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4 years

Everyday is like Sunday
((Mary-Ann Warren continued from The Use of Common Sense is Now Authorized ))

Mary-Ann followed behind the girls. Charlene in front, Acacia and Thea behind her and Mary-Ann bringing up the back. She didn't feel much like talking, though she was appreciative to have someone to band to.

It killed her that she felt like she had to stay with someone. It just proved that she wasn't strong enough to go on alone. She felt like a disappointment to R.J. In addition to this she felt like she'd swallowed up his silence for him, only looking up to the conversation of the other girls every once in a while.

Then there were gun shots. Mary-Ann instinctively dove to the ground. She heard yelling from up ahead. Someone called her name, they needed her help. Mary-Ann was frozen in fear for a moment. It wasn't typical for her to run towards the sound of gunshots.

Someone's in trouble. I have to help. I can be scared, but I just need to be brave at the same time. Just have to be brave.

Mary-Ann scrambled up and gripped her gun. She trotted ahead and when she came to a stop she saw Charlene, motionless.

"What happened!?"

SOTF Audio
I can take on Mary Ann if ya need one

The Cavalry Arrives
((Isabel Guerra continued from Monsters))

(GM of the STAR member and Ray Dawson approved by the staff and Outfxod, respectively)

Isabel tromped through the sand, the horrible stuff was getting in her shoes, but she hardly cared. It seemed that she was running purely on anger. The announcement had sounded earlier and she learned that Roland, Dave and Winnie were all dead. Isabel hadn’t said a word since then. It would have behooved her to pick up her feet a little in her angry march because her foot caught and she fell in the sand. She looked back to see what she’d tripped on.


Isabel scrambled over to her body. Her lips trembled while she looked down at the girl. She was absolutely drenched in blood. Isabel put her ear to the girl’s chest. Nothing. Isabel shuddered and put her hand over her mouth to stop from exploding into a scream. Her hand tasted of Helen’s blood.

“No. Nonononono THIS ISN’T FAIR.”

She took a moment to sit in the sand with her friend’s blood smeared on her and dug her nails into her palms. In her mind, she counted to ten and at ten she took a deep breath and stood up.

“Hey boat guy!” she yelled out. It took the last of her self control not to call him something worse.

“Took you long enough,” she mumbled under her breath.

Three days. It had been three god damn days since they’d sent out the message. If she had been in better condition she would have berated them for having taken that long. She swallowed and marched right up to him.

“Recognize me?” she asked. “I’m from the group that sent the coordinates. I’m the only one left,” she growled.

They were all dead. Isabel wanted to kill someone for that. She wanted to grab a gun and fill Raidon so full of holes that they’d need dental records to identify him. He separated them. If it wasn’t for him they might all still be alive.

“I need to talk to you before I get on this thing,” she said trying to keep her voice even. “Number one, take these,” she said as she shoved the letters at the man, “and give them to the parents of Ethan Kent and Feo Smith. They died to get you guys here. Number two, don’t drop me off with the rest of these guys. I never want to go back to St. Paul and I never want to see any of these people again. Drop me off anywhere else, I don’t care. If you’re feeling generous, leave me in America in the south west and DO NOT take me to a hospital."

She'd been stabbed in the arm with a spear and had the blade twisted before it was finally yanked out. It was a bad injury, but she was willing to take a chance and treat it herself when she found supplies rather than risk going to a hospital where someone could identify her.

"List me as dead. You never picked me up. Last, how long are you going to be here with your boat? I need to find my friend Hayley and then bring her-“

The man raised an eyebrow at her. “Hayley Kelly?”


And then he informed her that as a killer, Hayley wouldn’t be allowed on the rescue boat.

Isabel looked blankly at him. “Then I’m not getting on that fucking boat,” she said with a shrug.

Ray tried to reason with her. She was dehydrated, she was tired and she’d lost a lot of blood. She shook her head.

“No. Roland told me to take care of our friends and now they’re all dead. Hayley is still out there and I can’t fail her too!”

The boat guy was getting impatient and time was running short. Ray grabbed Isabel and steered her towards the boat. She fought him, kicking and twisting and screaming but she was in bad shape and in no condition to fight anyone. Ray forced her to the floor of the boat and someone took off her collar while he held her down.

