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Sleep, My Dear
(Slight GM of Virgil approved)

Michelle stretched her left arm up above her head, fingers trembling with the anticipation of grabbing the earth. Virgil was trying so hard and Michelle felt like she had to match the effort. She wouldn’t let him do this on his own when it was her fault they were like this.

The whirring of the water below them was like the ocean track on a “sounds to fall asleep to” CD. A female voice said something, but it was drowned out by the white noise of water rushing back and forth. They were almost there. Her fingertips grazed the top of the cliff where Virgil was laying flat on his stomach.

The first little bits of dirt fell as she desperately tried to get a hold. Michelle was biting her lip so hard it was numb. She noticed then that there was someone else there by Virgil’s side. Someone who was standing and had just dropped their bag right next to the person trying to save the girl who had fallen off the cliff because it had collapsed. Her eyes widened in disbelief and fear. An admonishing scream to get the hell away was building in her throat, but then he grabbed the arm Virgil was in the process of pulling back up. The sudden forceful pull of her already extended arm resulted in an immediate sickening crack and instead of words she let out a vicious, high pitched scream of pain.

Fortunately Virgil had done enough and she was able to jam her left hand down on the grass, digging her fingers in and feeling the dirt fill up under her nails. Her feet fluttered and kicked as if it would help.

Half of her chest was over into safe territory. Virgil grabbed her around the waist with one more burst of effort and they both fell backwards away from the edge, safely on the cliff top

Michelle landed on top of Virgil in a sort of hug, gripping one shoulder tightly as she took huge, gasping breaths. Her right arm was....not in the position should have been and limp. The fingers of her good arm were shaking, but squeezing Virgil as if she were still in danger of falling.

Michelle’s eyes were shut tightly and her head was buried in his chest. Fresh tears from the pain welled up in her eyes and the inside of her mouth tasted faintly metallic.

“Th-th-tha-nks,” she choked out.

She wanted to tell the rocket scientist that he was a total moron for a number of reasons or to say something sarcastic or say anything at all, but it was hard to think through the pain. Michelle quickly decided priority should go to her dislocated shoulder.

“I need another favor,” she said quietly, her voice cracking. “Last one, promise. Grab my floppidy arm and when I say so, pull down and towards you.”

Gingerly, Michelle rolled off of him and flat onto her back. She stared up at the sky, trying to will herself to relax, trying not to be nervous.

"If your name is not Virgil, do not touch me. The next person who touches me who isn't Virgil I will use my not-gimpy arm, rip off your face and feed it to a goat. And for the love of God stay away from the unstable cliff edge!" she snapped.

This is going to hurt really really really bad.

Last Days
((Amaranta Montalvo: Start))

Mara first became conscious before opening her eyes. For a moment she was conscious, but kept her eyes closed. She felt she was flat on her back, laying on a hard and uncomfortable surface. She groaned and finally opened her eyes slowly. She rolled and then felt whatever surface she was on suddenly stopped, but prevented toppling completely over by grabbing wildly at the metal.

Mara opened her eyes fully and took stock. She'd woken up on top of the roof of a car. She slid down the side of the car, landing gingerly on the ground. It was a gross looking car too. Yuck. She brushed herself off and then grabbed her bag from the roof as well. Mara tried to take a step forward, but she was dizzy and slumped back against the car door roughly.

She hadn't eaten breakfast and she'd refused the airport food. She searched her bag and found some food-esque bricks and a helmet. She shook her head, it was still foggy.

Helmet in one hand and the issued duffle on her shoulder, she ventured forward, carefully stepping in and around the twisting vines that had reclaimed the street. Mara looked up at a set of nonfunctioning traffic lights, then to the cars stuck at the intersection that would always be waiting. She turned left down the street, keeping close to the parked cars.

Then she saw a familiar dress attached to a familiar person. Better than familiar, it was someone that she generally liked.

"Randa?" she said in a clear voice. Loud enough to be heard, not so loud as to attract further attention.

The Doll's House
(Some GMing that I think is cool but if not I will fix)

At the Southern end of the town on the island was a collection of apartment buildings. They were graying and covered in graffiti with scraps of paper and bits of trash littering the walkways between the doors which, for the most part, no longer had numbers. The apartments on the first floor once had the luxury of access to courtyards that served to join the buildings together with community activities, occasionally perhaps cookouts.

Today the courtyard once again had the pleasure of knowing company for the first time in a very long while, and what company! Two boys who seemed to have dozed off lay among the picnic tables with dusty, checkered table clothes.

((Paris Ardennes Start))


Paris stirred, lifting his head to find he was in the sunshine in an area guarded by delicate fencing and overrun with weeds and flowers run wild out of their planters. Just moments ago he was in complete terror, strapped down and helpless only to wake up quite peacefully.

He dragged himself to a table with his bag and rested his head in his hands. Slowly the realization of his situation was hitting him and his hands gripped his hair. Why was this happening to him? He was a good person. This didn't make any sense, it just couldn't be. This was impossible. What was the point in doing this to him? He didn't have anything to learn! He was good! HE WAS-

Not alone?

He heard a rustling of movement from the other side of the picnic table.

Sleep, My Dear
For a split second she was without support, but as promised, Virgil had her wrist in his grip. She let out a breath she'd been holding in, hoping it wouldn't be her last and he started carefully pulling her up.

But suddenly he stopped. Dave came waltzing by as if he hadn't a care in the world.

"Dave watch out!"

But he simply said "bye" and went right over the edge. Michelle tried to reach out to him but there was no way and it seemed Virgil had too, resulting in Michelle swinging slightly like a wind chime. A scream from somewhere and another female voice seemed to startle Virgil and his grip faltered for a moment making Michelle squeak in panic.

"Okay, we're okay," she said, not sure which of them she was trying to convince more. "J-just, hold on. N-not that."

Michelle glanced down at the ocean. The same thing that had happened to her water gun must had happened to Dave. The sea swallowed him up.

Sleep, My Dear
Michelle's breathing sounded so loud to her. Somewhere she heard some kind of seabird calling. Virgil's voice came from somewhere above saying he was going to pull her up.

"No! It's too danger-"

Her fingers were getting slippery. What the heck kind of sense did it make for your fingers to get slippery when you're nervous about trying to hold on? What kind of stupid design was that? The normally soothing sound of waves was suddenly not so soothing.

She grunted and concentrated her hardest at holding on. Michelle felt his hand wrap around her wrist and looked up to see him leaning over the edge to get her.

"If I'm too heavy and you start to fall, let me go!" she shouted. He was a big beefy guy, but Michelle wasn't exactly a delicate snowflake.

Virgil looked certain. She nodded her head. "Okay. On three. One! Two! Three!"

She let go.

Sleep, My Dear
Michelle whipped her head towards the noise. She bit the bottom of her lip and looked at Virgil with her red, watery eyes. The wind from the ocean below unsettled her long curls slightly.

She put the colorful plastic gun down by her side. A few pebbles displaced by the movement tumbled over the edge. Michelle opened her mouth to speak, but her voice caught and more tears spilled onto her cheek. A few feet backwards, more safely away from the edge was her bag, zipper still open.

"I....I can't..."

She closed her eyes and shuddered.

Am I a selfish person? Does he think I'm selfish for this?

"I'll never kill our friends. I don't want to see them get hurt. I......I don't know what the right thing to do is. I don't want to leave them either."

Michelle shifted and there was a noise. It sounded like the loose dirt and rocks were rearranging themselves. Her heart dropped and then soon after, she followed. Michelle screamed, but managed to grab a tree root protruding out of the cliff side with one hand. Michelle swallowed and looked down. Her plastic gun had plummeted and been eaten up by the waves and rocks below. She swung her second arm up so she was holding on by both hands and looked up. The still intact cliff floor was about two feet up.

"Virgil!" she screamed. The breeze felt ice cold against her hands which were quickly turing white, desperate not to let go.

Sleep, My Dear
((Michelle Wexler starts))

Michelle yawned and carefully put a few folded shirts into her small rolling suitcase. She was the only one still awake in the house and the only company she had was the faint buzzing from the television showing old reruns. Michelle turned away to fold up some socks and when she looked back her cat, Napoleon, was curled up on top of her bag.

Michelle put her hands on her hips and sent an annoyed stare at the cat, but she didn’t move. She sighed and slumped backwards into a chair and decided to rest her eyes just as an episode of M*A*S*H* was starting up.

“Cause suicide is painless…..it brings on many changes….*



Michelle woke with a start. She snatched her rolling alarm off the floor and saw she had to be at the bus in 20 minutes.


Her terrified yelling filled the house as she ran around zipping up her bag and scribbling a note to her mother.

“MOM: I left Mr. Kitty’s insulin on the counter. Remember to give him his shots daily or HE WILL DIE. Also: Don’t go in my room! – Michelle”

She slapped the note on the counter near the insulin and ran out the front door with her flip flops in her hand and her bag rolling behind her. Running the whole way she made it just in time to catch the bus with all her friends. She was out of breath, but she was still on time. After a short bus ride and less short security search they were ready to board. On the airplane Michelle cozied up to Kam and fell fast asleep with her head on her shoulder as soon as she sat down.


Michelle was sitting at the edge of a cliff. Her feet dangled precariously off the edge. Her face was streaked with tears that were still coming anew. She sniffed and looked at her knees in an unfocused manner. Her heart was racing so fast she though she'd pass out.

My friends. I could never. Not ever. I would never hurt them. I would sooner- I would sooner….

She picked up the item she found in her bag.

I would rather die than hurt my classmates. I should do it now. I shouldn’t take the chance of what might happen. I should do it now while my mind is clear.

She placed the tip to her temple.

But is that selfish? Is it selfish to just leave all my friends here who are going to try and survive? What if they need me? What if they need my help and I’m not here? How could I just leave them? What should I do? I don’t know. I love my friends and I’d do anything for them.

Michelle sobbed violently and hugged her knees.

She pulled the trigger.

A stream of water hit the side of her head. Michelle looked down at the long drop as the water from her water gun and her tears dripped down her face.

B074 - Whitten, Daniel[/DECEASED]

Name: Daniel Whitten
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Grade: 12
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Literature in all forms, metal, soccer, band.

Appearance: Daniel is rather tall and skinny, about 6''1 and 149 lbs. He's Caucasian, with light-colored skin, which is mostly blemish-free, with the exception of a small mole on his left cheek. He has bright green eyes. Daniel's face is somewhat round, and he has a small, flat nose. His hair is about ear length, and black. He has a scar on the palm of his right hand from accidentally touching a hot stove as a child. He isn't very muscular, but his legs are long and fairly strong.

Daniel tends to favor dark clothing, generally wearing about three layers, with a t-shirt, long-sleeved shirt and a sweatshirt. As his t-shirts tend to be buried by other clothing, Daniel doesn't really care what they look like, and thus throws on anything that fits. He prefers long-sleeved shirts that are either solid or have a simple pattern. Daniel mostly wears plain, dark sweatshirts. He gets cold rather easily, so he also tends to wear a dark blue, somewhat poofy jacket. Daniel almost exclusively wears jeans, finding shorts uncomfortable. He typically wears plain, practical tennis shoes.

On the day of the abduction Daniel was wearing a red Pepsi T-shirt, a white long-sleeved shirt with horizontal back stripes, a black, zippered sweatshirt, jeans, and white tennis shoes.

Biography: Daniel has lived a mostly normal life with his two parents and five-year-older sister, Erica. His mother, Jill, works as a lawyer, while his father, Allen, works from home as a fairly successful mystery writer. Erica was born deaf, which lead to Daniel becoming fluent in sign language from an early age. Daniel's family is, while not exactly rich, financially well-off, and he lives in a nicely furnished two-story house.

Daniel and his parents get along well, and he often spends hours discussing various literature-related things with his dad. He doesn't see his mom often, due to her job, but she makes an effort to get together with the family as often as she can. Erica is rather fond of Daniel, often helping him with school related things and such, though she enjoys teasing him. Daniel often has to act as a translator for his sister when they're out together, a role taken by his parents when they are present.

His proficiency with sign language came in handy when a new family moved into the house next door, when he was about seven, one of them being a deaf boy named Michael Mitchellson, who was around Daniel's age. Michael was happy to find another boy who could understand him, along with being a fellow lover of literature, and the two quickly became close friends, with Daniel translating for Michael when necessary.

He joined the soccer team in elementary school mostly due to his parent's urging, but ended up enjoying it and thus sticking with it throughout his life at school. He tends to play offense, and has scored a respectable number of goals.

