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Confiscate the Crown
"I was-" she blurted out.

And then there was a noise. Mary-Ann turned her head away and shut her eyes tight by reflex when she heard it. It took a moment for her to realize she was holding her breath. Her head snapped back around and she looked at Hayley. The girl looked triumphant. Elated. Her eyes told the whole story of what she'd done. She looked at the girl and then hefted the gone up at her.

Thea! Mary-Ann looked down at the spot they'd been tussling. There was blood, but no girl. Had she wandered off? Based on the amount of blood on the ground the girl was a goner. It was surprising that she'd managed to move at all. Mary-Ann wasn't going to risk having a nice long look around to figure out where she'd gone.

She had her gun aimed at Hayley and Hayley had her gun as well. It was a stand-off.

"I-I'm not a-afraid of you," she choked out.

Mary-Ann swallowed and heart her heart beat loud. She could have sworn she felt her teeth buzzing too.

"I'll do it," she said quietly. "I will."

R.J. had taught her how. He had her try without the bullets. Squeeze the trigger.

I can't.

The Waiting Room Bar and Grill
Ethan continued to nurse his beer, occasionally lifting his head up long enough to talk to Roman. He didn’t feel much like chatting with anyone and only came out of his self reflection for a moment when he heard morse code in the background. He swiveled in his chair, but the scene had changed before he could get a look at who had been doing that. He shrugged and faced the bar once again, tapping his finger against the wood in an irritated fashion.

Suddenly there was some sort of commotion. People were getting up to gather around the projector. Ethan looked around, trying to figure out what had gotten everyone so excited when he saw her.

His heart sank for a moment. She didn’t make it. However, he realized what the people were getting in a tizzy over when he heard the announcement of escape. Ethan got up off of his bar stool and walked to the booth where Feo was seated while people rushed past. She was incredibly beautiful in her best gear and pristine make up accentuating her exotic features.

Hotter than a fat girl in a sleeping bag

Ethan looked left, looked right and slid into the booth across from her. For a moment he was strangely awkward. He fiddled with his glasses, straightening them and looking down at a coaster on the table.

“What are you drinking?”

Ethan held out a hand quickly as if trying to put a stop on the last line of dialogue.

“Wait, no. I mean, what I mean is….”

Ethan narrowed his eyes, bit his tongue and looked up at her sternly.

“I’m sorry,” he said with a frustrated sigh.

“You know I didn’t really think all that stuff about you. You did a great job. I’m proud,” he said, smiling.

“And we better get a highway named after us.”

He looked around as if he’d just realized they were in a bar. He brushed down his shirt and smoothed down his hair.

“I think this might be our second date….so I guess this is okay.”

Ethan leaned across the table and kissed Feo. Head turned, glasses fogged, one hand holding the base of her head possessively and the other up against her neck. He could feel his sharp smirk start to creep into the edges of the kiss. When he finally let go he settled back across the table from her and folded his hands in front of him.

“So,” he said, trying to sound calm, but unable to repress a bit of a wolfish grin.

“Let’s get to know each other.”


Confiscate the Crown
Sickening crunch. A light splatter of blood. Hayley scraped and struggled and eventually came back at Thea by sinking her teeth into Thea's exposed wrist. It was a devastating location. It was home to some important veins and Mary-Ann remembered her father telling her how easy it was to break a wrist.

Mary-Ann felt queasy. This wasn't something she could do. She closed her eyes and started to sob. She shook her head and stared at them through her watery haze.

"Stop it. Stop doing this," she mumbled.

Thea deserved her revenge. She did and Mary-Ann knew it, but she just couldn't stomach to watch this. She couldn't watch Thea and Hayley rip each other limb from limb like animals.

"Stop it, please!" she begged.

In her desperation she accidentally squeezed the trigger. Mary-Ann squeeked and stood perfectly still with all hair on ends in shock.


