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O-Lan, You Are the Earth
Claire was being disorientingly honest here. It was surprising for Stephanie that someone would be so frank about themselves wih someone else.

"That's kind of a hard question, isn't it?" Stephanie glanced at Claire. The girl was trying to push her away. Was it a bad idea to stick with her after all?

Claire didn't seem to trust herself, but she was open about itthat mean anything at all?

"I honestly can't say if sticking with you is a going to turn out well, but by now, I think it'd be asking for a lot to have a emotionally stable partner, right? I'm not even sure I'm fine myself.

"I don't know enough to make a good judgement, but I'm probably going to stick around, unless you really don't want me to."

O-Lan, You Are the Earth
"Oh," Stephanie sighed, not sure if she should be more relieved or dissapointed. "You too, huh?"

"I was with someone the first few days too, before they got killed. I haven't seen much but dead bodies since then."

"I can't believe so many people are dead already, she sighed, coming to a stop in front of Claire. Stephanie was a little surprised to see the bandage wrapped about Claire's head. Had she gotten caught in a fight? Stephanie didn't want to ask.

"I'm guessing you don't have a plan either, right? Mind if I stick with you for a while?"

O-Lan, You Are the Earth
They weren't playing. That was good enough for Stephanie. They could be lying, but she didn't quite care. She would take her word for it.

"Wait up. I'm coming over." Stephanie said, wading through the wheat towards where the voice had come from. She regretted havig worn a skirt; the plants were scratching against her bare legs.

"I'm Stephanie by the way. Is there anyone else out there with you?"

O-Lan, You Are the Earth
((Stephanie Wright continued from Fools and High Places))

Ever since that announcement, Stephanie had been in bad spirits. They were playing with them. It was horrid, and sick the way they were still messing with them even after doing all this.

It wasn't enough that they were trapped. It wasn't enough that there were dying. They had to suffer during their short stay on the island and end up entertaining the internet while they were at it.

The day that had passed had been a blur, raw anger feuding with tears for a chance to prevent her from thinking rationally. She had stayed near the cliffs for a while, finding a spot to rest, and simply sulked there the rest of the day.

She had fallen asleep sometime and woke up in the middle of the night hungry, upset and unmotivated. She wandered along the road, forcing herself to eat something despite her lack of appetite. There wasn't much left, but it was enough to make her feel a little better.

She had eventually found herself back in the field, golden wheat blocking off vision in most directions. The wheat was been trampled in places, forming trails then went deeper into the fields. There wouldn't be people here now though. It had been a danger zone just a moment ago.

Stephanie was halfway across the field when she realised how wrong she had been. There someone nearby, trampling their way through the field along with her. It was great to finally see someone else after so long. Two days with only corpses at company was no fun at all.

Nonetheless, she remained wary. If it was a player, she would be in trouble fast. She was ready to bolt if things went bad, but she didn't know how long she could escape from someone with a gun.

"Who's that out there?" Stephanie shouted, "Are you playing?"

Fools and High Places
It was a while before Stephanie managed to stop crying. The people in charge were sick. Horribly sick. It wasn't enough to get kids to murder each other, they had to play with them to the very end.

It was ridiculous.

Stephanie made her way back down, keeping well clear of the body from earlier.

It didn't quite matter to her where she was heading now. Away from here would be good enough for now.

((Stephanie Wright continued in O-Lan, You Are the Earth))

Fools and High Places
((Stephanie Wright continued from The Voyage of the Dawn Treader ))

The lighthouse itself had been a bad experience. The smell had been bad enough, but there was a corpse against one wall, a pool of blood around it. She tried to keep as far from that as possible. She was only here to climb anyway.

It wasn't long before Stephanie was standing at the top of the lighthouse, what had to be the highest point for miles and miles around. It was still early in the morning and the ocean was dark, a blue-green mess that simply, unyieldingly crashed into the rocks far below. The morning breeze was cold, and Stephanie was pleased to have found a place that she could rest where she wouldn't be disturbed.

She needed the time to recollect her thoughts and calm down. Otherwise she'd be a bawling mess, or ready to burst at any provocation.

It had been bad enough to see Mallory die. One death was bad enough. Three was a completely different thing. Three dead people in a span of one hour was just enough on the wrong side of insane for her understand why some people committed suicide. Not that she was about to. No, she was far too proud, and far too cowardly to do anything like that.

She hit the railing once, listening to the metal reverberate around her. The island seemed dead. Or dying. It was like seeing Chernobyl in real life, as if the pallor of death could somehow seep into the structures.

The usual crackle of static came, interrupting her thoughts. It was a new voice. A different man.

"Good morning, kids. My name's James. I'm the collar guy, and, well, I'm sorry to say, after two promising days, nobody actually managed a kill yesterday. You know what that means."

Stephanie's hands quickly rose to her neck. The collar beeped, as if to confirm what the man said had been true. That was impossible. There were people dead. There were-

"Just kidding." He continued on, passing the announcement back to Danya. But what he was saying didn't matter anymore. Stephanie was crying too much to hear what he was saying anymore.