Allen is a large fan of metal, often playing music from bands such as Iron Maiden in the house while he works. Daniel was thus exposed to the genre from an early age, leading to metal becoming his favorite genre of music. Daniel's favorite sub-genres are Symphonic and Power Metal, especially the bands Nightwish and Blind Guardian. He finds the intricate, melodic guitar work and often fantasy-inspired lyrics incredibly appealing.

At the start of middle school Daniel joined the band, mostly out of curiosity, as both of his parents had been in their school's bands when they were young. He liked it, and thus stuck with it, but finds practicing tedious and thus tends to avoid it whenever possible, leading to his playing skills being, while not really bad, average at best. Daniel plays the flute, which he picked because he simply liked the way it sounded.

The start of his freshman year, he started an informal "Book Club" with Michael, which at the start was just the two of them talking about books they had read and were reading, much like they did normally anyway. However, they soon ended up recruiting a few classmates, leading to a somewhat organized, if still informal, club. There really isn't any strict format to the club, the members just tend to decide on a book to read together, and talk about it while they read. While Daniel is technically co-leader he almost always follows the lead of Michael, who is the one that handles most of the organization.

At school, Daniel tends to get decent grades, often acing the English and history classes, his favorite subjects. However, he tends to do less well in science and outright struggles with math classes, though he often recruits Michael and Erica to help him with his work, resulting in him achieving mostly B's.

Daniel does not have a large network of friends, though he is on friendly terms with the majority of his classmates. He does, however, have a couple of distant friends on the soccer team and band, and is friends with pretty much everyone in the book club.

Daniel plans on going to a local college and majoring in English, getting a job in the book industry afterwards. At the moment, he is been working as a cashier at Something Borrowed Used Books, heavily exercising his employee discount.

Daniel is a mostly easy-going person, tending to let others take the lead. When he is forced to take command, he will try to step down as soon as possible. Daniel is capable of managing others, as long as he is still working under orders, but if he is faced with the sole responsibility of making decisions the pressure tends to overwhelm Daniel; leading to him panicking and making mistakes.

During his childhood Daniel's parents emphasized courtesy and considering the feelings of others, leading to him adopting a very polite manner of speech; along with hardly ever swearing. Daniel is also very empathetic, often considering the needs of others before his own, occasionally at the expense of his own well being. As a result Daniel is very heavily affected by violence, even feeling heavily physically ill in extreme cases.

Daniel relaxes and loosens up around his friends, though he still keeps his speech slightly formal out of personal preference. He naturally gets along well with most people, and is not easily angered.

Advantages: Daniel is quite athletic due to the soccer team, and is thus excellent at running, being able to both sprint quickly and run long distances without getting winded. He is a friendly person, and thus would probably have a fairly easy time of making allies.
Disadvantages: Daniel has a strong aversion to hurting others, and would likely be incapacitated by nausea after viewing any major act of violence. He's not very good at taking initiative, and would probably be unsure of what to do if left alone.

Designated Number: Male Student No. 074


Designated Weapon: Officially Licensed Indiana Jones Replica Whip
Conclusion: Thinking positively. He's now got something longer and thinner than him, right? - Abyy Soto


B073 - Wade, James[/DECEASED]

Name: James Wade
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Reading, writing, video games, internet browsing, amateur boxing, science fiction, cycling.

Appearance: 5'11, and weighing in at 168 pounds, James is fairly well-built, being in decent physical condition for his age. He possesses well-muscled legs from hours of cycling. His skin is quite pale, however, as a result of spending the majority of his time indoors, giving him a slightly sickly appearance at times. James' most distinguishing feature is his dark brown, curly hair, which extends just past his shoulders, often making him easy to pick out of a crowd. It is often left uncombed, giving him a rather unkempt appearance. Though it is often swept back, it has a habit of falling into place again, partially obscuring James' vision and being a constant source of annoyance. His hair remains uncut largely due to his laziness in taking care of it.

James has rather large, bright blue eyes. His face is slightly rounded, with a small, straight nose and a few freckles. He has quite thin, narrow eyebrows that give him a rather bored look. Also, his near-constant deadpan expression is often misinterpreted as a frown by some. He is also rather near-sighted due to having amblyopia, also known as lazy eye, affecting his right eye.

James dresses fairly simply as he cares very little about any particular brands of styles on his clothes, generally preferring comfort over clothing that is considered popular. He prefers dark, long-sleeved t-shirts, often one size above his own, with a hoodie and simple blue jeans, accompanied by a pair of plain sneakers. To compensate for his eyesight, he also wears a pair of small, square-framed glasses. On the day of his abduction, James was wearing a plain black shirt, a white hooded top, a pair of worn yet comfortable belted blue jeans, and a new pair of black sneakers.

Biography: Born to Elena and Marco Wade, in Manchester, England, James was the middle child, with two brothers, Chris and Jake, being three years older and two years younger than him respectively. He spent his formative years growing up in the city, attending nursery school while his parents worked to make ends meet. James was a quick learner, being taught to read by his mother at a young age, picking things up much faster than his two siblings. By the age of six, he was able to read quite well. He did not see much of his father, who worked very long hours as an employee at a large manufacturing corporation. From a young age, he was pampered by relatives, his elderly great-aunts in particular. As such, he developed a somewhat selfish streak that showed while interacting with other children and would get in trouble often for his treatment of others at the hands of his mother. This was something that had happened to his older brother, and would carry on with his younger brother.

He did have a much better relationship with his mother, a school teacher, who was able to spend much more time with him and his brothers while growing up. By the time he finally got into his kindergarten at the age of five, with stricter rules than he was used to, a uniform, scheduled lessons and a sense of discipline, his behaviour changed, becoming much more obedient and polite than before. This was largely due to the fact that he would be actually punished for his misdeeds there rather than being let off or being shown more leniency due to his young age. It was shortly after coming to school that James suffered from his first panic attack, finding it initially difficult to adjust to this new environment. Worried for his health, his parents took him to a doctor where they were assured that these attacks were largely due to James' own anxiety and that he would simply grow out of them eventually. James was able to settle well into his school after a few weeks after the initial shock of a different environment from his kindergarten, the attacks becoming less frequent there.

Encouraged by his parents, James took to reading various books, having a particular affinity for fantasy works. His love for fiction is something that carried on well into his teens. While beginning with rather simple books, he would later move on to more famous novels in his early teens, including the works of JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, and various others. These would become his favourite authors, the world of fantasy and reading in general becoming very appealing to James as a form of escapism from the world around him in addition to giving him inspiration for his own stories. By the age of eighteen his reading preferences still remained largely within fantasy settings, James having gotten into George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series at this time. He would often idolise the fictional heroes within these books as he read, like many children of his age. Even in later years, he would often keep up with reading in his spare time at home or when he had a chance at school. His younger sibling, Jake, followed in his footsteps, though the older Chris was much more active, preferring sports to quiet reading. While at school, James found himself making many acquaintances, but few friends. Those whom he did befriend, however, being three boys with similar interests in his class, James became quite attached and loyal almost to a fault.

At the age of nine, for a school project, he wrote his first story, a ten-page work of fantasy that, though based largely on a game he had played, earned him an award in an assembly before the whole school. This proved to be a vital moment in James' life, the point at which he made the decision to become a writer. His success and relative fame within his own school did not last long however, as his father revealed that they would be moving to the United States of America.

This came as a shock to James, though no amount of pleading, crying and even one of his panic attacks over the situation could dissuade his father He had been offered a much, much better-paid job overseas by the multinational corporation he worked for as part of a promotion to a mid-level executive. Being given a few weeks remaining while his father's employers sorted out his visa, with plans on gaining American citizenship, the family began to pack up their things in preparation for leaving England. James watched in horror as most of their possessions were slowly moved out of the family home and shipped off abroad. His mother, who had been informed of the move beforehand, was upset, doing her best to comfort her children of their concerns. Aware of his family's concerns, particularly James' anger at the situation, his father assured them that most of the paperwork had been taken care of, including the rent of a small house in Seattle, Washington. He said his goodbyes to his friends and relatives before embarking with his immediate family on a trip to what was for him a foreign land.

After a long trip, James' family settled in Seattle, Washington. He and his brothers were quickly enrolled in local schools. He initially found it very difficult to fit in, his accent being something that singled him out in the class. He found himself bullied by others in his class for some time, though he strove to ignore it, not wishing to cause any trouble. His quiet nature at school was a prompt for several others to start pushing him around. This would lead to a few of his panic attacks at home out of his fear of the bullies, though he did attempt to hide them from his parents for some time. He did his best to suppress these feelings while at school, often asking to be excused to the restroom if he felt one coming on. When he did confide in his older brother regarding the bullies, his parents were informed of the situation. His father, who could spent a greater deal of time at home due to his new, largely bureaucratic position within the corporation, ended up going to the school to complain. Though the bullying lessened, James was quite embarrassed by the whole affair, afraid of becoming known as a crybaby, among other insulting nicknames by others because of his father's actions. He was surprised that after his father's intervention, there were no repercussions from his tormentors, finding himself largely left alone at school for some time.

Being a rather shy person as he entered his early teens, James found himself turning to online gaming and the internet for social interaction. He would often play games like Counter-Strike or Halo, often speaking to his online friends there more than he did to his peers at school. James, like many others, also used social sites such as Facebook to interact with others, often conversing with his old friends from England there. He occasionally joined a few online gaming forums to watch and contribute to discussions there that interested him. By the age of thirteen, he struggled to maintain average grades and became something of a procrastinator in regards to schoolwork and chores at home. In contrast, his brothers had an easier time fitting in as both of them possessed quite a friendly nature compared to James, becoming accepted into the fold much quicker than he was.

He would often stay up all night browsing the web, looking at websites he found funny, watching videos, and reading through various articles and reviews on video games to pass the time. He eventually started to use social networking sites, trying to keep in touch with his friends back home in England, though being away for so long had distanced him from them. James was still quite angry at his father's decision to leave the country several years before. The large amount of time spent indoors on his computer would contribute to James' lowering grades and developing lazy nature. It was also rather detrimental to his physical appearance at the time, as James gained dark bags beneath his eyes as a result. His parents became concerned over this after several months, and would often crack down on his late night online sessions, either by taking his computer away or disconnecting the router. This quickly became the source of many arguments in which James found himself at odds with his mother and father. These arguments would often lead to James retreating to his room, occasionally suffering a panic attack and having to be calmed down.

Likewise, during this period James and his brothers would spend a great deal of time playing on their Xbox, many hours being devoted to levelling up in online first person shooters between the three. James would often be the one playing role playing games purchased by his older brother, who had a part-time job. His choice of games would often be those of a fantasy setting such as Dragon Age or The Elder Scrolls. A great deal of time was spent alone building his characters whenever he could get his brothers off the machine. Many of his virtual characters would form the basis for those in his later stories, these worlds eventually inspiring him to create his own.

By the age of fifteen, however, many people James knew had matured past the age of meaningless bullying. Several others would actually make an effort to connect to him. He was quite surprised to find that a few people in his new high school with shared interests such as video games or certain films, earning him his first few friends after years of being a loner. James, who had developed low self-esteem and a cynical streak, began to warm to those around him in the school, many actually liking his dry wit and humour. While he was indeed a solitary person for the most part, James was seen as rather funny by the few that spoke to him at school. His occasional attempt at a joke or interaction surprised his classmates when it did occur; James usually being surprised at their positive reactions to the things he said. This new development in his life was a welcome change as his grades improved slightly with his general outlook on life becoming a little more positive as time went by. While not the centre of attention, and still somewhat shy in spite of his new found friendship, James was happy for the first time in a while. This led to him turning his attention towards writing again, something that he had all but abandoned upon his journey to the US.

At first, this did not go much beyond short stories on a few video game-based fan fiction sites, largely those based around video games he enjoyed such as Halo or Dragon Age. He enjoyed this greatly, often writing adventure-based stories starring characters of his own design. It may not have been much, but to James, it was a start, at the very least. James would often spend his writing time alternating between science fiction and fantasy, coming up with stories based in these game worlds. After posting a few short fan fiction stories on these sites, he was met with a decent amount of positive reviews, something that inspired him to begin planning his own original stories with the intent on becoming a professional writer in the future. James preferred to keep his fanfic writing private, however, for fear of being ostracised by his peers if they found out.

On his sixteenth birthday, James' parents bought him a new mountain bike, having noticed that he was spending a great deal of time indoors, and was gaining weight as a result of the inactivity. By this point, he took to riding whenever possible in his local area, starting with simple trips around his neighbourhood before moving towards longer journeys with no real direction. On these often solitary long journeys, he would head into rural areas, away from the noise of the city he lived in. Having grown up in two different cities, James relished his trips to more rural areas, particularly the peace and quiet he could have there away from his family. These trips began a few weeks after he received his bike, occurring at least two or three times a month. He enjoyed the freedom that it brought him after living a relatively sheltered life before. James usually made solitary trips, preferring to remain alone while cycling in spite of his brothers offering to join him.

