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Where Was My Brain?
'So his name is Nathan, huh?' Adrian thought, 'Looks like he got split up from his group too.' Adrian noticed Nathan’s eye occasionally darting to his bag as if to check if it was still there.

'Looks like he's still scared of me. Then again, I guess everyone on this island has the right to be scared.'

"I guess going out at night isn't such a bad idea. But wouldn't it be easy to get lost?" Adrian said, "I'd wait till it wasn't so dark." Realizing that Nathan was trying to inch his way towards the bag he added,"If you want our bag, just take it. I swear I won't do anything."

Where Was My Brain?

Adrian should have known to be more careful when entering a building, especially after the incident at the town. But after noticing the person, his first instinct wasn't to run nor was it to take the pistol out of his bag. All he did was freeze there. But instead of the expected image of a gun pointed at his face or a person ready to charge him, all Adrian saw was a person lying flat on the ground.

'Huh? Is he alright?' Adrian would have walked over to try and help him but he already seemed to getting up on his own.

"Hi there... You... you aren't killing people... right?" the person asked.

The person (how much longer was he going to have to call him this?) standing in front of Adrian looked unsure but he wasn't holding a weapon. Adrian breathed a sigh of relief, "No. No we're not.We're not killing people. So, I'm guessing you're not either?"

Just then, Andrew ran into the room pistol in hand, quickly turning to point it at the person standing next to the window. Adrian looked at the pistol shouting, "Wuh? Wait! No!"

Luckily, it seemed that Andrew was already lowering his gun and making an apology.

"Yeah, I'm really sorry we scared you. You don't mind if we stay here for the night?" Adrian said, "Oh, you would want to know our names right? My name's Adrian and the guy who just burst in's Andrew."