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It's Traditional To Nap In Gazebos
Michelle put the papers neatly by Joe's side and smiled warmly.

"No problem, amigo."

Michelle swept her hair back and tucked it behind an ear to get it out of the way.

But then the other boy said something and what? It was about her. Was he hitting on her?

Michelle turned bright red. She turned but didn't look at him straight on. It was more like eye contact with the guy's knees.

"Ah....a- ha. Ha ha ha"

Ooooh my god no. I'm doing that thing where I start nervous laughing and then I can't stop like that time at first aid training when the guy in the video got a pen jammed into his eye somehow and people thought I was super inappropriate but I'm actually really just freaked out by eye injuries and I couldn't stoooooop- GET IT TOGETHER

"ha ha. You sure are a funny guy," she said scratching the top of her head.

Joe was panicking again and she turned back. She felt bad for how often he seemed to be stressed out. She sometimes wished she could help, but didn't want to be awkward or nosey about it since they were just casual acquaintances if even that.

"Naw. It's still a bit away. Class isn't for a little. Up partying late last night, hu?" she said, trying to lighten the mood.

It's Traditional To Nap In Gazebos
From behind her someone made a noise and asked if they were being and interruption. Michelle whipped her head back in the direction of the question, unintentionally flinging some water towards the asker.


It was that big guy who wore dark clothes and ruffled shirts. They didn't have classes or activities together so Michelle didn't know much about him but she recognized him as being familiar.

"N-no. You weren't. Nothing really, I mean, I always go around without pants."

A moment passed and Michelle had a few seconds to process the statement.

"Er, no, that's not what I meant! What I meant was-"

Joe was starting to come to it seemed and he sat up mumbling and slurring. Michelle set down her book, wiped her hands on her shirt to make sure they were dry and carefully gathered up the homework that was strewn around the gazebo floor, taking the last piece from Joe after he'd removed it from his face and adding it to the stack.

"Hey Joey, it's Michelle from class. I think you fell asleep while studying. Good news is that it looks like your homework is drool-free."

It's Traditional To Nap In Gazebos
((Michelle Wexler continued from Clouds Up))

Michelle was strolling through the school grounds with her biology book in hand and a Go-Gurt tube in the other. Her feet brushed against the grass in her wet flip flops and her hair dripped slightly. Little droplets rolled off the glossy cover of the text book. Peaking just outside of the cover there could be seen a magazine shoved into the book that appeared to read "LISA FRANK QUARTERLY MAGAZINE."

"Okay guys! Good practice! Remember, everyone bring something for the pasta party tomorrow night. Freshmen bring drinks, sophomores bring salad, juniors bring desserts and seniors will bring paper plates," she'd enthused.

Michelle had been too lazy to put on real clothes just yet. There were a pair of sweat pants in her bag, but for now she was just roaming around in her bathing suit from morning practice and a red t-shirt on over it with the word EXPENDABLE in stylized font.

As she approached the gazebo she noticed there was a slender figure curled up near the back. She looked around. There was no one near by. That was good for her considering if a school monitor saw her she might get in trouble for not wearing pants. It depended on the day and mood of the school monitors whether she got in trouble for roaming around outside the pool deck in her bathing suit or without her shoes on.

Michelle continued slurping on her yogurt tube and walked up the steps to the figure.

"Hey. Hey, José."

She nudged him gently. Michelle bit her lip and looked down at him with concern. A bit of her wet hair dripped onto him.

Poor guy. We have that test today.

Clouds Up
"Slow Macarena. Yeah, that sounds super romantic. But anyway, no worries at all. I'm sure Kam wouldn't mind a big group. It probably takes the pressure off everyone to go with a bunch of people anyway. We can splurge on dinner somewhere nice before hand and then go to the dance fat and bursting out of our dresses and dance the slow macarena......Slo-rena? Whatever. It'll be fun!"

A clock above the counter caught her eye and Michelle jumped up. She left her bill's worth on the table in exact change (with a very middling tip which she felt a little bad for).