“You’re saving my life,” she breathed out. “And I’ll never forgive you.”

G105, Isabel Guerra: ELIMINATED

((Isabel Guerra continued in Abre Los Ojos ))

I Was a Teenage Hand Model
Autumn pulled back. Her arm with the gun at the end of it went slack and the weight of the gun brought it down, pointing towards the sand.

"It's cold out," she said flatly.

Autumn picked up her bag and slung the strap over her shoulder. It was heavy, but that was a sign of all the supplies she'd picked up. It was her survival given corporeal form.

"It's been cold for a while."

She looked at Claire, still a bit uncomfortable that she'd lost control the way that she did. Autumn was better than that. She wasn't a scared brat that would go on a shooting spree when a squirrel ran by.

"Do you ever get the feeling that you'll never be warm again?"

It was a stupid question that meant nothing. She immediately regretted it.

"Never mind. Go away and I won't waste a bullet on you."

Board Mafia V2: Game Thread
Hmmmm, so we should be casting a critical eye on people who don't have some crazy post restriction because it would make them too obvious as mafia.

Oh I just hate it when we're backed into a corner like this.

So who does that leave us with?

Board Mafia V2: Game Thread

I have no idea where to go. I agree on finding the Killer Ricky, but like, how on earth should we go about doing this?

Bliss Stage: Blood, Sweat and Tears [Interest Check]

Looks neat : )

Wake up time!

Her eyes flew open and she screamed. Well, she got half a scream in before Alex stomped on her throat. Her scream tailed off into a whimper as he forced her down.

Allen was there. It took her a second but she remembered Allen had found her just before she fell unconscious again. Where was everyone else? What happened to Ray and Annaliese and Alex? Where was she? And perhaps the most pressing so to speak, why was this other Alex poking her full of holes? He was positioned above her with something sharp right at her head.

There was such an intense pain coming from her arm like she'd never felt. Her right hand reached up to Alex's shoe to try to put some space between it and her throat, but she didn't have the strength left to do much. Her legs writhed, trying to alleviate the situation by grinding against one another other uselessly. Tears started running out the sides of her eyes.

"Y-you," she choked out. "You're on me."

... Because I Can't Make It On My Own
((All GM approved by Ciel ))

There were incredible flashes of movement as the scene became a blur of bodies. Nick’s sword slid through the skin of the other boy, reaching his arm instead of anything more damaging. The blood dripped and marred the ground with a few specks of red. Before he knew it the specks were joined by a torrent when Gracie slammed to the floor. Nick stared slack jawed at her.


Her head was dented in where Simon’s tire iron had made contact like he was swinging for the outfield.

Nick reached out his clumsy, thick fingers to her face. Fine wisps of her deep brown hair, now matted and dirty, were stuck to her face with blood. It was that smell again. The smell nearly made him vomit a second time. He tried to imagine and pretend that he was just in the butcher’s section of a super market, but there was some pungent quality about the smell of human blood that just made it impossible to disguise. He tried to swallow back a wave of nausea.

She was filthy and the terror in her glazed over eyes was awful, but she was still a girl, even if she was a dead one. She looked like a broken doll with her limbs sprawled around haphazardly where they landed. Gracie….this wasn’t her. It was just some shell. She may not have been the nicest girl ever, but she’d stayed by them since almost the beginning and there wasn’t anything left of her now other than a pile of parts. It was something Nick didn’t feel like he could get used to. He felt strangely hollow.

This mountain of observations took fractions of a second and was hardly even processed by Nick because just as soon as Gracie hit the floor, something went whizzing behind him. He turned and saw Jessica with her rifle pointed at Simon. He followed and saw a dart stuck in Simon just before the boy barreled through them.

“You shot him!” he said in dead shock.

Teo grabbed him by the shirt and told him they were going after him. He looked possessed, screaming at him and ripping open the door to the cabin.

Nick picked up his bag and Jessica’s, despite what Teo had told him and reached out for her. He put an arm on her shoulder and looked down at her for a moment. Nick thought it was strange, but he needed very badly to be able to touch her and hold onto her. He needed this person to take care of. Some strange yearning kept him near her as they walked forward together out of the nearly destroyed hut. She looked back up at him.