It was around this time that he decided to take up boxing at a local gym, a relatively popular sport locally. James' parents gave their consent after some pleading, agreeing to pay for his gym membership until he got himself a job. Much to his surprise, he was actually quite good at it, and saw boxing as a way of venting his frustrations. While his instructor was impressed with the young man's talent, James wished to keep it at an amateur level; something of a hobby to do in his free time. James would head down to train three or four times a week after school on his bike.

Not wanting to stand out a great deal in school, James rarely spoke of his hobbies to others. His unassuming and quiet nature towards many others there endearing him to some, much to his own surprise. James was known for acting as something of a bystander to most events, while never quite being in the forefront of things. This is in great contrast with his brothers, Chris and Jake, both of whom being much more extroverted individuals, the former often encouraging James to speak up more before his departure to college. His parents, Marco and Elena, would also try to encourage James to open up to others and work harder in school. James' relationship with them had improved a great deal since his arrival in the US, having long since forgiven his father as they settled into their new home. He would often go to him for advice on things instead of his mother. Their family generally gets on quite well, with few financial worries as both parents work full time. James' mother had found work at a local library, occasionally bringing books home for her sons to read. In spite of a few petty family arguments, James gets on very well with his brothers, though they do have distinct differences in personalities. He often speaks to Chris, who attends college, online and takes advice from his older brother regarding things such as school work. As the eldest brother currently at home, James does try to look out for Jake in any way he can, though his younger sibling becomes annoyed it this. After a couple of fights, James left Jake on his own, though he does keep a discreet eye on him.

James does, for the most part, say and do very little, very rarely standing out from the norm in public. He generally follows the most popular opinion at the time on most matters or is quite apathetic regarding things that would concern his peers in high school. Though he does act friendly towards his peers in school, James does harbour a few negative thoughts about those around him, particularly those who are considered as more popular than him, and often for very petty reasons. He dislikes people who he perceives as unintelligent or vapid in nature, though James would never publicly insult them. He does genuinely appreciate the kindness he has been shown by a few of the other students, particularly those who have been trying to get him to come out of his shell in recent years. He sees his own shyness in these matters as a great personal shortcoming, and is quite jealous of the more extroverted people in his school for the most part. James does for the most part play the role of someone who is quite calm and collected in front of others. In reality, he is very self-conscious about many things, something that contributes to his occasional panic attacks. Rather minor details such as his appearance and what people think of him and his lack of a girlfriend are sources of these self-deprecating feelings.

James has been subject to panic attacks for a number of years, beginning not long after he began to attend school in England. These are usually caused by anxiety or stress over sometimes trivial matters, such as exams, school trips and so on. For example, his family move to the US caused a spate of attacks, having to be constantly reassured by his parents until they had arrived. While these do not occur often, the attacks do debilitate him for a little while, James being unwilling to move from where he is for a few minutes at least. In the past, his friends or family were usually around to calm him down and reassure him while he suffers an attack. When alone, James usually attempts to reassure himself in after a while, becoming hesitant to move very far for some time. These attacks are not particularly severe, and so he has not undergone any form of treatment for them. This is largely due to the fact that these are psychological, James making it clear that he would get over them himself, being rather embarrassed of the attacks.

In spite of the fact that he has few friends in high school, James generally enjoys it there, spending a great amount of time within the library in particular. James obtains B-C grades on average. His parents often insist that he could do better if he simply tried harder and concentrated in all of his lessons, rather than just those he liked, such as English and History. After leaving school, he intends on applying for a student visa in order to attend the University of Washington in order to study Literature, with the intent of one day becoming a published author of fiction.

Advantages: James' rather quiet nature may cause others to underestimate his capabilities greatly. As far as actual fighting goes, he may be able to use his boxing skills to quickly overpower weaker foes before they can fight back.
Disadvantages: Though he can function without his glasses to some extent, losing them will greatly impair his vision at distances longer than a few feet away. Also, James is very likely to suffer from one of his panic attacks, considering the situation they have been placed in.

Designated Number: Male Student No. 073


Designated Weapon: Clue Board Game
Conclusion: Everyone gets one weapon, but this young man gets a bunch! There's rope, a candle stick, a revolver, a lead pipe. If he comes across any miniature people he'll be a killing machine. - Abby Soto


G064 - Gilman, Alice[/DECEASED]

Name: Alice Gilman
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: 12th
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Science, drawing, electronic and tabletop roleplaying games, steampunk, volunteer club.

Appearance: Alice has somewhat messy, neck-length, bright red hair. Her eyes are dark blue. She is somewhat short and of average weight, being 5'4'' and about 120 pounds. She has an oval shaped face, typically free of makeup -she finds it more of a pain to apply than it's worth- a small nose and downward curved eyebrows. Alice is Caucasian, and her skin is somewhat pale from time spent indoors. She's quite skinny, not really having any muscle to speak of. She looks somewhat androgynous, and is thus occasionally mistaken for a boy.

Alice doesn't really pay attention to what she wears, though on the rare occasion that she does she tends to prefer blue clothing, it being her favorite color. Otherwise, she just throws on anything that fits and is comfortable. In general, however, her wardrobe consists of various thick sweaters and sweatshirts, as she tends to get cold easily. Alice almost always wears jeans and tennis shoes, considering everything else to be impractical and uncomfortable. Her eyesight is rather poor, and so she wears large, round, tan-framed glasses. She often wears clockwork watches.

On the day of the abduction, Alice was wearing a a blue sweater, a plain white t-shirt, jeans, white tennis shoes, and a brown clockwork watch.

Biography: Alice, a Seattle native was born to Christopher and Jennifer Gilman in 1995. family life is pretty normal. Her father Christopher is an office worker for an insurance firm, and her mother Jennifer works at a day care. Alice has three siblings: Sam and Harry, twins who are four years her elder, and Mary, her younger sister, currently in eighth grade.

Alice currently gets along well with her family, though when they were younger the twins took a liking to messing with her experiments, which started a bitter rivalry that lasted through most of their childhood. Mary looks up to and often emulates Alice, who in turn dotes on her, often recruiting her as an assistant. Alice is close to both of her parents, who are loving and supportive of her aspirations.

Alice's had a lifelong obsession with how the world works, starting with performing "experiments" as a toddler. As a child she had a habit of dismantling things in an attempt to figure out how they work, though she was never quite able to put them back together. Thus, after some stern words from her parents, she stuck to dismantling her own belongings. In the present, Alice still does this on occasion, though with much more success in reassembling.

Alice is an extremely curious individual, often seeming to be interested in everything. She's a huge fan of shows such as How it's Made and Mythbusters, and can spend hours on Wikipedia, just looking up random pieces of information.

She often holds impromptu experiments, though as they are typically spur-of-the-moment she rarely follows the scientific method, mostly only serving to sate her curiosity. She just as often performs actual experiments, however, and though they may not especially new or original, she loves the very act of observing and recording data itself.

Along with her scientific pursuits, Alice has enjoyed art since she was a small child. She particularly enjoys drawing landscapes, both natural and man-made. While Alice does occasionally draw people and animals, she finds them much less interesting subjects than her usual pursuits, and her lack of interest results in a noticeable drop in quality.

Alice also carries a small sketchbook with her at all times, often sketching the world around her when she has a spare moment. Alice does not care for art classes, as she dislikes their structured nature, much preferring to have free reign over what and how she draws, though she does still research techniques for improving her work. Alice has several accounts at various blogging/art sites such as tumblr, using them to share her art.

Alice's brothers are both avid gamers, and she was introduced to the medium at the age of six by watching them play through roleplaying games such as Final Fantasy VII and Legend of Dragoon on their old Playstation, though the twins rarely let her play, if ever. When she was nine years old her brothers acquired a Playstation 2 for their birthday, and she inherited their old console and games which she spent countless hours playing, falling in love with the complex stories and game mechanics.

At the age of 13, a friend of Alice's invited her to a session of her Dungeons and Dragons group, which Alice quickly become a member of. The core game system appealed to her, reminding her of her beloved RPGs. Alice is still a member of this group, which meets every Saturday. She also occasionally participates in forum-based online sessions, mostly in order to try out different systems, though DnD remains her favorite.

Today, Alice still enjoys gaming, still focusing mainly on role-playing games. The main appeal of RPGs, to her, is taking an elaborate system, figuring out its inner workings, and then breaking it beyond recognition, while still staying within the rules. This leads to occasional difficulties with other players, though she listens to complaints and does her best to tone down her behavior when needed. In general, she gets along fairly well with the other members of her group.

Steampunk style things are another love of Alice's, stemming from when she picked up the first Mortal Engines book on a whim at the age of 14. Fascinated, she quickly tore her way through the rest of the series, and was introduced to the Steampunk subculture when she went online to search for things similar in style to the books.

Alice often listens to bands such as Abney Park and The Clockwork Dolls, along with devouring any steampunk-themed media. She especially enjoys the themes of discovery and progress, along with the general aesthetic. Her love of steampunk inspired her to start wearing clockwork watches, more due to their style than anything else.

A couple months prior to the abduction, Alice joined the Volunteer Club. The club held a recruitment drive in the school cafeteria, which caught Alice's interest, though she ended up joining more out of curiosity and a desire to experience something new than anything else. The club mainly focused on helping the school and surrounding community, doing things such as organizing fundraisers. Alice found helping others surprisingly fulfilling, and became an active member of the club.

Alice, when not pursuing her interests, tends to be rather detached from the world in general, ignoring such trivial things such as fashion and social drama. Her speech is terse, often lacking pronouns. This is due to her disinterest in most everyday things, making her waste as few words as possible on what she believes to be inconsequential things. She is much more verbose when discussing her various interests.

At school, Alice's grades are quite good, usually all A's. She doesn't really interact with the majority of her fellow students, only speaking briefly when spoken to. Alice does have a couple of close friends who she more open with, and she tends to hang out with them often. Her favorite subject is, of course, science, but she enjoys most other classes, especially history. Math is the only subject she really dislikes, though she views it as a necessary evil.

After graduation, Alice plans to attend a local college and major in something science-related, though she has not quite decided which field she wants to commit herself to.

Alice has a tendency to speak before thinking, often inadvertently insulting others. This leads to most avoiding her, thinking of her as rude and unfriendly. Alice's parents to try and nudge her into acting more sociable and polite, though as Alice does not particularly seem to mind the isolation they haven't taken any serious measures. Those who get to know Alice well find a rather kind girl underneath the detachment, albeit one who often mentally seems to be in an entirely different location than the rest of humanity.

Advantages: While Alice never fired an actual gun, she does know how they work, having studied the inner mechanisms of firearms during one of her curiosity-inspired learning rampages. This may assist her with keeping a firearm functioning properly. Her analytic nature may help her to find effective ways to solve various problems.
Disadvantages: Alice has extremely poor eyesight. If she loses her glasses, she can see a few feet in front of her, at best. Her bluntness and lack of social skills may make it difficult to form an alliance with other students.

Designated Number: Female Student No. 064


Designated Weapon: Rotato
Conclusion:I honestly can't believe how many anti social-....hey. Is that my Rotato? I was using that. One of my favorite things was peel potatoes in an efficient and amusing way. Now what am I going to do? - Abby Soto


G063 - Greer, Natali[/DECEASED]

Name: Natali Greer
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Aurora High
Hobbies and Interests: Swimming, photography, marine biology

Appearance: Natali is African-American, and her love of the outdoors has resulted in her naturally dark skin being tanned enough that she stands out next to her own family members. She is a bit on the short side and is lean and streamlined without many curves to speak of, standing at 5'6” and weighing 120 pounds. Her arms and back have a bit of muscle tone from swimming casually. Her jaw is square, her dark brown eyes are wide-set, and her nose is a little crooked and slightly squashed-looking due to being broken in the past. Her black hair is styled in cornrow braids with plastic beads on the end of each braid and has braces that are easily visible when she smiles.

Natali loves to dress in bright colors and patterns and has a habit of wearing a swimsuit underneath her clothes in order to save time when she is in the mood to swim. She dresses very casually, preferring shorts and a tank top or t-shirt in warm weather and a sweater with leggings when it is cold. The beads in her hair and brackets on her braces are all in various neon colors. She usually goes without jewelery due to her swimming; the only accessory that she wears constantly is her silver charm bracelet. Her love of bright colors extends to her makeup, which she enjoys experimenting with, particularly differently-colored eyeshadows and lipsticks.

