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Larson DeStefano
Good work, Mr. Jokester.


SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread
Wow, that is the first character thus far in the game that I look at and draw a total and complete blank. Dont even recall the name

Clouds Up
Michelle finished up her food and giggled. She licked her fingers and wiped them on a napkin, then pushed her hair back.

"Haha, kay. You're selective, Amy. Not a bad thing at all! I can't dance for beans. I mean, I can like, do the twist and the macarena but I think that's it. I'm mostly just going for Kam. And if every movie I've ever seen about high school is right, we should go because it'll probably be really dramatic and there will be a choreographed dance number."

She tucked her head down and looked up at Yaz. She smiled at her reassuringly.

"It's expensive yeah and it's a pain working extra shifts at the ice cream shop but it's a once in a life time thing I guess. Kind of like a wedding but with less quality food and the same amount of drunk people."

She shoved her plate to the side and the waitress noticed the gesture. When she came to recover the plate, Michelle asked for a brownie and the waitress nodded and left again.

High Fashion, High Prices
Mara looked slightly over her shoulder with her eyes shifted far to the side to avoid needing to turn her body further. Jamie arrived and she complimented Mara's sandals. If the way to a man's heart was through his stomach then the way to Mara's heart was through compliments.

She beamed and smiled brightly. "Thank you, they're great for summer," she gushed.

Stacy was looking for a dress. Mara leaned against a rack of clothes and toyed with a dangling price tag.

"A dress?" she asked, looking up at Miranda for just an instant before batting the price tag again.

"What sort? It happens by chance that I'm looking for one too. I've got to get a new pageant dress for an upcoming competition. Something flashy."

Miranda mentioned retro fashions as a trend for the upcoming year. Mara knew who she could rely on for what information and Miranda was well studied in clothes.

"Well, I do love 1940's and 1950's pin up fashion but I just don't think I could pull it off at school. It takes some guts to slap on a red lip and winged liquid eye liner."

SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread
Well, okay. If that's how insane cop works and it's been working thus far, I guess I'll trust Flare.



SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread
I'm so fluffy ._.

Is penguin calling me fat? D:

I haven't looked it up in awhile but I thought that insane cop was a random draw. Like, it was random when he was given a result on a person because he's insane. I may be wrong though.

As far as Kyle and Ema, I felt like it would fit that Kyle out of the picture would turn Ema to the dark side because while Kyle was around Hayley was pretty cautious with the two of them (like, sexyily, like, she didn't want to be awkward and be romantic with Ema) but once he was out of the picture it was Hayley and Ema and they did the majority of their killing during that period.

Smile and the World Smiles With You
Amaranta Montalvo rolled over and hit the alarm function of her ihome. She sat up in her luxurious bed. Her soft blue covers spilled onto the floor surrounded by curling iron rods springing up from the frame, forming metal branches and leaves. She grimaced and pulled back the white veil that hid her from view.

Today was going to be bad. She had gotten up in the middle of the night to get some water. As she was filling her glass she turned around and saw her father with a suitcase in hand. They both looked at each other for a moment and she knew he wouldn’t be there in the morning. Without a word she drank her water, looking up at him over the glass as he walked out the door.

Mara got dressed in her best outfit and went downstairs. It was unusual that there weren’t any lights on. The downstairs was empty. There was no breakfast waiting for her and no one to greet her. Mara marched back up the stairs to her sister’s room.

“Beca, what the hell are you doing in bed? Get up. We have school.”

Beyond the sheer veil she saw a slim figure wrapped in sheets move a bit.

“I’m not going.”

“We’re both going,” she responded, digging her heels in.

“No Mara. Please lets stay home just this once. I don’t want to. I can’t face everyone. I’m going to start crying in class. Please,” she said, still bundled up.

Mara stomped up to the bed, grabbed the bed sheet and pulled with all her might. Rebeca clawed at the mattress but was taken by surprise and ended up in a heap on the floor near Mara’s feet.

