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Rank (Your Own) Characters!
After a lot of very painful inner debate and soul searching I decided to give my ranking list

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The V1 Read-A-Thon
Yeah give me one.

The V5 Read-A-Thon
Yeah, I finished, oh yeah, I'm the president, oh yeah

[/Super Milk Chan references]

The profile describes her as arrogant, stubborn, smart, but not as smart as she may think, and someone who thinks she is better than everyone else. She also wants to be a doctor.

I read the pregame which kind of reminded me if like, David Lynch had just had the worst day of his life and then at the end of that day had to do stand-up comedy at a Medieval Times restaurant.

I was in her first pregame thread in which she screams at people to help her find things at a Bed Bath and Beyond. Paris manages to get rid of her through lies and she starts wondering about the weirdly complex names for the scents of the products. She ends up screaming in the store at Darren that something "Smells like freshly cut kitten." I'm not exaggerating on this one, the narrative says she screams it at him. It's so weird that it does kind of make me laugh.

The rest of the comedy doesn't go so far into "What am I watching?" territory so just ends up being a bit uncomfortable.

Next and probably the most relevant to the game, Travis and her get in a fight over space at the gazebo and he's a right douchebag, but she's so unreasonable I'm kind of siding with him. She challenges him to a duel and he's like "I'm not gonna duel you for standing in the gazeebo" which is fair. She tries to intimidate him with her expansive vocabulary

"Travis, I am informed of the fact that you have a finite awareness of the English vocabulary. Assuredly, you would feel invidiousness. Yet I will be magnanimous and I may contemplate diminishing my speech to your standard. Accord?"

He's unimpressed.

...you sound absolutely fucking ridiculous. What kind of a teenager talks like that, seriously!? I mean, I know some stuck up bitches, don't get me wrong. But even Naomi, who is applying to Yale, doesn't talk like that."

Then she goes to the house of some dude she's never met before to ask him to fix her clock (not a euphemism) and while she's there she asks if he'll take her to prom and he says sure and then go to prom.

A lot of her pregame makes you kind of wonder if she hasn't been told by other people that she's behaving erratically and that it's not good for making friends.


She wakes up and she ends up buddying up with Owen. They come across Lauren and Aileen is hostile so Lauren wants to leave. When she sprints away she commands Owen to stop her but it's too late. Not sure what they'd have done if they caught her anyway. Next they find Naomi and Cammy who allow them to buddy up with them and possibly find escape, but Naomi says they cant waste resources finding people. Cammy thinks Naomi was too harsh in the way she spoke to Owen and departs.

Next morning the three wake up. Owen is crying because the announcements mentioned people he likes, Naomi is shaken, but trying to stay calm. Aileen is like "Good, less competition for me. Also she thinks about how if she had a gun she could boss people around to do what she wanted and if they didn't listen she'd shoot them. Naomi and Owen are unnerved.

"“I... no, I didn’t, I... How th-the hell are you still so c-calm?” Owen sputtered out at Aileen.

But at the same time, Naomi had to wonder if Aileen was mentally subnormal. She was handling this all a little too easily.

They split up, gang! to search the apartments and when Aileen comes back to find Naomi she instead finds Summer is eating a bowl of Naomi spaghetti. Aileen thinks about how that's bad, but like, she doesn't need to worry does she? Owen walks up, screams, and runs away crying.

"I swear revengeance upon you, vile villian! ...Later!"

Aileen leaves alone. We coming up on the turning point in Aileen's story so I want to talk about her dialogue for a moment. Up until "Things We Lost in the Fire" it's a chore to read. I know it's a choice on the part of both the writer and the character and it's supposed to be absurd but it just makes me cringe and it makes the first half of her story kind of hard to get through. Example:

"Such copacetic clime! Alas, the state of affairs leaves scads of, er..." She had to think briefly about a synonym for "things". "scads of chattles and conditions to be desired."

"Sooooo...." She clasped her fingers. "I do hope that I have not disrupted a confabulation of significance, but I must catechize the whereabouts of a certain Owen Kay. He has gone astray after we witnessed Summer Simms devouring Naomi Bells."

It really grates after awhile and it doesn't help that she appears to have very little concern about the situation. I know the joke is supposed to be that she thinks she's better and smarter than people so this is how she shows it even though it sounds ridiculous and makes people not take her seriously, but it doesn't land with me. Comedy is subjective and I'm joyless.