On the day of her abduction, Natali was wearing white board shorts with a bright blue hibiscus pattern and a matching tank top with a navy blue zip-up hoodie in case she got cold on the plane, and a pair of blue Hawaiian-patterned foam flip-flops. She was carrying a canvas messenger bag that held her favorite green one-piece swimsuit a pair of tennis shoes and a clean pair of socks, sunglasses, a disposable waterproof camera, sunscreen, and a bottle of water. She decided to skip makeup that morning and wait until she was in a hotel room to fix herself up.

Biography: Though she is an only child, Natali Greer has never felt like one; a large extended family and the attention of Matthew and Dana, her parents, have insured that she has very rarely felt alone. At any given time, the Greer household probably has at least one aunt, uncle, cousin, or grandparent visiting. Natali has a particularly close relationship with her cousin Eliza, who is only three years older than her and who shares her love of photography.

Natali and her parents make frequent trips to Washington's beaches, a tradition that started when Natali was three and Matthew, having saved up some of the money he made through his work as a general contractor, took his family on a spur-of-the-moment vacation. Natali fell in love with the ocean and the creatures in it instantly, and spent the next few months trying to swim in any body of water she could find – even puddles on the street, much to Dana's dismay. Her parents finally signed her up for swimming lessons at the age of five, and it was soon clear that Natali was almost more at home in the water than on land.

Over the next few years, Natali's interest in the ocean eclipsed most of her other hobbies; every school report that could be done over a marine animal was, and when she wasn't in school, she was most often at the community pool. Matthew and Dana, worried that Natali was becoming too absorbed in her hobbies and not spending enough time with other children, promptly signed her up for the local swim team. Though she made several friends and was rather good competitively, earning several ribbons in the butterfly and backstroke, Natali found that she preferred the relaxation of swimming on her own over the intense atmosphere on the swim team and didn't return to the team after the year ended. 

On Natali's tenth birthday, her cousin Eliza gifted her with a beginner's digital camera. Thrilled, Natali set out the next day to photograph all of Seattle's wildlife, which consisted of pigeons, squirrels, and the neighbor's dog. Natali had found her second passion.

In middle school, Natali became more outgoing, joining the media club and even starting “Natali's Nature Photos”, a business that consisted of taking pictures of her friends' pets outdoors for a few dollars per picture. She spent no less time swimming, and after watching a video about Hawaii's beaches and coral reefs, she begged her parents for a trip to Maui. Matthew and Dana laughingly agreed to plan one, and they made the trip the summer before Natali's freshman year in high school. Natali keeps a scrapbook filled the the pictures she took of her the beaches and marine life in Maui.

At Aurora High, Natali quickly joined the school newspaper as a photographer. She considered joining the swim team as well, but decided against it after seeing Coach Sanders's intensity towards the swimmers. She kept “Natali's Nature Photos” open for business, eventually changing the name to “Natali Greer Photography” and making a name for herself as an alternative for those who couldn't or didn't want to pay for professional family portraits or graduation photos. Realizing that she would need a better-quality camera, Natali began saving her money and was able to split the cost of a more professional-grade one with her parents towards the end of her sophomore year.

Though she doesn't have a set routine for swimming, Natali tries to visit the community pool at least once a week to keep fit and just have fun. She is still rather good at the backstroke, and she tries to get a few laps back and forth across the pool with it before leisurely swimming around. She typically spends at least an hour swimming and more than once has been the last person to leave the pool before closing.

Between all her extracurricular activities, Natali's grades started to suffer. She scraped by during her freshman and sophomore years until her parents finally threatened to close down her photography business if she didn't bring her grades up. This served as a wake-up call, and Natali now maintains a solid B average, with the occasional A in science or C in English. However, she hasn't cut back on any of her other activities; she just sleeps less. This has led to her falling asleep at odd hours and sometimes being sluggish during the day.

Natali likes to hang out with her old friends from her childhood swimteam and her newer friends from the school newspaper both in and out of school. She hasn't really dated anyone, having decided that she wanted to wait until she was in college to start any serious relationships, but she is just as happy to have boys as girls for friends. She makes frequent trips to the beach with either friends or relatives during school breaks and often challenges them to playful races through the surf.

Her closest relationship with extended family is with her older cousin Eliza. They both have no siblings, so they view each other as sisters, and in fact are often mistaken for being siblings. Eliza shares Natali's passion for photography and was the one who gifted her with her first proper camera. She sometimes helps out with Natali's photography business, driving Natali to meet with clients and helping her organize and deliver photos. The two girls are considering buying an apartment together when Natali goes off to college; Eliza decided to wait a few years after graduating high school to start college herself, though she is still undecided on what she wants to study.

Natali plans to attend California State University in Long Beach and double major in photography and marine biology, and she hopes to become a photographer for the National Geographic after college. Her parents are planning another trip to Hawaii near the end of the summer before Natali leaves for college as a surprise.

In general, Natali is friendly and loves to be kept busy, but she can sometimes get too absorbed in her interests and neglect other parts of her life, especially when something is bothering her. When she is sleep-deprived she can be sluggish and unfocused but she tries to downplay it in order to not worry her friends and family.

Advantages: Swimming has given Natali good stamina and she is fairly strong. She is friendly and open, and has met many people through her photography business, which could help her make allies.
Disadvantages: Natali's irregular sleep schedule could cause her to be unaware or even asleep in a dangerous situation. Her relatively small size means she could be easily overpowered by someone bigger or stronger.

Designated Number: Female Student No. 063


Designated Weapon: Crowbar
Conclusion:She's too much of a good girl to beat someone with a crowbar, to engage in such a viscerally violent act. It's more vicious than pulling a trigger. In my opinion this is a waste of a weapon.- Abby Soto


B072 - White, Cyrus[/DECEASED]

Name: Cyrus White
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Grade: 12
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Helping People, Religion, Maintenance and Repair, Woodshop, Krav Maga

Appearance: Cyrus stands at an average height for his age at 5'9", weighing in similarly at 154 lbs. His physique can be considered barely athletic, being somewhat toned but not significantly muscular. His facial features can be considered smooth with very few blemishes or pimples as a result of keeping his face rather clean. His nose is button shaped, being somewhat flat and somewhat round; his face itself being slightly oval-shaped, narrowing slightly as it approaches his chin. His cheekbones aren't as high as other, more attractive men, but they're still somewhat high. He has chin-length, dark brown hair that he usually keeps loose and uncombed, giving a permanent bedhead type of way to it. This goes with his dark olive skin and deep brown, almost black irises. He usually has dark circles beneath his eyes. His clothes tend to be rather simple, to minimize his time deciding what to wear. This usually consists of a dark green overshirt and a solid black or white undershirt. He also owns multiple pairs of the same dark blue jeans, using the same brown leather belt every time. Another thing he tends to keep simple is his shoes, owing to the fact that he only owns two pairs of brown sneakers and some black dress shoes. He tends to wear thick leather gloves very often, in case he comes across something in need of repair. On the day of abduction he was wearing his usual, everyday clothing with a white undershirt. He had his gloves on his person, but they weren't being worn at the time.

Biography: Cyrus White was born to two Mormon teenagers on July 29th, 1994 in the Bay Ridge neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York at the Lutheran Medical Center. His parents were Gabriel White, 18, and Soraya Haddad, 17. Soraya died in childbirth, and Cyrus inherited her skin tone, hair color, and eyes, while gaining his father's features.

Gabriel and Soraya's parents moved to Brooklyn for financial opportunities; Gabriel's upper middle-class family coming from Utah, whereas Soraya's lower middle-class coming from a Jordanian immigrant family. The two met in school, both sharing a common ground in having moved to Brooklyn from out of state. While they were born to somewhat devout Mormon parents, Gabriel and Soraya didn't take their faith seriously at all, skipping church and drinking alcohol. After dating for only three months, the two had sex. A month afterward, Soraya missed her period. The two immediately bought a pregnancy test and it came up positive. Faced with the reality of parenthood, they told their parents almost immediately. After being forced to get a job, Gabriel became a stocker for a Costco warehouse in Queens, trying to get a job where he'd have to interact with the public as little as possible. After one month, the parents began to arrange their marriage, making it as inexpensive as possible while still keeping it in a temple. Three months later, they were married in the LDS Church for time and eternity. Unbeknownst to Soraya or her family, she had developed pre-eclampsia during her pregnancy. Due to her family's ignorance and her own impatience, she didn't take any prenatal care. After four months, Cyrus White was born via a caesarean section after Soraya suffered from seizures during delivery. The doctors were unable to save her and Soraya died without seeing her eighteenth birthday. After his birth, the Haddad family cut off all connections with Gabriel and his family, blaming them for the death of their daughter.

Cyrus had a rather isolated childhood outside of the few children he knew from the church, spending more time studying basic math and language arts than socializing, which reflected positively on his grades, grammar, and vocabulary. Whenever his father was at work, he stayed at his grandparents' house in the more LDS-friendly Sunset Park neighborhood. They taught him of his faith, causing Cyrus to become fairly religious himself, constantly going to church with them whenever there were any events. Although his father isolated himself from the local Mormon community by living with Cyrus in a separate neighborhood, he allowed his son to be taken to church functions.

Despite his age, Cyrus was relatively well behaved, rarely screaming or throwing tantrums. By third grade, he had begun to take an interest in taking his small amount of toys apart, seeing how they work. His father didn't seem to notice this, aside from the stray screw lying around. His grandparents did notice, but let him do as he pleased, thinking he could have a future in repair. This caused him to run into some problems at school, occasionally getting in trouble whenever caught tinkering with his desk and chair. He was suspended near the beginning of fourth grade for taking a screwdriver to school. He made a case for himself, saying that he had only used it for tightening the screws on his desk, which was not necessarily a lie, considering this was all he had done in the fourth grade.

Though backing his son after being suspended, his father otherwise was unable to give Cyrus much attention. He had begun to bury himself in his work, attempting to promote to a higher-paying position. He was haunted by the fact that he wasn't able to give his son any attention; he felt that he wasn't there for Cyrus. After rising to a higher position after working at Costco for nine years, he requested a transfer to a nicer, safer, more affordable city. He got this change a month after Cyrus was baptized, in fourth grade.

At age 9, Cyrus and his father moved to a cheaper neighborhood in Seattle, Washington, where Gabriel could keep his position at Costco, using his savings to buy a nicer apartment for less than his Brooklyn one. As an upside to Cyrus, more Mormons began moving to Seattle in the late 2000s, filling in the local temples. Unfortunately, none seemed to go to his school. In elementary school, his academics progressed as a result of his constant studying of math and language in New York, which he continued. After enrolling in middle school, he was put into the honors language arts class, where he kept socializing to a minimum to focus on his studies. As students interacted with others, he began overhearing some avoiding talking about their obvious problems. He continued this behavior up to eighth grade, at which point he began to socialize a bit, attempting to help those he knew had problems that needed sorting out. Cyrus was able to help many other students with their social lives, occasionally getting them to dislike him based off the fact that he was eavesdropping, despite the fact that he was only attempting to help. He didn't take any of this to heart, and even while being disrespected by other students he was able to keep a calm head, thinking they were just being overly dramatic. Even though his actions alienated him from some, he was respected by others, being there for them when no one else was.

It was also when they arrived in Seattle that he began to take some martial arts classes, thinking that sooner or later he may need to defend himself when his words fail him. He had chosen Krav Maga because is seemed the only one that had focused solely on self-defense, and not on rituals and self-control like Eastern martial arts. He also had chosen an accelerated class, one that focused more on moving forward, forcing Cyrus to keep in pace with the entire class and learning at a faster pace. He progressed quickly like the other students, doing only slightly above average in sparring. After he joined the class, he devoted about half an hour of his time at home to honing techniques on striking. He did this nightly, wanting to make it into a habit. When it came time for promotion, he would try as hard as he could to keep his mind only focused on that task. In doing so, he was able to be quick and precise in the techniques he was taught, quickly moving up in his class. He is currently a green belt.

During this time, Cyrus began to learn about repairing appliances and structures. He constantly visited the library, checking out books on home repair, plumbing, and how to use and maintain the tools necessary. After asking his father for the money to buy a tool set, Cyrus began getting to work reading through the manuals, focusing on each section as though it were the center of the universe. After reading through the manuals, he took a class on home repair at the local home improvement warehouse. The classes were an hour a day, Monday through Wednesday. He started going at age 13, and had his father sign a waiver saying he was allowed to use tools while under adult supervision. Cyrus was able to convince his grandparents to pay for the class, explaining that it would help him later in life.

