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Scarlet Darlings
Mara went to a door on the side of the room that looked to be a mirror with a door nob in it and opened it revealing a room about half the size of the one they were currently in. The space was longer than it was wide, and filled with clothes and shoes. On a hook on the backside of the door that had been opened hung a long white bag. Mara delicately removed the bag and with the care of a mother carrying a newborn child, took it and laid it down across a chair. The bag bunched up just a bit to reveal shimmering gold cloth peeking out of the bottom. The bag eclipsed a pair of red high heels that would on any other occasion be the bright pride of an outfit, now shyly looking out from behind blinding fabric.

“Right, Oswald seems.....sturdy," she said as she grasped for a positive adjective.

"Oh no. The tea service was done before the staff left for today. I can't take credit for it, but it's nice, right? We used to have tea parties when we were little."

She jumped at the chance to change the topic and beamed, preening and tilting her head from side to side so she could see the hairpin glitter.

“It was my grandmother’s. Made in Spain from Spanish gold. It was an engagement present from my grandfather."

There was a knock and Naomi’s phone went off. She requested to take it to anther room. Summer suggested the bathroom which she supposed worked fine, though it was her house and her place to say who went where. "The bathroom's fine. Less of a chance of having a run in with Rebeca. I think she's in a mood."

Mara tapped her foot for a moment and then gave a long, anguished sigh. “No maid!” she grumbled as a reminder to herself. Summer offered to get it put Mara put a hand on her shoulder to prevent her from popping up. "No, you're a guest. That wouldn't be polite of me."

She walked to her door. “Miranda, we’re in my room. The front door is unlocked. Apologies, the maid has the night off!” she shouted clear across the house to the downstairs in a volume that one would not think would come out of such a slight frame. She cleared her throat and came back in, sitting close to Summer.

“Can you believe Naomi?" she whispered. "It’s nice to do charity, I donate my out of season clothes to the homeless you know, but carrying that over into prom is a bit much,” she said in a hushed tone to Summer, waiting for Miranda to come up.

Her phone buzzed and she whipped it off the shelf it was resting on. The shelf held a few picture frames and some winning pageant ribbons, one accompanied by half a remaining outfit whose other half appeared to suffer immolation.

Mara glowed. “Aww, he was going to be early,” she cooed. She texted a response.
“We’re getting to prom by limo but I’m sorry you’re having car problems. You’re really early anyhow. <3 “

C is for Cookie
Michelle counted the four singles, folded them up and put them her coin purse, a small cloth pouch with a stylized octopus on it.


Emily wanted to know more about girl scouts. Michelle chewed on her bottom lip for a moment. It didn't sound like she was making fun of her. She seemed sincere. Michelle's scripted interaction had already ended so she felt herself slightly at a loss. No one knew more about girl scouts than her, except maybe someone in corporate or something, but she was afraid she'd sound stupid when communicating it.

She eyed the room on the bench and sat down a socially acceptable distance from Emily. She didn't want to come off as personal bubble intruding, though she frequently tended to be. With familiar people Michelle was always hugging them and hanging off of them and resting her head on their shoulders and pinching their cheeks and poking so for unfamiliar people she had to make sure she wasn't off-putting because her sense of personal space was somewhat different than the average person.

"All the girls who are sea scouts have to be boy scouts and I think some of them are girl scouts so I'm not the only dual scout. That's like...maritime activities. We learn to sail boats and swim and stuff and compete. The girls are always jazzed for competing because it's on a navy base and there's cute navy dudes judging. I do cloud identification and swimming since I uh, I'm like, captain of girl's swim....here"

The last part was said quietly as if she were embarrassed by it.

"It depends on the particular troop leader what you do. So like, some boy scouts think we just sew patches and make scrap books all day because that's what the girl scouts they know do. My troop is pretty cool so we do stuff that the boys would do. We go camping and we start fires and build shelters. Sometimes we'll take a trip and go berry picking at a farm for the younger ones. I got really good at tying knots. I know there's a troop up in Saint Louis that has a robot building program."