She meets Joe and she and Joe travel together for awhile, during which time she starts talking like a normal person and that make it a bit easier of a read. Still difficult to mesh with her as a character because it doesn't feel like she has a lot of vulnerability, but that'll change a little in a minute. They come upon Owen yaaay, and Joe leaves but Hansel walks up with a hostage and says they need to give him their stuff or he'll kill her. Owen freaks out and hands over the stuff, Aileen tries for an attack, which is the first time I have related to her so far. Hansel shoots her in the leg. He's hit in the head by a golf ball by Sharon in the bushes and takes their stuff and leaves.

I don't know if Bik was out of town or what but it takes a long time to find out that Aileen was shot and we learn it from Owen because she doesn't get a post for awhile. In the next thread she's bandaged up and has a walking stick. I'm kind of sad we didn't see her pull a Helen and dig the bullet out herself since she wanted to be a doctor. Her medical knowledge actually never pays off.

Following the Hansel encounter her confidence is shaken and she finally starts treating the island as a legitimate threat. Still not good at socializing though. She comes across Jessica and says if she doesn't give them food, she'll kill her. Jessica sees Aileen's leg is hurt so she runs away. Maybe next time, Aileen.

Owen and Aileen are starving and head to the mall being inhabited by Ben Ward. He agrees to give them food and shelter if they'll barricade the mall for him. That's a really interesting set up and I like it. Aileen and Owen get to work and in no time they have the place barricaded, but seeing how they care for each other starts to drive Ben crazy with jealousy, so he leaves his brand new fortress to find (and kill) Janie, his friend from before. I like that too.

They continue making improvements to the fort when Joe and Travis turn up. Travis and Aileen have beef, but she's willing to let him in for food and shelter, because she likes Joe and recognizes the severity of the situation. Nice character development. They ask for a med kit for Aileen's leg and Travis is like "No" and Aileen is like "That's fine, I don't want your junk anyway" but Owen is angry that he's not willing to help them given the help they are offering and says only Joe can come in. More character development. Owen started island life as a crying jello pile so this is a change. He and Travis fight about his coming in and Travis tries to stab Owen with a scalpel, but Aileen gets in the middle of the fight to try and control the situation and ends up stabbed in the throat on accident.

I know this isn't an Owen write up, but I read the next thread he's in anyway (after a one shot) and in that one Travis kills him immediately. He calls for his new friend, not caring that letting Travis know he has a new companion means he's putting them in danger. He just wants someone to help him. Travis waits and if his new friend had come out to help him, he would have killed her immediately.

I only mention this because Aileen and Owen both have development on island but their development is exactly in the opposite directions. Owen starts as cowardly, sweet and trusting. Aileen starts as abrasive, paranoid and controlling. Aileen ends willing to compromise and she sacrifices herself for Owen's sake. Owen ends hardened, distrusting and willing to throw his new companion under the bus for a shot at survival.

I had this joke about making a cry counter for Owen, but he doesn't shed a tear after Aileen dies, just enters a trance state and buries her. Weirdly, I think he meant more to her than she did to him.

Aileen steadily improves in every thread starting from her truly baffling pregame to a decent character in her last thread. However, I can't recommend her because she's so uneven and it takes a long time to get to the point where she's an enjoyable character. I felt so alienated from Aileen a lot of the time I found myself clinging to Owen and Joe as the point of view characters. I would recommend Owen though and if you read him, you'll get her anyway. It's really commendable that Bik improved the way he did, but he has stronger v5 fare.

Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie

I'll draw your character when I'm bored
I requested some pages back for a drawing of my winner girl Mara bu she has art so I thought I'd replace my request with my new child Jonah Heartgrave.


V3 Read-A-Thon
Hi I'm done. What a disappointing ride.

Kristin Washington is written by Jojo who I am a fan of. Joshua from V2 was one of the best kids I read, though he was short. She's into swimming, because I'm a swim magnet, and she seems generally sweet and nice from her profile.

One pregame thread where she surfs and talks to a boy walking a dog who obviously has a crush on her. It's cute.

Island time.

She walks up to a small cottage and there are people in there, including a girl named Kallie, Guy, motherfucking Kenbuton Larris and Darrel I think was his name. Kaillie lets her in and is a little bit of a bitch about it, but she's the only one taking charge here and seems smart enough. She tells them that they can pair off to take the night shifts. However, Kenburton, plague that he is, starts screaming about how none of them can trust each other. Then he casually asks if there are any deep dark secrets that anyone maybe wants to talk about and sweats nervously.

God damn it, Keburton, I hate you.

