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SOTF Halloween Movie Night
My only regret is that I can't change the Discord topic to be the countdown cat like last year.

Have My Babies (Adoption Thread)
Hey, I am having the interest. Question: Is there a deadline to PM you with the sample and interest?

Survival Strategy
"Don't be a pussy. Do you have something better to do?"

His eyes widened and he gestured towards the perilous vehicle.

"The items are valuable given the situation and I don't think we've got anyone much lighter than 110 in class. Once you get in, you can tie the rope around yourself and toss it out if you want extra security. The opening is huge so if you think it's slipping even a little you can jump back out. The smoke is just a bonus. Come on. Come on. Comeoncomeoncomeoncomeon."

Survival Strategy
"Thanks for your concern, but I have friends," he said flatly. "I'm not a total loser. Only a partial loser. You've even seen one of these elusive creatures when you asked me and Kimiko for cash at the ice cream place."

Maria had noticed the Nixon mask hanging out of his pocket, where it had been since he'd been in the library. "Out of the two people who made a Nixon joke at me, I'd rank you number 2."

She made special note that they were on tv, but he couldn't care less. He'd be dead soon so it's not like he'd live to see the consequences of anything he'd done being streamed or aired or whatever.

"You see that helicopter over there?" he said, motioning with his eyes in the direction of the aircraft. He stuck the cigarette in his back pocket and stood up.

"I took a peek and it looks like they're some blankets and rope inside. If we get the rope I can set up a trip by the stairs. The door pulls inward and it's the only way up here. If someone tries to come up during the night, they'll fall flat on their face. If we move somewhere later and want to step up camp, we can do the same thing or rig up something to make noise. The blankets are obvious, they'll just make it more comfortable overnight. I might unsettle the thing, but your narrow ass could get the stuff."

Survival Strategy
"Okay, but this isn't those. This is some random sword you just met that people who hope you die gave you. It would make more sense if you just told me it's your weapon and told me to fuck off."

He twirled the single cigarette around his fingers like a miniature baton. He stuck his tongue out at her and shut one eye briefly when she held up her finger stub.

"I've never known a Jessica OR a Sam in my life. I have no idea who you're talking about, so if they exist, which I'm dubious on since I've been going to the same school with the same kids longer than you, then they're pretty damn unsociable themselves."

He mimed pointing to his left and then made a shocked face. He held his hand out and shook an invisible hand. Caleb mimed being slapped and rubbed his chin.

"Jessica and I talked it out and I think you got your wires crossed."

He waved the whole issue away and moved in closer, holding the cigarette between his thumb and pointer finger again.

"I have another idea. I'll give you this if you help me out with something."


So maybe here and there if you talk to me you know I've been trying to get in touch with Mimi for months. I haven't talked her in almost a year. I've tried calling her phone and texting with no response. I've tried Skype and the last time I heard from her she said she'd moved to Ohio with Midori and that her living situation was a bit sketchy, but that she'd talk to me soon. She's deleted her Facebook.

I'm really really concerned so if anyone has spoken to her in the last 6 months OR if anyone can provide information that would help me get in contact with her that would be great. Specifically: if you know the names of her parents or siblings or if you have contact info for them or if you know Midori's last name. Thanks and I really appreciate any help.

Survival Strategy
"I don't watch t.v-" he managed to squeeze in, eyes closed and pinching the bridge of his nose.. He pulled his hands down his face, stretching the skin down giving him the appearance of an extra exaggerated frown.

"Girls don't fucking like me," he said emphatically, sticking his lower jaw out and pulling his lips over his teeth to create maximum old-man face. "Not that it matters anymore." Caleb released his face skin and he returned to normal.

He never tried that hard, mostly because he thought he would be rejected anyway. Though many times when people annoyed him at school and he lashed out with something nasty and impulsive. It was fine though, he always covered himself by saying "Remember, I, Andy Diamond, have just been a dick to you!" when people looked really pissed off.

Thankfully she moved on to the topic he'd asked about. He started thinking about maybe lighting up another cigarette, though getting the lighter catch would be a bitch up on the helipad.

"Too bad, it sounds like an interesting job," he said, sincerely. He put his arms up, stretching while looking at the pendant. He shrugged as if to agree that not having a mom sucked.

As if he were reading his mind she asked him for one of his cigarettes. He narrowed his eyes and sat up.

