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Staff Responsibility/Accountability
CBP: I side with staff's decision. I can't really elaborate in this thread because my personal feelings regarding the people most vocal in this thread are very negative and I don't trust myself not to say something inappropriate or get too emotional.

V6 Eighth Announcement

Gift for the Darkness
Hazel zigzagged around a few trees before her legs gave out. She fell to the floor like a sack of potatoes. Her black hair covered half her face as she lay quietly among the leaves and grass. She rolled onto her back and stared wide-eyed up at the stars with her hand clamped over her mouth, muffling the occasional whine or gasp of pain. The wound was deep. The other girl had buried the knife up to the hilt in her right under her left ribs.

She loved them too much to have them watch her die, even if it meant she had to die alone. It wasn't so bad dying alone, because she knew that there were people who cared and just because they weren't right in front of her, didn't lesson their feelings. She loved them more than she loved herself, it made her happy to know that they wouldn't have to sit through the whole song and dance. Oh no, you're dying. Oh no, how sad. A thousand death scenes in a thousand plays.

As the color started to leave her once rosy cheeks and her hands became cold and heavy, Hazel could hear Min Jae trying to find her. Her glassy eyes didn't move from their position, reflecting back the scintillating sky. She felt bad about leaving Jordan, she didn't even say goodbye. He was such a good friend, they had so much fun together, even if half of it was just pretending until the fun became real. She hoped both of them weren't too mad at her and she secretly hoped Min Jae would find her after all just so she could see him one more time.

Hazel moved away some of the leaves by her hand and drew a heart in the dirt with her index finger. Her other hand fell away from her mouth.

Hazel Jung: Deceased

Gift for the Darkness
The breath was sucked out of Hazel and she felt a lightening strike of pain through her abdomen, before suddenly meeting with the ground. Everything was silent for a moment and all Hazel could see was the moon shining down on them above the numerous silhouettes of tree branches.

This is it, huh? At least it was nice and quick, wasn't it? I didn't even know there was someone there. I didn't even have the time to be scared.

Noise crashed back through when she realized Min Jae was screaming. Her hands had reflexively gone up to her wound, trying in vain to keep the blood from leaking out. A light shined brightly on her and she blinked a few times, tears rolling over her cheeks.

"Don't do that," she said simply. Her voice came out a little more gravely than usual. "I'm tired of pretending things are ok." They'd finally hit the point where avoidance was no longer an option, though it probably would have been good if she would have reached this point before blood was pouring out of her. She didn't mean any harm by it, she just couldn't bring herself to say how things were most of the time out of consideration for others.

Her hands tingled and she couldn't feel much, which was probably for the best. Hazel shakily sat up, despite protests from Min.

She and Jordan had been spared from seeing the terrible things on the island and she wasn't going to break that. She also didn't want for Min to have to suffer the experience of watching her come to a slow end.

“Hey Jae,” she offered him a bright smile, and leaned in to brush her lips gently across his cheek. "Changed my mind. I forgive you." She shakily got to her feet.

With that she mustered all her strength to half run, half hobble past him into the dark.

Gift for the Darkness
She felt around behind her, hitting the canvass of her bag. Hazel dragged it in front of her and alternated quick looks. Up at him, down at the bag, back up, back down. She found the flashlight and flicked it on, pointing upward towards the mass.

Tears trickled down her face steadily seeing his blinking, confused face. She covered her mouth to muffle the sound and clumsily got to her feet. The beads clinging to her eyelashes blurred with the sudden light, making him something of a water color smear. She hiccuped and moved the back of her hand across her face, dropping the flashlight. It clicked off and it was dark again.

Her heart ached and she swallowed hard. He spoke and she felt her hand clench. She walked towards him.

"You should be," she said a little too loudly, a little too casually. He'd abandoned her when she was at her most vulnerable without a word, just left her while she was asleep.

Hazel punched Min Jae square in the left cheek.

Gift for the Darkness
((Skipping around to get this done, apologies!)

Her eyes snapped open and her head whipped in the direction of the noise. The slight butterflies in her stomach soured and died.

Her breath caught in her throat, her eyebrows knitted upward in concern. She pulled away and drew her hand back like Jordan's skin was a stove top she'd touched.

"I-I'm sorry," she whispered, panicked.

Thoughts were zooming around in her head and crashing into each other. Happy he was back, bitter he left her to begin with, scared that he had killed two people, worried about him. Hazel's eyes welled up as she looked out into the darkness, waiting for him to materialize.

Hazel fell backwards away from the source of the sound, still staring. Her eyes narrowed and the tears threatened to spill over. Hazel was frozen to the spot.

Hug me, don't kill me, I hate you, stay by my side, go back to being my friend, talk to me, leave me alone, be my last memory, wait for me on my break and we can smoke, you're a murderer

V6 Eighth Announcement
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I hero Hazel Jung for Kimiko Kao

Try not to get rolled again.

Yugi Ranks 50 SotF Characters Chosen By You
I thought about giving you my worst kid ever because someone has to be the bottom of the list, but I won't do that >_>.

Nick LeMonde (v4), Amaranta Montalvo (v5), Caleb Diamond (v6)