For those who do not know, Ken is not really Ken but Burton from V2 and the Burton who died in V2 was Ken and they did a little switcharoo because. Just because. I don't have time to explain all the logistics here and why it annoys me but that's what you need to know.

Anyway Kaillie rightly yells at Kenburton for making everyone paranoid and the group gets kind of uncomfortable so Kaillie decides this group is a bust, they dont know each other well and now they're all on edge. So she leaves. Then Guy leaves because he wants to fuck Kaillie because he's a Chad character. Then Kristin yells at Darrel, asking if he's gonna abandon her now too, hilariously forgetting Kenburton is even still there. Darrell says he thinks it's better if they go their separate ways and Kristin thinks about how she spend so much time focusing on her goals that she never really got to know the people at school, so she doesn't know who to partner with.

She ends up inactive and comes upon a group in chaos. Serenity Halos is nearby and Kristin debates whether or not she should offer to help the injured people in the group or kill Serenity for her gun. Viktor sees her, assumes she's about to stab Serenity and shoots her.

Help kind of screws over Viktor here because in her death post it says she decides not to shoot, and offers some help, but is then shot. this isn't really fair because she offers the help after Viktor's post. In game it makes it look like she offered help and then he shot her, when his handler had no way to work around that.

Anyway she died. Don't recommend. Started very promising in pregame but Jo really gave up on this one.

V3 Read-A-Thon
Khrysta Lawrence!

In the profile, I like her. I like her a lot. She reminds me of a blonde me, swimmer who is cold and icy with not much of a sense of humor.

No pregame.

I am immediately horrified by the mountains of navel-gazing psycho babble she does. It's pretentious and awful and adds nothing. Also I don't feel like if I woke up on murder island my first thing would be to wax poetic about what makes me me and the nature of death.

She gets up soon enough and is confident in her abilities. Melina Frost soon comes upon her though.

“If you 'played', you had no friends, no allies, nothing to fall back on. Still, Khrysta wouldn't lie around and die. She was an athlete to the core -- a very talented dancer..”

Yeah I’m sure that your popping and locking with save you here

Melina is about to CHAIN WHIP Khrysta when Evelyn flying kicks Melina and leaves the thread in the same post. Khrysta then tries to be menacing, but I don’t think anyone reading would agree.

"As for you... make one more move on me, and die. That's not a threat, Frost, it's a promise."

It sounded so cold, even as it came from Khrysta's mouth, but she fully meant it.

Not really. I mean, maybe if you were threatening her with something besides a staff.

"You're already injured. I doubt it'd take too much for the two of us to take out that arm completely. “

Again, staff. A solid stick but a stick all the same. Partial credit, her narrative acknowledges this is an empty threat, but presumably Melina can see that she’s being threatened with a stick and work that out. I mean sure, I guess if she hit her with the staff enough she would get hurt and maybe die, but Melina has the ability to run, and the staff only has so much range (4 feet approx).

Khrysta goes to the jail house and Corbin shows up. They both confirm they’re not playing but she thinks about how since she’s willing to kill if attacked that’s a form of playing. It’s better than the naval gazing, so I’ll allow it. She tells him which rooms she’s staying in for the night and tells him he can stay wherever. Corbin thinks that she’s cold and blunt, but at least she’s honest.

I’d like to talk now about how Corbin is wonderful. So real, so awkward in a very believable way, so endearing. I want to stay with Corbin. Can I stay with him instead?

Well Corbin makes a cute joke when she asks if he’s looking for anyone about why he doesn’t have a girlfriend and she laughs but says that now is not the time for jokes because death island and says if she sees Melina again she’ll kill her and can he HANDLE THAT?

He says yeah. Elsewhere RANDALL FLAGG, THE DEVIL FROM STEPHEN KING’S ‘THE STAND’ is not only in V3 but is also in the jail and approaching them. I didn’t know V3 was a part of the Stephen King canon. Rather than encounter him they jump from a second story window. Corbin lands and goes into a roll which is the right way to land and Khrysta says he fucked up the landing and not everyone can have her dancer’s grace even though he did it right.

They get to the lookout but there’s a shootout happening so Corbin and Khrysta discuss possible courses of action and they agree to leave. As they are hauling ass Khrysta thinks about how she fronts as knowing what to do with Corbin, but really she doesn’t know any better than he does. The illusion of control is keeping her from breaking down.