Confiscate the Crown
((Mary-Ann Warren continued from Everyday is Like Sunday))

Mary-Ann followed after Thea in the thick forest. She sighed and wiped her forehead of sweat. She moved her tongue around her mouth.

Thirsty, she thought sadly.

Sometime while they'd been walking they'd heard the announcement of escape. Thea didn't want to risk checking it out.

It would be just like Danya to raise their hopes just to dash them. It seemed she'd made the right call because not a day later they were all dead. All of them.

Mary-Ann chewed on her cheek. There had to be less than a quarter of the class left. It still baffled her that she'd made it this long. Now she was starting to have second thoughts about finding Hayley. Maybe it wasn't the best idea to go looking for a killer many times over. However, Thea was inconsolable and her thirst for revenge insatiable. Her anger was torrefied into a bright, strong blaze that Mary-Ann didn't think she'd have any chance reasoning with.

So she followed. She tagged along. She was so afraid of what would happen if they found Hayley. Well, speak of the devil and he will appear. Just as Mary-Ann had the thought about Hayley, they'd found her.

Mary-Ann gripped her gun tightly. They followed quietly. They slinked behind them softly, so softly until Thea launched at Hayley. In the fray, Hayley'd lost her gun. Mary-Ann kept the gun trained the girls, but knew she'd never shoot.


'Second Chances' (Interest Check)
This'll be interesting to read.

Not sure if I'll take part (I say that every time and every time I go in -_- ) but if anyone wants my kids, they are free to them with the following exceptions:

Isabel Guerra has been claimed.

Ethan Kent is retired.

If anyone wants in on Sally Connelly, Kendra Gregory from Program or Micheal Sechooler from Program, they are welcome to them.

The Ninth Announcement
Autumn is spilling red

Deep Warm Drunk
Autumn’s hand was numb from her grasp on the gun. Her other hand was clutching the edge of the bar behind her. It kept her upright and steady, but it also kept her from curling her palm into itself and cutting her own skin with her nails. Her finger nails dug into the wood, quaking along with the rest of her body.

The pretty girl didn’t so much resemble a girl anymore. Her anger was all that had kept her standing. She could feel it in her chest, in her limbs, warm and acerbic.

Fiona recalled the looting at the house of mirrors. It was true; she could have taken the supplies, but she didn’t. Autumn had given her that gun herself. Her hand loosened on the bar and her eyebrows came up a fraction of an inch. Her gun was still held at Fiona.

“I gave you the gun…” she murmured.

She was pointing Nik’s gun at Fiona. There were brief flashes of Evelyn and Nik rotting together, hand in decayed hand.

Her lips parted slightly, but enough for them to tremble. She pulled her hand away from the edge of the bar and covered her mouth. The fast motion made her falter. Her knees buckled. She recovered and held the gun forward again, though now she was hunched. The gun was pointed just to the right of Fiona.

Fiona pleaded her case. She looked nothing like Evelyn at all. Autumn knew that. Then why did she think it was her playing a trick?

The light flooded in. Evelyn was never there. Autumn pursed her mouth and bit down on her lip. Her chest shook and there were thin, unbearable strings of pain running down her throat. Fiona blurred in front of her and came back into focus. Autumn so did not want to cry in front of this girl.

“No. You’re nothing alike,” she agreed quietly. Her voice cracked.

It was all in her head. The gun felt so heavy. She began to lower it. She imagined Evelyn because she missed her. She’d missed her for a long long time. Evelyn had betrayed her trust back when they were just regular girls in school, and they couldn’t be friends anymore. The gun clattered to the floor.

She didn’t trust anyone after that. Her best friend, her parents, the boy she liked. Trusting them had only ever hurt her. It was safer to rely on yourself. The island was an easy transition for her. Well, not easy, but she was already in a mindset to look out for herself and no one else. Autumn took a step forward. Her tattered flats creaked against the floor.

