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The General SOTF Discussion Thread
As far as martial arts, I'd say it's not much use because kids have weapons and it's really a hand to hand kind of thing. It's biggest advantage to me is that it might make you more agile and quick.

I think the only time it ever actually helped me was when I had a kid who was on the wrestling team who ended up rolling around on the floor with another kid from the wrestling team on the island.

G051 - Mordetsky, Stacey[/DECEASED]

Name: Stacey Mordetsky
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Fashion, gossiping, exercising

Appearance: Stacey stands around 5'9" and weighs about 145 pounds. She is Caucasian, but with a tan that first developed fron suntanning in California, and that she has maintained through the use of tanning beds. Her face is blessed with very elegant features, with her deep blue eyes, dainty nose, and lush, full lips. She wears lipstick almost every day, and uses moisturizer every morning to keep her skin smooth. She has long blonde hair that reaches just below her shoulder blades. Her bangs are cut short and straight across her forehead and her hair obscures her ears. Her body has a slim, but toned figure, with noticably larger than average breasts that she is not shy about showing off. She also has long legs and shapely hips. Her attire when not in school usually consists of very fine clothing from high-end stores. In school, she wears clothes that still show off her figure, but fall within the school dress code. When on the town, she is almost never seen without a pair of kitten heels, as she likes the style but doesn't like heels that are too tall because she feels that the height boost isn't worth the pain they cause her feet.

On the day of the class trip, Stacey was wearing a sporty white tank top and black athletic shorts by Anne Klein and a pair of white tennis shoes.

Biography: Carol May was a wealthy heiress with no work ethic. She came from a family of hotel owners who catered to her every whim and never required her to go out and look for a job. Almost immediately after graduating high school, she wooed Bryan Mordetsky at a party for entepreneurs. Bryan was a twenty-nine-year-old chef who owned a successful barbecue restaurant and was one of the newest rising stars in the culinary world. They began to date, and a few months after they met, Carol got pregnant. Bryan was incredibly flustered, and proposed to Carol, as he felt that the only way to make things right was to marry her. She said yes, and they married a month after their child was born. Thus began the life of Stacey Mordetsky.

One year later, Carol was pregnant again, and this time gave birth to a son. The boy was named Jake Mordetsky. Bryan was glad that the kids would be able to grow up together, as he had grown up an only child, and had always wished for a brother or sister.

Both of Stacey's parents were very rich, and they lived in a large mansion in Beverly Hills. Around the time Stacey turned three years old, Bryan began to open more restaurants, which now amount to seven across the country, with talks of an eighth in progress. Whatever Stacey wanted, her mother would give to her. Stacey loved getting new things, and the income from Bryan's chain of successful restaraunts made sure that she could afford virtually anything that sparked her interest. As a result, Stacey had an extremely privileged upbringing.

When Stacey was five years old, she entered a pageant for the first time. She was mezmerized by the sparkly outfits the girls in the pageants got to wear and by the glitz and glamour of the whole event. With the help of an exquisite outfit and an energetic dance in the talent portion, Stacey managed to win first prize. She became addicted to the pageant scene, and her mother was only too happy to enable her addiction. They went across the state, entering pageants and winning prizes. Consequently, this caused Stacey's mother to favor her greatly, resulting in Jake, who was a relatively quiet child that wasn't interested in the spotlight, often being pushed to the side or ignored completely in favor of her.

As Stacey grew older, she also grew more spoiled. She wanted every piece of designer clothing and every toy on the market, and would throw a tantrum if she did not get what she wanted. Bryan tried often to teach her the value of a dollar and wise spending habits, but Carol would enable Stacey's horrible behavior by buying her whatever she wanted, much to Bryan's chagrin. While Stacey loved getting her way, it made her feel quite uncomfortable when her parents would argue about whether or not spoiling her would end up causing problems for her later on down the line. Stacey feels guiilty over how her actions have affected her family, but she never put forth an attempt to become less materialistic. She just hoped that everything would eventually work out on its own. Despite her dislike of the conflict, her greed and expensive tastes keep drawing her back to her frivolous spending habits, adding to the root of the problem and therefore starting the conflict over again.

Once Stacey hit her teenage years, she had blossomed into the object of affection for many male students. Her pretty face combined with her shapely body made her immensely popular. Her virginity didn't last through her freshman year of high school, and she became quite sexually active. She became a regular on the party scene as well, meeting up with her fellow students to drink and dance the night away on several occasions. Stacey has an addictive personality, and what once had been an obsession with pageants and glamour became one for parties and sex. She has experimented with toys, but dislikes them because although toys can provide sexual release, they lack the element of human interaction, which is the thing she draws the most pleasure from. The passion and emotion of intercourse, as well as the closeness with the other individual, however brief it may be, are what keep her coming back to her vice of promiscuity.