At age 14, he began high school. Coming in, he was overwhelmed by the amount of problems the new students had. He had expected of himself to be able to solve everyone's problems, something that he soon considered not possible. Cyrus became a social recluse for the first month, focusing solely on academics and repair, which had helped his grades very much, getting him relatively good grades such as A-s and B+s. It was at this time that he took woodshop, where he could put his skills in repair to good use in building birdhouses and tables. When other students took note of his ability in shop class, they began to ask him for help in making their projects. He happily obliged, and soon began helping them with personal problems once getting closer to the students. So far, his high school years have gone fairly normally, as he has not gotten into any fights and nobody has tried fighting with him. Also, among the student body, he tends to be among the least biased, never taking sides in an argument.

Cyrus' personal life is still somewhat isolated at this time, but far less than when he was a child, though his religious views have stayed the same. An odd thing about Cyrus is that he considers helping students with their problems his community service for his religion. Despite all of his religious teachings, there is one teaching he doesn't follow. This teaching is the wearing of the temple garment, which he thinks is an outdated concept. He hasn't shared this with anyone, and his father keeps the secret well. His relationship with his father, however, is another story. Cyrus respects his father, but does not exactly like him. He tends to have mild dislike toward the man, as a result of Gabriel not taking his faith seriously, as well as getting Cyrus' mother pregnant before they were married. Despite this fact, Gabriel still loves and attempts to bond with Cyrus occasionally, something that his son pushes away. Although, Cyrus dislikes his father, he speaks to his grandparents over the phone every day. They usually advise him to love and respect his father, as that is what God taught him to do. Despite his faith, Cyrus can't get over the fact that his father is nothing but a sinner and a gentile in the eyes of God. The fact that Gabriel was raised to be a member of the church and still disobeys the teachings, makes Cyrus especially angry at him. This fact has been the cause of various arguments between the two, mostly relating to how Cyrus sees his father as a disgrace to their family and Gabriel sees him as being unable to think for himself. Gabriel seems to be the only one who can cause Cyrus to actually lose his cool and get angry. Because of this, Cyrus tends to spend his personal time either fixing appliances throughout the apartment complex, walking to church, or helping other students talk about their problems. At night, he tends to stay up, either reading religious texts such as the Bible or the Book of Mormon, or reading books on home and appliance repair that he picks up from the library. Cyrus has a bit of trouble clearing his mind at night, which keeps him from getting to sleep very quickly. He doesn't have many friends, though he is a friend to several students he has helped. These are mostly those from shop and science class, where he tends to participate in other activities with students. These interactions have made him prefer classes with more participation and less writing, though he doesn't dislike any classes outright, aside from math, which he has a mild dislike for. He has a current GPA of 3.62.

After graduation, he plans on beginning missionary work in Seattle, proselytizing others to the Mormon faith while attempting to live on his own. After the missionary work, he plans on joining a company to become a handyman, hopefully gaining enough money to buy a house. Other than this, he doesn't have anything planned.

Advantages: Excellent at keeping calm, he will be hard to break under pressure. He also is of slightly above-average academic knowledge, a result of his constant studying. He is a skilled handyman for his age and is above average in hand to hand combat.
Disadvantages: Cyrus is deeply religious, and is unlikely to harm anyone even when faced with death. He doesn't sleep much, which affects his focus and motor skills. The fact that some students already dislike him could make him a potential target on the island.

Designated Number: Male Student No. 072


Designated Weapon: Ice Axe
Conclusion: Woodwork and religion? Take your axe and cut some wood up into a cross. - Abby Soto


B071 - Samuels, Aria[/DECEASED]

Name: Aria Samuels
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Choir, Browsing the Internet, Video Games Club, Book Club, Daydreaming

Appearance: Aria stands at 5'8" and weighs in at about 155lbs, causing him to have an average build for someone his age with a little fat coating his entire body. His brown hair reaches just below his ears and has clearly put no care into stylizing his hair, leaving it in a somewhat permanent state of bed hair. His face is very smooth and circular and contrasts to his sharp nose. He has large, wide dark brown eyes. Originally being born in Indonesia, his skin is thoroughly tanned, even though he spent most of his life indoors.

Like his hair, his clothes reflect his lack of care for fashion, represented by how he normally just throws on the same white t-shirt, black and white checkered shirt and beige trousers every day. For this reason, his clothes look to be very crinkly and tattered and his trousers show signs of slowly falling apart. Accompanying this is a pair of simple white socks and red trainers that look also look tattered. His outfit when being sent to the island consisted of his usual white t-shirt and red and white checkered shirt, as well as a pair of worn-out jeans. He was wearing white socks and his usual red trainers.

Biography: Aria was born in Pondok Indah Hospital in Jakarta, Indonesia to Nicholas and Laksmi Samuels on Feburary 25th 1994. His father was an expatriate originally living in America who had been working in the insurance business in Indonesia for the past 10 years and married Aria's mother 5 years before his birth.

From birth, his parents frequently showered their child in love and aimed to raise Aria to be a healthy, polite and law-abiding child. The issue with Aria was that he seemed to have no way to not say what was on his mind. He tended to say things that would otherwise offend or hurt people around him. While his parents did try to punish him by grounding him whenever he said something that was on his mind, he was never able to grow out of this habit.

This didn't bode well for him in elementary school where he was ostracized and often bullied due to how he would always say rude things about his classmates due to thinking of it. Many of his peers made no effort in trying to understand or get to know him and those who tried to befriend him did not genuinely like him and only did so to humiliate him more. His experiences being humiliated caused him to become a social recluse. He became more distant to his classmates and whenever people tried to talk to him, he would pretend to have a stutter so that people would not be compelled to talk to him.

Aria never told his parents about this issue though. He didn't want them to worry and just said that things in school were going fine. He learned to lie to his parents frequently about issues in school and he started to spend more time in school, away from the classmates who would make fun of him. Instead, he made up little stories in his head and spent most of his time daydreaming.

When he was in middle school, Aria discovered his passion for music through listening to various CDs his parents would put on while he travelled to school. They contained music from bands such as Linkin Park, Simple Plan and Westlife. While he never did share his interests with the other kids in the school, Aria would spend time singing to himself. He fine-tuned his singing skills and taught himself how to sing long notes as well as sing a bunch of his favorite songs.

He also started to resent the kids in his school. He developed a jaded outlook on life and began to think that people who were nice to him were just trying to humiliate him again, like they did in elementary school. He became very critical of his classmates and lashed out at them whenever they tried to talk to him as a way to defend himself from being hurt by them. This worked too well as once again, Aria suffered from loneliness. No one wanted to approach him and he spent most of his time alone, where he started to play video games. He would spend his entire weekend alone at home playing his video games. He used to keep from feeling alone and found another passion of his he would follow to this day.

His parents eventually found out about his problems in school when the school principal called them to talk about Aria's tendency to lash out at classmates. His brutal statements towards his peers did not go unnoticed by his teachers and whenever he got caught making a rude insult at a classmate, he would be sent to detention for acting rudely. His parents were angry that Aria did not tell them the truth and shouted at him when he got back home. After a while though, they were more sympathetic about his situation and taught him to be more open to people and tried to change his opinions towards his classmates in an effort to help him make friends. However, by the time he had a basic grasp on what his parents taught him, the damage had been done. His classmates refused to believe that he had changed and refused to speak to him.

When he was about to start high school, his father's company recalled his family to Seattle and Aria was put into Aurora High School. It was at this point that Aria wanted to try to be more sociable and get over his paranoia. His aim was to make at least one or two close friends that he can rely on not betraying him. He thought that if he made at least one friend, he might come to realize that people aren't going to betray him all the time and could help get over his fear of betrayal. Therefore, he decided to try to take part in some of the clubs that were on offer in Aurora High School. Knowing he wasn't sporty in the slightest, Aria stayed away from sports clubs, He instead signed up for the Video Games Club, Book Club and Choir in an attempt to try to work on his social skills and make friends with people who had similar interests to him. As of now, he has been able to make a few friends, but he still feels like he hasn't accomplished his goal of finding what he considered a "close" friend as he still have qualms about telling his friends about his personal life. He also is finding it hard to get over old habits and still has very negative thoughts on his classmates that he might occasionally say without thinking.

Aria is not a social person because of his experiences growing up. He is very introverted but also feels lonely, often losing himself in daydreams and video games as a way to try to cope with his feelings. He hasn't had very many friends in his life and has spent most of his time alone at home. He has a paranoia that people are out to make his life a living hell and thus finds it hard for him to bond with someone. If one managed to be friends with him and get past his paranoia, they would find a very kind boy who is caring and is loyal to a fault. However, he has the tendency to offend people with his blunt truth and has caused friendships to break due to his inability to think before saying something.

His relationship with his parents is very close and he very much treasures the relationship he has forged with them. Due to his limited interactions with people from school, his time spent with home when not on the computer was with his mum and dad and they spent most of their nights having conversations with each other and generally being very open about their lives.

His grades are below average, with him getting high D's or low C's in most of his subjects barring P.E with very little to no effort on his part with his favourite subjects being music due to his passion for singing, and I.C.T because of his love for computers. In his favorite subjects, he manages to get straight A's as he is able to focus on said subjects for long periods of time and gives said subjects his full potential. He has problems with focusing on his other subjects however and gets easily sidetracked to the point where he just gave up on studying for those subjects after a while, only doing his homework when set. He doesn't really have any plans for the future and isn't really sure what to do with his life right now except make friends.

Advantages: He is a genuine and a very honest person and can be very focused on certain things when he puts his mind to it. If someone is able to break through his paranoia, they'll come to realize that Aria is a very caring person and he will generally try to help out people when they feel distressed or miserable.
Disadvantages: He isn't the fittest person in the world and nor is he the most sociable. Aria still hasn't completely gotten over his paranoia, which could interfere with his ability to befriend classmates during his time on the island. His tendency to say what is on his mind could also be damaging towards making alliances.

Designated Number: Male Student No. 071


Designated Weapon: Cyanide antidote kit good for three uses
Conclusion:It pains me that this paranoid lazy bones will now be in a situation where people will indeed be out to get him. Not out of any affection, I hate lazies, but because he'll be right this time. We'll see how the weapon comes into play. It really only has one use. - Abby Soto


B070 - Grey, Joey[/DECEASED]

Name: Joey Grey
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Skateboarding, drums and outdoor activity.

Appearance: Joey stands at a height of 5’11” and weighs a total of 164 lbs. Starting from his head, Joey has dark brown hair that is unkempt and reaches down to his shoulders. Under his hair is his oval head which has a sharp chin. His eyes are wide open and the irises are dark brown. His nose is of average size and is position a bit below the center of his face. Below it is his mouth which lacks any remarkable trait. Joey keeps his teeth clean and they are a healthy white. Connecting his head to his body is his thin neck. His body has a medium, well-built frame due to his wide shoulders. The skin color of his body is a light tan. He also shows clear muscle tone from physical activity.

Joey tends to wear loose clothing, although he can be seen with different outfits when his taste temporarily changes. Usually, he prefers brightly colored clothing, such as red, yellow, orange, etc. He always wears a toque as an excuse to prevent himself from taking care of his hair. Only on special occasions does he take it off. He prefers short sleeved shirts, although he will wear hooded sweaters in cold weather. Joey only wears jeans, preferably baggy jeans, except for special occasions.

On the day of abduction, Joey was wearing a black toque, a short, red sleeve shirt with the words “Boss Man” written with a bright yellow font, dark, navy blue jeans along with black sneakers, and short white socks. He was also wearing a small silver chain necklace his mother gave him before graduation. He was also wearing a silver stub in his left ear.

Biography: Joey's parents are George Fisher and Crystal Grey. Crystal met George while she was studying accounting at Seattle University. The two quickly became lovers but never really committed to any serious relationship. Eventually, Crystal discovered she was pregnant and quickly told George the situation. George was unemployed and living with his parents at the time. The idea of becoming a father and being responsible was difficult for him to grasp, but he took responsibility and supported Crystal. The relationship was unsteady though as the two were clearly not compatible. Still, both put all their effort into working together to give their soon-to-be-born child a chance in the world. The two never got married and instead remained in a relationship to help support their upcoming child.

Joey Grey was thus born on October 21st, 1993 in the city of Seattle. Crystal decided to give him her surname. George did not oppose to this decision. Crystal manage to finish her education and receive an accounting position at a local bank while George found whatever job he could take to help support however he could financially. The couple could be considered at best a below middle class family. The stability of the household wasn't great as Crystal and George had trouble getting along. Crystal was more the responsible type while George still cared more about his freedom than being tied down. Eventually Crystal grew tired of the man and made the decision to raise Joey on her own. She broke up with George who quickly took the opportunity to leave and to live his own life.

