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New Official V5 Away Thread
Handler: Ruggahissy
Dates Away: 6/27 to 6/30
Days Away: 3
Reason for Away: Relative died on the eve shabbat and people can't be buried on shabbat so have to wait until Sunday to attend a funeral.
Characters: Paris Ardennes, Amaranta Montalvo

V5 Eighth Announcement
I'm posting here as well as making a little away post. A few people have contacted me about possible killing times and I wanted to talk to a few of them a little more about it. However, my grandfather died last night and due to the complicated nature of Jewish law, the funeral can't occur until Sunday evening. So I'm tied up until Monday in Petah Tikva, a smallish city about an hour and a half from my apartment.

Since some of my death time is going to be during this time I'm going to ask preemptively for a three day extension and I'll see if I can start ironing things out now, but may not have much time.

V5 Eighth Announcement
Hey, I'm receptive to death ideas.

Something Something Movie Reference
Paris watched her leave. She wasn't rich in resources, neither material nor as a person. He didn't see any real reason to keep her there.

"Alright, good luck" he said sunnily.

He turned to Joachim, hips on hands and swept a palm across his forehead.

"I think we should continue on. It's been nice, Zubin."

and with that they left.

((Paris Ardennes continued in The Secret Fate of All Life ))

A Human Work
Wordlessly she picked up a tin of the beans and one of the nails and started stabbing the top of the can until the metal began coming up. Her half lidded, dull eyes didn't stray from her work while Owen told her his story.

He said Naomi's name and she stopped, mid-stab. Her eyes widened for a fraction of a moment before resuming their normal appearance. The way he worded it implied he'd been there when Summer killed Naomi. She considered asking him a question about her or the circumstances of her death since the last time she'd seen her was on the airplane.

She decided against asking anything.

"I didn't pay much attention to the announcement the first few days," she said, turning the can upside down to drain the excess liquid. She leaned her head against her hand lazily while the other held the upside down can, bleeding brown liquid all over the school floor.

"Scalpel," she said, touching her bandaged cheek with one long, graceful finger.

"You can't judge anyone on their outside or their inside. They aren't the same people. They look the same. That's why I don't feel guilty about killing Summer. It wasn't Summer. I'm going to find Stacy and I'm going to kill her. She killed our friends. They weren't really Miranda and Kat anymore either, but I'm still upset about losing the shells."

She loosened her hand now that the water tapered off and allowed beans to come out of the can. Now that they were drained she forced the edge of the can open with the nail, revealing the beans. Mara shoveled them into her mouth. After two and a half handfuls the can was empty. She tossed the empty can behind her and licked her bandaged hand. " I'm not stupid, killing you achieves nothing and probably turns me into someone else's Stacy, wanting to come get me for disposing of your shell, but I'll kill anyone who gets in my way. I'll kill people if I need to."

Mara grabbed another can and started repeating her process or stabbing the top mechanically. The second can of beans made her feel like she'd eaten a brick and she allowed the empty can to roll slowly off the desk.

She was surprised that even now, she still heard something in the back of her mind. Though where it was once forceful and clear it was only a faint hint of a whisper now.

"What do polite young ladies say?"

"Thank you," she answered aloud.

Something Something Movie Reference
Paris went and perched on a rock, sitting with knees drawn up and watching Joachim fill in the hole with sand. He seemed mesmerized for a moment before Claire's question appeared to snap him back. He blinked and looked at her.

"Mmm? No. There's no one I'm trying to find in particular anymore, but thank you for asking."

Searching his mind past the obvious, he thought about Jessica suddenly. She was also dead. That pretty much cleared the board of close friends he'd want to see.

"I've had a relatively uneventful time on the island, myself. I've been lucky, but I know not everyone has been as fortunate. I was doubly lucky to find Joachim. The girl I was traveling with snapped shortly after and tried to kill him in his sleep. If I hadn't found him, that could have been me.... I hope you've haven't suffered too badly in the last few days."

He leaned down and brushed some of the sand off of his pants and observed the two new people they had come across. He jumped off the rock and walked up to Zubin.

"What about your silent friend, here?" he asked Claire with a hint of a laugh in his voice. "He hasn't said a word to us since we arrived. I know this is a dangerous place, but I try to keep my manners at least."

He bent down and waved.

"Helloooo Zubin. I know I'm not a pretty girl like Claire, but you could still say hello," he said cheerfully. "How have you been?"

A Human Work
When she looked up she saw him flinch. He moved as if frightened by her change in position. Mara was not sure whether to be offended by this or to be proud of it. Even dragging herself up exhausted, she was still frightening. She decided it was good.

She swept part of her hair back behind her ear, making her face more visible and cocked an eyebrow as he laughed.