But no one can do that forever. No matter how hard she tried to bury the feeling, she wanted someone to stand by her.

"We have to keep going, Autumn. It's all we have right now. You shoot me, and I'll shoot you, and it doesn't solve anything...

Please," Fiona finished.

It wasn’t fair. No one should have to stay alone. No one should be burdened with shielding themselves constantly. Running on resentment is a method of staying alive, but not a way to live. She just wanted someone. She just wanted to feel someone by her. Somewhere down the line Autumn became desperate enough to start making dead figments for company.

Her arms became goosebumps and she took the last step forward to stand right in front of Fiona.

And she cracked.

Autumn threw her arms around Fiona’s neck and squeezed her tightly. Her cheek was almost touching Fiona’s.

“Fine,” she shakily breathed out.

“Just don’t leave m-“

Autumn’s breath caught. There was a loud noise like a car back fire and then it was silent and still. She could see the strands of her hair start to come forward from the force of her falling.

Her body slid down Fiona and crumpled into a heap on the floor. She never knew that Kitty had been hiding in the back room.

Blood began to pool out from the wound around her head.

Cherry waves.


Full Circle
((Sexual harassment and weapon grab approved))

There was a moment of crystallized silence. Teo and Nick were looking at Alex while Alex's eyes shifted between them. From beside him he heard Jessica's small voice. She only said their names, but it was a question. The tension made the room claustrophobic and set Nick on edge. As soon as he saw the gun, Nick threw his mass to the side. He saw Teo fire off a crossbow bolt just seconds after a deafening shot resonated back and forth through the small parish.

Nick wasn't very agile or graceful, but jumping sideways and pretty much tackling Jessica to the floor seemed to have worked. The two of them had landed behind the relative safety of a row of pews. His limbs were tensed in a sort of hug around her body, cradling her head inwards. Above them he saw some of the wood splinter out. Slowly he unwound his arms from around her and pushed up so that he was looking down on her. He inspected her. She looked unharmed. He didn't feel any pain, he supposed that meant he was also unharmed.

"You're okay," he sighed.

He breathed deeply and felt something odd. He looked down and discovered her chest was pushing against his. He could feel her heart beating through him. He swallowed.

"I was just..."

He'd used himself as a shield for her. What if Teo was right? What if she'd played him. Her face was getting to be a rather interesting shade of strawberry red.

"I just..."

Alex broke the silence by threatening to kill them all. Nick scrambled upright and yanked Jessica up with him, grabbing the fabric of her tank top. He peaked over the edge of the pew to see Alex waving around a grenade. He held his breath hoping he'd leave them in peace. Guy was a nutter, but he wouldn't kill himself with them, would he? Next to where Jessica fell was her rifle. He grabbed it and held it ready, just in case.

"Go on. Get going. We don't want to get exploded any more than you do."

Deep Warm Drunk
Autumn opened the door a fraction. She couldn’t see for sure who was in there. She peaked in. Her hand was trembling on her gun and her blood was pounding in her ears. There was a familiar girl’s voice from the other side. It was a voice she knew. It told her not to be afraid.

What if it was Evelyn again? There was a window. She could just look in and see. No, Evelyn was dead. She was definitely dead. Autumn saw her die. Unless she’d faked it. Would she fake getting hurt to draw out Nik and then….maybe….maybe she…..

Autumn shook her head. It was impossible. She was just hallucinating from not being able to sleep. Evelyn, the disgusting ragged girl she saw, the laughing, they were all in her head. But out of the corner of her eye something in the window moved towards the door.


Autumn knocked hard on the glass. Her heart sped up. Her efforts produced results and someone came to meet her. Her face blossomed into a flawless smile and opposite her through the glass, Niklas Kronwall smiled a goofy smile back at her. While Autumn was walking up to the ice rink she tried not to think about how cute he was, she had to stay clam and not seem like some crazy girl. When she walked up she’d seen a group of kids walking out of the rink after hockey practice. In her mind though, there was no sound from the kids. She couldn’t hear anything, but for some reason that didn’t seem out of place to her.