"This is for all intents and purposes the end of the world and these are all that make me even a little bit happy," he said patting his pocket. "Trade you," he said pulling out one cigarette with his thumb and pointer finger. He leaned forward. "For the sword."

Survival Strategy
"'Win'," he repeated after her, using his fingers to make quotes around the word while she kept talking. Using his hands meant he let go of the map which nearly blew away. He managed to grab it before it flew off.

He sighed deeply, somewhat exasperated. "Don't bring a knife to a gun fight."

He'd looked at the map enough and it wasn't going to give him any more new information. He wished it would be like that map in Harry Potter that showed where people were. Caleb was now aware of the general layout, but not much else. She asked him about his family.

"I've got two brothers that go to Cochise. James is a sophomore. Andy is my twin in the same grade. Andy is- he's like me, but you know, handsomer and funnier, with more friends. He had to miss the trip. Doubt anyone's going to miss me much and my parents will get over it. When there's only one of you, I can see why you want to survive more."

He folded the map up and shoved it in his pocket. Caleb shook his head and crossed his arms and sat with his back leaning against the wall.

"I don't want to talk about me. What's your dad like?" he said quickly, grasping for a new path of conversation.

Survival Strategy
Caleb turned around when he heard Maria speak. She was putting on a hat. He thought about how she could have benefitted from eating a few more sandwiches in her life. With someone like that, the wind would pass right through them.

Based on her estimate and how the sun was starting to dip towards the ocean, it was maybe 5 or 6 o'clock. He almost answered her derisively because it was the knee-jerk reaction, but the way she asked stopped him as soon as he opened his mouth.

There was an innocent simplicity in the question that made him contemptuous and envious. "You....you don't know people, then."

He got up and walked over to her and sat next to her against the wall. Caleb wrapped his hand around the metal collar hanging in front of his throat and pulled until it tugged against the back of his neck.

"This has happened five times before and every time, there's a massive slaughter. People are assholes and if they feel like they're allowed to be assholes, they will be. People are selfish and they're stupid., double for teenagers. I'd bet you a ration bar someone's already dead."

He pulled his knees up and let go of the collar. He mussed up his hair and and looked at the ground by his shoes.

"You don't feel like Sandy was about to snap? Looked like it. You can't trust anyone and we're both going to die. The sooner you realize that, the better."

Caleb pulled the map out of his pocket and studied the legend, looking up to see if he could match the features to what they could see.

Survival Strategy
((Caleb Diamond continued from Among These Hallowed Halls)

The pair had put some distance between them and the decaying asylum. Once he was out in nature, Caleb felt a little better. He was still constantly afraid someone was going to jump out at them at any time and do something horrible. Caleb was not a fan of Halloween haunted houses and the entire island felt like a jump scare waiting to happen. Only if someone grabbed one of them, they'd get more than a scare.

Once they'd left the asylum the supply depot was visible in the distance. The map that was inside their bags showed there was a helipad which would allow them a good vantage point of much of the island. The stairwell they approached on the side of the building had a picture of a helicopter on it with an arrow pointing skyward.

They climbed the stairs and emerged on the large, flat top of the helipad. The carcass of a helicopter was teetering on the edge of the roof. Caleb sat down on the edge in the direction facing away from the small bay formed by the other two sides of the island. He sighed and looked out at the endless shimmering blue expanse. No boats, no buoys, nothing. He'd never seen anything like it. It was ocean for as far as the eye could see until the end of the world.

Caleb took his beanie off and the nautical wind brushed his bangs into his eyes and then away again. Some hairs stuck to the semi-dry blood.

"We can stay the night here I guess," he said quietly. "The only entrance up are those stairs, so no one's gonna sneak up on us. I'll post by the door and hear if anyone comes up."

Talking about night reminded him that he didn't have his insomnia medication. He'd be an excellent night watchman.

Among these 'hallowed' walls...
"...you callous bitch"

Whoever was on the other side of the room was not happy and seemed to be incredibly tense. However, not-that-person came over to Caleb and started asking him questions peppered with jokes and smiling widely. Caleb thought maybe he had concussion and he was hallucinating before remembering that hallucination wasn't typically a symptom of concussions. So the bad news was that Maria seemed to not understand the immediate danger. The more bad news was he'd have to figure out if he had concussed himself.

"Diamond," he croaked.

