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"A wretched hive of scum and villainy?" "Worse, high school students."
"I am as a rule not a beer drinker. But I believe in the case of this one, I shall make an exception.”

“Fuck yeah, man. Take a load off, have a drink, relax. Senior year is pretty much over. We’ve earned some relaxation. Senior picnic, class trip, graduation and then we're done. We're home free."

Ethan readjusted the beer under his arm and walked down the stairs to the basement. He stuck his beer on a table and pulled one out of the pack. On his keys was a little bottle opener he used to crack open his tasty Blue Moon beer.

He flopped down on the couch next to Jay, grabbed another beer and tossed it at the boy to his left.

“Live CD, hu?” he asked, referring to the music. “Have you heard the one that came out last year, Year Zero? It’s really good, man. Not Downward Spiral good, but way better than With Teeth and The Fragile.

Ethan took a deep swig of the beer. “Seriously, you should pick it up.

A Trip to the Lake
Ethan smiled at the girl and held out a hand. She was nervous, but he wanted to try and calm her down a little. He was smart enough not pull out something cheesy like “I won’t bite.” Now that he looked at the backseat it seemed that Cisco was also on edge.

God, the back of this car is so tense. We need something to chill these people out.

“Oh, Alex and I? We’ve known each other for a while. The two of us have hung out since junior high. She’s just a peach, isn’t she?”

Ethan smirked and leaned back comfortably in his chair. He rolled down the window a few cranks and leaned his elbow out the open window. Ethan closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of the wind.

"Let's...let's just g-go already"

The nervous voice came drifting from the backseat, fighting against the wind. Ethan turned only his head and slanted his eyes as far left as they would go to look at the boy.

“Don’t worry. Alex is a bang-up driver. Besides, it’s not like she’s going to go speeding onto the freeway, get cut off by a guy in front, try to turn rapidly to avoid them and flip the car over.”

Ethan turned back around and settled back into his seat.

“We’ll be fine, relax. Speaking of relaxing, are we going to be any relaxation aides once we get to the lake?”

What Inspires Your Characters?
All my characters are based on real people because I'm a lazy whore.

Isabel- Modified self insert.

Nick- Based 95% on one of my best friends. I had to make him less randomly murderous to get him in. Though he's a good guy underneath the random slight violence. He comes in here to lurk sometimes.

Ethan- A good friend of Nick and I. Super genius. He built a solar car and he is an electral engineer. Kind of a dick sometimes.

Sally- Another friend of mine. Dated Ethan for a while. Threw in some aspects of my roommate and made her slightly bitchier. So...yeah. I'm lazy

It is strangley cute. I sort of like. You included the walkie talkie and everything.

But as I said, Clu is going to turn to smoke, come into your room and kill you in the night.

She Shook Me Cold
"But seriously, what did that poor, ignorant, not nearly as hot as any of you child do to deserve all of that?

“Uh, she was being an irritating lump of waste of my break. Do I go to the hobo clothes emporium and bother her while she’s working? No. So I expect the same curtsey extended to me. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.”

At Thea’s mention of Sally’s application padding, Sally rolled her eyes to show her exasperation with being “forced” to do such a job. Inwardly it caused a small pang of shame, but she didn’t show it.

“Well, I’ve got to be back here after Starbucks but my shift ends at five. If you guys are willing to hang out I’d love to go with you. I so badly need a pedicure.”

Sally briefly looked down at her acrylics. They still looked pretty good, but pretty good wasn’t good enough. It was true a mani/pedi excursion would take a little chunk from her hand bag fund, but it was too much for her to resist. She loved getting her nails done.

“You guys can find some mischief for Feo ‘till I’m done, but right now I’m looking forward to something sweet to drown the girl out of my memory.”

Book pick up
“Sure thing, no problem. I’m a good driver. I promise. I’ve never gotten a ticket or anything and my Jetta is solid. I’ll get you home on time, I guarantee.”