Michelle was fiddling with the friendship bracelets around her wrist, turning them around so the patterns lined up.

"And then yeah, we have turf wars over cookie territory and cut fabric off our old uniforms and sell them to girls who wanna be sexy girl scouts for Halloween"

C is for Cookie
"Oh yeah, sure!"

Michelle pulled out her order form and wrote Emily's name, the number 1 and checked the box for do-si-dos on the paper.


She had to think about the math. Also about transfats. she chewed on her pencil again trying to figure out he answers to those two questions.

"Well, 50% is used just to pay for the cookies. Of the remaining half my troop gets a portion and the rest goes to an account the local Girl Scout Council has. They decide how to dole out the money for activities to troops in Seattle or if we want to have a city wide event or something involving all the troops. They give us some of that portion too, so we end up getting a little more."

Michelle was pretty sure that was right.

"Technically I'm a girl scout AND a boy scout. I'm in the sea scouts which is like, water and ocean activities and we have competitions, but to be one you have to sign up as a boy scout. So I'm really only a boy scout in name. I don't go to meetings or do anything with them. And I can never advance in the boy scout ranks on account of....well...me being a girl. As far as trans fats, I'm not even really entirely sure what those are. I think they are like...used in deep frying but that's kind of it. I usually include it in my little schpiel since there's not much else I can say we don't have in the cookies. We don't make fat free ones or low calories ones or gluten free ones so I try it as a selling point and hope maybe people convince themselves they aren't so bad and get them anyway," she said with a laugh.

Veronica "Ronnie" Harold
Howdy howdy! I'm Ruggahissy and there are a few things need to be done before I letcha lose, kay?

- Can we get some description on the general body shape and more detail on her face? And maybe a little paragraph on what her style is and what she wears? Some people like to put in what they were wearing on the day they were abducted as well : )

- As far as swimming, I believe that you are not allowed to sub out gym class for a sporting activity in middle school. When I was a youngin' I did gym class in middle school and swam after school in a private club team. That would work fine for Veronica.

- Club swim teams compete and practice year round by the swim season for schools is Feburary to May. A chunk of that would be the spring time so it doesn't really cover all of this: "she showed a proficiency for it and was persuaded to join her junior high’s swim team during the months she couldn’t climb outside."

"She dropped out of her extracurricular activities and nearly failed the ninth grade."

- I don't think the school would wait a whole year to suggest she get help. They probably would have spoken to her or her parents after the first progress report and major down dip in grades. Why does it take so long for anyone to suggest help? Wouldn't she have been sent to therapy anyway following the loss of a parent? The poor girl has anxiety attacks now, I'd expect they'd ship her off to a therapist after one of those. After a few failed tests they didn't send her to tutors?

-I'd like a little more info on a few things. Can I hear about how she relates to her brothers now and how she feels about them going away? What is her relationship with her mom like?

- Hiking and biking are mentioned pretty briefly. More on these? There's not much on here about camping or the like so where does she get her knowledge of out door living?

- What subjects in school are her favorite? What are her least favorite? Is she planning on college? What does she want to do when she grows up?

- Has she ever had a crush? A boyfriend?

- I'm curious how she talks to her dad. Just like...before she goes to bed every day or thinks about him frequently or what?

"She’s a bit naive when it comes to people’s true intentions, and she trusts almost too easily."

- This doesn't show up in the bio. I've love more on her personality since all I've got right now from her is tomboyish and friendly.

- In disadvantages, what would be the effect of her loosing or running out of anxiety medication?

This is really a super good start. Just give me a little more, kay? Awesome! Post when you've got the edits : )

C is for Cookie
Michelle allowed herself a small half smile. Emily was willing to buy. Well, that was pretty much the best outcome she could have hoped for. She even said it was cool, but she was probably just being polite.

"Mmm hmmm," she said, pulling out the list of cookies. She had a sheet with a picture of the cookie, the name and the ingredients.

"For peanut butter we've got...." she searched the list.