“Get up,” she whispered harshly.

Rebeca struggled to disentangle herself and stand, still bleary eyed from sleep. Something soft hit the side of her head. Mara had gone to her drawer and thrown an outfit at her.

Rebeca finally got free and stood. Her eyes were watery already. Mara sighed and put a hand to her sister’s cheek.

“Don’t cry, Rebeca. You know what dad says: if you’re crying then you’re sad. If you aren’t crying, you aren’t sad. And it makes you puffy and ugly. That’s just my personal opinion, though.”

“D-dad…” Rebeca said shakily.

“Listen, Beca. We have to go to school and hold our heads up high. We have to look better than we’ve ever looked and be the best that I know we are. That’s how you persevere. You take unpleasantness in stride and you keep going because falling apart won’t do anyone any good. We can’t avoid going to school forever so we may as well do it now and show everyone that we’re not gonna roll over and die because something bad happened. Now get dressed. I’m gonna see if we can get some breakfast.”

Mara exited hastily and ran down the hall to a large set of doors.

“Mom!” she shouted.

No response.

“MOM!” she said knocking. She tried the knob and it didn’t budge

Still nothing. Mara started knocking frantically. “Mom are you in there? Where is everyone? Where’s the driver’s car? Where is the chef? MOM!”

Mara huffed and went back to see Rebeca looking pretty in a blue mini dress and white stockings, standing in the hallway.

“We’ll buy food at school. You can hold out until lunch,” she said, poking her in the stomach. Rebeca recoiled from the poke and started walking after Mara, trying to sling her backpack on.

“How are we getting to school? I checked and there’s no one here. I think mom told all of the house staff not to work today. What are we going to eat for dinner? Where’s dad? Where’s mom?” she said, panic creeping into her voice.

“I’ll figure it out. I’ll figure it all out. I don’t know where dad is. I think mom is still home, but she’s locked in her room. Just get outside. I’ll call a cab and we’ll use a credit card to pay the way to school.”

And indeed she did. She spent her lunch calling all of the house staff and making sure that there would be someone to pick them up. She sent someone to check on her mother. She asked every person she called if anyone had heard from her father. They hadn’t. Mara felt like people were looking at her as she moved and went about her school day, but she did just as she said she would. She held her head up high.

The girls had dinner alone that night with the chef as their only company. The sound of their silverware scraping against their plates echoed through the silence. Rebeca had done her best, performed admirably and Mara was relieved. Every day after this one would be easier.

"You done your homework?" she asked abruptly.

"Of course I did," Rebeca answered, slightly offended.

She stood up, kissed Rebeca on the forehead and went to her room.

She opened her computer and the first thing she saw was her gossip site home page with her parents on it. Her father, one of Seattle’s elite, had been caught having an affair with some trashy slut. Mara sighed and crawled into her unmade bed, fully clothed. She was sleepy and comfortable when her cellphone buzzed. She looked at the screen.

“You did well. – Dad”

Mara threw the phone across the room and hugged her pillow.

SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread
Yessir, you are correct. Kyle was Hayley's boyfriend pre-island and Ema was...um...Hayley's ex girlfriend. Following his death it was Ema and Hayley together. So maybe Kyle's death effects the Ema if we have one.

SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread

Okay, I got a new lap top. Back on.

So I checked up on vengeful townie. Man, this round has all kinds of roles I've never seen O_O.

Penguin's analysis makes sense that he would get the bulletproof once in exchange for the vengeful townie role.

I'm for seeing what Flare has to say since he's been pretty quiet. At this point anyone who's not trying to help out via conversation is sort of just floatin' there anyhow.

Also, crazy as it seems, I'm starting to think maybe we just don't have a cop @_@

This has been a really weird game.

Paris Ardennes
Done, Mr. ViciousRodent

Larson DeStefano
Hey Palhinuk! I'm taking over from here and you know me as Ruggahissy : )

This profile looks really great! I like Larson already :) . Just a few minor things before we can be on our way.