He felt a chill when their eyes met. He remembered what she looked like back when they first met in the library. So shy. So sweet. She’d spent less than two days with him now and she’d shot someone. Not with a bullet, but still, it weighed heavily on him that she became someone who could pull a trigger. He worried it was because of him. He was afraid he'd ruined her.

Nick put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her into his side. He just wanted to protect her. He turned away from her and looked up.

I just don’t want her to end up…..

Like me.

((Nick LeMonde continued Full Circle))

The girls were lined up and ready to go. She looked down at her shoes, they were blue now. They changed from grey to blue in the sunlight. She liked her shoes. She pulled on a pigtail and and tilted her head.

"Ice cream soda pop, cherry on top!" the rope twirlers chanted.

"Who's your boyfriend, I forgot!" The girl in the middle bit her lip and concentrated hard on making it over the rope.

"Is it A? B? C? D?"


She tripped.

"Oohhhh, his name starts with a D!" a heckler from the side called out. There was a wave of giggles. Isabel got up up from the bench.

"You want Texico Mexico?" a twirler with black braids asked.

A few stray giggles.

"Nah uh," she said with a smile. "Give me Cinderella."

The girls nodded seriously and counted off to three as she stood in the middle.

"Cinderella! Dressed in yellah! Went up stairs to kiss a fellah! Made a mistake and kissed a snake! How many doctors will it take? ONE. TWO. THREE."

Four, five, six,

Spear gun held to her head, she wasn't even aware she could die at any moment. If he slipped and that cool and sharp blade found out what was under her skin, she would certainly need as many doctors as she could collect.

Congratulations Toben!
: D : D :D


Congratulations, Toben! You work so hard on this place and I can tell you love it like no one's business. You help us all whenever we need it and your always there to give a fair and balanced look at a situation plus you're just the nicest guy around.


Also I'm sure that now you have your power your first step will be to disappear those that suspect you of your true goal of total domination.


<3 :S


Nice steady breaths moved the oxygen around her body through her blood. She'd had some time to recover during her bout of unconsciousness, but that only solved one of three reasons she'd gone out like a light. No sleep, no water, no food.

Isabel had once read a study that had been conducted at a university where rats were kept awake by scientists poking them constantly. After two weeks, most of the rats were dead. She'd always thought about what a weird job it would be just poke rats all day.

Someone was saying her name, maybe. It was floating around on the edges of her mind. She breathed deep and stirred a little like someone who didn't want to get out of bed. Her hand hurt. Someone was hurting her hand.

There, someone had let go of her hand. But now some other sound. A voice way in the back of her head was telling her to wake up. Waking up.....it felt like trying to jog in syrup.

Back in St. Paul

A man with dark curly hair walked up to the yellowing grass outside of a dingy looking apartment complex. The place was quite a departure from the other clusters of nice little houses and pretty gated communities nearby.

There was a gate here too, but calling it a gate is being very generous. The white paint was peeling off the iron of the door that, despite having a keypad next to it, was already ajar. The man opened it the rest of the way and found himself facing a row of doors on either side. He walked to apartment number twenty and knocked. No response. Tentatively he put his hand on the knob which unexpectedly yielded and turned. He stepped inside onto the beige carpet and looked around. The television was on, but he didn't see anyone. He walked along a hall, looking at the familiar knick knacks on the wall until he reached two bedrooms. He walked into a pleasant little room containing a bed with a flower patterned duvet and a colorful little desk with an old PC and a green lava lamp on it.

A bookshelf was also present, stacked with books and photographs on it's shelves. He picked up a framed picture of a girl with dark curls smiling and waving in what looked like running clothes. He cocked his head to one side much like the girl in the photo, appraising her.

From behind a hand snatched the frame from him.

"Don't touch anything," she snapped and put the photo back.

"She got pretty" he said, mildly surprised.

The woman said nothing. She turned and walked back to the living room and then took a seat on the couch near the t.v.

"Nice of you to show up," she grumbled.

He shrugged and took a seat next to her.

"How's she doing?" he asked.

Maria sat leaning forward with her eyes glued to the screen. She didn't look back to answer him.