Nick looked off into the distance at nothing in particular and started thinking about pie. What sort would he get? Dutch Apple was always good, though nothing beats classic American apple pie. Though, if the shop happened to have peach cobbler he would have to reconsider getting pie. Nick loved peach cobbler; his mother made it from an old family recipe that originated in the South. No one made cobbler like his mom. No one really made any comfort foods quite like his mom. She was a great cook and everything she made for her family was made with love. Like her yams covered in marshmallows…

Nick was staring miles away when Jessica tried motioning to him and asking about the coloring supplies. Initially it didn’t appear he even noticed other people existed. Once Josie tried a second time Nick snapped out of his thoughts.

“Hu?” asked, snapping back into the present. “What? Oh, markers.”

He dug around inside his bag for a moment before pulling out a bundle of colored pencil’s held together with a double looped rubber band. He placed the bundle in front of the girls, then pulled out a sharpener and placed it alongside.

“Some of them are worn down.” Nick opened his pencil case and produced a few colored jell pens. “Here. I don’t have markers but you can use these if you want. If not, we can always ask the librarian like you said.”

He leaned over slowly and hovered over Jessica’s drawing. “That’s really cool. Josie’s poster looks great! If she doesn’t get an A on this thing I’ll go talk to the teacher myself! You wanna be an artist when you get out of Bayview?” he asked.

She Shook Me Cold
Sally was getting annoyed with this girl; however she knew better than to say anything while still in the confines of her work place and still in her uniform. One eye brow raised and her lips parted somewhat as if caught in mid-word.

“…..Who the fuck goes to the mall without money? Do you just, like, go into stores and bother the employees? Were you banned from the Gap for wandering in, asking if they know how to fold sweaters and telling them the history of the fleece pullover? ”

"You’re on break don’t you just want to spend all your time with her,”

“Aaahh, she’s wasting my break time,” Sally moaned now that Thea had brought it up.

Suddenly Evelyn ripped herself from her grasp. She watched on as she quite thoroughly steam rolled the other girl with a harsh, but true assessment.

Wow, Evelyn really tore that girl a new one. But what can I say? She should have known better. Stupid little girls with ugly bags get burned.

Sally took Evelyn’s block-off as a sign that they were done with the girl. The girl disappeared out of her periphery as she focused on Feo.

“Hi Feo,” she said, shaking out her hair. “I know I know. But I’m just getting on break, so I’ve at least got an excuse.”

Sally finished pulling the black ponytail holder out of her hair and her bright blonde locks spilled out over her shoulders. She tossed her head back and forth slowly, imagining in her mind that the Charlie’s Angel’s theme was playing in the background.

She Shook Me Cold
"Way to be a model employee, Sally. Customer service is your number one concern, I can tell,"

“Excuse me,” she said closing her eyes and putting a hand up to her chest. “I just taught that little boy a valuable life lesson about rolling with the punches. You don’t always get what you want in life, and now that he’s experienced that first hand it’ll be less of a crushing blow the next time life screws him. I’ve done a great service.”

Switching off from her fake self-righteousness, Sally opened her eyes and waved the concern away.

“And anyway, kids are annoying little brats. He probably deserved it.”

A white chocolate crème frappuccino sounded fantastic. Sally was busy thinking about her frosty drink when she heard a voice.

"Hello. I don't suppose any of you have ever been skating? I must admit to not being a professional on the subject."

Sally spun on her heels only to be visually assaulted by the girl in front of her. Immediately after seeing her, Sally’s eyes momentarily widened and she grabbed both girls’ arms behind her back and squeezed. It was taking quite a concentrated effort not to speak.

I still need this job. Thank the sweet baby Jesus I’m going on break. Don’t. Insult. Customer.

“Yeeaaaah. I work here,” she said motioning to her staff t-shirt and trying her best to dilute the acrid tone of her voice. “The thing is, I’m going on break right now.” She tilted her head at the end of the sentence as if the motion were a form of punctuation. “But there’s a charming man with a neck-beard in the back who’ll probably be out in a sec.” Out of view she continued squeezing the two girls as if she were going to burst soon.

She Shook Me Cold
Sally leaned against the rental counter with her head resting on her hand. Seeing Thea approach, she felt conflicted. She wasn’t thrilled to be seen like this, but at the same time she liked hanging out with her. Her shame slightly outweighed by her fondness, a tired grin spread on her face.