She had her hand resting on the glass. Nik motioned that he would be right out. She blushed almost the same color of her hair. Autumn walked over to the penalty box and climbed the wall, trying to be graceful about it. Suddenly she was embraced.

She choked. Autumn coughed and sputtered as she was brought back to the present in which Fiona had pulled her into a hug.

“…haven’t seen you since, well, that day with Nik and stuff…”

Autumn froze for a moment before realizing what had happened. Her eyes shot open and she started to struggle and scream until Fiona let her go. She stumbled backwards into a bar and held her gun up shakily.

“You want my stuff don’t you?!” she shouted. “My food. My weapons.”

Autumn bit her lip and looked up at the girl through the stringy strands of hair obscuring her face.

“You’re trying to trick me. It was all you! You were pretending to be Evelyn to confuse me. It was you in the forest. You’re the one who was laughing at me, pretending to be that closet-fatty slut. You don’t know anything about me,” she growled. “Her insides are on fire now,” she whispered.

She hated Evelyn because it was easier than thinking about missing her. She hated Fiona now for convincing her that it was real.

“You think it’s funny to mess with people? I’ll show you how funny it is! I’ll do it. I don’t need you. I don’t need anyone. I don’t,” she said through clenched teeth.

Her head hurt. She had goose bumps. She was holding onto her gun so hard her fingers were a sickly shade of white-purple.

The Ninth Announcement
I'm so so sorry, but I'll need an extension of about four days.

Ciel's busy at work and is at a wedding this weekend, I've been moving in to my new apartment this week and I just got a job.

Board Mafia V2: Game Thread
Right. See you at the gentleman's club.

Vote: Rocky

Board Mafia V2: Game Thread
I don't think he was lying. I don't think he'll revert to town if you die.

If I die now, they'll just lynch you the next day.

If you die now, they'll just kill me at night.

Killing you right now ends the game faster and it gives me a chance to have a hand in your death.

Board Mafia V2: Game Thread
Christ on a stick.

I don't think we're getting a lynch this phase, if we don't I die.

Side note: It's really awkward looking around while people discuss killing you :S

Everyday is like Sunday
Mary-Ann eyed the other girl as she silently packed up the things of her dead friend. She rocked on her toes and kept a close hold of her back.

"Yeah.....yeah, she went,"

Mary-Ann pointed and bit her lip.

"That way."

Thea. She just wanted to get revenge. She also probably wanted to do what she said, stop Hayley from hurting other people, but Mary-Ann thought she could figure out which was more motivating a factor.

She'd been given a second chance. R.J. protected her and pushed her forward and gave her everything he could to make sure she got through. She felt like she'd been wasting all of that away. She couldn't even muster the strength together to pretend she was strong.

She felt like a failure.

But maybe....maybe she still had a chance to do right.

"Let's find her."

((Mary-Ann Warren continued in Confiscate the Crown ))

Board Mafia V2: Game Thread
Toben's dead (bless his terrifying corpse) and acting like Toben doesn't make anyone mafia. Rocky's just acting like Rocky does and that's some very suspicious deflection so I'll

Vote Vinny

And if you have a problem with my posting restriction you can suck it~

Board Mafia V2: Game Thread
Either way, that's AT MOST two town. But you know, I'm gonna subscribe to Rocky's theory that it's two mafia because we only got two and one Judas which doesn't really count and I'd be SURPRISED if there were only three mafia.



Super Llama. Big surprise



This is pretty awkward.

Board Mafia V2: Game Thread



Full Circle
Nick's hand dropped down to Jessica's stomach. He felt her beneath her shirt gasp just a little bit, and then meet his hand again. She must have been surprised. There had been a an agreeable softness when he'd swung his arm. Jessica was a pleasant tactile experience, he concluded. The implications of that started to sink and he was about to look back at her to see what her reaction was when suddenly he was pulled away. The tips of his fingers grazed along the ribbing of her tank top until he had to let her go all together.