- "During this year, Larson's sister was enduring a battle of her own. 13 years older then Larson, Jeri was already graduating from the University of Washington with a degree in Digital Media, with a minor in Design Studies a year before their parent's passing, Jeri already had a position as a graphic artist with a home decor company."

This is one heck of a run on sentence. Might I suggest: "Larson's 25-year-old sister Jeri had already graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in digital media and a minor in design studies. At the time of their parents death she was already working as a graphic artist with a home decor company."

- Hey, did he ever get punished for his pranks as a kid? How did that affect him?

- If you could include a little more about who his friends are and what they do in their spare time, that'd be killer.

- What sort of romantic interactions has he had? Crushes? Girlfriend?

Only a few quick changes before he's ready! Post when it is time O_O

Gavin Hunter

Sorry for the long wait. I always have an excuse, right? -_-; My computer went to the junk shop in the sky so now I've got a new one and we're ready to rock. So let's rock.

Appearance. Looking better. However there's a few key components missing.

-What's Gavin's skin tone?

- If he does a lot of physical labor, does he have a lot of upper body strength as well?

- Why did he chose to dye his hair?

- His choice of clothes seem impractical for someone who works and lives on a farm. Why does he chose to dress in this elaborate gothic ware?

- I'm still a little skeptical that a child who moves to America when he's five years old would have a British accent. Like I've said in other profiles, both my parents have pretty strong accents and I speak unaccented English.


- This is a nitpick but I'm nitpicky about this sort of thing >_<. I ran a search and there is no "London Hospital." There's a Royal London Hospital, a London Bridge Hospital and The London Clinic, though the last has no services for maternity. The only "London Hospital" I find is a hospital in Kuwait >_<.

- I'm a little confused as to Juliet's profession being gardener. Does she do landscaping?

- As a baby he can't sleep. I looked it up and 6 month old babies sleep about 14 hours a day. If your baby ISN'T sleeping, parents need to do something in order to change that. It's very bad and needs to be addressed by the parents.

- "Nothing, not even beatings could persuade him to do something that he didn't want to, and bad associations at school only reinforced his isolationist tendencies." WOAH. Who is beating this kid? Why are they beating him? Surely not the school or else someone would be fired and arrested in a split second!

- "His work assignments were often done brilliantly, but his creativity drained away under the slightest pressure, and motivating him was all but impossible. Some bullies and other badly behaved members of class would often take advantage of this fragility to disrupt his work, while others manipulated his volatile temper to trigger outbursts that could take hours to fully play themselves out."

This feels like a contradiction. He does his assignments fantastically but it's hard to motive him. So how does he get the assignments done so well if he's never motivated? The part with the bullies is something that might happen. If kids see that he gets angry easily they might tease him to get a reaction because kids sometimes do that, but I feel like the teacher would notice this after awhile and it's odd that his tantrums take HOURS to play out. When I worked with children, if a child was having a tantrum and wouldn't calm down (I had one hide in some bushes and refuse to come out once @_@) we'd call the parents to come get him, not allow the tantrum to go on for that long.

- "The Hunter family were naturally disturbed by their son's difficulties, and took him to several government psychologists. Although many of his symptoms corresponded exactly with those of Asperger's syndrome, they were reluctant to give an official diagnosis due to social stigma against the condition, instead classifying him as autistic and hyperactive. It was only after the move to America that the Hunters secured an unambiguous diagnosis."

No. All of this, no. This has been dealt with in past incarnations of this profile repeatedly.


This paragraph has a few problems. One, government psychologists would not hesitate to give a patient a diagnosis. It makes no difference really so I don't know why you put that in there.


It's also super weird that the psychologist would be hesitant to diagnose someone with Aspergers and instead diagnose him with autism which is a more severe condition.