“Hey, hooker,” she said lazily. “You don’t have to stick around if you don’t want too. I mean, that’s nice of you and if you’ve got nothing better to do you can, but don’t feel like you have to.”

Sally scanned the other girl to see what she had choosen to wear today. It was a nice outfit all in all.The lazy smile turned to a sharp grin. Sally reached out to Thea and tugged on one of the belt loops of her jeans. “Nice pants, Thea. Who are we trying to impress, hmmmm?”

Sally let go and waved as she saw Evelyn approach. Her eyes zeroed on the pink bag and she sighed. “Evelyn’s got sexy new lingerie, Thea has pants so tight I could read the date on a quarter in her back pocket, and what does Sally get? She gets pants with pleats in them.”

“Ohmygod, tell me you have a break soon and can escape with us to Starbucks!”

Once she had processed the sentence, Sally’s face came to life again at the possibility of Starbucks.

“I do now,” she hastily replied. She shoved a pair of skates at a boy who had come up to the counter without waiting for him to say his skate size and pulled her hair out of the pony tail.

“Taking my break!” she yelled to the back of the staff room.

She Shook Me Cold
((Sally Connelley debut))

Sally exited the temperate, air conditioned mall into the frigid atmosphere of the ice rink with a huff. Outside she smoothly walked towards the skating rink as if gliding on the street, but in here her pointy heels clacked loudly against the floor. The echoes of her steps were like little jeers, reminding her of where she was.

She skirted around the counter past a few people lined up for skate rentals and continued to the back. Sally sauntered past the rows of lockers with her nails skimming lightly over the metal surfaces until she reached hers. She opened the locker and pulled out her uniform, a red shirt, a black pair of pants and her skates.

Sally hated working at the rink. She hated working in general, but she especially hated doing something she was once so praised for doing. It made her feel like a has-been. Why did she do it? The reasons varied from week to week. This week she had her eye on the new vernis Louis Vuitton hand bags. Her vision blurred into her imagination as she saw herself at school, flipping her hair and cradling her new beautiful bag. Oh, you like it? Well you should; it was expensive. The way normal girls might write the name of their crush in a spiral note book and surround it with hearts; Sally did with “Vernis clutch.” It would have to be a clutch for now. Even with her saved up pay from the ice rink she couldn’t afford one of the bigger bags and her parents hadn’t really been reasonable in seeing how much she needed this beautiful, shiny bag.

Sally looked at herself in the mirror now that she was in full uniform. Pulling her blonde hair back into a pony tail, she frowned.

I look like a dyke.

She heaved a heavy sigh and walked out to the rink with her skates slung over her shoulder.

The Dance Must go on!
Isabel leaned in to the mirror to get a good look at her face. With her index finger she carefully traced a line around her lips to wipe away any gloss that might have strayed from her mouth. The reflection of the painted and manicured nail looked strange to Isabel. She almost never painted her nails but it seemed like something one should do for a fancy occasion such as prom. After looked at herself for a few moments the background of the reflection suddenly caught her attention; her eyes drifted to the right side of the mirror to the image of the girls.

Pretty girl, she thought to herself. Wait, I know her. Rosalia, that’s her name. Well, I don’t know her, but know of her. I wonder…and I know the other one too. Felicia! I think maybe we’ve had a couple classes. But what’s a nice girl like Felicia doing chatting it up with Rosalia?

Isabel discretely leaned in to look at the reflections closer. One was girl blushing and nervous and the other….somewhat predatory looking

Oh man, she thought with sudden realization. I have to get the hell out of here. Is Felicia alright, though? Okay. I’ll make eye contact. If it’s anything other than ‘Please God, help me’ I’ll run out of here like I left the stove on.

Isabel turned around and started pretending to rummage around inside of her clutch. Slowly she lifted her eyes from her bag up to Felicia.

The Dance Must go on!
Isabel was surprised to find that she was actually having a good time. Who would have thought? She loved to dance and she was happy to find that Allen was willing to go along and dance with her. Even better, there hadn’t been any further incidents after the problem with his shoes.

