alone.

Woof Woof, I'm a Dog. Kill your Friends.
Jordan didn't know how he felt about Alex being glad to see them. It hardly seemed genuine after his shouting at them earlier, but it wasn't as if he had any deep insights into the mind of Alex. But he didn't seem likely to attack them now, a relative calm after the rush of things that had happened that day.

And yet, his fixation was on the sword, the sword that Alex claimed Liz had given him, that Alex had killed Rea with, where he could half-see, half-imagine blood specks left upon its metallic surface.

Why would Liz have passed it to Alex? Why was she crying? Did Liz leave with Vanessa? He couldn't remember any of the details from yesterday. Did he even know in the first place or had he just simply spaced out back there?

"I think Liz went off with Vanessa? Vanessa was looking for her bandmates, I guess. I don't actually remember who was on the trip though."

He remembered now though, that same envy he had yesterday. Jeremy had at least fifty percent more plan than they had when they'd reentered this room. And his friends were still alive. He had a list of dead friends and acquaintances he wasn't sure he wanted to find.

But helping Jeremy find his friends seemed... not terrible. He felt like he messed up though, that he wanted to help Jeremy now, but had just left Vanessa behind yesterday. That was dickish, probably. He'd have to do something to make up for that if he had the chance, even if just to assuage his internal guilt.

Hazel floated the idea of leaving. Jordan wasn’t sure himself, after all, they’d already gone in and out a couple times, and he would have been more than happy to settle down for a bit. But she seemed set to leave, and even if Alex and Jeremy weren’t dangerous now, that didn’t mean that they were people he’d want to be left behind with.

"Yeah, I guess if we wanted to find friends, this isn't the best spot. Not to diss the hobo maze or anything."

He followed after Hazel. The last thing he wanted right now was to be left behind.

((Jordan Green continued in The Way the Sun Can Still Burn Down))

Battle Royale Mafia Sign-Ups
Count me in for this one!

The Greatest Sideshow on Earth
Amanda lowered her own gun sheepishly, her breathing slowly returning to normal as the situation de-escalated.

Kaitlyn was trying to make peace with them in her own fast-talking way, and as much as Amanda didn't like it, it was leagues better than the alternative. Things were going better than expected, something that seemed to be a theme lately, and she wasn't sure how much of that was luck, and how much of that was an abysmal sense of expectations.

Still, she didn't fully trust Kaitlyn. Kinda hard to suddenly trust the grave robber who had one extra bomb on her person than when you met her. Not after she pointing a gun at them. Not after she casually used Mia dying to scare them. But that didn't mean she had to do anything, not when everything had managed to settle down.

Besides, they'd managed to achieve their goal of getting water in a lucky coincidence. And yet, it'd feel completely wrong to take it, especially with their owner still there, still watching over the room with soulless eyes.

And worse off it was starting to rain too. It looked like they were going to be stuck there for the night. And if they were going to be stuck in the pub, she'd rather not have any corpse, let alone Tessa, watching over her the entire night.

"Okay. Let's move it. But let's make it fast, okay?"

Amanda grabbed onto her arms, and with a little help from Kaitlyn and Jaime, lifted the body up. Even though she didn't want to, she couldn't help to notice Tessa's head, which was dangling off at an awkward angle, the neck too damaged to hold it up properly, its weight shaking in a way that made her a little queasy, as they transported the body out of the pub.

The body was dropped, a little too unceremoniously for her liking, left to suffer in the rain while they stayed dry inside the shitty pub.

"Okay, I never thought I’d say this about Tessa, but I actually kinda feel sorry for her out there."

Woof Woof, I'm a Dog. Kill your Friends.
He knew Alex was trying to scare them.

It was the way he was speaking, presenting himself, his actions almost certainly calculated to make himself seem larger than life. He was either absolutely off the wall crazy, or he was hiding something, but at this point, Jordan was more than willing to give it to him. He was already as scared as he could be, regardless of whichever it was.

Alex wasn't the most likable at the best of times, but here, with his delusions of grandeur, or whatever it was that was driving him at the moment, together with the machete in his hand, he was infinitely more dangerous than he ever was in school.

He could only stare blankly at Alex with surprise and disgust. Some of his words made sense, but the people outside, killing, dying, and everything in between were ever so distant compared to the here, the now, the person standing in front of him. A dozen Nancies and Isabels made no difference to him right now when they were god knew where on the island.

Besides, Jordan realised, that Alex was claiming that they were all the same as those who were killers, but somehow he was different from everyone. And perhaps that was what was really scary about this. That Alex was so self righteous after killing Rea. That he was still same old over the top Alex despite what he had done.

Alex finished his speech with little incident and Jeremy saw fit to provide a welcome that did absolutely nothing to his complete lack of confidence in the situation. He was holding up a clipboard, complete with paper and everything, and on the paper was a list of names.

"Oh yeah, we met Liz at the radio station thing. Yesterday? We met her there with Vanessa and... um, yeah..." He'd almost forgotten about yesterday with everything that had happened in the last few minutes. Luckily Hazel didn't seem to worry as much as Jordan himself was, or maybe it was just that she managed to hide it better. Still, the less said the better.

"Well, we haven't really met many other people, though. Sorry..."

"So I guess you guys were looking for your friends?"