Caleb reached up to his head. Pulling his hand back, he saw he was bleeding from the forehead. Caleb leaned as far as he could to see past the book shelves and it looked like the irate customer was a boy, staring total venom, holding a makeshift explosive. So the situations was thus: angry boy with explosive who was unhappy with Maria, who doing nothing to mollify him. If anything, Caleb imagined her flippant attitude probably made Sandy want to kill her even more. Current objective: get out of the building without Sandy setting them on fire.

There was the place he'd just come from which was some kind of emergency stairwell and then presumably whatever main entrance these two had come in through. Going back to the stairwell seemed like a bad idea because what if he just threw the explosive in after them? Caleb looked down.

This is the stupidest fucking idea I've ever had in my whole life, which is really an achievement.

He tucked the mask into his pocket and started gathering gathering up pieces of web that had the most critters and gathered up spiders into his right fist. He stood up and grabbed Maria's hand with his left hand and slowly moved around the bookshelf towards Sandy.

"Uh. Hi. So it looks like things are a little heated in here just going off what I heard when I came to. We're just going to leave you here, with your best friends, the books and-"

Caleb threw the handful of spiders at Sandy and took off running with Maria.

((Caleb Diamond continued in Survival Strategy ))

Among these 'hallowed' walls...
((Caleb Diamond continued from Lone Wolfe))

So Sam said he wanted to go alone. Internally it stung a bit, but he shrugged it off. He'd go off in a different direction. He pulled out a flashlight from his pack, holding it in his right hand with his mask in the other. Caleb made his way, cautiously, quietly, to a stairwell. It wasn't surprising really, the way things had turned out.

He opened the door to the stairwell and was hit with the smell of metal and mildew. As soon as he let go of the door from the area he had come from, it slammed behind him. He walked down the steps with his footsteps echoing in the small, dank space.

I wonder who's going to get my stuff? Is there going to be a funeral?

He started moving a bit faster. The echoes were closer together and the light from his flashlight bounced jauntily.

Funerals are pretty much expensive scams anyway. And there's not even a body. Maybe they'd get a doll or something. Like a scarecrow filled with hay. Do they play music at funerals? Should I have made a playlist-

Caleb felt something sticky and wispy on his hands and face all of the sudden. Something tickled a bit. A thin layer of sticky substance covered his upper body. The beam of the flashlight revealed it to be spiderwebs, with a considerable amount of long-legged friends scurrying all over him. Caleb gasped, his foot missed the next step and he went tumbling down the stairs. He crashed into a door which opened into a new room. Caleb landed on his back, staring up at the sky through a glass ceiling that was hazy with decades-old filth. He was still clutching his Nixon mask and had his bag around his shoulder, but the flashlight had been lost in the stairwell somewhere. After a second, he began frantically trying to slough off the webs he was tangled in and the remaining spiders.

He coughed up dust and felt that somewhere on his body he'd injured himself. Caleb landed in a library.

Lone Wolfe
Caleb blinked and watched Rene ramble and slowly back out of the hallway they were standing in. He looked to Sam. He wondered if they should go after her. It seemed like a remarkably poor idea to wander out alone unless she was in fact planning on killing people. Either way, she wasn't his responsibility.

"Well..." he started. It was awkward, there was no doubt. He'd seen Sam before and knew who he was a little. Maybe they'd exchanged a few words over the years, but they hadn't had anything close to a deep or extended conversation.

"Guess it's just us?" he ventured nervously, but trying to maintain his hard exterior. He steeled himself for rejection just in case.

"Um....if you want to....go"

((Caleb Diamond continued in Among These Hallowed Halls))

Lone Wolfe
Caleb cracked a half smile at Rene's wordplay. It was actually pretty funny, funnier than he would have thought she could be. He almost made a crack about trying to find an intern, but that was the wrong president.

"I take offense to being called 'tricky.'"

He looked all around at the sound of the bell that resonated around them suddenly.

"We'd have to be deaf not to hear it," he said, somewhat grumbly.

Caleb walked back to his cell and looked out the window. In between the bars he could make out a gothic-style bell tower. "Well, if anyone's still out that'll wake them up."

Caleb was suddenly struck with a thought and went to the next door, opening it cautiously. No one there. He did the same with a few other doors, all similarly empty.

"I don't think there's anyone else in here. I mean, I don't know about the rest of the building but at least not like, right here where we are."

He was calming down every uneasy moment, but he still had no idea what to do. He dropped his mostly spent cigarette and crushed it under his heel. "So now what?"