Consequently, as Stacey's popularity rose, her attitude deteriorated rapidly. She does not get very high marks in school, getting low C's and occasional D's more often than not. Her poor performance was not the result of a lack of intelligence, but rather a lack of caring. School always bored her, and she never really puts much effort into it as a result, only scoring high enough to get by, and nothing more. Bizarrely, she has shown surprising skill in math class, getting high B's and A's, and bringing up her average notably. She claims that her knowledge of math comes from studying clothing measurements and seeking out sales at the mall, but the truth is that she is just naturally good with numbers.

One area that Stacey truly excels in is her knowledge of fashion. She has been reading fashion magazines almost religiously since she was twelve, and it shows. She has an incredible knowledge of designers and their styles, as well as the best materials for various situations. She has used her knowledge of the fashion world to become one of the most well-dressed students at Aurora High. Her closet is full of outfits designed by the likes of Trelise Cooper and Rachel Zoe. She has organized her closet by designer and season, and easily notices when something is out of place. Her plentiful allowance combined with her mother's leniency allows her to buy as many fancy outfits as she desires. She is very proud of her collection of high fashion, and is extremely protective of it as well. She does not allow anyone into her closet for fear of them messing up her clothes, a rule the rest of the family begrudgingly accepts. Carol assures Bryan that that's just a typical thing for teenage girls to do, and that she remebers doing that at Stacey's age.

Other than her fashion knowledge and collection of designer clothes, the thing Stacey is most prideful of is her figure. She has been complimented on her body many times and is not shy at all about showing it off. Whenever summer rolls around, she is always either at the beach or the pool in her finest swimwear, partly to tan, and partly just to show off. However, her careful maintenance of her figure is complicated by the fact that the food from her father's restaurant is a major guilty pleasure for her. In order to combat the potential weight gain from the delicious barbecued meals, she exercises on a strict regimen. She does pilates, aerobics, and even incorporates a bit from her old dancing routines into her workout. Her efforts have not only maintained her figure, but have also given her a bit of subtle muscle tone, which she is also quite proud of. Strangely, despite the significant amount of effort she puts into fashion and exercising, she absolutely despises any other sort of work, being quite lazy in most circumstances.

Her friends always enjoyed being around her, as she always had the newest fashions and the latest gossip, and was more than willing to share her knowledge in these areas. However, she looked down on virtually everyone else outside of her "inner circle", and shunned the less popular kids when she wasn't outright insulting them. This caused the school to be very divided on their opinion of her, with the popular kids loving her, while the unpopular kids wished that she would just go away.

Incidentally, Jake became a completely different person than Stacey. He inherited his father's brown hair and brown eyes, and is rather scruffy-looking compared to his sister. His mother barely paid any attention to him growing up in favor of Stacey, causing him to have extremely low self-esteem. He is very introverted and spends most of his time either watching old episodes of Robot Wars or building his own robots in the garage. Bryan is supportive of his hobby, and tries to work with Jake to improve his self-esteem.

In her sophomore year, the Mordetsky family moved to Seattle so that Bryan could open a new restaraunt there, leaving his Beverly Hills restaurant in the capable hands of a trusted sous chef. Another reason he had for moving was that he was tired of the Beverly Hills scene, and he thought that it would be good for the family to go somewhere new, as well as hoping that a new environment would help cure Stacey's rampant materialism and Jake's crippling shyness. Upon arriving, he encouraged his kids to make friends with the local teens.

Aurora high was a strange new world for Stacey. Her old school had been populated by upper-crust rich kids much like herself. As a result, the economically-diverse crowd at Aurora was a new experience for her. To her, being rich was normal, and she assumed that people who didn't have money to freely spend were just too lazy to make a decent income. As a result, she would belittle and insult people below her financial standing, which caused her to leave quite a poor first impression on the student body. Eventually, after many months of being seen as nothing more than a snooty, stuck-up rich snob, she managed to fit in with a group of rich girls similar to herself, and made her first steps onto the Aurora High social ladder.

Once Stacey made a few friends, she began to slowly undo some of the damage she had previously done to her reputation. First of all, she largely stopped intentionally insulting people less fortunate than her. Her penchant for throwing extravagant parties was a big part of what helped her to get a foothold on the social ladder. She once tried out for cheerleading in order to enhance her social status, but quit quite quickly due to hating the work involved. She fell back into her old habits from California, spending many nights partying and sleeping around. In essence, things had gone back to the way they had been in Beverly Hills.