"Tagalongs and Do-si-dos. The Tagalongs are the ones with chocolate on the outside and peanut butter on the inside. The Do-si-dos are the ones with cookies on both sides and peanut butter in the middle. Four dollars for a box of cookies, they come with 16 a box and I get the cookies in about two weeks so you'll have to let me know some place you'll be on campus in two Mondays."

Michelle paused to take a breath in her pitch. She was a horrible public speaker but she could manage okay one-on-one. She'd also been shilling cookies for 11 years so it was almost second nature by now.

"It's more than a bag of super market cookies but they taste better, I think and there's no trans fats if that's something you care about. Plus 20% of the money goes to my troop to help the girls fund activities and trips. Pretty much all our spending money for the year comes from cookies."

C is for Cookie
Michelle looked over the order forms. She chewed on the end of her pencil for a moment and then folded the paper. It was super important she sell well because that money would determine how much money the troop had to work with the next year for activities and trips. This was her last year as a girl scout since she was going away to college next year so Gracie would step up next year to look after her ducklings. She owed it to them to leave them enough!

Thin mints accounted for 25% of total sales with Samoas coming in second with 19%, so Michelle was trying to push some of the less popular cookies first since inevitably everyone would buy up the Thin Mints and Samoas. Almost half the cookies sales right there in those two! Michelle stopped her cookie calculations when she saw someone looking at her.

Emily! She probably thought she looked like a weirdo. Or maybe she wanted some cookies? Or maybe it was both. Hopefully it was some thought combination that included buying.

Michelle waved franticly and walked over.

"Err, um, hi Emily," she said. Michelle knew her but she didn't really talk to her much. She hung out with the cheerleaders and popular kids. Michelle had some friends that were cheerleaders or in the popular circle but tended to skew more nerdy.

"I'm selling girl scout cookies. Would you be interested? We only sell them a limited time out of the year. Money goes to help my troop and they're delicious."

C is for Cookie
((Michelle Wexler continued from It's Traditional To Nap in Gazeebos))

Michelle's alarm clock rang, shook, and rolled off her shelf. Presently she opened an eye and saw her cat trying to catch the alarm clock as it rolled back and forth across her room. She jumped up and ran after her cat who was running after her alarm clock, catching Napoleon just as she started chewing on it.

"Thanks Poli Pants" she yawned, wrenched it away, turned it off to stop it's noise and shaking and stuck it on the shelf again.

She stretched, pulled back the curtain on her window and went to her closet. After brushing her teeth she pulled out a light brown dress. She slipped it on along with a green vest, gold fish earrings and finished by sticking a green hair pin in her hair.

It was the big day today. She looked at herself in the mirror. Michelle smiled and cocked her head to one side. Today was the first cookie order day. Michelle found she usually got more sales at school if she was dressed somewhat like a girl scout. When she went around asking people to buy cookies in a five-year-old Old Navy shirt and ripped pants she felt skeevy. It was like she was going to ask people if they wanted to buy in a hushed tone and then open a trench coat to reveal it was lined with cookie boxes.

"I'm gonna do awesome today. Right?"

Michelle picked up the Spock plushie on her desk and squeezed his hand.

"Tricorder is reading some kind of life form in the area," said Spock, his face blank.

"That's what I'm talking about!" she enthused back.

Michelle checked her folder to make sure all the order forms were in there and stuck it in her back pack. She was about to head out her bedroom door when she remembered she hadn't cleared a path through the junk the previous night to get to the font door. She looked around for a moment and headed for her window. She gave her cat, now curled on her bed, a quick kiss on the head that she did not acknowledge, slung the back pack on her shoulders, jumped out her bedroom window and scaled a small wall to get to the street.


"Hey! Do you guys wanna buy some girl scout cookies? $4 a box. I know they seem pricey but where else are you gonna get girl scout cookies other than an honest to gosh girl scout? I've got samoaaassssss."

