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Update: I've spoken to the folks at Zetaboards and they are currently working to resolve our issue

Hey people of SOTF!

Our board is back online, but it seems not all of our data came back. Anything posted after August 31st until before the board went down is missing right now. The Zetaboard maintenance crew said this:


Servers 6 and 10 for ZetaBoards and InvisionFree are back online. We have completed the primary recovery from a major hardware failure on the server.

The recovery consisted of a manual process that maximized recovered data. As a result, there should be a minimal loss of data, primarily recent updates/content from the last few days. We are still working to recover as much as possible, exceeding that of a more simple recovery from a backup.

If you are missing any important data, please open a ticket from your board. Let us know approximately how much is missing, what is missing, and the rough timeframe that the data was originally created.

Thank you for your patience and we hope the recovery has resulted in a minimal impact to your community. Let us know if there is anything we can do to assist your board.

I filed a support ticket telling them that we've lost some data and hopefully they will respond soon. In the meantime it's best if you don't post anything in the existing threads. When you post it sends the new post right after the last post pre September 1st and I'm not sure how that will affect them if/when restored and well as the fact that you can't accurately respond to the last things that happened in the thread.

Thanks so much for your patience!