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Schwarze Rosen
((Paris Ardennes continued from The Killing Moon))

"No, why would I do that?" he said absently while looking up around the aviary. He was perched on a bench, one knee up against his chest looking around at the new place they'd found themselves.

He took a deep breath and pushed his hair back away from his eyes. He regretted not cutting it before the trip now. He thought he'd be able to do it when he got back. The trip wasn't supposed to last this long. Just a day or two to look at the rides and bask in the sun.

They were in some kind of large glass dome. It was a cage filled with many smaller cages. It seemed apt. He looked over his shoulder at his current companion, noting a slight cracking in his tone. He was clearly distressed and crying about something.

He was telling the truth. Why on Earth would he leave Joachim now? He was a good traveling companion. He was perfect, in fact. Once again, he was in need and once again he was provided for. He hopped up off the bench and went over to Joachim.

"Something's wrong. You can talk to me about it, if you like"

The Killing Moon
Paris looked down at his own hands as he sat next to Joachim. His hair fell forward a bit, shielding his eyes somewhat from view. The fire cast flickering, unreliable shadows on the boys as they sat. Slowly, Paris put a limp hand on Joachim's shoulder.

"You're right. It was too much."

There was something electric about the point of contact. He could feel Joachim shaking and breathing until both subsided back into relative normalcy. Gradually, Joachim went back to sleep. Paris stayed awake, hand still on the other boy, apparently deep in thought.

He ran his hand up Joachim's arm up to his neck until he felt the metal of his collar. Paris curled his long fingers around the collar and held onto it possessively as Joachim slept.

However, it reminded him of his own bondage. He reached up and touched his own collar with the tips of his digits.

He'd replaced one person with another, but he didn't feel any less lonely. Paris was certain that this was what was best for Cho and so wasn't terribly conflicted over what he'd done, but there was still something that made him feel cold inside. Maybe it was that no number of people would bring back his best friend, or maybe that this situation befell them at all. He wished that there were better ways to be tested, but reminded himself that if it were easy, it wouldn't be a test.

All he could do was remind himself that time makes all things easier. There were some things in his life that he wouldn't ever forget, that he would always carry with him as anger and sadness and regret, but with time he'd not remember them as much. Every day he thought about his father and Sven a little less than the day before.

That was what he wanted. He just wanted to survive more and to remember less. With that, he curled up near Joachim and slept.

((Paris Ardennes continued in Schwarze Rosen)

((apologies ;~;. Promise prompt responses going forward))

Mara turned back and gathered her things up among her place in the leaves. She put the gun inside the bag, hidden away. She sighed deeply, and pushed a few strands of loose hair back behind her ears. She pushed her bag out of the tree and supposed it must have made a thudding sound when it hit the ground.

Carefully, she looked down. A girl was looking back up at her. Mara blinked a few times and then took hold of the branch with both hands. Faintly, the girl had said something. Mara jumped down, hanging by the branch, and then letting go to fall on her scuffed black shoes.

"Whatever," she said in response to the thanks. She asked if she was on the announcements.

"So what if I was?" she said as she brushed her black blouse smooth again. She picked her bag up from where it had fallen. "Are you afraid of me?"

V4 Part 2 Mafia Game Thread
I had a disastrous week. This will be fixed tonight

The Killing Moon
Paris watched as Joachim saw her and woke up, but averted his eyes to the floor. He heard a wet sound and a female sigh, sort of. It sounded a bit like a sigh. He lifted his head and she stumbled clumsily away.

If only she'd stayed still she would have had a more peaceful death. As it was, she was just making more work for everyone. However, it would be over soon.

Paris blinked sleepily and got up, moving to Joachim.

"Are you alright? What happened?" he murmured.

And as he thought, she didn't get far. He heard her collapse not far away on a stairwell. He got up, and walked over to the source of the noise.

She was indeed, extremely dead. She'd tried to write out that "it" was him. Who knew what "it" could have meant.

"Bye, Cho. You're in a better place. A peaceful place, now."

Without seeming to care much, he walked through her message, smudging it, but not looking down. It was more a careless smudging.

"Well..." he said softly, sitting next to Joachim. "I'm sorry that happened."

