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Let's Kill Chat Pimping!
But if Dom and I are writing in the same thread (CRAZY HYPOTHETICAL, I KNOW) and we're having fun, I want to talk to him about it. So I would bring it up. Or if I really love someone I'm writing with (never forget turncoat Helen ;~;) I may also want to bring it up. So it's a bit extreme to propose people should avoid bringing these things up wholesale.

Let's Kill Chat Pimping!
Imma have to side with Domino here in that the proposed is a bit extreme.

I think the intention is good and I have certainly experienced the teeth-grinding grumpy of someone talking too much about their own character.

However, I feel like sometimes you want to talk to other people about the threads you are in if you are having fun together, or maybe talk about a character that isn't yours that you interact with that you really like.

Beware Of The Boys
Paris's eyes were intently focused on her. However, she agreed to call a truce of sorts. He shrugged and decided to let it go. "You are free to believe whatever you like."

But then she decided to be rather rude. And though he knew it was wrong to be rude and knew he would feel badly about it later, he couldn't help but be rude back. Paris pulled out his wallet and took out a few bills for the drinks and food.

"For the record, perhaps you shouldn't dismiss things you've never tried full out and then be rude about it. If you didn't want to come with me on Sunday, you just had to say so. Good luck to the next guy who tries to take you out to a new restaurant you've never been to."

He threw the bills on the table and walked out of the café.

((Paris Ardennes continued elsewhere))

Let's Start Something
(GUH, that was late!)

Paris had set the rest of the shirts near the scanner and was standing around with his card out. He wasn't exactly sure what else he was supposed to be doing. He looked around the scanning area for a moment, perplexed before taking a relaxed stance.

"Ready, I guess?" he said to Rachel. He put his card next to the clothes. The other girl was commenting on his purchases. A name was starting to surface from roll calls and birthday announcements over the school PA system. Jaquilyn. He didn't really know much about her other than that she was pretty.

"You think?" he said, beaming. He laughed a bit and pushed some of his hair back. "Thanks! I'm not really fancy or stylish." He pointed a finger at her, though still seemed in good spirits. "Or maybe you're just saying that so I'll come shop here again. See that, she's already working for the sale and you haven't even hired her yet!" he joked. "They've got to hire you with work ethic like that, right?"

Alexei "Alex" Zherdev
Howdy! Sorry that took so long. >_<

Alrighty. We've got a number of sticky things.

-First, why isn't Alex's dad contributing any child support? Due to the fact that I don't know Russian I was unable to find out what child support unmarried couples are entitled to, but divorcing Russians, the party with the kids is entitled to a hefty amount of child support.

- I could not find English being mandatory in Russia or the city of Magadan. If he goes to a private school, chances are he'd start learning it early on, but it looks like the family is poor. Internet had this to say:

Q: How many people in Magadan can speak English?
A: Majority doesn’t speak English very much, but there are enough English-speaking people, especially among young ones.

"Finally, in late 2004, the three of them moved to Seattle. Housing was funded by both the extended family as well as any remaining savings."

Does Liliya know English? Who are these extended family members who are just being mentioned now? Why Seattle?

-So, how did Alex feel about the decision to move to the US? It seems like Liliya has been planning this for awhile.

"It seemed as though the progress he made would wind up shattered every time his teachers or classmates mentioned some kind of rudimentary grammatical mistake."

Kid is in an ESL class until he tests to a level where he can be put in the regular class. How is it that he feels bad, or ashamed or sad over these mistakes since EVERYONE in the ESL class is trying to improve their English?

"In 2008, Liliya married Eric Benton"

So....woud his name not be Alexei Benton now?

" This originally begun with the 2006 film 'Silent Hill', which led him to the video game series. The films and games became his favorites"

Time thing. Silent Hill Revelations (which is god awful) came out in October 2012 when the school trip is in the summer of 2012. So this movie hasn't come out yet, thus there is only one Silent Hill film.

" Socially, he enjoys the company of others"

"Socialization isn't his strongpoint,.."


Alex's nervous attitude towards his classmates making fun of his English gaffs is odd to me. He's been going to school with these people for 9 years. That seems like a pretty long time for them to get to know him and for him to clean up his English.

On that, I am told it takes a kid 6 months to one year to become proficient in a language in social settings. He shouldn't be having a problem after age 10 with any of his daily grammar. 12 tops for him to be working out the kinks. Where he might still be having problems is in complex academic writing.

That's pretty much it. Post when the edits are made!