They go the air field and Dan is menacing a pregnant girl named Mary. Khrysta wavers between “not my problem” and “I should do something” and is won over by the fact that the girl is pregnant. She intervenes, Dan weirdly implies that he was going to rape this pregnant girl (I think?) but she and Corbin scare him off. He’s all “I’ll kill you then, Khrysta, but I won’t do it now because……I don’t know…..” and disappears into the bushes. She’s understandably not intimidated by this. So now they have a pregnant girl and despite Khrysta’s pragmatism she caves on this and decides since they got involved in the first place, Mary’s their responsibility. Also she finally acknowledges that she's armed with "a stick" and that it's not very good. Thank you, Khrysta.

Paul Smith shows up and I’ll say up top he’s the best Chad character I’ve ever read. I’ll say that at the very least the writing has improved quite a bit from V2. I’m not going back and reading him but from what I could glean here, he’s some kind of celebrity and owns a record company or something. Also he fucks a lot of girls, though the number and scale seems to fluctuate since in one instances he says he’s had sex with 15 girls and one was his girlfriend and another time he thinks that he’s fucked entire sports teams of girls. He’s described as handsome, but is missing an eye because of a kitchen accident when he was young which killed his mother. I think it was a gas explosion. It states he’s insecure about himself despite being THE GREATEST, HANDSOME, SMART, WEALTHY, SEXFUL, BELOVED BY ALL, so that undercuts that a little.

He comes upon our group and Mary and Khrysta instantly distrust him. But poor sweet Corbin knows Paul to be an ok person, they’re casual friends because Corbin DJs and Paul has a band and music company thing. He weakly vouches for Paul, but says he trusts Khrysta’s judgement and if she says no, he’s out. Khrysta correctly tells Paul he’s a misogynist and unreliable. Paul gets a lucky break because a girl who is driven crazy by weed and despair runs at Corbin and grabs his gun. Paul shoots her dead, saving the group, so Khrysta begrudgingly allows him to stay. Uh, he also had sex with the weed girl and as she dies he thinks about how her tits felt.

A crying mess named Matt comes out and is like “Can I be with you? ;~;” and Khrysta is like “Sorry buddy, we already have one dead-weight party member. Go find someone else.” Fair.

Khrysta scouts ahead at the sea cliffs. I forgot to mention this but Paul and Khrysta had a talk about where to go next and Paul suggested the sea cliffs since it had recently been a DZ. Khrysta would rather opt for a place with more shelter, but concedes it’s a high ground point with probably few people so Paul wins.

She finds a body and tries to act like it doesn’t affect her, but she’s shaken on the inside.

Paul tells a story about how his band was playing The Roxy, which I used to go to for shows when I was a teenager, and his ex girlfriend who is with a band was there to perform the same night so to get back at her for having the audacity to have a new boyfriend, he gets a stripper to grind him during his band’s turn and she freaks out and starts punching him on the stage. Great.

Paul starts freaking out because he’s out of cigarettes. Mary mistakes his freakout for a freakout resulting from seeing the dead girl like Khrysta and tries to comfort him, the idiot. Never assume the best of Paul. Khrysta starts to feel guilty she considered leaving Mary to die in the jungle.

Paul launches into YET ANOTHER LONG STORY ABOUT HIS AWESOME MUSIC PAST. It’s about his mentor I guess who was also a womanizing scum bag with a giant penis who says women suck, but he can’t give them up because just like his skill in the piano, he’s too good. Not sure what I’m supposed to take away from this story. Jerk begets jerk? He’s thinks it’s sweet that Mary is trying to comfort him, but would prefer a BJ, preferably from both her and Khrysta at the same time. Corbin could even watch.

This would only have has some redemption if he’d said Corbin could be a third, but he didn’t, so no points.

He has half a bar in his bag somehow (vodka, wine and beer) and says they should rest. Khrysta asked him sarcastically what they should do now, but he thought she was really looking up to him. She’s surprised that his answer is not crazy. You and me both. Poor sweet Corbin sits next to him and agrees to drink a bit. Don’t do it, Corbin, he just wants you for the sex (in my head).

Cute: While sipping Corbin looks up at her and smiles. She painfully smiles back. Khrysta thinks of her family and her dogs and her college boyfriend. Khrysta and Corbin talk about possible escape and Paul decides that he’s not about that and leaves. He tells them to keep the wine, Mary to look after her baby, Corbin to keep the girls safe (ugh) and Khrysta gets nothing. Bye, Paul.

“We’re better off,” she reassured the group.

I agree.