Most of Stacey's social interaction outside of class is with a group of other rich girls from school. She is always up-to-date on goings-on in the fashion world, and will constantly keep them notified on the hottest new styles and designers, as well as what new things in the future there are to look forward to. She is also a notorious gossip, and enjoys making derogatory comments about other students, especially those who she feels are significantly lower than her on the social ladder. In addition, she still occasionally falls into her old habits of teasing people with less money than her, although she is often unintentionally condescending as well. Outside of her friends and the boys who are willing to date her, she has alienated the majority of the school through her insults and thoroughly negative attitude. Even some guys are quite leery of her thanks to some students telling tales of her promiscuity.

Stacey's home life is quite interesting, to say the least. Her mother acts as though she can do no wrong, and constantly praises her while she is home. Unfortunately, her mother spends more time going to shops and spas with other socialites than she does at home, so Stacey doesn't get a whole lot of attention from her. Her father desperately wants her to be more practical, and tries his hardest to make her more responsible, but to no avail. Her brother Jake has almost no self-esteem and spends most of his time alone. Stacey thinks that Jake's social awkwardness reflects negatively on her, and she constantly hounds him about it, while Jake is too nervous and shy to defend himself from his sister's verbal attacks. Bryan has tried painstakingly to get the siblings to get along, but his efforts always end in disaster. Carol, on the other hand, always takes Stacey's side in arguments, as she is the "golden child" of the family, while Jake is always the odd man out. As a result of Carol's neglect, Bryan spends most of his time not spent at work working with Jake in a desperate attempt to build up his confidence, which makes Stacey feel alone and unnoticed. Bizarrely, Stacey has never really noticed how her mother ignores Jake. She always just assumed that Jake got all the attention whenever she wasn't around, similar to how he garners most of his father's attention, which is the exact opposite of the truth. They have been to family therapy on a number of occasions, and although many of their problems have been pointed out by their therapist, such as Carol's clear favoritism of Stacey over Jake, progress is moving slowly. All of the problems in the family just give Stacey more of a reason to go out and party, as she doesn't want to have to be around all the drama at home.

One thing that has caused significant stress in Stacey's life is her relationship with her parents. She gets on rather well with both of them, and she loves them dearly, but at the same time, she worries about what they would think if they knew about her lifestyle away from home. They allowed her to get birth control pills to avoid any accidental pregnancies, but they don't know how often she is praying for the pills not to fail. All of her late nights partying she writes off as just hanging out with friends, not letting them know the real truth of her lifestyle. She worries that if her parents find out exactly what she has been doing in her spare time, then they would overreact and punish her, or possibly have another argument amongst themselves about how they should be raising her. Despite her worries, she has not changed her lifestyle in any way. She feels emotionally distant from her family, and the attention she gets from guys makes her feel appreciated and, in a strange way, loved, and she is unwilling to give up that feeling.

Recently, Stacey went to a local talent agent in the hopes of starting a modeling career. After taking a few test shots, the agent informed her that she would likely have a difficult time finding many modeling jobs due to her body type not fitting the rail-thin models that typically dominate the industry. Frustrated, Stacey took her photos and went home. A few days before the school trip, she sent her pictures to another agent in the hopes that they would have a different opinion than the last one. If the second agent also rebuffs her, she is thinking about going to fashion school to become a clothing designer. Even though it would be hard work, she accepts that it would at least be something that she is interested in.

Advantages: Stacey's sex appeal is her biggest weapon. She could use her looks to manipulate some of the more weak-willed male students to protect her. As a result of her exercising, she is stronger and more durable than she looks, which could be an unpleasant surprise for a potential attacker.
Disadvantages: Stacey hates any form of work that doesn't directly correspond to her interests. She's going to want other people to do every little thing for her so that she doesn't have to lift a finger. Her generally unpleasant attitude and laziness will make it very difficult for her to find allies on the island. Despite her love of using her looks to manipulate people, she is not very likely to successfully seduce anybody in a situation such as SOTF, where a majority of the students involved are stressed and paranoid.

Designated Number: Female Student No. 051


Designated Weapon: Children's Chemistry Set: Make Your Own Volcano! Contains vinegar, baking soda, red dye and paper mache volcano.
Conclusion: I just hate people like this. Lazy slobs with easy lives of comfort and especially girls who think trading on their looks will save them. A chemistry set for the girl who doesn't value an education. Maybe this will teach her. - Abby Soto


B048 - Esposito, Corey[/DECEASED]

Name: Corey Esposito
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Video games, Gaming Club, browsing the Internet and cyberculture, listening to electronic music, and hanging out with friends.

Appearance: Corey stands at 5' 10" and weighs in at 166 lbs. His Italian heritage is obvious in his olive skin. He has an average build with little muscle and very little fat. He keeps his light brown hair fairly short, his bangs barely reaching his eyebrows. He has a heart shaped face with a long straight nose and dark green eyes. He has a bit of stubble on his chin. Corey's overall posture belies a very relaxed attitude, as he has a tendency to keep his hands in his pockets and he walks around at a leisurely pace.