Michelle was working the lunch room. She'd had some decent success so far. She'd long since quit the door to door racket once she figured out how much teens were willing to spend on cookies.

The last group had bought three boxes. She penciled it in on her order form and stowed the cash in her coin purse. Off to a good start.

V4 Read-A-Thon: The Reboot

*Shuts the door and doesn't come out*


Ugh, fine.


So in order to fully understand this character I went back and read all of his pre game. I kindda got the feel for him, he was cocky and feminine and a little snobby and I wasn't exactly sure if that was a personality type I liked but he was actually pretty funny at times. I really did like how in Wants and Needs he becomes a schemer who wants to coax a weapon away from Maddie and he succeeds and gets the weapon. I also like that he sort of took pride in his snake-like behavior and think at this point he would have made a really interesting player because as one very smart person once said, there needs to be an inherit sort of selfishness in someone for them to choose to start playing (selfishness isn't always a bad thing) and I think Vivien had that.

Theeeennnn in Fabluleux Holly adopts Vivien. The first thing I noticed is that Vivien's focus is NOW finding his girlfriends instead of scheming his way to the finish which I thought was a very strange swing in the other direction. A few posts later it sort of comes back that he'd like to have a body guard, but Vivien never regains that dark quality he had at the end of Wants and Needs.

Also.....um, when I adopt a character I tend to try really hard to make a voice match to the original author. It's hard but I try to retain the original flavor in the character's speech and the descriptions though I know I can't get it 100%. It's really jarring how much Holly changes the way Vivien thinks and speaks. Like, really really jarring. Examples:

Danorum's Vivien in Best In Town:

"Hey Sammy, is the mirror room exactly what I think it is?" he called from behind his door. Instead of awaiting a reply, he continued with, "Gah, nevermind! I'll find out myself."

Holly's Vivien in Pretty Handsom Awkward:

"This old thing? Flattering? Thank you, sweetheart, though I'm sure you haven't seen to much to compete with it, on the island or in your wardrobe. It's cute how you assume that I'm trying to sell something, you do need to stop confusing others with yourself, it's quite off-putting..."

Danorum's Vivien in Wants and Needs:

"Personally, I think we should split up," he chimed. Staring daggers at Violet, he continued; "I think I can split my life pretty easily between two people. As you may know, two is a smaller number than five." He turned back to Imraan, who was the closest thing to a leader this ragtag group of misfit and miscreants had. "Anyway, if we make two groups of people, we'll cover more ground, and we'll probably live longer," Flipping his dark, sweat moistened bangs away from his eyes, he explained himself further, "People who are killing out there - and trust me, there are people killing out there - won't care much for aiming. If some psycho student has a shotgun and is willing to use it to end a life, he'll easily be able to shoot someone in a crowd like this."

Holly's Vivien in Fabuleux:

Far better to being a damsel in distress than a hero. After all, no one expects a damsel in distress to shoot you in the back of the head when you’re not looking.

“Danya apparently decided that this qualifies as a weapon,” Vivien whined, mentally congratulating himself on a fabulous performance. “He probably picked it out specifically to mock me. Poor Viv, all alone with his Venus de Milo, indeed...”

Pretty much Vivien used to speak mostly like a regular kid and ends up speaking like a flouncing island fairy, which I didn't like. He also keeps changing clothes, shoes, adding make up which wasn't present in the original Vivien. Also it was clear Holly had read the past threads since she references things from pre game but she often forgot things or didn't notice things that confused me.

Vivien's profile:

Much to his own delight, Vivien has a very girlish appearance due to his fit figure and unusually hairless body.

Swim team has left Vivien with a surprising amount of stamina.

Holly's Vivien in Classy Not Classic:

Flats or not, Vivien was not athletic, and he was not dressed for activity so much as for a dinner date.

And this brings us to Vivien's death in Bloodgarden. I really don't like this death. Not at all. It was a chore for me to go through. Most of this is due to the unnecessary amounts of damage done on Vivien before death and how cartoonish Brook was during it. This was actually the most that I liked the characterization of Vivien post-Holly but the kill itself was not my cup of tea at all. The death post itself did things I personally don't like like a flash to home to pull heartstrings, lyrics from a song, colored text, odd formatting and it was kind of sucked of emotion.