Just as they are musing over who could be smart enough to take off the collars, Neil Sinclair shows up. What a coincidence. Matt from earlier shows up as does some other girl. Khrysta says they can use the corpses to study the collars. Neil recruits the group into SADD and Jodene, new girl says she knows something about electronics, but she’s lying and just wants to steal stuff or take a hostage.

Khrysta presses X to doubt Jodene. Jodene then stabs her in the throat because……uh….she says she wants to make a name for herself as a killer.

Khrysta thinks that her mistake was helping Mary and attaching herself to more people. She trusted too many people until her guard was down and it led to her death. She shouldn’t have let anyone in and stayed alone. Her last thoughts are of her talking with her boyfriend about how she didn’t go to prom and he says she should just for the memories.

I know V3 was not about subtlty but I think these two things are connected. I think that maybe she is secretly some place in her heart glad to have met people, particularly Corbin. Maybe if she had opened up to more people, she’d have known who to trust better.

I was on the fence about if I'd recommend her or not. She starts off kind of bad, but she gets better and better as each thread goes by. She's killed *just* before she can help Neil with the escape for not a very good reason, so that sucks. I guess i'd recommend her, if only on the strength of her late game and partnership with Corbin.


V3 Read-A-Thon
Yeah ok. Gimme

The V2 Read-o-thon
Looks like I won't be reading him

[Sounds of Rugga canceling a therapist appointment]

Ricky goes to the lovely Kotorikun who I in no way have a crush on.

Ricky Callahan

The V2 Read-o-thon

Ricky Callahan has been returned to the pool. I'd love to read him, but I thought i'd give other people a chance since I've had a lot of kids already. Ricky will be available to grab for 24 hours. Otherwise I'll just grab him. NOTE: ACTUAL GOOD CHARACTER, MINIMAL TYPOS, GENTLY USED IN GOOD CONDITION.

Be aware though that he is one of the longest V2 kids surviving to third place and consisting of 21 threads including pre game so be prepared to read

I'll draw your character when I'm bored
So beautiful

Posted Image

The V2 Read-o-thon
@ Rattle, sorry I doubted you Mr. Snek. That write up was great and I hate it when my slampiece is actually a murderer.

@Bowser: You are in luck. This read-o-thon had zero children left and all had been assigned, but Espi saw you wanted one and said in chat he's happy to give him up so you get the only child available:

Bowser: Robert Adams

And with that I believe we are waiting on 9-ish write-ups. All children have been assigned so don't come in here and ask for one unless someone gets tossed back. If you'd like to toss your kid back, it's all good, just let me know.

V2 Recommended Reading List
Ever wanted to get to know a main board version, but wanted to get right to the good stuff? Well now you can. For V2 anyway.

Thanks to the brave souls and sacrifices of the board, ALL of V2 was read and critiqued. THE WHOLE THING. This is the list that resulted from the V2 Read-o-thon of characters that were recommended.

Please let me know if someone is on here that shouldn't be, if there's someone who is NOT on here that should be, or if there is anything that should be condensed or noted in order to finalize the list.

In order of death: (number denotes their place in the death list)

114. Dan Birch
111. Gregory Moyer
109. Joshua Moore
89.Sylvea Hill
87. Zachary Foreman*
85. Jackie Kovacs
86. Okalani Shimane
70. Edgar Judah [Recommended you read Hawley Faust from V1 first]
69. Andrew Ponikarovsky
63. Andrew Swainson

56. Burton Harris [Only read this character if you're planning to read Ken Lawson in V3 in order to make sense of that nonsense. Skip otherwise.]

53. Maggie Heartgreeder
51. Mitch Gunther / 52. Cathalie Meguro [Skip final thread. * otherwise]
49. Jenna Cassidy
45. Ernest Decarteret
36. Matthias Kovalenko
22. Seth Mattlock*
20. Huy Tran
17. Matthew Drew
16. Gail Smith
13. Franco Sebberts [Stop after "In Order to Survive." * otherwise]
12. Blake Ross
10. Jana Brown
9. Robert Adams
5. Tori Johnson
2. Mariavel Varella [Quality is spotty, but recommended due to historical value to the version and site]*
1. Bryan Calvert

*Denotes kids with sexual violence in their story

The V5 Read-A-Thon
I finished Brian.