- "While in England, Gavin's primary school teachers failed to get him to cooperate. His schoolmates either disliked him or encouraged him in his misbehaviour both in and out of school, while the teachers found him uncooperative and withdrawn. Physical punishments only made him even more rebellious towards his parents and more unwilling to socialise. In the face of all this negativity, the Hunter family felt justified in removing their son from the English educative system and transferring him to one better known for addressing learning disabilities when they moved to America. Unfortunately his emotional instability remained, so he inevitably fell prey to the same bad influences that had plagued his English school days."

So IS IT THE SCHOOL BEATING HIM? I checked and corporal punishment in schools is illegal in all Western European nations except France. So....go figure on France.

This goes along with the psychologist not diagnosing him because if he were diagnosed the teachers would understand that he had a problem and move him to a classroom with a teacher who was trained to deal with children with Asperger's.

Why would his parents move to America if they were trying to get him to learn to be social with a group of kids and then move him to a place he has to start over? You said the move was just for them to seek better employment opportunities. Do they do this at the detriment of their child?

If he's having problems with emotional instability I would think his parents would want to seek help for that so he could continue on in educational setting with other people since being around other people is what helps children on the autism scale learn to socialize. I guess I just don't understand why you're so set on having him home schooled @_@.

I'm going to plug in a super flashback to when BetaKnight was the mod on your profile:


*Screen goes wavy*

Pulling their son out of public school, where he is forced on a daily basis to socalize with others and learn to cope with situations outside of his control, and homeschool him in an exceedingly limited social environment with the expectations that he would "come to terms with himself" without the "interference of his peers...or society" leads me to believe that the Hunters really don't understand what Asperger's is. What made them think that this was the optimal solution for helping their son?

*Screen un-waves*

- You make mention of the adverse affects Ritalin has on Gavin, including weight loss. First off, as previously mentioned, Ritalin is not prescribed to cure Asperger's, it is prescribed for ADHD which often occurs in conjunction with autism. It was never made clear if he actually has any sort of attention deficit or hyperactive disorders in the profile. Second, there are ways to combat the weight loss that may sometimes be caused by Ritalin by changing when you take the pill. If not, there are other medications that treat ADHD that may not cause these affect. Read more about it here: http://adhd.emedtv.com/ritalin/ritalin-and-weight-loss.html

-"It was at this time that the Hunter family sold their urban property and moved to a refurbished rural farmhouse, which turned out to be of incalculable benefit to their son in several ways. Firstly it was a remote environment, well removed from the bad influences of the city that had been destroying Gavin's empathy for so long. Secondly it was much calmer and more relaxed, as well as affording greater privacy then an urban community. Gavin no longer felt confined or oppressed, and after just a few months of rural life his behaviour began to improve. His temper became steadily less volatile, and the dirty language he'd used in school began to disappear. His parents mostly left him alone during this period, allowing him time to detoxify from all the stress he had accumulated in school, something their son secretly appreciated."

I'm confused here. Did they have an urban home in America and THEN move to a farm in America? Was this all in Seattle? How long did they live in the urban home for? How was a city destroying Gavin's empathy? And once again, why take him to a place where his only interaction is with his parents if you want him to learn to interact?

- The paragraph describing his home schooling is odd. His parents would have to adhere to certain guidelines set about by the state that concern homeschooling. You say that he gets better at socializing through contact with people who are not in his immediate family or friends? Who are these people? I didn't know he had friends at all since this is the first mention of them. Where did he meet these friends? What do they do together?

-Okay, finally we come to the siblings. However this paragraph is misplaced. It would do better near the top when you first introduce Gavin after stating his parents names and place of birth.

- "Juliet Hunter was in her early fifties when her son entered his teenage years and had been a highly independent and self-sufficient person before she met his father, these were qualities she was keen to pass onto her newly receptive son and she did her best to instil in him a firm personal morality and respect for life that reflected her own upbringing."

She's waited until he reached his teenage years to teach him about morality and respect for life? That seems really odd. Most parents are teaching their kids about those things their entire lives. That's pretty much how children learn about morality. As they grow up you have to teach them right and wrong, so if that was truly how she felt she would have been teaching Gavin those things all along.