As the song came to an end she stopped moving. She grabbed the top of her strapless dress and tried to yank both it and her strapless bra upward. Isabel fanned herself with her hands and tried to move some of the hair away from her face. Now that Allen had mentioned punch she realized she was very thirsty.

I suppose I’ve been having so much fun I forgot about hydration.

She nodded her head and moved in closer so that he would be able to hear her over all of the conversation in the room.

“Yeah, water would be great. Thanks! I’m going to run to the girl’s room for a second, I’ll be right back.”

Isabel walked over to a table with a pile of purses and dug around until she found her little clutch. Since they were taking a breather, she figured now would be a good time to see if her make-up was holding up.

She walked into the bathroom and put her purse down by the mirror. Her vision briefly darted over to two girls in the bathroom who looked to be having a private conversation. Thinking it would be rude to intrude, she turned her eyes away from them and started touching up her gloss as best she could.

The Questions Game
Jul 16 2010, 05:17 AM
Question: Congratulations! You've written a best selling book! What genre did you write?
Isabel- Probably one of those stupid vampire romances all the girls go crazy for. Those things make a lot of money and I could probably bang one out with minimal effort. It's the best return for your time and effort. I know the question was really meant to be about which genre I would have written in that I would actually like, but I think this is a more honest answer.

Nick- Oooohh! I want to be like Stephen Ambrose! How cool would that be? I'd probably write a book about the specific history of something I'm interested in. Like maybe a book just about the different kinds of tanks used during World War II. Some of the greatest innovations in tanks came out of that war. And even though the Germans may not have had really the best idea with the whole genocide thing, they sure knew how to make good tanks. Better than the Russians at least. If you stick around I can tell you all about it!

Ethan - I'd probably end up writing a technical manual for something, but those things don't really become best sellers.

Sally- I don't really know. Probably something about fashion I guess. A picture book with styles, wouldn't that be nice? It could be one of those prissy coffee table books people put out so company can see what nice books they have and by leaving it out on the coffee table it makes it seem like they actually flip through it. Though if I were writing one I wanted to be proud of, I would write a book on recent supreme court decisions and trace back the cases leading up to the decision..... What?

Let's get romantic. Tell me about what your perfect date would be.

The Questions Game
Jul 15 2010, 11:14 PM
Question: What annoys you more than anything in the world?
Isabel- Clingy people. I hate people who have to attach themselves to someone. I try to never overstay my welcome.

Nick- Rudeness. I mean, what's the point in being rude? Even if you don't agree with someone, you should still be nice about it.

Ethan- I hate stupid mother fuckers. It's like, mother fuckers are dumb. But if it's a stupid chick, and she's hot, I don't mind as much.

Sally- Designer knock offs. How are we supposed to tell the people good enough to afford nice things if people buy knock offs? But I do love pointing out when a girl's got a knock off.

What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?

The Questions Game
Jul 14 2010, 06:28 AM
Name your five best traits, then your five worst traits.
Isabel Guerra - Ummmm, five seems like a lot. I don't know that I have five best traits. I'm a good runner I guess, but like, is that really a trait? I'm pretty smart, but there are smarter kids in Bayview. People say I'm cute, but I don't really see it. I'm really good at staying calm in panicy situations. For the last one....Oh! I'm a decent cook.

Worst traits? I'm lazy, and I'm pessimistic and I'm never on time for anything. I tend to bottle things up and not tell people how I feel, I push people away, I blame myself for everthing, I'm indecisive, I- oh, that was more than five.

Nick LeMonde- Well, I'm really strong, and I'm a really good wrestler. Wait, are those the same? Anyway, I don't want to toot my own horn or anything, but I'm a sharp guy. I know how to have a good time and I'm reliable. You may not know this, but I can make baked goods. It's true! Taste my banana bread! Swear to God, it's the best in the North.

My worst traits are that....I dunno....Sometimes people seem llike they're mad at me but I don't know why. It doesn't happen a lot, but it still bothers me. I want everyone to like me! Oh yeah, I'm pretty clumsy. I tripped on the only lighted thing in a movie theater once. Sometimes my mom yells at me for being loud in the house. Don't you think that's funny? Being yelled at for being loud? Also, I'm pretty messy. And my penmanship is really bad. I'd like nicer penmanship.