Clothing-wise, Corey is comfortable wearing anything, as long as it can be considered casual. He often wears t-shirts, polos, and hoodies, although it's not uncommon to see him wear button up dress shirts and leather jackets, either. Most commonly, Corey will wear jeans or cargo pants. Many of the clothes he wears are shades of light grey, dark grey, and blue, and most of them are plain without any patterns or designs on them.

On the day of the abduction Corey was wearing a light blue polo shirt with a light grey hoodie, blue jeans, and a pair of white running shoes.

Biography: Corey is a third-generation Italian, born to Mark and Gina Esposito on January 2nd. The two had met in college, and saw that they shared many things in common, and fell in love, eventually getting married. Corey was born two years later. Corey is an only child, and so his parents had a lot of time to spend with him. As such, his relationship with them is very close, and he loves them very much. Corey's home life is very comfortable, as his parents own a small, but fairly popular, Italian family restaurant. Corey feels that he can be open with his parents, and tell thme anything that is on his mind. Overall, Corey's relationship with his family is very positive.

Ever since Corey was young, he was very outgoing and friendly. He would always greet people with a smile, even people he had only met for the first time. He was also full of energy, always running around the house, playing whether game his imagination had conjured up.

Early on, Corey had been interested in technology. It started when Corey got his first video game system at the age of seven. He was hooked, and spent the next few months playing it often. His interest in video games only increased as he grew, as he discovered new types of games, each of them bringing their own new experiences. His rowdiness had all but disappeared, as, he spent more and more time just playing games, and he eventually became calmer and more laid-back. When he discovered rhythm games, he became more interested in listening to music. As he got older, he began to explore various genres of electronic music, which became his favorite thanks in part to the rhythm games. Nowadays he mostly enjoys first-person shooters, MOBA games such as League of Legends, and of course rhythm games such as Dance Dance Revolution.

When Corey was eleven, he had his first real experience with a computer, and with it, the Internet. He began using it to find various video game website, where he could find other people who shared the same interests as he did. Later on, after he discovered websites like Youtube and Reddit, he became more and more ingrained in Internet culture, spending more and more time online. He also used the Internet for educational purposes, browsing sites like Wikipedia to gain more knowledge about the world. He was also able to find more music to listen to, which really broadened his horizons on music and allowed him to add more genres to his favorites.

By the time Corey had entered high school, he had many friends with a variety of shared interests, mostly gamers and people with similar musical tastes. He would spend time with these friends playing video games, or just talking. He also had a few childhood friends from around his neighborhood. Corey's friendliness was the driving force behind many of these friendships, as he believed that he could make anyone his friend, if he tried hard enough. This attitude may have rubbed some people the wrong way, as they found this behavior annoying. However, Corey didn't mind it. He understood that it was also not good to force a friendship, and if there was someone who he saw was bothered, he would ease off. This meant that there are very few people who dislike him.

At about the same time, he started working at the family restaurant, as a cashier, and a waiter. Because of the decent popularity of the establishment, the work was rather hard, but it allowed him to make some money. It also improved his social skills, which helped him make more friends at school and in other situations.

Corey's grades in school are average, with most of his marks being B's or a rare C. Corey isn't as invested into his classes as he should be, and he knows it. He is intelligent, but finds that he has to struggle to put in a lot of effort into his studies. Both he and his parents believe that he could easily get A's if he put his mind into it, but he often feels bored with his studies, and would rather play games or hang out with his friends. Corey does not have a subject he particularly likes or dislikes, but finds he can hold interest in science classes much better than in classes like English or theology. For this reason, Corey feels that he would like to go into a career in science, although he isn't too sure. His parents are disappointed in his grades, but he made a promise that he will try doubly hard in college to make up for his current grades.

Corey lives life with a laid-back and carefree attitude. He tries not to worry about things unnecessarily, and tries to ease any stress he has, usually playing games or listening to music. Corey's outlook on life is that anything can turn out okay, so it's not good to worry too much. Overall, Corey has had a good life.

Advantages: Corey will have no problems making any potential allies; he has many friends and few enemies. His time with video games will give him good reflexes and a decent hand-eye coordination. He is also fairly intelligent, which could give him the upper hand over his less intelligent peers.
Disadvantages: Corey's easy-going attitude may hinder him on the island, as he may not be used to the stress of the situation. He tries his best to be friendly with everyone, which may cause him to hesitate when he is forced to act against someone.