To her great surprised, Mara laughed back. First a smile spread across her face. It was a pretty silly thing to have said considering the circumstances. She had said it in a daze, thinking maybe she was still at home where every calorie counted against her.

But she looked at him, and she looked down at herself and she laughed with him. Her laughter was clear and bright. He told her that all his friends were dead and that she should take a look at herself, saying she would be on death's doorstep without his help and she her laughter tailed off into a slight giggle. There was a certain absurdity about all of it that struck her.

Mara took a deep breath and calmed herself, giddy from the sudden outburst. "I accept your gesture," she said assertively. "If you try anything, I'll shoot you."

She collapsed into the seat, placing the gun on the desk. "If you knew, you would know why I'm slow to accept help, even now," she said quietly, harshly. "I got trapped in a room with Hansel the first night. I knocked him out, but Mike came in and when I tried to leave he threw me on the ground. He was so big and when I saw him over me I grabbed some broken glass and i stabbed him," she said flatly, holding up her bandaged left hand. "I sewed my own hand shut. I went to the hospital for supplies and that ghetto kid slashed my face," she said, looking down.

"I found Summer, but when I did she told me she killed Naomi. Naomi was a friend, I respected her. When I tried to leave she stabbed me," she said holding up her bandaged right hand. "She threw a grenade and killed three people I think. When I walked up to her she was a mess of missing limbs and even then with her last seconds she lamented that I survived the blast. I shot her in the head," she said quietly.

"I went to wash the filth off in some lagoon and creeper Zubin walked up and started talking about orgies or something, leering at me with a woody even though I was, still am, covered in bruises and wounds. Then some kids...I asked them if they'd seen Stacy who killed my friends. When they said they hadn't I told them I was leaving and just as I was walking away Virgil tackled me to the ground. I tried to fight him, but he's like some freaky giant. I managed to get away just barely and run as fast as I could until I got to this place."

Mara folded her arms on the desk and laid her head on them. "I'm exhausted. I just need to rest for a few hours. I'll be back in survival shape. You'll see."

Something Something Movie Reference
Joachim was like a toy robot, his toy robot, who would do whatever he suggested. His quick acceptance of the situation nearly made him smirk. What a windfall meeting him was, who knew what he was like in regular life. He probably had a will and personality, but the island had done something, broken him, and it was supremely amusing to Paris.

He used it and turned the smirk into a kindly smile. "See, we'll help," he said using a piece of drift wood to push sand into the ditch over the body. "We've got to look out for each other. There's enough to worry about here without having to make it harder for those of us who still have our hearts."

Presently she said something else. She asked for information that the dead boy had asked her to gather. Paris stopped his actions and stood back up. He bit his lip and furrowed his brow as if in deep thought. He tapped his lips with a finger while looking downward.

"Hmmm. Yes," he said slowly. "I saw Gray Emerson near the town a few days ago."

He looked back up at Claire and noticed she'd gotten sand in her hair. He reached out and brushed it out of her hair, long fingers gently working their way through the strands until they were clean.

"I didn't see him for very long, but he seemed alright," he said softly. "I think he was looking for someone, so he's probably not there anymore. That's all I know. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful," his big green eyes shifted away from her to the body once again.

"I think we can get your friend covered pretty quickly."

A Human Work
She breathed rapidly, heart jumping. However, she was not moving, much like an injured animal, wild eyes furiously staring up at Owen.

Mara gasped and her eyes closed tightly as she urged her exhausted body to move. She rolled onto her front with her knees bent and hands pushing against the cement. The gun was underneath her.


Her hands with grimy nails and peeling black polish struggling to push herself up.


Her hair fell forward, though between the strands her face was still half visible. Her eyes were closed tightly from effort and she was bitting her lip.


Mara had managed to push herself up into a crouched position. She reached up and grasped hold of the desk with her left hand. Dragging the gun up with her in her right hand she torturously, stumblingly pulled her up to a semi-standing position.

"your HELP."

She used the m4 as a sort of crutch, leaning hunched over on it and on the desk. "I'm going to live," she whispered to herself. "You want to help me? I don't even remember you."

Mara tilted her head a bit and looked at the bag he was carrying. It looked heavy and she couldn't deny that it would be stupid to turn away supplies at a time like this one in the condition she was in. She was not used to being offered any help. In her daily life, she made very sure to have a persona where no one would ever think she needed help. Her sister would never offer it, she could barely look after her self and her father would tell her to deal with her problems on her own. Now on the island, no one offered to help her. The overwhelming majority of people she'd met, especially recently, wanted to use her or kill her. Her suspicion and her pride were the main blocks to her accepting the assistance he offered.

"Food makes you fat," she murmured, almost as a reflex.