He makes me uniquely angry in the way that Alex hockeyplayer from v2 makes me angry because there is a lack of trying. An explanation:

Brian has a total of 6 threads before the game starts that are memory threads as well as pregame threads. Of those 6, 4 have heavy involvement from Ruby Forrester, one she appears in at the very end and one she does not appear in at all. And even in the thread she does not appear in, she is mentioned 18 times (I CTRL F'd for Ruby's name and that's how often it showed up). Ruby and Brian are written by the same handler, Fiori.

Let's start at the start. Brian is the son of Russian immigrants and lives in a very Russian-y part of Washington but moves because his mom dies and his father quits his job (why? I had a single parent who worked. This is the fault of the staffer who did this one which searching tells me is Crash) and then gets a new job in Seattle. Brian is into sports and stuff.

The first bit of pregame is a bowling thread, then two threads that are just Brian and Ruby and no other writers except Fiori. What happens is Brian and Ruby are dating, Ruby calls Brian to tell him to meet her at McDonalds so she can break up with him because she's been doing *something* with Reagan (more than hand holding, less than sex from what I can gather). He says he's busy and he'll meet her in 1 hour but telling him she's gay CANNOT WAIT so she goes to his house with a door that is open and sees him gay making out with an NPC and she is inexplicably very upset even though she was going to break up with him for gay reasons.

They make up in the next thread though he like, wants to know if they can still make it work at first which, no, she's gay. And you were both gay cheating on each other.

It's very weird because the narrative tries to get you on Ruby's side and like, Ruby is so hurt about this extreme betrayal....and also she went there to break up anyway.

In pregame proper we rip Brian away from Ruby and start to get a little bit of a feel for him. My favorite part is when he talks to Ryan in the diner and Ryan tells Brian about how his life's goal is to become a pro runner and how he's dedicated his life to this goal. Brian then goes "Cool, guess I'll try that too" and Ryan is very annoyed that Brian decides on a whim to take up the goal he's worked on for years. Also Brian has no idea why Ryan gets frosty after.

In the next thread Brian helps Jasper, jerk person, to find his keys.

These are the two pre-island threads where Brian gets to not be with Ruby and I think they are the best indicators of his basic personality. He's a dummy, but a well-meaning dummy who believes the best of people.

Then there's a prom thread, but he doesn't do much.

On the island he wakes up, thinks about Ruby goes off. He encounters Zubin who is fine in this and they come upon Mallory, Stephanie and Nina. He and Mallory like each other but she wants to go off and do things. Zubin doesn't like that and makes some sense in his reasoning (???????) but she and Stephanie skip off and Nina goes off as well. Before she leaves she talks about how she encountered Hansel and is cautious of people but Brian argues that most people are probably ok and that people can be reasoned with, which is a nice trait. He's also into Zubin's escape plan because he'd rather try to cause as much trouble possible for the terrorists than try to hurt people.

Ruby soon appears. I haven't checked dates but I'm guessing this is after he's been rolled. She has Ami in tow and with Zubin, they bunker down.

The next morning Brian and Ruby are talking on the balcony, when Lana and a different Stephanie show up. Ruby recognizes that Lana has killed a single person and says she's going to open fire on the both of them if they don't leave in ten seconds. While counting down Brian asks her to reconsider and she tells him to shut the fuck up. While she's doing that, Stephanie, afraid they're about to be shot, shoots at Ruby. Brian shoves Ruby to the side and takes the bullet for her. He then falls off the balcony and lands on a soft bush. He thinks he's been shot in the lung but still has a very long speech about how he's always loved Ruby and she should live.


Brian is constantly thrown under the bus from pregame til the end for Ruby. Sometimes they share a post and when that happens, he always gets shafted in favor of Ruby. Having two characters that interact a lot but share posts means the posts are really long (it's good to break things up for the reader) and Brian cedes time in favor of Ruby. In one case, he never even appeared as the point-of-view character in his own post. He's kind of bland through pregame and only starts to kind of a little bit come into his own once they are separated, but then he promptly dies. The thing that makes me the most grumpy is this from his death thread:

I just wanted to let you know that everything's going to be alright. I may have been doomed from the start, but you? You actually stand a chance! You're a smart girl, I know you can survive this.

What about him made him doomed from the start? He was athletic, well-liked, was doing perfectly fine until this point. He was always doomed because he was always going to take the place of Ruby. He was never intended to out-live her. Even inside the narrative, Ruby makes a bad choice and Brian pays for it. I read Ruby's reaction post and she takes zero responsibility for her part in Brian's death, just like when they broke up.

Gimmie another.

The V2 Read-o-thon
If my calculations are correct, and they basically never are, it looks like we're waiting on 13 more kids.