"Ugh, I almost forgot. I have to get home to give my cat his meds."

Michelle snatched away her hat from Amy and sympathetically pat the ice cream mascot a few times before putting the hat back on.

"You're safe now," she said to her hat.

"Thanks so much for having dinner with me guys, it really cheered me up. And now I'm way more excited for prom! I'll see you guys later kay?"

With that she leaned into the booth and gave each girl a tight hug before grabbing her bag and running out towards home.

((Michelle Weschler continued in It's Traditional To Nap In Gazebos))


I'm back now.

Gavin Hunter
All the changes have indeed been made and the only incorrect thing remaining is that in this sentence:

"His friends however know he can be relied upon to always have an interest in their wellbeing and put himself out for them at his own expense."

Wellbeing should be "well being."

But with the caveat that you fix the spelling mistake, you are fine. Welcome to Survival of the Fittest and enjoy your stay


Handler: Ruggahissy
Dates Away: 6/20-6/27?
Days Away: 8
Reason for Away: I'm at Ricky's right now and there's not many opportunities to post. I should be leaving here on the 25th so I'll be traveling and then I have to get the wifi set up in my new apartment. Might be the 27th but it depends on how long it takes for the guys to come out and do it.
Characters: Mara Montalvo, Michelle Weschler, Paris Ardennes

Magic Man
Paris slid smoothly in one sweeping motion of his body so that he was sitting next to Rosemary, shoulder to shoulder.

"That's very interesting. I didn't know. I knew that they used pseudonyms but not that they masqueraded as a trio called 'The Bell Brothers.' Maybe they thought it....had a ring to it?" he said smiling. He shook his head, tossing more craft glitter.

"I'm sorry, that was awful. I understand if you get so wrapped up in the music that it's hard to concentrate. I find myself getting lost in music if I enjoy it and then I forget what I was even thinking let alone reading. I can play hmmm.....most older rock songs. If there's a tune I can follow along. Can you sing?"

He took Rosemary's hand and nodded towards the stage.

"If you sing something I can play with you."

He turned, altered by a movement in his peripheral vision and noted Adam walking in. He gave a quick greeting by way of tilting his head up and sliding his eyes down to his hand on hers.

"Yo, Adam," he offered casually.

The General SOTF Discussion Thread

Surprisingly few from my main v4 cast. My one regret would probably be my work with Autumn O'Leary following my acquisition of her. It was super hard for me to get into the character of someone who was very emotionally complex and who I did not create. It took a lot of work to get into the mindset I thought she had and though it's not meant as a slight to Mary Ann or her other two handlers before me (especially profile maker CapitalD) she didn't have as much of an inner conflict so she was a lot easier to portray.

It's from the difficulty that I had with Autumn that I get my tired woozy look when I hear adoptions because it's something I had a very rough time with.

That said, I was happy with the death. It was completely on the fly and I owe Zombiecreame and Ciel for that one.

I have a lot of regrets when it comes to my mini characters. People like Dom and Bacon know that i like to pretend that Michael of The Program never excited because I did such a piss poor job with him. He and Liz who I just killed have two of my worst, laziest deaths, but it's because they had no pre game and very very few posts so it's really hard for me to summon up emotion for them because I wasn't very attached.

However I'm weirdly fatalistic in that I kindda believe that all my characters die when they're supposed to and am at peace with that quickly which might explain why I never ask for saving XD.

Magic Man
"Indeed I have. My favorite among them is Whuthering Heights but I have great respect for Jayne Eyre as well. I always appreciate literature with strong female protagonists. We could use more of that, you know?"

Out of the corner of his eye he noticed Jessica going to talk to Veronica. He'd keep an eye on that.

"I hope I wasn't bothering you too much. Some studies say that listening to music while you study increases your rate of retention. So I guess that's one thing the auditorium has over the library for doing work," he said with a smile.

