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Staff Responsibility/Accountability
I think the staff is within their rights to correct an error. The notice was given in error, staff cops to it, and says that Ciel can appeal now that staff is on the same page about how to handle it, that being as a group.

Gift for the Darkness
Hazel exhaled shakily while listening to Jordan. It hurt her that he seemed defeated, not in the same way as Nate, but that he didn't think that he could make it to the end. It was weird, but she wanted him to believe in himself. However, a "Believe in yourself!" talk probably wasn't appropriate when the ultimate goal is to kill or otherwise outlive all your friends and classmates.

"I'm not sure," she said, looking at Jordan. She half-smiled, though it didn't reach up to her eyes.

Hazel leaned forward, and at once both her hand and her lips made contact with him. She tilted her head and swooped up from under while the heel of her hand rested just under his ear, fingers going back around his neck.

Gift for the Darkness
Hazel moved the hair away from her face and sat up, bringing the jacket around to cover her shoulders. She scooted forward until she was sitting in front of Jordan. The wind came through and she shuddered, pulling the fabric tighter to her body. Her heart felt heavy. She looked at the dirt by Jordan rather than at him.

"Dunno why. I guess..."

A few seconds of silence passed with nothing but the nearby sound of the ocean.

"People deal differently."

Her responses were short and choppy like she was trying to say as little as possible. Her right hand left the jacket she was holding around herself and went to the ground where her stare was concentrated. Hazel's fingers walked forward towards the boy like a spider.

"There's not a lot of people left. I thought for sure we would be toast by now, but..." she swallowed loudly. "...we might have a shot. Would you....kill? "

Gift for the Darkness
((Hazel Jung continued from Where WIll You Stand When the Flood Comes? ))

There was something about Hazel's mindset since they had heard about Jeremy that just made her angry and depressed at everything. Jordan had stepped on a twig. She flinched and glared. Birds chirped. What the fuck did they have to be so happy about? Nate sniffled and her fist clenched. She didn't say anything to them. It was a horrific tangle of not wanting to be a bother and at the same time feeling like they wouldn't understand how she felt, and she resented them for both.

She wanted to scream, to hear her voice pierce the sky above them, for at least some part of her to reach high up enough to escape this nightmare. Not possible though, and it would call attention to them.

Hazel hardened in her anger and her anxiety and her fear of everything. Jordan hadn't tried to talk to her about it. She thought they were friends, but maybe they weren't. She wasn't sure what to do with Nate. Since they'd picked him up a feeling in her throat had started to grow like she always had to cry, but was just on the wrong cusp of being able to. She vacillated between being mad at him for who knew why and thinking that maybe he was right. They were trapped in Hell and why shouldn't they stretch out their stay? She didn't know he'd leave on his own accord soon.

They'd gone to bed for the night near some trees a safe distance away from the edge, which had some ancient fencing as an extra precaution. She turned over in the middle of the night, restless, unable to sleep. Hazel debated for who knew how long about what to say and if she should say it. She stared at the Jordan-shaped horizontal body not far from her and pulled up the jacket she was using as a poor man's blanket.

"Jordan?" she ventured. He seemed to stir.

"Nate's gone..." she said quietly.

"Jeremy's gone too."

Where Will You Stand When the Flood Comes?
Hazel looked down, not meeting Nate or Jordan's eyes. Tension was building up in her throat and chest like a web of string was being drawn closer and closer, tightening around her upper body. She felt cold suddenly, though that might have been because the sun was rapidly sliding downwards and a purple-ish dimness was setting in behind it.

She squeezed Nate's hands hard, not paying any mind to control the pressure. She squeezed as hard as she felt she needed to, shaking just a tiny bit.

"I'm going to have to ask you to stop," she said softly. "Stop," firmer this time.

Hazel bit her lip and tried to take a deep breath in order to release some of the tension building up in her body. The exhale was slow and ended in a hint of a girlish sigh. She let go of one of Nate's hands and pushed herself up back into a standing position.

"He's not coming and it's getting dark. It's not safe out in the open like this."

((Hazel Jung continued in Gift for the Darkness

Hazel started walking, not letting go of Nate, biting her lip so hard that a small trickle of blood slipped down her chin.