-After a lot of searching, I found that there are some farms in King County which is the county Seattle is in. The farms there mostly produce milk. Surrounding counties that have farms also mostly produce milk and apples. You say that Gavin came to learn never to harm the animals but AGAIN I must ask, did they never kill the cattle to eat them? Sell the animals to be used as food? That's pretty common on a farm.

- "By being exposed to the internet at an early age Gavin had to learn how to regulate himself in the company of people other than his parents. The online world was less formal then real life, but Gavin never saw much difference. He took his failing at communication and relationships online as seriously as if they had been real. Initially this caused him a lot of depression, but also accelerated his emotional growth when he decided that it was better to suffer some pain and learn from it in the casual world of the internet then it was to blunder in real life relationships. He still took his failings personally, but instead of going into a decline, he came back and tried all the harder to work out his problems and issues. While the internet obviously didn't serve to fully prepare him for proper relationships out in the physical world, experiencing society through the internet helped him learn how to cope constructively with the encounters he would have in later life."

Another callback to BetaKnight:Okay, this runs counter-intuitive to everything I understand about Asperger's. Internet communication is primarily text-based, which lacks the inflections, tone, and verbal nuances of face-to-face communication. So while Gavin may have improved his text-based communication, I do not see how this helped his interpersonal skills. How did he learn to read and appropriately interpret the physical cues and body language that comprises so much of our daily interactions? If he is posting on message boards, in what way has he learned how to maintain a conversation in an appropriate fashion?

Studies have shown that for the general population, people behave more poorly online than they do in their face-to-face interactions because the internet provides them with a cloak of anonymity to say and do whatever they feel like with little to no repercussions. I fail to see how this is an appropriate or healthy method for successfully socializing a child, let alone a child with Asperger's. If anything, this would be detrimental to Gavin's ability to successfully socialize with his peers once he returns to public school.

End of call back

- Gavin gets some guns for his 15th birthday. I'm uncomfortable with this because Gavin doesn't seem very emotionally stable in general and because the laws of the state of Washington are thus:

It is unlawful to own, possess or have in control any firearm by a person:

Who has ever been committed by a court due to mental illness, or if the individual is under the age of 18.
Persons under age 18 may possess a rifle or shotgun only if they have a valid hunter’s safety certificate and are over age 14, or are under the supervision of a parent or guardian or another person authorized by the parent or guardian. Persons under age 18 may also posses any legal firearm while hunting or trapping with a valid license, participating in lawful target shooting or organized competition, attending a hunter safety or firearms training course, or are traveling to or from such activity with an unloaded and inaccessible firearm.

This means NO on the Sig Sauer. Shotguns and hunting rifles only, absolutely no hand guns.

- I like that you included a bit about who is friends are. He likes other smart kids and likes to debate. Is there a reason he's not in with the debate team? However we reach a snag with this:

"Gavin’s voice is also potentially a weapon; his quick wits can allow him to exploit emotional and psychological weaknesses with venomous and cutting verbal jabs and taunts."

No, he can not. Asperger's makes it difficult to notice emotional nuances, to say nothing of notching what is an emotional weak point to a person and using it against them.

- "He is naturally private and prefers the solitude of home to a social environment, occasionally taking long walks into the countryside and remaining there for hours, either observing the ebb and flow of the natural world around him or engrossed in a book."

What countryside? No really, Seattle is very urban. It's like if I wanted to take a great walk into the countryside of New York City or Washington DC or Los Angeles (we have city and then um......desert). Kings County is pretty big from what I can tell but the farm he lives on would be well outside of the city. In fact, how does he get sent to Aurora High, which is 100% in the urban city and not elsewhere? I looked and I could not find any farms within Seattle.