V4 Part 2 Mafia Game Thread
I am basically the worst and didn't set an ending time for this day phase. Day phase will end tomorrow at 9pm GMT

Princesses & McQueens
Her fingers were tightly clasped in her lap. She sat at the edge of her bed. Her hands were resting on the fabric of a blue and white polka-doted dress. Her dark, nearly black colored eyes were fixated on nothing with fierce intensity.

A moment ago she had ripped the delicate canopy off her bed. Around her were strewn ripped up pages of sketches and artwork, so numerous that it looked like confetti. Broken glass from shattered picture frames glittered from the floor in the dim light like crystal. Wisps of her shiny black hair escaped her braid and were hanging limply and framing her face.

"It's not enough," she mumbled to herself.

"Why couldn't she just die in a plane crash like they said..." she wondered as she chucked a picture across the room and watching it smash satisfyingly. It wasn't fair. There was no way for her to win. Either Mara survived and then she would be the most loved, the most exalted in her parents eyes, she would have achieved something that was near super human that she could never compete with. Rebeca would be the shadow forever.

Even worse than that, if Mara died. Then she'd become preserved in memory. It would be impossible to compete with a memory that never grows old, something that never fails. Rebeca ripped down the canopy, her eyes brimming with tears. She picked up her perfume bottles and started lobbing them against the walls and mirrors. The colored glass rained down.

The novelty of being alone had worn off. Her father didn't pay her as much mind as he used to. He worked late, but he checked his phone more often. She knew what he was looking for. He was checking on Mara. Rebeca didn't have the patience for her mother's depression. She became a ghost in her house.

She didn't know what she wanted. Mara was certainly not the pretty one anymore, but that wasn't even a factor anymore in how people measured their worth, not anymore.

And so Rebeca sat still in her destroyed room, not moving or blinking. Finally she decided that it hadn't been enough.

"I don't feel better yet," she said, passing a hand over the side of her face, tracing a line on her cheek, moving down to her lips.

Slowly, Rebeca stood and in only her white stockings, she walked to the door. She didn't look down, paying no mind to the mess underfoot. With deliberate steps Rebeca walked to Mara's room, opened the door and closed it behind her.

V4 Part 2 Mafia Game Thread
This was a bad night for most everyone. A helpful, but not very friendly party was taken out when he became over confident and went out walking at night alone.

The sad red head who only wanted to watch after her friend and help the town was watching the same person she always did. She was fixated on him and saw someone sneak up behind him. She gasped as she saw the sneaky girl be dispatched by someone else. It was a night full of information for her....if she'd paid more attention to who was behind her.

Too tired for proper announcement.



7 Remaining means 4 to Lynch


Mara continued looking down at the people. A new one seemed to come into her frame of vision. She couldn't hear them. She couldn't hear much of anything. There was a terrible ringing in her ears ever since the grenade explosion. It came and went, but it was always hard to hear for her hear. She only heard Zubin because he was loud and close, stupid loud oaf.

She would be partially deaf for the rest of her life, probably. What did that matter really? She was already ugly now. There wasn't anything left to hear anyway.

She went to her bag and pulled out the box of pizza. There were still four slices of the large supreme pizza left that she wasn't able to stuff down. Mara ate until she thought she'd vomit, but couldn't get those down. She could save them for later. They were valuable sources of energy.

Looking at the box, Mara remembered Summer again. The last real act that was still the old Summer she had grown up with was that she'd shared her food with her. In the real world, it's the exact same thing she would have done. She was always sharing things. Summer would lend you whatever you asked for. That was the real last moment of Summer Sims, not the twisted shrieking mess that she'd shot.

Mara tossed the box down at the group lightly, like a girl tossing bread crumbs to pigeons. She couldn't give Summer a funeral or attend a wake. This was the best tribute she could give to say goodbye to her, doing something that her friend would have done, something totally unlike Mara.

"Bye, Sunshine. See you around," she said quietly, unable to hear herself clearly.

V4 Part 2 Mafia Game Thread
A lynch was reached!

Poor girl, didn't they know it was their own suspicions which made her turn against them? She didn't even get a chance to seek out her revenge for those that had wounded her. The few who had survived strung the girl up, knowing not that she could have been one of them all along if they'd treated her a little kinder.


