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Belgian Roulette
You can't do that. You musn't do that, you should do this. Don't you know that people are always looking at you? If you mess it up, they'll notice and you'll lose all that respect. You can't do that, you should do this. I'll do whatever I want now.

((Amaranta Montalvo continued from Whispers in the Dark))

She was lying on a couch in the mansion, unmoving, mostly just thinking to herself. She had done a lot of that lately. Thinking. Thinking about the things she liked at home, the things she didn't like. Remembering the time that all of her friends came to her house to get ready for prom. Summer had made a passive aggressive dig at Naomi for winning the election for president. It was so obvious now to see the seeds that came to fruition on the island. All of the beginnings for everything that had happened were already there. It made her feel embarrassed that it had taken so long, and ineffectual to know that knowing did her no good. Sure it was information, but it wasn't helpful at this point. It was just trivia now.

She heard voices go by outside the window. She knew who they were. Mara didn't move, still staying limp on her semi-hidden spot on a couch in a living room. She liked to eavesdrop, no need to make herself known.

Zubin was trying to strike up conversation with Tyler. How very Zubin of him. He asked about home. She hadn't considered going home. Of course she'd considered surviving, but going home would be very strange. It would be like lending someone a sweater and then getting a ball of yarn when they went to return it to you.

Tyler had some sob story about his parents. She didn't care. The gossip in her did briefly wonder who the girl he wanted to ask was, though. She wanted to see if he was shooting way out of his league or not. He probably was. His admonitions to Zubin made him sound like he'd been cut from an 80s action movie and pasted onto the island, snuck aboard a high school plane to Disneyland.

V5 Audio Threads
MrMissMrs Random
Aug 25 2014, 07:45 PM
So we can submit our voices now even if there isn't a character to audition for yet? Just choose a line from V5 to say?

And I'm interested. ^^ My voice is pretty high, and I've been told I sound like a Disney Princess.

Yeah, you can chose to say whatever so I can get a sense of your voice. Then iwhen we decide on a thread for the second one I can see what types of voices we need for it.

V5 Audio Threads
Aug 25 2014, 07:21 PM
By the way, do the auditions need to be from v5? Because I haven't really read any of v5 yet.
I'll be doing v5 threads, but you can read whatever you want. If we get a thread with a girl that might be a good match for your voice then you can see if you'd like to play here.

V5 Audio Threads
MK Kilmarnock
Aug 25 2014, 04:33 PM
You know how I sound both on and off the mic and I have a bit of a portfolio here. Really want me to audition?

V5 Audio Threads
I sort of want to revive the idea of the SOTF radio drama.

In the past people have proposed doing radio dramas for a characters entire story. I want to shoot for something smaller and just do it by thread. So what I need is thus:

- Thread suggestions. I'll let this go for maybe a week or so? Try to choose something with not a ton of people in it. Otherwise, any thread you think might be fun to read.

- Voices (duh). I'd like to contribute a voice and we've got kind of a shortage of female voices so if you are a girl or sound like one, much appreciated. If you are interested in contributing a voice, post a little description of what kind of voice you have or what sort of character you'd be best suited for. If you can do other voices, let me know. If you think you'd make the perfect Joe or Hansel or Sophie or whatever, make a note of it.

I also need:

- Narrator. Should be nice to listen to because we'll be hearing this person a lot when there isn't direct dialogue. Since there is no set way this one should sound, this will be an auditioned one.

Feel free to drop vocaroos in the thread for a better understanding of who would go where.


MORE EDITS: I got to listen to the vocaroos and got some suggestions so switching up the first casting a little.

I wanna cast for two scenes. Right now I'm thinking we'll be doing:

Thread 1
Every Success Involves Insanity
RJ ????

The Time for Talk is Now

Cammy: Random
Kyran: ???
Deanna: ???

So if anyone is interested in the remaining ones, especially RJ give a holler.

Whispers in the Dark
Mara reached into her bag and began collecting up the grenades that had been given to her in her hands.

Finn's last words to her were calling her a bitch. He didn't understand what she was doing. Well, that really wasn't too surprising. He'd always been kind of an idiot.

She found a small bottle in her bag along with the explosives. It was a small bottle, compliant with TSA liquid restrictions, of her favorite perfume.

There were a lot of idiots around. She thought about the numbers left. It seemed a lot less daunting to have to barrel through maybe 20 or 15 people than 200. It helped that she didn't really care much for any of the remaining people. Finn.....she found herself strangely empathetic to Hansel and Zubin, only because they'd already met during the game and left both encounters unharmed.