Um, roll me another one. >_>

V4 Read-A-Thon: The Reboot
Holy *expletive*

I finished Ash Morrison. Dear god.

The upside is that Ash didn't stay with anyone so I got a nice tour of a variety of characters and threads. I got to see Simon Fletcher for awhile (I clinged to him for awhile to get by) and in The Moon Is Laughing At You I got to see Zach/Samya/Dustin fight which was my favorite part of that thread aside from Simon. I also really liked to see Andrea/Allen again in Make Your Own Kind of Music as well as Solitair's Roland (Solitair needs more props).

Ash was......really invisible. I'd read at least a few of the threads she appeared in and never remembered her being in them. You could literally remove Ash from v4 entirely and pretty much nothing would be different. In a few threads like The Moon Is Laughing at You, Too Late and Darken Your Clothes and Make Your Own Kind of Music she either didn't speak or spoke a single solitary line to another person.

Being a world inside of yourself, a more introspective character would be alright except Ash was really boring. It was in her personality to be "emotionless" and it was mentioned several times that she was emotionless in her posts. So like....I'm stuck with someone who won't interact with other people and has little emotions of her own. This does not a compelling read make ._.

She spent most of her island time trying to steal supplies from others and generally failing to do so. Her last failure was running out from her hiding place towards Alice and Bounce. Alice then steps to the side and Ash falls down a mountain and dies.


Just give me another one, Toben ._.

EDIT: I'd like to note how hard it was to try and read The Moon Is Laughing At You which had like six points of interest happening in it. As noted, my favorite one was the Zach/Samya/Dustin confrontation.

The King of Limbs
"It's not terribly hard. Begin second string, 8th fret, pull off 6th, then second string, seventh fret, slide ninth, slide seventh, then second string, sixth fret, hammer 8th pull off 6th," he said calmly, looking down at his own guitar as his fingers brushed and coaxed the strings. He started on for a little bit just playing the music.

"Got a black magic woman. Got a black magic woman," he sang smoothly in his rich, deep voice.

I've got a black magic woman," he continued, focusing intently on his finger work, plucking and sliding down the guitar. "She's got me so blind I can't see."

Paris looked up for the first time since the start of his music and smiled a half smile at Sophie. His lips pulled up on one side and easy going with an intensity and sharpness caught in his eyes "Cause she's a black magic woman! She's trying to make a devil out of me."

Scarlet Darlings
Mara sat down at her vanity mirror and took up her curling iron, and began aggressively forming waves in her hair. She would run her hair through, curl, spray, let it down.

"There are snacks over on the desk," she offered, looking back at the girls in the reflection of the mirror.

The desk had a three tiered tea service with small square sandwiches on the first layer, scones on the second and fruit at the very top.

"I am nice, aren't I?" she said, looking smugly at herself before starting up on her hair again. She breezed past the ten dollar word, not acknowledging it lest revealing that she wash't sure of it's meaning.

"Don't be silly, Summer. I wouldn't have invited you if I thought you'd bring the group down. This is a day with a lot of pictures and while there's some strategy to inviting ugly girls into your group to make you look better by comparison, I'd rather have an atheistically pleasing memory to show my children all around."

Mara pushed her fingers through her hair, loosening the curls up and pulled out a gold peacock hair pin that appeared to be very old.

"So don't you worry about that! And if you don't believe me I bet the boys will remind all of us once they get here."

She slipped the pin through the left side of her face, pushing the hair back and clipped it in, leaving one half pulled back and the rest in loose, lustrous black waves.

The King of Limbs
Paris' eyes slid to the side and with a delay of about five seconds his head and then the rest of his torso followed, leaning towards the side.

"You must think I'm awfully rude. Joachim, right? I hope you're having a good day," Paris said with a slight touch to his shoulder.