Designated Number: Male Student No. 048


Designated Weapon: Swedish Made Penis Enhancement Pump
Conclusion: Another video game loving g- ...uh. Is that-is that a, um...for your....er. Um. Next file, please! - Abby Soto


G050 - Kiesling, Rebecca[/DECEASED]

Name: Rebecca Kiesling
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: 12
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: ballet, crossword puzzles, reading, and amateur magic (assistant)

Appearance: Standing 5’5” and weighing 126 pounds, Rebecca Kiesling has a lithe dancer’s build that is starting to go to seed. Her dark red hair is cut into an asymetrical bob, shorter in the back and longer in the front. Rebecca’s pale complexion and ice blue eyes are warmed up by the sprinkling of freckles across the bridge of her button nose and cheeks. Her freckles continue down the sides of her neck and spread across her shoulders and chest. She prefers to keep her make-up simple and minimalistic, using only a touch of lip gloss on her naturally pale pink lips and mascara to darken and highlight her golden eyelashes. On the left side of her neck below her ear is a small, one inch burn scar.

Rebecca’s clothing style could be classified as casually preppy. Ballet flats or ankle boots, above-the-knee skirts, long-sleeved dress shirts or pastel t-shirts paired with a vest make up the majority of her wardrobe. Rebecca is rarely without her antique-looking gold ladies’ watch and 2012 class ring during school hours. However, when working with Leona Van Kamp, Rebecca’s clothing and makeup styles change dramatically. Her assistant’s wardrobe is very fitted and revealing, consisting mainly of dark colored satin bustiers and hot pants that are heavily embellished with beads, crystals, sequins, and lace in order to draw the eye. For shows, Rebecca wears very striking makeup and pins her hair up in cascading curls.

On the day of the abduction, Rebecca was wearing a a light blue camp shirt over a pink camisole, khaki colored clam diggers held up with a canvas belt, white canvas tennis shoes, and a gold watch.

Biography: Rebecca Kiesling was the only child born to Sharon and Dave Kiesling before the dissolution of their marriage when Rebecca was five. Dave, a vehicle mechanic for King County, retained sole custody of his daughter due to his ex-wife’s sudden relocation from Seattle to Florida with her new fiancee four months after filing for divorce. For several months after her move, Sharon made token efforts to keep in contact with her daughter, with more and more time passing in between each phone call. Sharon would promise Rebecca that she would come and see her soon, or have Rebecca come visit her soon. Neither event ever came to pass.

After about eight months, the phone calls stopped completely and never resumed. Sharon disappeared completely from Dave and Rebecca’s life. Dave was relieved when Sharon stopped calling because then he didn’t have to soothe an upset child afterwards. He was unconcerned that Sharon never paid any form of child support since, in Dave’s mind, her being in arrears would prevent her from being able to demand any form of visitation or a change in the custody agreement in the future should she ever decide to reconnect with their daughter. For that reason, he never pursued his ex-wife over her delinquent payments.

Dave did worry about how his daughter would react to the absence of her mother. He interpreted any sort of tantrum or negative behavior as the harbinger of some sort of neurotic behavior that would scar her for life. Several sessions with a therapist convinced him that there was nothing abnormal about his child’s behavior but that perhaps a structured activity would benefit both father and daughter. Dave took the therapist’s advice to heart and enrolled his daughter in a plethora of after-school activities including Girl Scouts, ballet class, and a karate class. Over the next two years, Girl Scouts and karate fell by the wayside in favor of ballet, thanks mostly to the soft-spoken but firm instructor. Rebecca also enjoyed the soothing nature of dancing and the plethora of dance outfits her father purchased for her. Ballet, in addition to building muscles and encouraging graceful movements, also introduced Rebecca to Leona Van Kamp. The two girls became fast friends and have remained the best of friends to this day.

When Rebecca was nine, her father married Carol Walters, a divorcee with two sons of her own. Rebecca was less than thrilled when she moved into their home, having to move out of the only home she had known in addition to instantly shifting from only child to youngest child now that she lived with two step-brothers; Peter, who was five years her senior, and Laurence, three years older than her. She slowly began to become accustomed to the idea of having siblings and having to share her father’s attention with others. Laurence quickly latched on to Rebecca, glad to have someone who was willing to humor him and who found him funny. Peter viewed himself as responsible for all of his younger siblings and did his best to be a proper role model and facilitate the blending of the two families. Of the two boys, Rebecca grew closer to Laurence than to Peter, the two of them engaging in childish mischief and pranks under Peter’s watchful eye. Two years after her father remarried, her step-mother gave birth to Rebecca’s half-sister, Piper. Rebecca has never made a serious attempt to contact her mother, and has instead embraced her step-mother as the main maternal figure in her life.