Mara threw the bottle into the fire. The glass smashed and the perfume burned bright blue in the fire for a moment. The entire area smelled of the sweet scent of flowers, honey dew and grapefruit.

Every time she was engaged in an altercation it cost her supplies, ammunition and often left her wounded. Why should she try to kill people when Hansel and Kat would just sweep up everyone for her, running through their own supplies, weapons and health? Taking them out would be easy at the end if they used all of their energy and firepower on the last few people left.

Mara laid back down. She began arranging her grenades around her head like a halo. When she closed her eyes it smelled like her room at home.

Maybe if she was very lucky they'd kill each other. However, she had not been lucky at any point on the island. Mara sighed and fell asleep with her grenades and the familiar scent of her perfume all around her.

((Mara Montalvo continued in Belgian Roulette))

Escape attempts are not inherently evil
Umm well, I can share a little about why I think my v4 one worked out well?

I pitched my idea to staff as a brand new new person, but I did so with the understanding that my kid was going to die. I didn't even really expect to escape, I just wanted something interesting for my kids to do. When I was ker-sploded I would have been happy to go "That's that" and continue the game with my other characters.

I think part of why the v5 escape was not viewed favorably is because Ravenstar was so sure he was going to break the system and become the hero we needed. He had a very poor attitude and if you read Gavin, the character was extremely arrogant with that bleeding in through OOC.

Also with my group accompanying me, a bunch of random people joined my threads and we formed a group who stayed together. I didn't recruit people who wanted to be in an escape, they were just people who enjoyed writing with me. At the very last second I send messages to them all saying I was going to do a thing that might result in them exploding and told them they could bail if they wanted, only one did. Feo was also someone who just happened to be in my first thread by chance and I completely loved the character so the thread before, I asked her if she wanted to stay on for the exploding part. I liked that because it wasn't people who wanted to be a part of an escape or to be a part of something controversial, it was made up of people who just enjoyed writing together and happened to be there.

Whispers in the Dark
"Please, you know I've got my license. Please let me take the car out"

Mara sat on the couch reading a magazine as her cousin begged for the keys. She couldn't imagine why anyone would want to drive when there were other people who could do that for you.

"Well, you know I can drive."

He caved and handed the jingling keys over.

((Amaranta Montalvo continued from Caught in a Moment))

Mara lay flat on her back, looking up at the glittering sky. Her cousin didn't know how to drive well enough and crashed. She remembered feeling jealous of how much attention she'd gotten and her only price paid being a wrecked car and a broken leg.

What a stupid thing to be jealous of. Sympathy given for misfortune. She remembered thinking how it would be nice if some minor misfortune would befall her. She could have a break from all of her many activities and everyone would be very nice to her.

The light of the fire next to her cast a soft glow and harsh shadows over her face.

Now she had all the time off in the world, maybe time off for forever. Maybe the real kicker was that her activities were all wastes of time. If she had known this would happen from the moment she was born, what would she have invested her time in?

The fire next to her crackled cheerfully, greedily consuming the things she'd fed to it. Hundred dollar bills given to her to buy things she'd want at the amusement park were long since ash. A few plastic credit and identification cards were still curling into themselves under the heat of the flames.

Maybe she'd have spent all her time learning a martial art and at gun lessons. If someone told her she'd have to struggle to survive against a violent horde of teens, maybe she would have spent some time making sure she could lift two gallons of milk over her head.

Mara stared blankly up, lost in thought. Her black irises perfectly reflected back the night sky, leaving her dull, wide eyes iridescent.

Even without that training Mara had survived just by sheer force of whatever essential Mara-ness was keeping her alive. All of the other things she had ever done was to live up to someone else's expectations. If she had enough time, this would be where she would find out what things she did like to do, find some things for herself.

Mara hugged a box of corn starch she'd found in one of the homes.

But there was no time. The first thing she had found that she did for herself and had an aptitude for was violence.

She sat up and poured a handful of corn starch into her hand. After dipping a small stick into her fire, she dumped the powder into her mouth.

Her thoughts switched tracks suddenly and she remembered Hansel. Maybe that would be the last person who she would ever kiss. Where was he now? Did he think about her? He was a murderer many times over.

It felt sort of appropriate.

Mara brought the stick up to her face and blew the powder through the blaze, sending a incandescent column of flames into the darkness.