Kay, we've still got this issue:

-We've still got some leftover here from the other profile. You say that he has voluntary distance from peers but tries to be nice to peers. You know what that is called when you make contact and try to be nice and respectful? It's called FRIENDLY. Gavin is FRIENDLY. What prompts this friendliness? He hasn't, as far as I've seen, really spoken to anyone other than his parents or tutor in years. What motivates this?

Okay. This is sort of a lot to get through. Post when changes are done.

SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread
You wanna know what I think?

No one ever asks me that ;~;

In fact, I don't much express suspicion in general, I don't think I've ever FOSed.

I am kindda suspicious of Slamexo. I have been since Toben expressed suspicion on him way back. Last phase I was suspicious of some of his logic. As soon as he suggested the cop claim, my bells went off again. However I keep giving him the benefit of the doubt.

SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread
Hey o_o

So I went out with friends, got back late at night and when I woke up Laurels was lynched. And rightly so, well done.

I'm very confused right now. I understand Slamexo's reasoning of having cop claim and then try to see who of those left could be investigated. However I also understand Rocky's point of view that if there are only a few mafia left (not gonna say two as he has because who knows how many Decoy put in, but Rocky's played more mafia than I so if he says 5, I suppose he knows his mafia) and one wouldn't come up as anti town it puts the cop at risk and might not give us anything.

Fun speculation: if we had a doctor I'd like to think it'd be Helen Wilson, the hopeful pre med girl who cut out her own appendix o____o

The General SOTF Discussion Thread
Okay, romances:

Hand to god, and sad as it is, the most romantic pair I've ever been a part of was Taryn and Kate of SOTF: Evolution. HOW SAD IS THAT? They were never even officially confirmed as a couple.

But I think it does have a lot do to with handler chemistry. It was actually the first time Dom and I wrote together and I was like "Oh man, I hope this Dom guy likes my crappy writing : S."

Ethan and Feo were fun too. I think in that case what made it work is that I really did ( I, Victoria, not the jerk I was controling) fell in love with Feo. Same thing happened with another pair I was in with Ciel. I really did fall in love with that girl. So I think there's something to be said for connecting very much not only with the handler you're working with but also falling a little in love with their character too.

I think it's been said, but it's not good to rush things because you need the people to be in a stage of their relationship but like, want to do it before they die. Also I don't think you should be afraid to bail if the romance isn't working or, at least, not have them much together on the island like Brock and Hilary.

It also makes a huge differance if both people in the romance are interesting. If you've got a guy and a bland sweet girl as the other half, it's gonna feel a little lame. I think it has to do with figuring out their roles in the relationship.

I was a big fan of the R.J. and Mary-Ann romance aspect back when Ella had her. That's sort of why I wanted to take her on when Ella was putting her up for adoption. Alice/Victoria was also rather interesting. Ya know, I also thought Ridley/Raine was pretty cute too. I think those two handlers were really good togehter.


I need to read more of v2. From what I've heard it is very good. Mimi recommended to me Deliah and twin sister Debrah Dollop of v2 and they were actually really cool. I liked them a lot.

High Fashion, High Prices
((Amaranta Montalvo continued from Violet Blue Dragon))

Mara took notice of the other nearby voices from a few racks over and slowly turned.

"Why, hello dolls," she said, taking a few long strides towards them and stopping just short of being invasive.

Mara waved cheerfully at the other two girls. Her normally stick straight hair was in artificial, soft, tousseled waves with the hair near her face secured in the back with gold hair ornament. She wore an orange tunic that fell a few inches above her knees, patterned with black and white swirls and diamonds. She wore leather gladiator sandals with the leather straps crossing and weaving intricately, up to her mid calf. In her hand was a little light brown messenger bag with Cs covering the surface in a darker brown.

She stood politely with her hands clasped in front of her, smiling. An observant person might notice, however, that as she spoke and stood her eyes were darting over the two girls.

"How are you two?"