Joey was only a year old when his father left. Crystal began to raise the boy on her own. Even with the difficulties of being a single parent, Crystal was able to successfully raise Joey and provide him with everything he would need. Her younger sister, Denise, later moved to Seattle to help her raise Joey and watch over him when Crystal went to work.

As Joey grew up he became an energetic child. He showed relentless energy and was quite difficult to handle. He would start emotional tantrums quite easily and was prone to do things on a whim. Crystal found it difficult to handle the child’s endless energy. Still, Joey grew close to his mother and he did his best to try and to earn her approval. He also got along with his aunt though he would only see her when she would babysit him.

When Joey finally began elementary school, his mother began to put him in various sports so he could channel his energy into something more productive. Unfortunately, Joey proved himself to be difficult to handle as he lacked the discipline to focus. The little boy was independent and preferred to do things his own way rather than followings instructions and working with others. Eventually, he found a passion in something his mother did not expect: the drums. During a stroll through the city, Joey and his mother saw a street performer playing a cheap set of drums. Joey found the music fun and energetic and soon became interested in it. Crystal finally found something that could hold the interest of her child, and as such she went to buy Joey’s first drum set. Joey found the sound and energy put into playing the drums to be enjoyable. He originally just played the drums without much care on how to properly play it, but eventually he ask his mother for instructions and his mother went to find some books to help teach him the basics.

Joey eventually asked his mother about his father. It was a topic Crystal knew would come up eventually. She decided to be fully honest about the situation and explain everything to Joey. The boy had a hard time grasping the situation. He understood that his father was not a great mam and that his mother worked hard to take care of him. Joey became close to his mother and decided he was fine with not having a father at the time.

Joey began to slowly mature and become less impulsive as he entered junior high. Joey began to show interest in various activities such as skateboarding, soccer, and basketball. The primary reason was that the boy enjoyed doing physical activity with others. While he was still independent, Joey loved to socialize with pretty much anyone. Sports for him were simply a good way to meet others while still going outside and doing something active. This was especially true with skateboarding. Joey loved the sport more than any other. It was face-paced and it wasn't restricted by any rules. He also enjoyed learning to play the drums during music class. As he practiced he soon found he had the talent for it, and began putting several hours of his time off to perfect his skills at playing the instrument beyond the simple instructions he learned as a child. Joey proved himself to be a lot more focused during junior high school due to his dedication to his new hobbies. He was still a highly emotional boy who would act before thinking and wore his emotions on his sleeves.

Joey began to miss the lack of father figure. Being raised solely by women, he began to wonder what it would be like to have a father. While he was close to his mother, it still left a painful hole in him. The thoughts of the man slowly went from desire to bitterness. He was mad at George for giving up on his son so easily. He turned his father into a figure to overcome. This bitterness drove him to work harder in school so he could prove he was a better man than his father was. He grew a fear of becoming this failure that was the man who left his family.

This led to some tense situations at home. Joey held his negative emotions inside himself and never spoke to his mother about his feelings. Sometimes he would get into a fight with his mother or some authority figure.This led to him dropping out of his sports clubs and difficulties with his mother. The two eventually managed to sit down and have a serious chat. Joey finally opened up to his mother about his anger. At first, Joey only spoke about the anger he held towards his father. Crystal asked him what about George made him so angry. Joey opened up about his fears about his lack of a male role model. His mother listened to him and explained that he didn't need to have his father to achieve anything. She explained that he only needed to live for himself. This allowed Joey to figure out his problems with his father and led to him having more self-confidence

High school was a good experience for Joey. During the early years, Joey threw himself right into his studies. At first, he proved himself to be a hard working student, but his impulsive nature once again appeared which cause him to have issues with focusing on his studied. He began to relax on his school work but did well enough to be considered an average student. He tried to join high school clubs, but his interest in the clubs waned due to his independent nature. The only two things he has never given up on were skateboarding and the drums. Skateboarding was his sport to have fun with and spend time with friends. Meanwhile Joey took his drumming practices seriously. Meanwhile Joey prove himself quite capable of playing with the drums and was able to skillfully play them without any aid.

Joey was always a kind boy who never really had problems with anyone apart from authority figures. Filled with energy and an open mind, the teenager was able to get along with most students. He usually went from group to group without staying in any specific cliques. He was easily able to befriend people in any form of activity, and Joey usually tries his best to show interest in what others enjoy so he could bond with them. When it came to relationships, Joey was never really interested in them. While he liked girls, and was just as interested in them as any boy of his age, he never really felt ready for a relationship yet. He felt he was too independent and impulsive to really commit to anyone.

In his final year of high school, Joey is a confident guy who is ready to tackle anything at his own pace. He refuses to join any clubs since he is a rather independent individual who prefers to do things on his own terms. His issues with his father are mostly gone, with only a few, rare moments where he feels anger towards the man. Joey is a happy and energetic individual who isn't too sure what he wants to do yet and is planning to take a year off after high school to help him figure out what he would want to do. He is simply quite excited to start his own life as an adult.

Advantages: Joey is confident and energetic. His bravery and impulsive nature should be able to help him out in situations where taking the initiative matters. His abundance of energy will definitely help him in staying active and ready.
Disadvantages: Joey is impulsive and independent to a fault. He isn't a student who puts much thought into his actions and will act with his emotions over logic. Joey also prefers acting on his own, and has difficulties in working with groups.

Designated Number: Male Student No. 070


Designated Weapon: Shaolin hookswords x 2
Conclusion: Blah blah, daddy issues, blah blah long hook swords, blah penis joke. - Abby Soto


B057 - Olsen, Sven[/DECEASED]

Name: Olsen, Sven Matthew
Gender: Male
Age: Nineteen [19]
Grade: Senior [12th]
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Track and field, exercise, knitting, drinking, guitar

Appearance: At 6’4” and weighing no more than 170lbs, Sven cuts a noticeable figure. He’s quite lean, with a streamlined runner’s build full of taut muscle, with especially defined calf and thigh muscles. Despite his Scandinavian ancestry, Sven’s coloring is dark, with charcoal brown, nearly black hair and a healthy bronzed skin tone that pales only slightly during the colder months. Additionally, he’s a hairy individual, notably on his arms, legs, and chest.

Sven can be considered attractive, possessing handsome, albeit boyish features. His face is ovular in shape and somewhat chubby and constantly sporting stubble, in part due to a laziness to shave daily, as well as the speed at which it grows. Considered his best feature, his eyes are deep brown in color and flocked by long lashes and often make him appear more innocent than he really is with their puppy-like quality. Topping them are a pair of thick, ungroomed brows the same color as his hair, which hang closer to his eyes, rather than further up. Otherwise, he appears quite average, with a pointed nose that has a slightly wide bridge and pert lips that hide a set of marginally crooked, but white teeth. Sven keeps his hair longer, typically around two or two-and-a-half inches long, and rarely styles it, preferring the tousled bed-head look and the minimal upkeep that comes with it. He also sports a pair of short sideburns which reach just below his ears.

While Sven prefers to dress more for ease and comfort, he always makes an effort to look presentable and put together. Usually favoring a sportier look, his outfits are generally made up of a plain shirt or tank top and one of either track pants, basketball shorts, or jeans. Most of his clothing budget is spent on shoes, having amassed a modest collection, typically veering toward brand name running shoes. During the abduction, Sven was wearing a simple white v-neck undershirt, his Aurora Pelican’s dark blue track pants with gray and powder blue accents, and a pair of Nike Free 3.0 running shoes in black. On his right wrist he wore a red digital watch and three tan rubber bands.

Biography: Sven is the only child of Brandy Ford and Matthew Olsen and was conceived only a year into their relationship. Brandy grew up in Seattle and attended the University of Washington with Matthew Olsen, who was originally from Rhode Island. While initially friends, it developed into a relationship following their graduation, with Matthew choosing to remain in Seattle to pursue a job opportunity. Shortly after Sven’s birth, their relationship fell apart and Matthew moved out and offered no resistance toward Brandy having sole custody over Sven. Sven was given Matthew's surname based on his parents' plans to marry; Brandy never sought to change it, possibly out of hope of rekindling with Matthew. Despite this, Matthew has no part in Brandy nor Sven's lives, nor has shown any interest in doing so, not even paying child support. Brandy has chosen not to dispute this or attempt to force him to.

Shortly after Matthew left, Brandy and Sven moved in with Brandy’s mother, Arlene, for both financial and emotional support. Sven grew very attached to his Grandmother, who’d bring him along during errands or visits with her friends, which remain the memories he holds most dear. Arlene was also the first to introduce him to track, often telling him about her late husband, whom was an Olympic runner. Despite knowing of him only from stories, Sven wanted to follow in his footsteps and make Arlene proud and would often race kids during recess only to go home and brag about how well he did. As soon as he was old enough, Sven wasted no time in signing up for track and field, which remains his greatest passion in life.

Growing up, Sven showed extreme distaste for the unknown and change, a possible side-effect of his mother’s over-protectiveness and willingness to bend to his demands, which she considered atonement for being his sole parent. When introduced to something new or forced to do something he didn’t want to, Sven would become incredibly anxious, often to the point of hyperventilating. While initially chalking it to normal childhood stubbornness, Brandy began believing something deeper was happening after he began having issues sleeping. Worried for her son, Brandy took Sven to a child psychologist who diagnosed him as having a child anxiety disorder and suggest giving him anti-anxiety medication, which Brandy rejected in fear of medicating someone so young. Instead, Brandy and Arlene began trying teach him to calm himself down using deep breathing exercises, counting, and—most bizarrely—knitting, as taught by Arlene. Their home remedies proved somewhat helpful, managing to keep Sven calm and occupied and reducing his amount of anxiety attacks. Currently, he still suffers from attacks and employs the same methods, especially knitting, as it reminds him of Arlene.

Sven had his first sip of alcohol at thirteen when he was visiting a friend’s house after the two boys found their way into the unlocked liquor cabinet. Initially only taking small sips, Sven found himself enamored by it, at first relishing how cool and grown up he felt drinking, before eventually enjoying the feeling of being drunk, finding that it helped him feel less anxious. The boys were never caught and hit up the stash well into their teens, until Sven found more creative ways to get his own; such as older friends or using a fake ID in bars. Sven remains reliant on alcohol, feeling as though he needs it in order to relax and function. Because of his pursuits, he’s very well versed in both alcohol and ways to obtain it, making him the man to go to for those interested.

Shortly after he turned eighteen, Arlene died via complications during an otherwise routine knee surgery, leaving Sven distraught and contributing to a spike in worsened panic attacks when he couldn’t cope. It was during this mourning period that Sven met Andi Victorino, who shared a similar tragedy. Their relationship moved quickly and got sexual within the first month, resulting in Andi’s pregnancy. It was during her pregnancy when Sven began distancing himself from her, fearing that having a baby so young would ruin his life and tie him down forever. Brandy, having gone through something akin with Sven’s father, did not support her son’s decision, but resigned herself not to force him into parenthood in hopes that he’d change his mind after he got older, even though it meant not seeing her granddaughter. Despite this, Sven still occasionally sees Andi and Fiona, typically just to satiate Andi and get her off his back. Sven is somewhat awkward with Fiona, never knowing quite how to hold her or what she wants and does his best to keep her at arm’s length, possibly as a defensive mechanism to avoid getting attached.

Scholastically, Sven has to maintain a C average to stay on the track team, which he takes very seriously. In track, he participates in the 400m sprint, 3000m Long Distance Run, and the 100m hurdles, with his favored event being the sprint. He’s very devoted to the sport and spends much of his free time practicing and conditioning himself, which has lead him to becoming very proficient in it. Because of this, he’s received a scholarship for track that he intends to use and hopes to be on the Olympic track team in the future. With regular curriculum, Sven is ambivalent, more so viewing it as a necessary annoyance.

Sven typically hangs out with other athletes like himself, although many of his closer friends are older/in college. He also prefers the company of attractive girls. Sven’s best friend is Paris Ardennes, another senior at Aurora and close friend since middle school. They have a good relationship, with Paris being one of the few people Sven will confide in, considering they are cut from similar cloths in parentage. Paris has recently started teaching Sven to play the guitar after he showed an interest. While he’s not very good yet and lacks much free time to really practice, he hopes to focus more on it once he actually attends college.