"She wasn't doing too badly until she passed out. Some kids helped her but she's out again."

The man looked at her and then at his unconscious daughter on screen. There was an awkward silence.

"I'm surprised Isabel made it this far. So I guess you want me to pay half for like a funeral or memorial thing or something?

Maria picked up a plate on the coffee table in front of them and smashed it against the back of her ex-husband's head.


As Allen and Ray set her down on the concrete outside of the supermarket, Isabel didn't feel a thing. Her chest rose and fell steadily, the one sign that she was in fact, still alive. She flinched slightly at the sound of a gun shot, but after that, she did not stir.

... Because I Can't Make It On My Own
Standing there looking at Simon in those seconds was terrifying. His heart pumped so hard he could feel the beats in his palms and it felt like every inch of him was vibrating. His grip on Jessica's hand squeezed to a painful grasp. Finally Teo told the girl with the big honking gun that it was Simon who was the killer.

Was he a killer? It was impossible to remember with all those names listed off everyday. Maybe he was. All that mattered to him was that it gave everyone an excuse to rush into action without time to talk through what may or may not have happened. Jessica would leave him if she knew. Simon had to be quiet. Teo could make that happen. And Nick? Nick could help.

"Jessica! Watch out," he yelled and shoved her out the door at two people who were waiting just outside. They were the two from before. Nick slammed the door behind her and leaned against it, panting. He pulled the sword out and stood at the ready.

While standing in that cabin and looking at the fight, a series of unpleasant thoughts ran though his head. He shoved Jessica out to protect her. Or did he do it to protect himself? What if she was hurt now that they were separated?

No, there's a girl with a gun and a guy I know doesn't like me in here. She's safer out there. It was for her. True, I can't have her in here in case he talks, but it really was for Jessica. I'm not a selfish person. I'm good. I....I....It was for her.

He stood next to Gracie with his feet planted wide and the sword poised in front of him. His eyes narrowed at his former teammate.

V5 Concepts Thread
We get critiques? Oh man, I want some.

V5 Concepts Thread
@Kitten Michelle's on swim team so while they might not be friends, they might know each other at least. She might be friends with Kenneth since they are both into comic books. : )

@langit I sorttta want my Mara to be one of those popular girls so if you need help or something (figuring out what it was that caused Felicia to fall so far from her high status) I'd be willing to help and stuff!

Board Mafia V2: Game Thread
Well, we know who Toben is. Toben is clearly KamiKaze. I am....inclined to believe Kami is town, so I don't think Toben is being suspicious .

Sooooooo, errrr, where do we go from here?

I Was a Teenage Hand Model
"I don't care what you've been through," she said, voice rising.

Autumn pulled the gun out, though in it's current position it was held pointing the floor.

"SHUT UP!" she screamed at that last reminder that she was still in this nightmare. No matter how much fire power and supplies she had, it was still an inescapable situation. All of her efforts were just spinning her wheels.

Autumn was breathing hard. She realized her gun was pointed square at the other girl's chest. She swallowed and took a deep breath. Autumn took an apprising look at the other girl.

"And what are you doing that's so much better?" she said having regained her normal tone of voice.

"You lost everyone like I did, didn't you? I can tell. Only people like us have that hardened look when they stare at someone. It's stubbornness."

The Use of Common Sense is Authorized
Mary-Ann blinked a few times. It seemed she'd stayed with the group after all. That was probably for the best. They were well armed and friendly. Mary-Ann didn't even remember much after first happening upon them. She was out like a light as soon as her head hit anything that was even close to being soft, sand in this case.

She was hugging the gun R.J. had given her. Mary-Ann might have slept a full night's sleep but she was still so tired. Not sleepy, just tired in a way that felt like her soul was worn down. However the sleep had done her some good. She felt like now she might be able to talk without crumbling into tears. The announcements went off.

Mary-Ann rolled over and looked at the girls. Even now she'd taken shelter in the protection of other people. It didn't seem like she was very far along on her promise to be strong for R.J. and she couldn't feel even a trace of his presence left, no matter what his letter said.

"I'm sorry I didn't really say anything before. I was kind of a wreck. Thank you for letting me stay."

((Continued in Everyday is like Sunday))