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Super Mario Bros Mafia: Game Thread
Going back to Goose for a sec, something interesting to ponder....

Either Dom did not succeed because Goose is bulletproof (doesn't seem so from his relieved response, but he might be) or someone rollblocked him. We already got rid of the mafia rollblocker so what townie would want to rollblock Dom, who is working for the town?


Super Mario Bros Mafia: Game Thread

I assure you I'm not mafia and though it would put me in some slight danger I could role claim if you wish.

Also I'll go ahead and take a look at Decoy's posts and things when I get home cause I'm headin' out right now.

Super Mario Bros Mafia: Game Thread
And looking back it looks like errrr.......4 mafia were killed

So 2 wouldn't be half of the total mafia no matter the number. I just math fail. Sorry ^_^;

Super Mario Bros Mafia: Game Thread
Just an assumption on my part based on the number of mafia peoples in the last games.

There's normally 4-6ish yeah? If not, then totally my bad on using "half" a little loosely. Just tryin' ta be positive is all.

Super Mario Bros Mafia: Game Thread
Dag yo, half the mafia taken out in one day/night.

Boooo Foxy Foxy :( .

The Use of Common Sense is Authorized
((Mary-Ann Warren continued from Waves of Devotion))

Mary-Ann had been walking aimlessly following the path of the beach. Her feet sloshed lazily through the sand and her rifle dragged behind her, leaving a line in the beach where she had been. It was so heavy, too heavy to keep lugging around upright. But more than that it was as if she didn't care.

She felt so numb. She felt like the physical embodiment of black and white static on a malfunctioning television set. Crackling and droning and comforting in it's blank surface and hissing.

Her eyes were half lidded as she trudged dutifully down the beach. So many people had died, but she only cared about the one.

It had been a long time since she'd seen other people, but when she came upon the three girls, they didn't alarm her for some reason. She looked up. Two of them were getting pretty in compact mirrors.

She didn't speak. Just stood with her lips slightly parted and her red, puffy eyes fixed.

Aching Chest and Blurry Sight
Nick stared blankly at Meredith as she spoke. He waited until she was done and tilted his head slightly to one side.

"You talk a lot," she said, pointing at her. "But none of it makes much sense. To me, at least."

He looked around to see if anyone else knew what she was saying. They looked equally confused. Good, it wasn't just him. She had a book she wanted them to sign. He couldn't see why and he didn't really know what he would write, but Teo brushed her off in his trademark way. He called her babe and flashed a smile.

Gracie stepped forward to write in the book. Far be it for him to stop her.

He looked down at Cisco. He was certain he'd heard that he killed someone. The kid looked like he was freaking out. He was.....what was he doing? It was very strange to Nick. It made him want to take a step away from Cisco. He didn't like this person who was whimpering and crying. It gave him a prickly feeling to be near him.

And then he heard a little voice. He turned around.

"Jessa," he whispered. He felt so much just looking at her. She was dirty and tired like they all were but she had those sweet, brown eyes that looked hopefully up at him. He was happy that she was safe, but he wasn't entirely happy to see her. The position that he was in, standing next to a dead boy and his accomplice right there with a crossbow bolt in his hand..... it wasn't a good picture for her to walk into. He wanted to explain himself, but he was afraid that if he moved forward he'd scare her. He thought she might go running off like a rabbit and he'd never see her again.

He had tried to chase rabbits when he was a little kid.

He was always too loud, too slow to catch them.

He always lost them.

Super Mario Bros Mafia: Game Thread
Sorry Decoy but you're just a little too defensive and a little too suspicious by throwing it on Dom as an out. ^_^;

Vote: Decoy

Super Mario Bros Mafia: Game Thread
I agree. Dom's agreed to work with the town and I don't think this is a ploy on his part. It's true that we'll need to get rid of Dom eventually in order to win and end the game, but I think he should stick around at least another day or two in order to try and work as a second vigilante as Goose said.

It was a huge headache to get out of Israel and my computer broke as soon as I got back in Sweden but it's fixed now and I'm back.

And I'm totally not leaving Uppsala again and moving my whole life in a week.


Super Mario Bros Mafia: Game Thread
EBWOP: Sorry, you probably knew she's dead. I misread something you wrote.

Lots of sorries to Random :(

Super Mario Bros Mafia: Game Thread
Holly's dead, buddy XD.

Super Mario Bros Mafia: Game Thread
Ermmm so going though and looking at Whirl's activity didn't yield much ^_^;

Things of note:

- He voted for TDS, Dete and of course Pippin
- He tried to throw suspicion on Vole but withdrew it later saying he was convinced of innocence.
-He FOS Decoy twice.

Mafia Godfather means that he was like, in charge of them, yeah? Doesn't seem like he had any pattern really. So this was useless. -_-

I Was a Teenage Hand Model
Autumn brushed off Claire's response like she hadn't heard it. She pushed the make- shift raft towards the water line and gave it one hard kick so that it was floating in water just deep enough where it no longer touched the sand. Autumn took a stick off of the pile of brush wood she'd thrown on and lit it with the lighter. She gave the corpse and her disorganized creation one last look before she threw the flaming wood onto the girl and watched as the fire spread slowly, but steadily. She hefted one last shove and it sailed peacefully away from the island. Soon it was a flickering blaze on the otherwise empty ocean.