Night starts now. It will go until March 11th (for real, no plans this week) until 9 GMT. Please get actions in before then. Good luck

The Alignment Thread V5 - Halfway Mark
I saw this and had a hearty giggle remembering that I put Paris as neutral or something so that people would not suspect....

So we're doing our own kids then?

St. Michelle Wexler, our lady who art in heaven: Lawful Good <3 . I originally had her in chaotic good in pregame mostly because she wasn't very concerned with rules generally. However, on the island she created a very strict set of rules for herself and her compatriots to follow and she would not deviate from that plan for anything in the world. She was in fact terrified that she would break the rules she'd set out for herself and would no longer be good as a result. And going with the classic definition of selfish vs. not selfish to determine evil in D&D, she is unselfish to an inhumane degree, dying to save someone else and trying hard to save her killer as well. Jumping to the opposite side...

Not the devil at all Paris Ardennes: CHAOTIC EVIL. He cares only for himself, possibly Sven while he was alive, though truly he cared about Sven in reference to himself. He saw Sven die and decided he was doing whatever possible to make the best situation for himself and innocents/bad people alike be damned. He appears to have no code of conduct and no rules bind him. He has created a mental state for himself where any action he takes is justified, so he can do anything he pleases. To a certain degree he revels in the chaos he creates. Occasionally there are hints of a conscience when he feels somewhat bad, but again, anything he does is justified so he sees it more as a "That was too bad/unfortunate" instead of guilt. He feels no real guilt. He has no real empathy for anyone and it is very hard to empathize with him.

Amaranta Montalvo: ????? . I'd started her out as a villain but was informed she apparently is not very villainous anymore and with reflection, she isn't so much, at least compared to this one ^. She is selfish, cares mostly for herself but displays genuine caring about her friends. She was formerly lawful and is confused by being unfettered, doesn't know how to deal with it. So true neutral? This one was kind of weak, so sorry. Wasn't sure where to stick her.

V4 Part 2 Mafia Game Thread
I haz the dumb. I forgot I'm going to a special Israeli security conference for the weekend and won't have my computer. I'll be back Saturday night so day is extended until then

The Killing Moon
Paris kept his head down and near her ear, hidden away from Cho. Slowly he moved away, but had the same reassuring half smile that he normally had.

"It'll be for the best. He's already suspicious of us and when he wakes up and sees us gone, he'll come after us anyway. This way, if we take his things we hinder him. Finding more supplies will be his top priority, not us. It's an investment of some danger now to make sure we're safe later. Just do it quickly. It'll be like taking off a bandaid. We can maybe go look for Zoe again after. You'll see. We can make it out."

V4 Part 2 Mafia Game Thread
Fixed TDS in the list of the living and I'll add him to the death list tonight I wasn't planning on revealing the flip for Shangela, but since you asked


V4 Part 2 Mafia Game Thread
What a strange night. A girl in a miniskirt and a trumpet ran to the hiding spot of someone she ordinarily wouldn't have thought about helping.

"Please take this," she said, handing him a first aid kit. "Someone gave it to me and I think you need it more than I do. I'm afraid I don't have much longer. You have to help the town."

He was surprised and tried to offer her a hug, but she shirked away and ran off.

And indeed she did not have long for this world. She stopped in her tracks as someone stood, blocking her way. The stranger smiled.

"No, this isn't happening," she sobbed.

"I'm afraid that it is. You've become a nuisance and I can't have you around. You understand, right?"

The girl dropped to her knees, crying while faced with the barrel of a gun.

"Tell Dave I said 'bye'," she mumbled.

"Tell him yourself, he'll join you soon."


Elsewhere a fight broke out, but midway the lights were killed. No one could tell who was where in the confusion. Everyone left with their lives, though some were wounded.


Morning children! Another disappointing night, but not for lack of trying. Maybe I should stress the part where my staff is very easily bored. If you don't start producing higher body counts this game of SOTF will last until Christmas.

Who was on the chopping block last night? Only one pathetic child, Isabel Guerra, was gunned down. I thought this file said she was good at running? Maybe we should be more detailed in these files from now on.

Good luck as always, kids.



Sorry for lateness! Day 7 will last until March 7th at 9pm GMT (for real this time)

11 remaining means 6 to lynch.