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Under This Killing Moon
((Amaranta Montalvo continued from Multishot))

Mara shuffled away to a nearby area, one that she'd previously been to in fact. The world seemed gray and hazy. On her slow trudge away from the place, all of the awful things she had seen and felt began collecting like a snow ball rolling down a hill.

It started with having to watch Finn die and stay by his side as slowly expired. That memory attracted the rest of the things she'd put off like a magnet for pain. She tried to stay strong during the entire ordeal that was this island, ever since she'd seen Daniel shot in front of her on the first day. Strength had always been demanded of her at home and weakness was punished.


It couldn't be more than a day or two away. It was so close, but as the cliche goes, also so very far away. What even was at home anymore?

Her mind lulled and her thoughts jumped back to Finn and to Summer whom she had witnessed die. Her hand tightened around the gun that was dragging lazily behind her.

She felt tears rise up in her throat and dug the nails of her unoccupied hand into her palm as she'd done when she was young to prevent crying. Crying was a weakness.

As she felt the pain once again, it occurred to her that it didn't matter anymore how she appeared to others. She tried to release the feeling, tried to cry, but so many years of pushing it back made it a strain. Her chest tightened, she could feel her father squeezing her heart and demanding strength. Next his stern fingers were around her throat.

After a moment a single, loud sob was produced. Tears tipped over her sharp cat's eyes and she started crying freely.

So it was like this, sobbing, covered to her elbows in dried blood and dragging a huge weapon behind her that she encountered the two boys at the overpass.

Mara sat on top of the trash can that had formed part of the blockade. She leaned backwards and looked at the clouds. Her feet dangled, not touching the ground quite. The sound of a bird somewhere-

She was back in the alley with Finn. As his grip on her became slack, her grip on him tightened. His eyes blinked slower and she watched him with fierce focus.

- chirped and then flew away. She shook her head violently and cradled her head in her hands. She took a deep breath. Mara hopped off the garbage can and reached for her bag. Her hand came into view. Where once it was coated in slick, wet blood-

It was so nerve wracking watching Finn slowly slip away. All of the other deaths had been quick, sudden and without doubt. Now she waited, and observed, wondering which breath was going to be the last. Was this the last one? She now had the time to consider she was holding and touching a soon to be former-person. Please, not this one. Not this one either. Or this one. Every heartbeat doubled down on a bet that she would inevitably lose. Did he even know she was still there? How long after his hand slipped down and his eyes close would he breathe? When it finally stopped she felt her stomach drop. She held on still for a few minutes, feeling his warmth and knowing it was the last time.

- it had turned tacky and dry on her skin and clothes. She leaned against the building and thrashed with her eyes closed. She was trying not to think about it, but it didn't work. She tried to push the realty of what was happening away while it happened, but it was only a delay.

Staring at the clouds, looking at her hands; any time she let her guard down for even a second she would see the scene with Finn played out again. And again. and again. The island had hollowed her out, taken away everything that she thought she had and inserted itself in the void.

Mara grabbed her bag roughly in her shaking hands, threw it haphazardly over her shoulder and started walking jerkily like a marionette away from the scene. Her m4 carbine dragged in the dirt behind her as she tried to focus on anything around her, for fear that her mind would be unoccupied and slip backwards to deal with the things she had put off facing.

((Amaranta Montalvo continued in Under This Killing Moon))

Mara heard him choke and sputter on his own blood. She squeezed her eyes shut tighter and put her hands over her ears again as if she were anticipating another explosion.

She heard him beg not to leave him as he bled out. It was muffled but it was there. Wheezing, squeaking sounds of someone dying and then he touched her.

She screamed a long, ear-splitting single unwavering note of a scream.

"You asshole," she whispered. "This is some Greek tragedy Cassandra bullshit, do you know that?!" she shrieked. Her trembling fingers clasped hold of Finn by the shoulders. Her hands became the same red color as the rest of him, melting into him and becoming one.

"I told you that this would happen. I told you that this exact very thing would happen and that I wasn't going to stay with you because I didn't-"

She stopped. Her next words came out choppy, punctuated on the last word with an blast. "I didn't. want. to watch you. DIE!"

He was a complete mess of blood and torn flesh lying in a pile like a grotesque rag doll. This was pretty much the worst scenario she could have possibly envisioned when she first set her mind to preventing ending up where she was now.

"S-so you win. Here I am."

"Not yet" was the reply which cause Mara to bristle, but that was nothing compared to when she heard a bullet whiz by and strike the ground next to her.

Her eyes were wide with surprise for two long seconds before she blinked and felt the blood rush to her face. This girl just shot at her. She tried to shoot at her from behind some ill-constructed barrier in an alley like some filthy rat and dispose of her like it would be just that easy.

"Bitch," she hissed. She felt her whole body flush with heat and sprinted to the alley. The barrier of junk was easily dispersed, but as soon as she was in the alley she heard Finn again.

Mara gasped and stopped for a moment. The scene was gruesome. Some noise from the building reminded her of the task at hand and she ran to the open door Kat had escaped through. She didn't want to be distracted by Finn only to have his killer double back and kill her.

"IF I SEE YOU YOU'RE DEAD," she shouted. Mara took out a grenade, pulled out the pin and threw it down the hall as hard as she could.

Knowing she had seconds to brace herself, she slammed the door shut and huddled near Finn with her eyes closed tightly and her hands over her ears.

The building shook and a bright light shot out of the window, but even after it was over her eyes were shut.

((Amaranta Montalvo continued from Belgain Roulette))

Mara walked around the small parts of the island she was still able to. She was like a pet, put in a small space as someone watched her scuttle about.