"Of course I take requests, freckles," he said, noting the slight freckles that highlighted the bridge of her nose.

High Fashion, High Prices
"Oh no, I think they're very subtle," she responded to Kat.

Miranda noted the entrance of someone else and Mara tossed the shoes behind her without looking. Someone else would clean that up. Someone always did. Stacey asked them to follow and Mara sighed and moved a few steps in the direction the group moved, but went back to looking through the clothes. She stood close to Miranda and looked up briefly to see who had entered.

"Must be 50% off for freaks hour or something. Like a happy hour crossed with charity," she responded. "Oh hi, Finn," she added.

Eliza started screaming at Stacey. And for some reason Stacey took the insult to heart and got upset, though the crux of the insult really didn't make sense. If Eliza was saying that at least whats-his-face was at least shopping in a nice place with nice clothes (the one they were currently in) and not an establishment of ill taste (as implied to be where Stay got her clothes) wouldn't it make sense that Stacey ALSO was shopping in a nice place since she was well....shopping in the place they were currently standing?

The insult was overall very....lame. Mara liked that word and in her opinion it fit. But Stacy started yelling and stormed out. Seems like implying her clothes were cheap was some sort of sore spot. Mara made a mental note to remember it.

And normally when someone insulted a friend, perhaps acquaintance in this case, Mara may have considered helping, but the insult was so nonsensical that taking offense to it was nonsensical as well. She was not inclined to help right now.

"All right, see you tomorrow," she called after Stacey.

New Age Poll
22 :blink:

High Fashion, High Prices
Howdy howdy,

It should have been me next, not Aura. Decoy was also skipped earlier so the order was changed when he tried to make it up.

Order should be:

Aura > Decoy > Kami > Rugga > Atomic > Laz > Will

Since I've been told Aura is planning to exit the thread, posts that mark the exit of a thread can be done any time and do not need to adhere to the posting order.

To make this as simple as possible We can just bump him up on the posting order so the new order is now:

Decoy > Kami > Laz > Rugga > Atomic > Will

We now return you to your regularly scheduled thread

Magic Man
Paris was playing a tune , head down and hair hanging over his face in concentration. There was a cursory awareness on his part of someone making the stage shake slightly by dropping something heavy near him

"Good afternoon Jessica," he said without looking up. Paris looked up and noticed that some ways off, Rosemary's book had fallen. He held a finger up at her and finally turned his head, giving Jessica a look of understanding.

"Sure, I love rocking with you. But one moment,"

He leaped off the stage and in seemingly two strides he was in front of Rosemary, guitar slung across his back and genuflecting while holding the fallen book.

"You like the Brontë sisters?" he asked smoothly, smiling up at her.

He shrugged good-naturedly and offered the book back to her.

Gavin Hunter
Okay, getting closer.

Some herp derps on my part that need to be in there:

- Gavin's got no weight

- There's no description of his facial features other than "soft"

- Doing the math, being born in March of 1994 would make Gavin 19 at the time of the abduction. So the age is wrong.

- His interests in guns and philosophy are not in the interests list

-Mention of ethnic background

Content stuff:

- The entire section with him being harassed in school, him having behavioral problems, him being diagnosed, him receiving treatment all occurs in the five years he's in England. However, with school starting at age five, that leaves a very little window of time for all of that to occur. That's a year or less for all of those steps to happen. I don't believe that the all of those occurrences would happen so rapidly squished into the space of a year so I'd recommend extending their stay in England (which would make his accent bother me less) or moving some of these steps to America.

"He had few good memories of his birth country and disliked his school for the tension that still existed between him and several of his classmates. His correct diagnosis meant he also began receiving proper psychiatric assistance in the new primary school that he was enrolled in once the move was completed."

-Two things here. He likely wouldn't have many memories of this time or much clear feelings about the place because he was five. So this part can be removed. It's a bit of a nit pick but American primary schools are "elementary school."