On a personal front, Sven is typically an easy going person, with a distaste for dramatics. He still occasionally has panic attacks, but has learned how to calm down over the years, between his methods and his drinking. Although it’s hard to get to that point, Sven does have an explosive temper when triggered, though it’s almost unheard of. Besides that, if he’s feeling a lot of pressure and can’t calm down, he does get snippy, though this is typically reserved for his track meets. Additionally, he’s something of a flirt and has been known to flirt for fun with no interest in pursuing the target. Otherwise, he’s relatively easy to get along with.

Advantages: Sven’s largest advantage lies in his athleticism, possessing great stamina as well as an exceptional running speed. Otherwise, he’s fairly attractive and liable to use that to gain favor.
Disadvantages: Sven has something of an ego and could get himself into trouble by underestimating someone potentially dangerous. He’s accustomed to routine and likes following one diligently, but becomes nervous without one. He’s dependent on alcohol, using it to calm his nerves and make him less tightly wound and can become irritable and panicked otherwise. Although less frequent, Sven still suffers from panic attacks that can make him shut down if not properly taken care of.

Designated Number: Male Student No. 057


Designated Weapon: Scout Tactical Rifle
Conclusion: A sniper rifle for the lady killer. Try not to wobble too much, there's no bars where you're going to take the edge off. - Abby Soto


B063 - Komorowski, Cooper[/DECEASED]

Name: Cooper Komorowski
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: watching UFC, video games, playing the piano and accordion

Appearance: Cooper stands 5’9” tall and weighs a respectable 160 pounds with an average, slightly fit build. His mixed Polish-Indian heritage is evident by his tawny skin tone which is marked with a few small, work-related scars on his arms and light acne scarring on his cheeks. Relatively thick eyebrows and long eyelashes highlight his hazel eyes. He has an oval-shaped face, prominent cheek bones, and a short, pointed nose. Full lips and a rounded chin complete his facial features. Cooper’s dark brown hair is kept at an average length and is usually styled in a faux-hawk.

Cooper’s wardrobe appears to consist mostly of extra large DGK or Tapout graphic t-shirts, saggy jeans wore extra low in order to show off the most boxer shorts, an extra long belt, and several different pairs of Jordan sneakers. Most days, Cooper can be seen wearing a large white cubic zirconium stud in his left ear, thick gold chain necklace, and a watch on his left wrist. On the day of the abduction, Cooper was wearing a lime green Tapout graphic t-shirt, black jeans one size too large, a white canvas belt with a plain metal belt buckle, a pair of white, lime green, fireberry, and purple Jordan Aero basketball shoes, and his standard jewelry.

Biography: A Seattle native, Cooper is the second child and only son of Howard and Cora Komorowski. Howard Komorowski met Cora Patel in 1989 while he was stationed at RAF Lakenheath in England. After a year of courtship, as the end of Howard’s deployment and his discharge date neared, he proposed marriage and the pair were quickly married. Upon their return to the United States, the pair settled in Howard’s hometown of Seattle, Washington. The extended Komorowski family embraced Cora, finding her British accent charming. The newlyweds joined the family business, Komorowski Commercial Construction, with Howard becoming a job site supervisor and Cora working in the accounting office. In December of 1990, Cora gave birth to the eldest child, Priya. Cooper followed in February of 1994.

The family business provided a modest but economically stable upbringing for Cooper. He attended local public elementary school, never standing out academically. However, at home, he was frequently in trouble for causing some sort of mischief. Feeling that a structured after-school activity would channel some of their son’s energy, the Komorowskis looked into several different types of programs for Cooper. When Cooper was eight, he began piano lessons.

Music was very popular in the extended Komorowski family, who boasted a polka band within their ranks. Thanks in part to his grandmother’s continued praise, Cooper worked hard to learn his instrument. When he turned 10, his paternal grandfather retired from working at the construction company. Seeing the progress his grandson had made, he started teaching Cooper how to play the accordion. Cooper loved his grandfather, the individual attention, and playing the lively music that was a part of so many family gatherings. The two soon established a routine of twice weekly lessons in addition to his piano class. By his senior year, Cooper was an accomplished musician with both instruments, although he has gone to great lengths to keep his accordion playing from his classmates since polka music does not mesh well with the image he wants to project. Cooper favors the accordion because of its connection to his grandfather. His favorite polka musicians are Frank Yankovic and Walter Ostanek for their traditional Cleveland-style polkas and Weird Al Yankovic for his meshing polka with modern pop songs.

With a great parental encouragement, Cooper tried out for the wrestling team in middle school. He was surprised to make the team since he had never participated in any form of sport before. Small for his age, he wrestled in one of the lighter weight divisions. Without many opponents due to the limited number of students in that weight class, Cooper repeatedly wrestled the same people for most of the season. His informal and rambunctious rough housing with his older cousins gave him more grappling experience than many of his opponents and enabled him to frequently score on his limited pool of opponents. As a result, Cooper ended his season with far more wins than losses and earned much recognition and praise from his PE teachers. This made him slightly cocky as he felt his ability and record offset his lack of height.

In high school, Cooper continued his habit of coasting by academically while focusing on his athletic and social goals. He had enjoyed his status as a ‘star’ athlete in junior high and wanted to continue that trend. His freshman and sophomore years, Cooper abandoned wrestling in favor of played for the Junior Varsity football team. His decision to play football was motivated by the higher visibility of football team over other sports teams and a desire to be friends with the popular crowd. However, his smaller size at only 5’ 6” tall did not earn him much play time as he simply was not large enough to stop many players. Despite hitting a three inch growth spurt junior year, he did not try out for the team again.

Football did lead to one of Cooper’s newest hobbies, watching UFC fights. One of his teammates introduced him to Mixed Martial Arts fighting, specifically UFC, freshman year. Cooper enjoyed the action and intensity of the fights. In his junior year, he learned of a group of backyard MMA fighters at the school. He began hanging around with this group of boys, occasionally participating in the fights when they were short-handed. While he does not particularly enjoy personally fighting, he intensely dislikes letting his friends down. His single year of wrestling experience, two years of football, and time watching UFC shows on television gave him pathetic fighting abilities, even by the amateur group’s standards. While his grappling is about on-par with the others in the group, Cooper is not comfortable kicking or punching with much force. For him, this is merely a fun bonding activity, not a time to purposefully hurt people. This attitude has not discouraged Cooper and he continues to spend time grappling and wrestling with them.

This interest in MMA and the UFC is also reflected in Cooper's video game habits. A gamer since early childhood, Cooper spends many hours playing video games on his XBox 360. Sports titles dominate his game collection, and he is very proud of the fact that he owns every title in the Madden Football series. He is very active in the Xbox Live online gaming community, usually playing Madden and UFC Undisputed with his online friends and family. In fact, Cooper and his father often spend time together playing sports-based video games as a way of unwinding after a long day of working.

Cooper’s family life is average in most respect. He maintains a close relationship with his parents, although they occasionally clash over typical teenage issues like the amount of time he spends playing on his X-Box 360, his inability to get his dirty clothes into the laundry in a timely fashion, and his habit of leaving dirty dishes laying about. His parents work hard not to compare Cooper to his sister, wanting not to encourage sibling rivalry between the two. They are somewhat concerned by his lack of concrete plans for the future, but are somewhat reassured that he can always join the family business. During summer vacation, Cooper spends time with his father, assisting with minor jobs at the company’s current work site in an effort to subtlety encourage Cooper to consider a less physically demanding career. However, he appears to enjoy his summer work sessions with his father and relatives. Cooper and his sister Priya speak frequently, usually communicating via text messages or Skype since Priya is currently attending university at the University of California, Davis, where she is studying bio-medical engineering.

As with elementary and middle school, Cooper continues to coast along academically, maintaining a solid C average. He excels at physical classes like P.E. and shop classes, and gets by in the core classes. His least favorite classes are English and Government due to the amount of writing involved. Cooper’s post-high school plans are tenuous, with him waffling between joining the military, applying to the police or fire academy, or simply joining the family business.

Advantages: Cooper has some muscle and is accustomed to demanding physical labor thanks to summers spent working in construction.
Disadvantages: Cooper is a people pleaser and will not go against the edicts and actions of his group of friends. Maintaining a positive image in the eyes of his friends is very important to him.

Designated Number: Male Student No. 063


Designated Weapon: WASP Knife
Conclusion: He's slim, but he's spunky. Then again, not too bright either. The knife is quite the advantage, so I think this could be an underdog. He certainly reminds me of those small dogs that try to challenge bigger dogs that could swallow them whole. - Abby Soto


G062 - Everett, Rebecca "Becca"[/DECEASED]

Name: Rebecca 'Becca' Everett
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Basketball, Drums, Piano, Music, Journalism

Appearance: A striking figure who stands out in a crowd, one of Becca's more immediately obvious features is her mixed ancestry. Her skin tone has been described as cafe au lait in color, which she owes to an Irish-American grandfather, with her other grandparents all of Afro-American origins. However, it's also pretty hard to miss Becca's height; she stands at just a notch over 5'11", cutting a lean figure without quite tipping over into being rangy. However, her shape is a little deceptive, as although Becca is relatively slim, her frame consists mostly of athletically toned muscle, and she weighs a total of 171 lbs. This becomes a little more obvious when Becca's arms or legs are exposed, as the lean muscle is a lot more visible, particularly in her legs, which are very well developed. Otherwise, Becca has a flat stomach, along with flared hips and thick thighs, which are one part muscle, one part some genetic chunkiness.

Becca's face is round, with cheekbones of average size, though the cheeks themselves are full. Her nose has a fairly thin and curved bridge, though the tip and nostrils are wider and larger than the average. Her lips have a natural curve, as well as large, expressive, light brown eyes and thin eyebrows that taper to a slight point. She has dark, curly hair that usually reaches the bottom of her neck, though she ties it back when playing sports. Unusually for her ethnicity, Becca's hair isn't very frizzy, but it does have a bad habit of snarling up very quickly if she doesn't brush it regularly. Outside of school, Becca is almost never seen without her white and blue baseball cap.

Generally speaking, Becca is a casual dresser who doesn't put much effort into her outfits. She can most commonly be found wearing an assortment of tank tops, hoodies and jeans, as well as sneakers or other sports shoes. Depending on the weather and workout plans, Becca sometimes breaks out shorts too. On the day Becca was abducted, she was wearing a navy blue tanktop, a plain white hoodie, jeans, and sneakers. She had also donned her cap for the occasion.

Biography: Becca was born and raised in Seattle, the third of four children to Andrew Everett, a sports writer for a Seattle newspaper, and Jasmine Marsh, an occupational therapist. Growing up in that household was often frantic, as there was only a seven year total age gap between the kids. Her eldest sister Charley was three years Becca's senior, brother Ken two years older, and finally, Katherine, younger by another three years. As a child, Becca had to contend with Charley's bossiness, Ken's extreme competitiveness and the hyperactive energy of Kat, making for an atmosphere which could explode into squabbling at a moment's notice, though they all grew out of this with time. Fortunately, with Andrew often able to work from home and assistance from both sets of Becca's grandparents, the four children weren't often unsupervised, leading to an upbringing that was often firm by necessity, but for much the same reasons, very fair. For all this, Becca didn't get along much worse with her siblings than most average families, though she was particularly close to Kat and particularly distant from Charley.

This didn't change an awful lot as Becca grew older; Kat remained the baby of the family that Becca loved doting upon, whilst Charley was a rather aloof figure, much more focused on friends her own age and in time, studying. On the other hand, what developed between Becca and Ken was something that could be considered a rivalry of sorts. This began innocuously enough; Becca's father was, as his job suggested, a big sports aficionado, having played several sports in high school and baseball at college level - though largely as a bench warmer. This meant that sporting equipment was never far away in the Everett household, and Andrew had introduced Ken to sports from an early age. What nobody in particular had expected, though, was that one of the girls would not only find an interest in one of said sports, but become incredibly enthusiastic about it too. This was basketball, and from the first time a four year old Becca found one of the orange balls, she would hardly stop trying to dribble it for a moment. It was several years before Becca was actually old enough to be remotely coordinated with a basketball, but that didn't stop her from trying, her father from encouraging it, or Ken from trying to upstage her. Becca's brother had always been competitive, and considered her interest in basketball an infringement on 'his' hobby, always taking the ball away from her or telling her that she was doing everything wrong and pushing her towards playing a different sport. Their father would chastise Ken for this behaviour when he caught him at it, but generally regarded it as just kids being kids; as soon as he thought he could get away with it, Ken would start it up again.