Even inside her cage, it was very spacious. She walked around the crumbling, empty husks of buildings and homes where people once lived. By her calculations there were less than ten other people than her left. She pointedly avoided anything reflective. She could feel the bags under her eyes and her greasy, limp hair. No need for confirmation of her monstrous appearance. So when there was a sound outside of the rustling of leaves and birds, a human noise, it caught her attention.

Normally, she would have walked away. It was just good sense to walk away from a gunshot. However, a familiar voice floated by as she was walking away from the sound of the shot.


Mara pinched the bridge of her nose, sighed and turned around. She could hear a scuffle taking place not far away and soon she was ten feet in front of a barricaded alley with the sounds of a struggle behind it.

She hefted the m4 carbine up, placing the butt against the space between her collar bone and shoulder. Her right hand cradled under the massive barrel.

"Start running," she said, seconds before squeezing the trigger.

V6 Concepts Thread
The Burned Handler
Sep 21 2014, 04:04 PM
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Belgian Roulette
Just as she was on her way out the other guy came up to her side. She raised held her gun at the ready, considering her past bad luck with people trying to stop her from leaving an area. He smiled at her.

When good looking people smile, she automatically thought it was a nice gesture. When unfortunates smiled at her she automatically braced herself for them wanting something.

He wished her luck. Like they were on the same football team. 'Good luck out there, sport. Play a good game.'

He's bizarre

"Same…I guess."

((Mara Montalvo continued in Multishot))

Belgian Roulette
Tyler was upstairs doing something or other. He didn't seem like a friendly type and her other company for the moment was Zubin.

"If smarts are what you contribute to the partnership then I made the correct decision."

She stowed the grenade and picked up her m4 carbine and heavy bag, lumpy with more weapons. Once up, she dusted herself off, grimacing at the pain from her hands.

Mara walked up to Zubin and stood across from him, standing straight up.

"Don't be so dramatic," she said with a half-smile.

She assessed him for a moment. At school she would have unquestionably said she was better than him in every way possible. The fact that they were both still alive meant that they were roughly equal, as was everyone on the island. Seeing them all as such had a very strange effect on her. She didn't really know what it was.

Mara made a hesitant move forward as if to hug Zubin, but seemed to think better of it and stopped. She looked at her bag for a moment, and moved forward again, this time completing contact.

She patted Zubin on the shoulder twice.

"Like I said last time, I can't stay."

Without any other explanation she walked out of the mansion.

New Official V5 Away Thread
Handler: Ruggahissy
Dates Away: September 8 - September (10? hopefully?)
Days Away: (3, hopefully?)
Reason for Away: My grandmother's health has taken a very sharp and sudden downturn so I have to go on short notice. I've been told there's wifi at my family's house, but I'm not sure how reliable it is yet since it's a recent addition. Best case scenario is that there's wifi and I'll only need the 3 days for packing, travel and settling in. Also I have no idea when I'm coming back to America, best guess is within two weeks.
Characters: Mara Montalvo.

Belgian Roulette
"Morning Zubin," she said as she twirled a grenade around in her hand. She stopped it suddenly and cocked her head to the side. "Did you make me breakfast? I want breakfast."

Tyler wandered past her and it seemed he was looking for clothes. She had boy's clothes, but while she was content at the moment not to lob one of her grenades at them, she didn't feel particularly like helping them out.

And he congratulated her on being alive, but was strangely blasé about it. It was in the same vein as "Cool haircut" or "nice Power Point presentation."

"Uh, thanks," she said slowly. Everything was so bizarre, but bizarre was preferable at the moment to the uninterrupted trauma of everything else thus far. Strangely enough, this was one of the warmest receptions she'd gotten so far. No one yelled at her or randomly attacked her. It had been almost beyond memory the last time someone considered her to be not dangerous.

She blinked in confusion and then tracked him with her eyes until he was out of the line of sight.

"So are you his manservant or something?" she asked, turning back to Zubin. "I figured you wanted a sexy partner, but I have to be honest, this isn't the way I thought you were going to go with that. Also, where's that breakfast?"

Belgian Roulette
Mara heard foot steps coming up towards the door. She glanced at it for a moment before going back to staring at the rotting ceiling.

Her gun was resting in her lap and the pillow she was using was full to the brim to grenades. However, she didn't make any motion to reach for anything. She thought about Zubin, who would surely open the door any second. Was she concerned? No, not really. Tyler was with him of course, who had been on the announcements more than once, though she didn't really remember specifically who he'd killed.

The announcements......Owen was dead. That was a real shame. He was a nice person and one of the very few people on the island who'd treated her with kindness without asking anything in return. It was a given he would die, like all other people on the island bar one, but it was still a little sharp needle prick in her heart. He listened to her and he watched over her and gave her food. He carried her to a room with soft carpet and made a bed for her and watched over her. She wondered what he was like during his daily life before pushing the thought of Owen away altogether. Travis was the killer, he should have had a better killer than that. Maybe she should have killed him in thanks for his kindness, she knew she'd be quick and he wouldn't have felt anything.

With new company approaching she thought about what would happen if they found her sitting there. She could easily kill them both. To her honest surprise, she did not want to kill Zubin. He was silly. He amused her which was especially rare now, probably one of the only things left on earth that could make her smile because everything else was destroyed. In a world where she hated everyone and everything in it, a smile was so rare.

Mara shifted around, lying half off the couch, staring at the door upside down. She fiddled with the hem of her skirt. It had gotten shredded and dirty during all her altercations.