It was Teo. He wanted to talk to him. He nodded when Teo said there would be decisions. He knew that well enough. Nick was stood up straighter when Teo mentioned Jessica. "Her....face?" He looked back at her. She as was cute as a whole industrial block of button factories. He shook his head. The thought of having to kill her never crossed his mind. But.... he couldn't deny Teo had a point. There would have to be a point where one of them would die.

He liked her, but what if Teo was right? Maybe there were other boys that liked her. When they found her she was alone, but uninjured and in good shape. What had she done to keep all of that? Was it possible that she was using him?

He held his breath and looked at her again. Nick nodded his head in the direction of the chapel and walked in after Teo. Inside the kid was sewing himself up it looked like. Nick was about to say something but when he opened his mouth, the loud speakers spoke instead.

The corner of his mouth tugged into a frown. "Girls," he said. "Not murder-y ones. You killed girls."

Board Mafia V2: Game Thread
This is not the first time, nor the last time I've said this but: we have to kill Ricky.

Also how many mafia have we nailed already?

Deep Warm Drunk
((Autumn O'Leary continued from I Was a Teenage Hand Model ))

Autumn wandered through the woods, wide eyed. Day nine. She hadn't slept more than ten minutes since day.....four maybe? She couldn't tell anymore.

She tried to sleep a little. She always woke up at the slightest sound. Twigs snapping, leaves rustling, they stabbed at her just as she was drifting.

Then it wasn't that anymore. She'd reached a point were she was so tired that even the stray noises and the possibility of danger wasn't enough to anchor her to wakefulness. She slept for a few minutes and dreamed. Autumn dreamed that she was back home. Her parents loved her, Nik was taking her to prom, Evelyn and her were going to the mall later. It was all the things that didn't happen even in real life. In there, Autumn was loved. Perfect. She'd wake up with a start, feeling angry and empty.

It hurt too much to sleep and see that. She started poking herself with a stick to stop herself from sleeping. It worked for a while until she unknowing prodded too hard and broke the skin. She bled.

It was a bad strategy. She started walking aimlessly instead. Autumn was all alone. By now the backs of her legs felt like they were being held together by a thread of floss, up and down her calves. Sometimes if she let her mind wander it just became a gruesome slide show of the dead she'd seen, her teachers and friends. It was a power point in her mind awash with blood. Sometimes she thought she saw a figure she recognized, but it would be gone when she took a second look.

Autumn took a moment and slumped against a tree. She hugged it like it was her best friend. For the first time in longer than she could remember, she felt like she might cry.

A soft hand reached out and slowly caressed her face. She looked up. A blood soaked Evelyn was cupping her cheek in her hand and smiling warmly. Her hair was matted down with dirt and the red bloomed from her stomach, trailing down to her legs, dripping below her into a puddle. Autumn's face twisted and she shoved at her as the tears over flowed.


She stumbled away from her. She was gone the second she looked up, but she was frazzled.

"Get away," she whispered, growling. "I hate you."

Autumn staggered towards a collection of buildings. In the dirty window of one of them she saw what was possibly her reflection. She was nothing like the pretty girl she once had been. Tear streaked face caked with dirt and greasy disgusting hair. Her whole body itched. She wanted to tear her own skin off.

"It's a trick. It's not real," she said, looking at the red haired girl in the window that was mimicking her.

From somewhere the giggles of a girl floated down. They sounded so real. A lurch in her heart told her it was Evelyn. She was laughing at her. That stupid bitch was always jealous. She put her hands over her ears and hunched over.


It kept on. She got her gun out and held it protectively to her chest.

"I'll shut you up, you whore," she muttered. Autumn ran into the pub where the laughter was coming from.