Ethan Kent- That's easy. I'm pretty much a genius. I'm sweet when I want to be, I think I'm not too hard on the eyes, I'm patient and creative.
Bad traits..... Personally, I don't think I have any.

What was your favorite cartoon growing up?

"A wretched hive of scum and villainy?" "Worse, high school students."
((Ethan Kent debut))

Ethan whistled as he drove his car up to the house. He executed a fancy parallel park between two of the neighbors’ houses and stepped out of his car with a plastic grocery store bag in hand. Ethan slammed the door of the car and walked up to the door.

He was looking forward to hanging out with some people and taking a night to relax. Ethan had been working so hard on making sure he finished out the year with good grades in his advanced classes that he needed time to unwind with people. And Alex was a chill guy. He was sure it would be a good time. Now if there were some pretty girls, that would make it a great time.

Seeing two other people already entering, Ethan hurried his pace just a touch and stuffed the bag under his arm.

“Hey! Hold the door,” he called out lightly

Ethan reached the door just as the other two were passing through.

“Hey, man. Brought a gift for the host,” he said holding up the bag. He reached in side and pulled out a bottle of Blue Moon.

“I got my sister, Samantha to buy me some good stuff. None of that Coors or Tacate piss- water.

Book pick up
Nick smiled and clapped his hands together.

“Great! I knew I could get you all to come for pie. I mean, who doesn’t love pie? Communists, that’s who….”

Nick appeared to space out for a split second before returning back to the group.

“Go ahead and call your brother to make sure he knows where you’re going, Alex. The last thing we want is someone worrying about you.”

Nick leaned over to look at the advancement of the poster board now that everything was glued down. All that was left was for Jessica to draw something.

“If any of you need a ride home after pie, I’d be happy to take you. If you’ve got to be home at a certain time, tell me that too. I don’t want anyone getting home too late.”

Nick surveyed the group that he had collected in the past half hour. He liked them. He was really happy to have these new friends.

Today’s been a good day. No such thing as too many friends

Let the Dance Begin!
Isabel gave up on trying to hide it and let her smile through. She clasped her hands in front of her and watched him dust himself off.

“That’s okay, Allen. I didn’t see anything. It never happened,” she said, holding a finger up to her mouth.

"Wow, did the punch get spiked already?" he commented, his eyebrows rising up in surprise.

“We’ll find out later,” she said teasingly.

Isabel could hardly believe it. Here she was, smiling, dancing and making jokes. She was even possibly being a little flirtatious. On a day to day basis those thing were miles away from how she acted. At this realization Isabel became scared.

It’s okay. This is what teenagers do. Television sitcoms have led me to believe that I am doing prom correctly. Just for tonight, let go a little. And he’s so nice. What a nice guy.

“I was born ready, buddy.”

((Isabel Guerra continued in The Dance Must Go On!))

A Trip to the Lake
“Feh. Do you know how many queens King Solomon had? I think I can handle a few. But you’ll be the head queen.”

Ethan reclined and put his hands behind his head. He pushed his glasses back up the bridge of his nose and grinned to himself.

“Oh, I think I can get her to open up.”

When the car came to a stop he turned to look at the new passenger. She was cute. He shrugged. He supposed she was still worth a try. He was about to say something when yet another person came running up to try and squeeze in the backseat. Ethan was suddenly very thankful that he was sitting shotgun. He grimaced at the thought of trying to pack them into the back.
Nice hair.

Ethan twisted his body again to face the new arrivals in the backseat.

“Sup, man? Get in” he said casually to Cisco with a head nod. He turned to Jessica and a kind smile grew on his face.

“Hi there. I’m Ethan. You must be a friend of Alex’s right? It’s nice to meet you.”

i write like ___________
Nick LeMonde post: Kurt Vonnegut

Evo character Taryn Gregory: Dan Brown : (

Isabel Guerra post: Chuck Palahniuk

Sally Connelly profile: Stephen King


Ethan Kent posts: Chuck Palahnuik

Guess I'm most like Chuck Palahnuik