"Before moving to America, Gavin's family had owned a large urban property that they had been able to sell for an ideal price during the housing boom."

- It was brought to my attention that the mid 90's in England was actually a housing slump in which housing prices were very low and so it's more likely they would have to sell their house for an unsatisfactory or lower amount than they'd hoped for. So just change that.

"Once put on supplements Gavin's condition improved, but he still succumbs more easily to fatigue then normal for someone his size."

- People with this thyroid condition are put on medication, not supplements.

"His body temperature is also slightly lower than normal."

- This part in your blood circulation paragraph is incorrect. People with poor circulation have colder limbs to the touch (Like when I touch my friend's cold hands) because the blood doesn't circulate as well to the parts of the body far from the core. They might feel a little colder however, the person's core temperature is still the same as everyone else's. Otherwise, they would die.

"The stoic personality suited Gavin very well, and he cultivated the virtues of self-control and patience as he learned to bridge the gaps between himself and normal people."


"He is completely unbothered by many things that occupy the thoughts of other teenagers and feels he has very little in common with them or neurotypical humanity as a whole."

goes against this later description:

"He has little tolerance for stupidity and has a tendency to question authority."

So he's a stoic person who is quickly annoyed by stupid people? His stoicism strikes me as a little odd. It is that he's just very serious on the outside? People all have feelings, no matter how serious they appear.

"Academically, Gavin's high school years are productive."

Past tense in profiles. "Gavin's high school years WERE productive."

"Very little seems to faze him or cause him upset, though knowing what buttons to press can reveal his emotional core, with unpredictable results. "


" Advantages: Gavin is clearheaded and sensible, he rarely loses his cool or makes stupid decisions in the heat of the moment"

are also contradictory. He has an emotional core that can make him react unpredictably yet he rarely makes stupid decisions in the heat of the moment.

So yeah. Those are the fixes. I'd feel a lot better if there was less emphasis on how emotionless he is because well, people have emotions. So throw some in there.

I absolutely despise having to do this and I'm sorry

Handler: Ruggahissy
Dates Away: 6/4- not sure, likely 6/10
Days Away: 5
Reason for Away: I'm driving up to the bay area which takes a good 7 hours tomorrow and then right away flying to New York. I'll be back to my mother's house by the tenth and then hopefully I'll be able to contribute more. If not, I'll put up an away update until I get to Ricky's -_- . I might be able to get one post up before my flight.
Characters: Mara Montalvo, Michelle Weschler, Paris Ardennes

Gavin Hunter
Hey, sorry about that. So Gavin is looking better but I have just a few more bits to clean up:

A friend of mine has poor circulation and it's more likely to have a bit of aching in the limbs rather than painful tingling. Also, as a result of her poor circulation and what I've found on it, she's almost always cold (she wears a sweater when I think it's fine out, she's colder than me when I touch her hand). I checked with another person with poor circulation who said he didn't have painful tingling and that he still flushes or blushes when there's exertion or embarrassment (as does the female friend) so that would occur.

Also, I like it if you could add a little more to the disadvantages. Poor circulation would be a disadvantage as would the fact that he doesn't connect as well to his school mates

Debate Club President Election
Mara Montalvo votes for Naomi Bell

Girls Swim Captain Election
Guess I vote for myself O_o

Michelle Weschler votes for err Michelle Weschler

Clouds Up
"Yeah, it'll be great. We can all just go in a big group. Who needs a date when you've got friends right? And when people are slow dancing we can start a conga line. A....slow conga line? I guess?"

Michelle looked on with a whining frown as Amy poked the hat. She jammed the last of her fries into her mouth and slumped down.

"Mr. Nice Cream noooooo."

Michelle began counting her money on the table again, shuffling around the coins with the tip of her index finger.

"No kids for me, thanks. Babies are gross. They're all pink and squishy. And they leak all the time. And I'm really not comfortable with something that large comin' out of my hoo haa."

She looked back up at the girls and smiled.

"So we'll make a big group and go together?"