Home is Where the Heart Isn't
"Hey, shhhhh"

Michelle rubbed Kam's back gently. The feeling of the fabric of her shirt had a slight numbing effect on her fingertips. On her shoulder she felt the other girl's warm, shuddering breaths. When she came out and said what the source of her distress was, Michelle's eyes darkened. She squeezed her for a second, bringing her in. Michelle wasn't sure what to say.

She tucked her chin down to try and look at Kam. The cupid's bow of her lips spread into a smile.

"You aren't, though. Normal people look disgusting when they cry. Crying people are pretty gross. They're all soggy and puffy and red. But not you. You still look really cute. You just look like a panda when you cry. A sad panda. So even when people are normally really gross and disgusting, you aren't. So you're like the opposite."

Michelle's left foot slipped in front of her right foot and she grabbed Kam to avoid falling.

"C-can we sit down for this?" she said, trying to steady herself on her skates. " See, I was in such a hurry to get here I went on wheels."

Paris Ardennes
Name: Paris Ardennes
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Bible study, guitar, song writing, fencing, hiking.

Appearance: Paris stands at 5’9’’ and weighs a good 160 pounds. He has a long frame built with lean muscle and a slight bit of fat on top with the exception of his arms which look very toned. He has a smooth, dark olive complexion and black hair that shows just a slight bit of a wave at the short style it’s currently cut in. He has deep set, large hazel eyes with dark lashes. His nose is straight and has the look of a classical Greek nose and he has a strong, squared jaw.

There’s nothing remarkable about his style of dress. He wears t-shirts, either plain or with a print on them in warm weather and sweaters in the winter. For all seasons he wears blue jeans and comfortable sneakers. On the day of abduction he was wearing a blue t-shirt with the number “23” written in a jersey style on the back in white print and “Sharks” an unknown team, written on the front.

Biography: Paris Ardennes was born to Sanaz Kadivian in Seattle, Washington. His father, Jean, was not present at the time which would be quite common for the relationship between the father and son.

Sanaz was an American-born daughter of Iranian immigrants. She made her living as a fashion photographer and had Seattle as her home base, though was frequently traveling to Europe and spending extended amounts of time there for her job. It was there she met Jean, a very handsome man of Swiss and French decent who worked as an advertising executive for a high-end men’s clothing company. They met while she was working at Paris fashion week and she was instantly smitten by his charm. She had an exotic prettiness that appealed to him and they began seeing each other. Jean was a terrible womanizer, but Sanaz thought she could change him. In the end, she found that she couldn’t and the relationship was severed. He takes responsibility for his son and never neglects to send child support. When he was born, Sanaz chose to have the child take his father's last name because it was her love-struck belief that they would end up together in the end.

As a young child, Paris was used to traveling around with his mother on her photo assignments. He was home schooled for awhile so that he would be able to travel with her, but when he turned 10 she felt it would be best to keep him in one place and decided to try and take more local jobs. She enrolled him in a school in Seattle and settled down.

Paris split his time between parents spending the school year with his mother and the summers with his father in his home in Switzerland. While his father was willing to give his financial support and take him for the summer, he didn’t like children much. He never felt much of a connection to his son and it was interference to his womanizing, drinking and socializing. Thinking he would split the difference, he tried to occupy Paris’ time with many activities during the day so as not to worry about needing to entertain the child. He signed him up for soccer, lacrosse, art, music, dance, whatever activities were available. Eventually Paris found that he excelled at fencing and music. He carried both hobbies with him back to his home in Seattle and his mother bought him one of his most prized possessions, an acoustic guitar. As the years went on he also learned to play the piano, but never with as much skill as he could play the guitar. He joined a fencing club in Seattle as well and has competed for years. He started with the foil, the most common weapon in fencing, and eventually made the sabre his specialty.