Becca, never one to give up even when she was a child, persevered. By the time she hit ten years old, and it was beginning to become clear that she was tall for a girl, she was beginning to show a lot of promise at the game. Her dad, eager to see Becca do well, had been enrolling her in local basketball sessions and encouraging her to try out for teams - where she was quickly picked up. This only served to agitate Ken further, and so instead of him trying to push her away from basketball, it became more a matter of one-upmanship. Being older, Ken generally came out on top, finding it easier to guard the basketball hoop in their back yard and to score, much to Becca's frustration. The issue was, predominantly, that the two of them were just a bit too similar to one another when it came to their sports. Prideful, stubborn, determined in equal measure - neither Becca nor her brother much liked losing. Becca in particular grew very frustrated whenever she felt she wasn't doing well, ignoring the obvious advantages her brother had over her.

Outside of her family life, Becca found she settled well into a school atmosphere. When she wasn't trying to compete against others, the more naturally relaxed side of her personality asserted itself. Whilst she had a habit of perhaps getting a little too intense sometimes, Becca was outgoing and cheerful, allowing her to make friends easily. Although she wasn't a natural student, Becca had always been taught by both parents and grandparents to always try her best and work hard, allowing Becca to compensate for academic weaknesses early, a trend which continued as she grew older. Becca's wide social circle was what led to her love of music; during a sleepover at around twelve years of age, she encountered a friend's older brother who played the guitar and was in a band. Becca was immediately curious, and started to pay a little more attention to music and songs in general, quickly discovering that she could happily spend hours listening to just about any kind of music, so long as she feels the singing and instruments - real or synthesised, are of good technical quality. This is a love that has persisted to this day, and Becca's tastes have grown to become very eclectic, encompassing a wide variety of styles and bands, from jazz - her favourite relaxation music, to techno - admiring what can be done without conventional instruments, to heavy metal - which she finds to be engagingly passionate. Becca only tends to actively dislike music which she feels is lyrically unimaginative or stereotypical, or is instrumentally poor, though she is indifferent to a lot; she holds special distaste for Rage Against the Machine and Fallout Boy, finding them repetitive and irritating respectively. Becca is a particular fan of The Decemberists, Louis Armstrong, Metallica, and Red Hot Chilli Peppers, but her favourite band is Muse, as she adores the way they play the guitar.

The encounter at the sleepover also led to Becca becoming very interested in taking up an instrument for herself; specifically the guitar, and immediately set to wheedling and pleading for such to her mother. Results were mixed, with Becca's mother informing her that if she wanted to start playing, then she would first have to learn another instrument to ensure that she wasn't just going to give the hobby up after a couple of weeks. Somewhat desperate, Becca agreed and began to learn how to play the family piano, which was actually something of an heirloom. Though she had only agreed to it as a compromise, Becca took to the piano with her characteristic determination and stubbornness, and became somewhat competent by the time she was 13, reaching grade four by the time she turned 18. This did lead to Becca becoming much closer to her mother, who proved to be a patient and encouraging teacher, the instruction a bonding experience between parent and child.

At around the same time, 13 and a half, Becca began to take more of an interest in her father's work - something that was only natural when considering her dad's consistent support in her sporting endeavours. An explanation of the journalism involved in her father's job proved fascinating to Becca, and she developed an affinity for the concept of reporting and the creation of news. Becca has subsequently dabbled in writing opinion pieces and sporting reports, but finds even just reading the news endlessly fascinating. She's especially interested in how different people and forms of the media can report the same thing in vastly different ways. In particular, Becca likes to consider what spin she herself would place on a given piece of news. However, thanks to her other hobbies, Becca lacks the time to devote too much of her attention to journalism, which has prevented her from trying to become a regular with the school paper.

Hitting high school, Becca found herself finally able to play basketball to a more serious level, trying out for and making the varsity team at earliest opportunity. Although she'd been on teams when she was younger, the competition was much tougher in high school. Becca revelled in it, seeing an opportunity to continue to push and test herself in the sport against and alongside better players. Naturally athletic, constant practice and games honed Becca's agility and ball technique, developing into a good all around player, normally setting the shooting guard position, but often rotating to small forward, too. Her key strengths were a general eye for the basket and a knack for steals, though she was able to do most things at least competently. It was around this time that Becca began to get the edge in her one-on-ones with Ken, eventually outstripping him entirely, to the point where he actually, in a fit of pique, refused to continue playing with her. Inside the past year and a half or so, Becca's game has been very focused on getting points, and a few league matches have seen her score a huge amount. However, this has exacerbated the pre-existing issue of her being a poor team player; she's much more likely to attempt a difficult shot or dribble past opposing players than to look for a pass. This has also occasionally led to her butting heads with team captain Katarin Tolstoff, who Becca views as competition for attention from collegiate scouts, though the more likely scenario is that it's a matter of two very good young players attracting admiring eyes.

Also in high school came the advent of Becca's long-awaited opportunity; being able to pick an instrument of her own to play. Though initially, the plan had been to learn the guitar, Becca had found her interests developing differently - more towards percussion, which she had already experimented with to some degree. In any case, Becca was soon enough the beneficiary of a second-hand drum kit, which she was soon terrorising the house with whenever she practiced. Becca kept her hand in with the piano, finding it relaxing and often playing for her mother, but it was the drums that she held an enthusiastic love for and just enjoyed going crazy with. Becca is able to play several classical pieces, normally favouring Beethoven, but on a day to day basis she is far more likely to play jazz piano pieces, her favourite to play being Oscar Peterson's C Jam Blues. She has been progressing well with the drums, although naturally she's still nowhere near as good as with the piano, particularly because much of the time Becca tries to emulate what she's heard from bands rather than focusing technically.

Becca's relationship with her parents remains close; her father is proud of her sporting achievements, and her mother is very encouraging of and willing to talk about all of Becca's hobbies, leading them to get along very well. Fortunately, in the past two years, Becca's home life has become a lot more relaxed, as both Charley and Ken are now at college, leading to a much more relaxed atmosphere in general. Her kid sister has remained just as energetic and hyper as ever, with Becca proving to be Kat's main encouragement in most things she tries to do.

Scholastically, Becca has maintained her good studying habits from when she was younger, allowing her to be a straight B student in spite of not being particularly academically gifted. Assignments are always turned in promptly and classwork highly focused upon. If there's anything Becca doesn't understand, she works on it or asks for help until she does. However, she's too focused on basketball and having a social life to commit to the amount of studying that she knows she would need to boost her grades any higher, and is happy with how she's doing. Becca is stronger in more literature based subjects like English and History, weaker in science, hating physics in particular. Becca's social circle has remained large and diverse going into senior year, her personality leaving her an easy fit for most groups, though some people can be turned off by how seriously she takes her sport and her extreme competitiveness whilst playing it. Certain aspects of Becca can definitely lend her an air of arrogance and egotism, and there's no doubt that she trends towards cockiness. Still, outside of this, a playful and generally fun personality makes her a likeable and popular presence around Aurora, tending to be one of the faces that more or less everyone knows. After high school, she is aiming to attend college on a sports scholarship.

Advantages: Becca's general level of athleticism is very high, she is agile, fast, stronger than average and has a lot of stamina, all of which afford a substantial bonus to her chances of survival. In addition, Becca's personable nature and existing popularity should make it comparatively easy to either meet up with people who know and trust her, or craft new alliances.
Disadvantages: Conversely, Becca is arrogant and very confident in her own abilities, which may lead to both underestimating others and overestimating herself, particularly where it comes to her physical talents. Becca's occasionally cocksure attitude can also rub people up the wrong way, and under stress, the more abrasive aspects of her personality are more likely to rear their heads and land her in hot water.

Designated Number: Female Student No. 062


Designated Weapon: .44 Magnum Colt Anaconda Revolver
Conclusion:She seems nice, but reporters are really annoying and pretty much everyone hates them. I would be surprised if she used up most of her bullets trying to fend off people who are peeved. - Abby Soto


V5 Final Countdown and Character Application Deadlines
All the characters who have been approved have been assigned weapons. Myself and (hopefully) other staff will be adding them to the roster tonight.

Yearbook Scrawlings V5
I haven't read as much of pregame as I'd like, but I'm going to give this a try

The Basics

Handler Name: Ruggahissy

Hey Guys! (Your trademark character): I love all my children equally. (I don't care much for GOB)

Where you at? (Current Status of Trademark Character): Paris is being not-gay in a coffee shop, Michelle is hanging out in her bathing suit, Mara is yelling in the newspaper room.

Most Popular (Your favorite character(s) ): Daw, I can't pick cause they're all so different.

Best School Hangout (Favorite thread): Ummmmm hmmmm Three Peaches. So cute. It makes me feel really warm and fuzzy. Damn you for not entering Susan, Toben.

The Scrawlings

Class Clown (those who tickled your funny bone): It has to be Gavin Hunter. He makes me laugh.

Class Sweetheart (Girl and/or Guy known for being a real nice guy/gal): Yaz Carrol is pretty nice. She even seems to go along with whatever weirdness approaches.

Best Dressed: Miranda Millers. I like retro

Most Likely to be President: Naomi Bell

Most Likely to End up in Jail: ....Adonis Alba is not good with people.

Most Likely to Succeed: I'll say Summer because she wants it so badly.

Biggest Meanie: Veronica McDonald

Class Flirt: Run off between Stacy Mordetsky and Gavin Hunter. Never stop being you, bud.

Most Dramatic: Cassandra Black and Aileen Abdallah can fight for it.

Most Unorthodox/Original Character: Any character that strikes you as highly original or out of the ordinary. Michael Mitchellson. I must have a thing for kids who can't speak. However, he's got a personality that's really different too. It's like, he thinks he's the coolest cat in the world even when doing incredibly dorky things. He's like a much more likable Jimmy, who happens to not be able to speak. I love this kid, go read him.

Most Realistically-Portrayed Character: A character who you feel that you can imagine existing in real life. I'll say Gray Emerson. I read him and I smile because he says things that sound like what I'd say in the situation.

Most-likely to win in a Battle Royal (Take an early shot. Who do you think will win?) : I fail because I can't think who even though I made these questions : (

Yearbook Quotes

Which character do you relate to the most? Aw fuck. Kryan maybe. He's pretty relaxed about things.

Which character do you feel the most for? Paulo. His sister is a bitch and he has daddy issues and his mother resents him for being so much like his father and he acts like a jerk to deflect so people don't generally get along with him outside of fighting. Kid's got it rough.

Which character are you cheering on to win SOTF? Andi so that Fiona doesn't become girl Batman

Which character do you think has it coming? I don't like this question much because pretty much everyone's not done more than be a brat.

Quick; Final Four for V5 - who's it gonna be? Aileen, Andi, Michael Mitchlleson, Gwen O'Conner

Margin Scribbles

Most Emotionally Moving Scene: Has anything brought a tear to your eyes? I think Three Peaches

Most Humourous Scene: Which scene served as the best comic relief? I generally don't say things that I'm in or helped write but I have to say It's Traditional to Nap in Gazeebos.

Most Drama-filled Scene: Which scene had you on the edge of your seat in the way of conflict, suspense, and drama? Walk Slow, Talk Slow, Keep Your Head Low. It was really tense, but it reminded me of people I know and the ending was equally uneasy, even with an apology. Second to After the Battle.

Most Unexpected Scene: Was there anything that you just did NOT see coming in pregame? Whatever (the thread, I'm not blowing this question off : ( )

Talk About Yourself

What has been your favorite thing to write in V5 Pregame? That's really hard. I think my weird, confusing one shot from the perspective of NPC Beatrice. Sorry to whoever I confused by not revealing which of my characters that was about until the last sentence!

Which of your characters was your favorite to write? I hate to admit it, but Paris. He is the most morally bankrupt character I've ever written and yet, he's the most fun.

Which was your favorite thread to participate in? Scarlet Darlings. Too bad it became a pileup, but it was fun while it was functional.

What are you proudest of in V5? Not being yelled at by anyone for subpar work I guess.

What do you wish you could improve? I refuse to proofread my own writing. I should learn to.

What is your favorite OOC memory? Spiderman meme with Dom and Drag race with the girls (and Laurels?)

What else would you like to share? Anything goes! That's all I've got.

MurderWeasel's Brutally Hardcore Realism Litmus Test
Mara: 23

She mostly got dinged on being super rich and having anger issues. Also her name means something, but that was mostly a coincidence and does not reflect her personality in a complementary or ironic way (means "unfading beauty").

Paris: 24

He racked up a lot of points for having a dead father who died in a car accident, 13 I think. I didn't count it as traumatic because the way he died was pretty expected. He also piled on the points for being crazy religious.

Michelle: 2 : )

One for long hair (past her shoulders, not to her waist) and one for sexually active.

I approve of the change. In the last one there were points for things like being in a sport which I think is normal and you tailored it to some of the more common traits seen here specifically.