Rebecca channeled her turmoil over all of these major life changes into her dancing. She practiced at every available opportunity, enjoying that in at least one aspect of her life, she had total control. One of the proudest days of her life was the first time she danced en pointe in ballet class at the age of 12. Her teachers noticed her dedication and rewarded her efforts with company dancer roles in many productions such as The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, and Romeo and Juliet. Rebecca was thrilled and began dreaming of a career as a principle dancer in a prestigious dance troupe.

By the end of sophomore year, Rebecca’s life was proceeding according to her plan. Her family life was reasonably calm and peaceful, she was doing well in school and with her dancing, and she had a blossoming social life. Her time that wasn’t dedicated to school or dancing was taken up hanging out with Leona, filling in as her assistant while she worked on her act, or with her boyfriend. That changed early one evening during a family barbeque. While celebrating Peter’s graduation from boot camp, Rebecca and Laurence were playing on the trampoline located in the back yard. Both teenagers were doing their best to impress Peter with their athletic abilities. As dinner was announced, the two began to playfully wrestle, trying to be the first off the trampoline and to the table. Rebecca, unaware of how close she was to the edge of the trampoline, bounced at an inopportune moment, tumbled, and landed awkwardly.

Alarmed at the sound of their oldest daughter’s cries of distress, her parents quickly bundled her into the car and took her to the hospital. An exam and x-ray confirmed Rebecca’s greatest fear. The fall had slightly torn her ACL and broken her ankle. Her right leg needed to be immobilized for the next two and a half months. Rebecca tried to be optimistic about her injuries, joking that the enforced rest was good since it would give her a chance to relax and recharge before coming back to dancing. In reality, she worried and fretted over every lost minute of practice time and every vanished opportunity to be working on bettering herself in the hopes of securing a spot in one of the rigorous, highly competitive dance programs.

To keep get her mind off of her injuries, Rebecca spent many hours doing crosswords, reading, and assisting Leona as best she could from a seated position. She relished feeling success each time she completed a difficult puzzle and took special delight in attempting the Sunday puzzle of The New York Times. After running out of her own books to read, Rebecca began to work her way through her step-mother’s collection of romance novels. She enjoyed their escapist nature and perpetually happy endings. Glad that she was taking pleasure in something outside of dance, Carol loaned Rebecca her collection of The Southern Vampire Mysteries series by Charlaine Harris. Entranced by both the romance and drama of the series, Rebecca devoured the books. Step-mother and daughter passed many hours that summer discussing their favorite parts while sipping lemonade on the back patio.

As summer ended, the cast was removed and physical therapy began. During physical therapy, Rebecca learned that her broken ankle had caused a 12% permanent loss of mobility, hardly noticeable or noteworthy in most people but a potentially devastating condition for a dancer. Even with two months of twice-a-week physical therapy, her ankle could not consistently reach its former degree of extension, which was especially noticeable when she was en pointe. Unwilling to accept the diagnosis, Rebecca began pushing herself even harder than before. She cut back on her warm-up periods and often danced in the basement of her home. Rather than helping her improve, the extra practice aggravated her injured knee. By the winter of junior year, it became obvious that she would not return to her previous ability levels.

Rebecca decided that a new life goal was in order. Since professional ballet dancing was no long feasible, she settled on a new goal: world’s best magician’s assistant. She began spending long hours practicing with Leona, learning the other girl’s illusions and tricks. Leona instructed Rebecca in setting up the illusions and how to use stage presence to distract the audience. Under Leona’s exacting tutelage, Rebecca has learned several of the principle illusions in Leona’s act. The two of them are currently working together to choreograph a show that will appeal to a wider audience and establish Leona’s credentials as a bona fide performer.

In order to eliminate distractions, Rebecca felt that the only sensible course of action was to break up with her long-time boyfriend, Daryl. Daryl, a student at one of Seattle’s other high schools, was a fellow dancer in Rebecca’s dance company. Their relationship began when the two were paired up for a performance, and consisted predominantly of spending time together at dance practice and during rehearsals and discussing their shared passion for dancing. Having spent many months reading romance novels, Rebecca was unwilling to stay in a relationship with a man who did not cause her heart to skip a beat or feel incomplete when they were separated. After the break-up, Rebecca confessed to Leona that she felt that their lives were going in two different directions since she could no longer dance.

Rebecca’s home life is currently a little tense since her father and step-mother have enrolled her baby sister in dance. While they try to be understanding, her parents are irritated at Rebecca’s refusal to be more supportive of Piper’s tap dancing. Rebecca cannot understand why her parents would enroll her sister in dance knowing how much losing dance hurt her. Piper, being only six years old, appears to be oblivious to the tension in the home. Rebecca has a good but fairly casual relationship with her step-brothers, neither of whom currently live in the family home. Peter lives with his wife and child in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, and Laurence rents a house with three of his fraternity brothers near the University of Washington, Seattle campus.