Spending most of his early childhood with her, Paris was very close to his mother. He didn’t know his father’s family in France and his mother’s family had cut ties with her after she converted to Catholicism in her mid twenties. Sanaz raised her son as a Catholic and he followed it as she wished, though became very religious once he was 14 after the death of his father in a fatal drunk driving car accident in which his father was the intoxicated party. He believed that his father was taken because of his frivolous lifestyle. They had never been all that close and he started to catch on as he grew that his father was putting him in various activities so as not to deal with him. He had never approved of his father’s drinking and affairs and promised that he would be virtuous and not end up as he did. His father's death was devastating to his mother who had never given up hope on ending up with him again. She became depressed for a few months during which Paris put in a lot of effort to comfort her. Money was not a problem for Sanaz and Paris following Jean's death. As his only child (that he acknowledged) Paris was entitled to all of his assets and properties. Sanaz and Paris sold his large house in Switzerland for a sizable amount and it allowed them to live very comfortably with the addition of Sanaz's salary. Jean's death didn't so much cause mourning or sadness in Paris as it did numb him. It took him some time to sort out exactly how he felt about the death of his father and he found in the end he was more sad for the missed opportunity that they had as son and father than he was over losing him. He didn't feel that he could really "lose" a father if he never really had him to start with. The death inspired him more than anything to take solace in his faith even further. The strong influence of religion had been with him his whole life due to his closeness to his mother. His interest intensified following the death of his father because it made him feel like there was an order to the universe. He rationalized his father's death as a result of not leading an pious life and liked the idea that adhering to certain believes and practices would result in reward in the afterlife. This thought was a great source of calming and peace to him. He is incredibly active in church, frequently volunteering to help do chores around the church and maintain the building as well as attend mass weekly. He tries to extol the virtues of his religion on others because he only hopes to instill the same peace in others that he finds through his faith. He only takes the time to talk to people about who he sees as kind and good people and does it out of a desire to help. Because he mostly does this with people that he's on good terms with they are mostly too polite to tell him how much of a bother he is. He tries to be positive and upbeat so any criticism leveled towards him or accusations of him being pushy don't bother him much.

In school he is moderately popular. He is friendly, funny and people are impressed with his musical ability, which he takes any opportunity to show off. He plays house parties, birthdays, talent shows, picnics and any event someone invites him to play at. He hopes to go to college and major in music production. He aspires to one day be a professional musician. He talks easily with others and is seen as quite friendly. With his European features mixed with his dark skin and hair, he is rather attractive. He is frequently the target of advances from girls, but savvy girls who know him well already know not to flirt with him. Girls who accept an invitation to go out on a “date” will usually wind up in a romantic coffee shop being lectured for an hour or two on religion. Occasionally he will take girls on one pleasant date and the second is the one where he pulls out his bibles and reading materials. To those who know to stay away from religious topics and not to go to dinner or coffee after school with him, one on one, he’s a relaxed person. He has many friends who also have an interest in music like he does and talks enthusiastically about music with them. He makes a good hiking partner and likes the outdoors. It gives him time to think of songs to write or just go over his day.

In school he is clever and maintains pretty good grades, mostly As with a few Bs. If he is ever lost or confused in a class he can usually rely on a young lady to give him help. Growing up as an only child who was much doted upon by his mother, he has a tendency to be a little flighty and selfish. He is not selfish on purpose, he just sometimes forgets to do things like call when he says he will or return a CD or say “thank you” when someone has done a favor.

Advantages: Paris is charming and persuasive. He has fast reflexes and is quick and agile from his fencing. He is in good shape and has good stamina. He is friendly with many people.
Disadvantages: Some may have been turned off by his pushing of his religion. His lean frame means that other boys might be able to best him in a fight. He tends to be a little oblivious to the feelings of people around him. At his core, he is a selfish person.

SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread
The joke voting is whatever, but I know a few are still miffed when Laurels shut down the voting day when he voted for Dom.

So with your look at Laurels and all of his activities, what is the conclusion you've come to Penguin?

(I'll give you $5 for the keyboard. It's good price, buddy buddy friend buddy friend >_> )

SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread
Oh right. The bulletproof was targeted. I guess he didn't block all nights then ._.