She watched it drift. "It's not fair," she said to no one in particular. "I didn't do anything to deserve this. I was good. I was responsible. And for all of my organization and my planning there's not a thing in the world that could have made it so I wouldn't end up at the spot at this very moment."

She bit her lip so hard she thought it might bleed.

"It's just not fair."

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like
Isabel was still crouched down near the sliding glass door with the shard of mirror in her hand. She looked down at her only weapon and her vision turned to water color right in front of her, then back again. She shook her head and almost feel forward on her face. As much as she was a stubborn little fighter, she knew she could never win in her state. A few minutes of rest wasn't enough. She had worn herself down where she needed more than that. Still thirsty, still hungry, ran ragged. There was no chance, especially against a boy with a shot gun.

Isabel steadied herself and gingerly put the shard back in her bag. She walked out to stand with Ray and Annaliese with both of her hands open and at her sides to show she had nothing. So hungry. She was dizy and her head hurt. She looked at Jimmy. He looked like a wild animal. After a brief moment of thinking she realized she must look the same. Dried mud up to her elbows and knees, rips in the skirt, frizzed out greasy hair. They were all like wild animals.

"I was the last one. It's yours, Jimmy. Just don't hurt anyone."

She took a deep breath and looked at the gun. He might really decide to shoot them then and there. Fear ran buzzing like electricity up and down her spine.

And then she heard a familiar voice.

"Oh god, Allen," she whispered. Her blood turned to ice. She had to get Jimmy's attention back just in case he decided to go hunting for the intruder.

"Go on ahead. Check out the place. It's all yours. Nice and safe, good beds, cozy garden." She felt like a real estate agent. It was absurd. And what's more she felt like she could topple over again at any minute. Isabel willed herself to stay upright.

Super Mario Bros Mafia: Game Thread

Kaaay, sorry for that. Be here now >_>

Soooo.....that wasn't a good night. But it wasn't a terrible night either. A townie and a lover aren't a catastrophe to lose, but it'd be better if we lost no townies at all.

I'll have to go back and read up on what E.T. said but it looks like a lot of the people left have still been very quiet and I see that Whirl was ASPLODED in a stroke of luck.

When I have some time, which will be soon, I'll go back and look at all of Whirl's posts to see if there's anything there, though you guys probably did that already ._.

Aching Chest and Blurry Sight

Nick lumbered towards the bag. He had to pass the fallen body on the way. He couldn't quite tell why, but he was compelled to remove the bolt. He grabbed one end and with some difficulty he wrenched it out of the boy, fresh blood squishing and sloshing out of the wound. The bolt slid out smoothly until the end caught slightly and promted him to tug. It came out.

Nick tossed the bolt at Teo and grabbed the sack of supplies. He felt better now that the cross bow bolt had been removed. The boy was still a horrible mess, but he looked more natural now.

"Cisco..." he said trying the sound of the name. He knew him. Soccer team. Yes, he'd heard his name on the announcements but he didn't remember the context. "I think I remember them saying Cisco. I could be wrong though" he said to his shoes.

I'm so sorry guys. Apparenly I'm staying with my uncle for the duration so I'll see you all when I get back to Sweden on Saturday night.

I'll try to burn out as many posts and things as I can right now but just a warning that that will be all from me till Saturday at night.


The away thread and I are becoming close friends.

I've been informed just now that I'm being passed off to my uncle for the Passover holiday where there is no wifi so, I'll be out until probably Wednesday -_-

Happy Passover everyone!

Waves of Devotion
((Mary-Ann Warren continued from Feral Intelligence ))

Mary-Ann ran as fast as her tired legs would carry her away from the town center and the residential district. She ran away, but it felt like there was a string wrapped around her heart, tugging her to go back. She knew that on the other end of that string was the corpse of what had been R.J. Lowe.

She vaulted over the rocks and stumbled awkwardly onto the sandy beach. Mary-Ann coughed and panted. It was a mess of air and tears and breaths.

It wasn't supposed to be like this. He was supposed to stay with her. How long had he known? How long had he lied to her whenever he stroked her hair reassuringly or smiled at her?

Her eyes were already a puffy red mess, but she couldn't stop.

Mary-Ann kicked a piece of drift wood and saw it scoot a disappointing distance of a few feet. She took aim to smash the piece of wood and slipped. She landed on her bad shoulder in the sand and groaned, rolling over onto her back.

"I don't know what to do. What am I going to do?" She started to cry again. There was sand in her mouth now.

Mary-Ann crawled over to her bag and started to dig around for water. What she found was a note. A note from R.J.

She read.

"I......" she croaked. "I can't do this. I can't do all those things. I don't feel like I'm strong. I'm just some....some girl who got lucky. I can't forget about him. I'll never forget him. I want to go home. I want to be all those things R.J. wants me to be but I just can't."

"I'll be with you every step of the way. If you're scared, I'll be here to hold you tight. If you need to cry, I'll be here to give you my shoulder. If your aim falters, I'll be here to steady your hands. If you lose your balance, I'll be here to pick you up."

Mary-Ann buried her face in her hands and the trickle of water made the gaps between her fingers wet. "I can't feel you. I'm so scared it's a miracle I haven't dropped dead from nerves and I don't feel a thing. Nothing."

"It's a million miles away to get home and I-"

She clutched the paper so hard it folded and crumpled into a squished ball. She held it close to her chest and curled her whole body into it like she hoped it would pass right into her.

It was the only thing she had left.

((Mary-Ann Warren continued in The Use of Common Sense is Now Authorized ))