He sat straight back up at the mention of a duet. The top of a gold chain was visible around his neck before disappearing under his shirt and it swayed in a way indicative of some sort of charm or pendant on the end. Paris' hand crept towards his guitar case.

"Well, I wasn't expecting to play but how could I say no?"

He pulled out the guitar inspected the strings briefly. He started up with a vibrant, quick flamenco-like tune and looked around.


His fingers seemed to move independent from him, repeating the same short, lively tune. Suddenly it stopped and changed to a slower but still latin-tinged melody. He seemed to snap back and gazed at Sophie.

"How about Black Magic Woman?"

The King of Limbs
"Very nice."

((Paris Ardennes continued from Magic Man))

Slightly off to the side the voice seemed to come from a tree. Closer inspection would reveal the shape of a person laying on one of the branches, eyes closed, taking in the bits of warm sunlight that managed to break past the leaves. He brushed back his dark hair and grabbed hold of the branch, then tipped himself to the side. His body tumbled out of the tree and came to a stop with his feet dangling a foot off the ground and his arm hanging, holding onto the branch. Paris opened his hazel eyes and at that moment let go of the branch, landing gracefully on his feet. A messenger bag was slung across his body and a guitar was hanging off his shoulder.

"Hello Sophie," he said walking up to her. In one swoop he sat cross-legged next to the other boy.

"Apologies for interrupting," he said. "I'm interested as well....about your playing," he finished in an upbeat manner.

Magic Man
Paris' nimble fingers strummed the guitar moving quickly to and fro on the instrument's strings with precision, reminiscent of spiders. He played with his eyes closed and a smile on his face. He backed up a bit to play back to back with Jessica, winking at her and continuing on with their song, accompanying Rosemary. He was momentarily aware of Veronica throwing a hissy fit and opened one eye to look at her as she left. Her book lay abandoned on the floor. People with tempers like that didn't get far in life. Would she listen to him if he told her that? Maybe.

They finished their song and Paris looked up. He grabbed Jessica's hand, raised it high and then brought it back down in a theater-styled bow. "Thank you for the excellent bass work," he said motioning to Jessica. Paris then walked to Rosemary and took her hand.

"And thank you for performing on such short notice." He did a short little bow, dipping his head towards her hand while still looking up at her with a smile. He straightened back up and bounded down off the stage with his guitar and bag.

"Cool jam session everyone!," he said. He gave Adam a friendly tap on the shoulder as he walked by. "Thanks for coming out man. Maybe you'll jam with us next time. Gotta head out to class but I'll see you all later!"

And to the very clear observer it might be just barely noticeable that on his way out, Paris gracefully swopped down and picked up the fallen calculus book with just a hint of a smile still.

((Paris Ardennes continued in The King of Limbs ))

Scarlet Darlings
The knocks echoed in a hollow manner through the house. Mara waited, but didn't hear any footsteps. She frowned in annoyance and her reflection frowned back at her. She noticed how awful she looked when she was frowning and set her face back into a smile. She huffed, stood and tightened her robe. Mara slipped on her house slippers and walked down the hall and descended the stairs to the front door. Her delicate hands, indicative of her never having done any sort of rough labor, turned the knob of the front door to bring her face to face with the other two girls.

"Hello girls," she enthused and opened the door fully to allow them in. Mara peered out into the drive way to make sure no one else was outside. She closed the door but made sure that it was unlocked so that she wouldn't have to come back down when Miranda showed up.

"I'm sorry to keep you waiting. My mother gave the maid the night off just because her stupid son is going to prom tonight too and she wanted to be there. I mean, we pay her to be here. Some people don't even have a job in this economy and here we are handing out days off. Sometimes I think we're too nice," she explained, walking back up the stairs.

Just at the door of her room she removed the slippers and turned to look at them properly now that she'd vented her annoyance.

"You two look very pretty. Very pretty indeed. We're going to be the best looking group there."

Joachim Lovelace
Looks fine. Welcome on board and enjoy your stay : )