Caught in a Moment
Mara approached Finn. She stopped with her blood stained shoes nearly toe to toe with his. She craned her neck up to look at him. There was nearly a 7 inch height difference in the two.

Slowly, gingerly, she leaned forward putting her head on his chest. In the dark and faint smell of another person she wondered if what she did was right. If she could take it back, would she? Mara was quick to push the notion away. She would do it again given the chance.

Her hand snaked up to Finn's collar and she jerked him down while suddenly looking up.

"The same goes for you, Finn. If not me, it'll be someone else and I won't protect you. You're going to die and I don't want to see it."

In daily life, she wouldn't have called Finn one of her close friends who really knew her well. That spot had belonged to Summer and Naomi, maybe Miranda to a lesser degree. But they were friends, they got along well enough and mostly talked about fashion and other students. They spoke about frivolous. fun things and were likewise connected on a superficial level, but for its type it was a pretty successful relationship.

She would miss him, but didn't want to stay it out loud. It was too sappy.

Mara pushed him away and started walking from the grisly scene. She raised an eyebrow at Matt as she passed by, but didn't offer anything else in the way of communication as she tromped through the overgrown grass with her shaking, bandaged hand turning pale from the grip she held on her gun.

((Mara Montalvo continued in Whispers in the Dark))

Three sentences about your kid: Critique experiment.
Yeah sure, I'll give you the other Nick of v4, Nick LeMonde

V5 Ninth Announcement
Bless you, you righteous dude

V5 Ninth Announcement
I'd of course love a save. I'm receptive to death ideas if y'all want to kill me.

Caught in a Moment
She saw something move out of the corner of her eye. Mara did not say that Stacy could move. Concurrently she heard Finn yell.

Without a thought, she snapped back towards Stacy and unleashed a short burst of bullets into the girl. She wasn't knocked backwards or haphazardly spraying bullets like she had a few days earlier. A few days had made all the difference and now the gun was a part of her.

Mara looked down at her feet, watching blood start to drip near them. She took a step forward and kicked away the gun Stacy was reaching for into the lake. She closed her eyes for a moment as if tired, sighed, turned on her heels and opened them again when her back was to Stacey.

She asked herself if she felt any better. Miranda was still dead, so that hadn't changed. Mara concluded that, yes, she did feel a little better. She wasn't angry now. She had nothing to direct it at, but in its place there was an absence of feeling, a sort of dullness. Gradually, like someone sobering up, the feeling faded and now she was angry again, but it was aimless. It was hard deciding if that was worse.

I haven't read enough v5
I was mostly just joshin' here. Don't actually do one of my kids.

I haven't read enough v5
I demand you do one of mine because you hate my writing and I live off the pain of others



Caught in a Moment
Stacy said what most people would given the situation, that she didn't want to die. However, Mara could not relate to that. She had a droning mantra running in her head:

I want to be dead.

But she kept surviving and living because she felt she had to. Maybe stubborn determination was what kept her from fulfilling it. In a way it was like her quest to find Stacey, it was something to hold onto.

Looking at the blonde she had a flash of memory. She remembered looking at her at school and it was like remembering part of an old movie suddenly. Her hand was still firm on the gun and her aim was still straight, until she heard someone call her name.


Mara whipped her head and her gun around at whoever might be coming up behind her.

Finn....and some other guy.

Caught in a Moment
Standing on the precipice of this kill was much different than the other ones. All of the others were reactionary, quick. She didn't have the time to consider fully what she was doing in most of them. There was some element of being able to think about the consequences of her actions with Summer, but having been nearly blown up and with Summer dying even without her intervention she still wasn't entirely of clear mind.

In this case she had the time feel the weight of holding a life in her hands. It felt fragile, like holding a baby bird in one's palms. It was something so fragile and easily smothered. There was a moment where it occurred to her how strange it was that Stacy was here in front of her and in one stroke she could change that forever.

"How do you know what will and won't make me feel better? You know, I told people I was looking for you. One crazy guy took a run at me, but the rest of them didn't stop me. They answered my questions about you and they knew why I was looking for you and they sent me on my way. Do you know who's left? There's no one else in our friend group left. No one is coming after me just for you."

Mara closed her eyes and sighed. She squeezed them shut tightly before opening them slowly again.

"I wanted you. I worked hard for this. I'm good at it. And if not me, it would be someone else. Probably pretty soon. This is the way things are now. Better luck next life."