No longer focused on attending a school for the performing arts after high school, Rebecca’s dedication has wavered a bit during her senior year. An average student currently maintaining a B- grade average, she does well in English and government but struggles a bit with chemistry and math. Most of Rebecca’s friends at school are involved with the arts in some way. Rebecca tends to be somewhat quiet and reserved at school, content to let others take center stage while providing support to her friends. With dancing out of the picture, she does not have a clear educational goal beyond attending one of Seattle's community colleges. She will begin her freshman year as an undeclared major student.

Advantages: Years of dancing have taught Rebecca to ignore minor physical discomfort in order to achieve her goal. Working as Leona’s assistant has taught her a bit about the art of misdirection.
Disadvantages: Rebecca’s knee injury tends to flare up at inopportune times. Not nearly as active as she used to be, she could easily overestimate her physical limits and abilities.

Designated Number: Female Student No. 050


Designated Weapon: One Package Sharpie Minis
Conclusion: I was really ready to like this girl. She worked hard for a grueling goal and then suffered something difficult she couldn't overcome. However, she lost me at "magician's assistant." For your next trick, try disappearing. - Abby Soto


G049 - Kowalski, Natalia[/DECEASED]

Name: Natalia Amber Kowalski
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: 12th
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Animals, Astronomy, Orchestra

Appearance: Natalia has pale skin and stands at 5'10" and 175 lbs with a round childish face. Natalia is slightly overweight and has some fat around the stomach and thighs, yet she has wide hips and an average sized bust. She has straight, long golden blonde hair that reaches halfway down her back. Her bangs are usually long and swept over her extremely bushy eyebrows, something Natalia dislikes, but never styles, as Natalia finds it too high maintenance. She has a small nose, thin lips, and big, dull green eyes. She is somewhat pale, but her skin usually remains blemish free. Most breakouts happen along her forehead, but they're usually hidden by her bangs.

Her wardrobe is generally warm-colored. Natalia often has on a yellow or orange shirt and pairs these with either jeans or skirts. With skirts, she wears stockings. Shoes range from UGGs to sneakers. On the island, she was wearing a yellow shirt with a tree decal, a black skirt, stockings, and UGG boots.

Biography: Natalia Amber Kowalski was born to (Australian) Karen Abernathy and (Polish) Joseph Kowalski. Both grew up in Washington, Joseph living in Seattle and Karen living in Newcastle. Both attended Renton High School, and fell in love. They married and moved to a small house in suburban Seattle, where their children have lived all their lives. Karen is a veterinarian who works at the nearby clinic and Joseph is an astronomer and an astronomy teacher at Seattle University.

The relationship between Natalia and her family are varied. Natalia's 15-year-old sister (a Sophomore at Aurora) Rebecca is short tempered, and she argues over a lot of things with Natalia. Most of these arguments are over things that aren't really important, such as chore assignments, privileges, the remote, the usual sibling fights. Rebecca has a natural disdain for her older sister that stemmed from a lot of arguing as children. Rebecca often voiced her opinion in a demanding way, and Natalia found this infuriating. Instead of trying to compromise, Natalia argued back. Seeing this as a threat, Rebecca would rebut, and an argument would erupt. Seeing no way out, Natalia would continue these arguments. On the contrary, Rebecca's twin sister, Jessica, is much kinder and sweeter. Natalia and Jessica are close, and Jessica confides in Natalia often. Natalia is often willing to look after or carpool Jessica and her friends, which annoys Rebecca. Natalia and her mother also share a close bond. Her mother sees the tension between the siblings, and often takes the family out to dinner or to the theaters. Natalia loves these, and she and Jessica get excited over these outings. Her mother is more involved in her life than her father, as he usually works at night and is a self-proclaimed workaholic. Natalia has a slight dislike for him because of this, but her father seems oblivious to this, and justifies his workaholic tendencies with the argument that the job brings in money, keeping the family economically stable.

Her first stuffed animal was a stuffed koala that her mom got from a souvenir shop in Australia on a trip shortly after Natalia was 2. She loved the stuffed animal, naming it Skip. She brought Skip everywhere she went, including school. Even now, Natalia sleeps with it, and sometimes sneaks him into her locker.

When she entered school, Natalia was quite shy. She met a girl named Denise Dickerson, who was quite the social butterfly, and made fast friends with her. Feeling less shy around Denise, Natalia made friends with other girls that she was introduced to. Another reason she made friends was that she was kind and friendly to her classmates. Plus, unlike most girls her age, she made friends with the opposite gender, because she couldn't find anything different about boys, although most others did. Even now, she is well-liked by most of her classmates, and makes friends with everybody, as long as they'd like to. Associating with some of the outcasts at Aurora doesn't put her in the popular crowd, but she has friends in there as well. Natalia loves to help people in need, especially those being bullied, so that she can introduce cheer into people's lives, and a kind person can do that. That doesn't necessarily mean she makes friends out of pity, Natalia is just a friendly person who'll help anybody out of trouble. This is somewhat troublesome, as Natalia sometimes over trusts people. Natalia isn't taken advantage of often, but some kids tell her that they're being bullied and Natalia helps them. This has led to numerous incidents involving Natalia trying to convince people to stop bullying the person who pretended, but she inevitably finds out. The accused person usually tells Natalia the truth while she's confronting them, and Natalia is embarrassed. The pretend-bully usually dislikes Natalia after that. She then avoids the liar, trying not to be mad at them.

Despite having many friends, there was a small group of kids who teased her throughout the school years. They often called her 'Koala', because she still carried Skip around and her last name sounded like it. She resented it at first, but the group of kids persisted. To get back at them, she officially adopted it as a nickname in the 5th grade. The other kids liked it too, and a lot of her classmates have been calling her 'Koala' up until the end of senior year.

Her parents' jobs affected her greatly. Koala's dad got her a telescope at age 7, and she began to look through it often. She began to write down all the constellations she's seen, and sometimes brings up the topic of constellations in conversations. Her mother took her on trips to the vet, and she learned the basics to caring for a dog. Her friendly and willing-to-help attitude helped with calming some animals down, and lessened the stress of having to deal with a frightened pet. Curious, Natalia began to ask why the jobs were important. Her parents told her that it was to help society by keeping their pets healthy and enriching their knowledge of the universe. Excited about how her parents were helping people and wanting to help people too, she aspired to follow in their footsteps, as she wanted to help people as well. Natalia began to take a lot of biology and astronomy classes, and works hard to get a job in either profession. She wanted a pet, but Jessica had a severe pet dander allergy.

Joseph and Karen wanted their children to be well-rounded. Luckily, Natalia wanted to be well-rounded too. Sadly, Natalia wanted to see if she liked other things (such as knitting or writing), not instruments, as she was enrolled in flute classes along with her siblings during 3rd grade. Her parents were deaf to her complaints, as they wanted their child to learn an instrument, which they saw as an average skill most other kids had. Despite trying not to cooperate, Natalia was surprised when she played well. Taking a liking to the classes, she worked harder, and eventually learned the instrument. Natalia stopped taking the lessons in her sophomore year, but often browses the internet for music sheets. She recently joined the school orchestra.

The Kowalski family are Baptists, but not very good ones. They don't go to church on a regular basis, and generally allow their children not to go. When she did attend, Natalia found that church greatly depressed her, making it look like that it was hopeless to try to get into heaven, and that she was more likely to burn in Hell. It didn't help that the church they go to is the most traditional one in Seattle, and the people going there are usually very conservative as well. In fact, her own family is very conservative, and her parents instill these beliefs on their children despite their poor church attendance record. They actually do like to teach their kids about the Bible themselves, explaining their lack of church attendance.

When Natalia entered middle school, Denise moved to St. Paul, as her father's job had transferred him there. Even though they kept in touch, Koala was still distressed, and sought out a new best friend. After finding another best friend (Ashley Warner, a girl in the year under Natalia.) she found that she thought girls were very pretty. After some soul-searching, she realized that she found both genders attractive while in her freshman year. Scared that she'd be ridiculed by some people for being a bisexual, she began to flirt with her male classmates in order to establish herself as a heterosexual, and eventually started dating Edgar Wood, a nice boy from the Industrial Arts club she really liked. It didn't take her long to realize that a majority of the students at Aurora (and Seattle in general) would be perfectly fine with her sexuality. Finding that somewhat comforting, she came out in her late sophomore year. Natalia still hasn't come out to her parents, despite the fact she's told her younger siblings about it. She still fears that her parents won't accept it, and keeps it a secret around her parents. While her younger siblings are much more tolerant about it, Rebecca sees it as blackmail, even though she has little to no trouble with it. It's a common thing for them to feud about, and she has threatened to tell their parents from time to time. This only deepens Natalia's dislike of Rebecca, and doesn't see why she does it.

After a while, Natalia began to think to herself and question God's existence. She looked through several books on history and biology, and found that God might just not exist, and science explains evolution and the creation of the universe better than the Bible. Satisfied with this answer, Natalia became an atheist. This has lifted the stress off her, and Natalia is happy for that. The shock of an afterlife not existing jarred Natalia at first, but she has accepted it. Now that she's atheist, the sinful nature of bisexuality should be lifted, but it's imbedded into her brain, and she can't shake that belief. It has died down since she's come out, though, but it's the reason she's fearful about confirming her sexuality with her parents. She hasn't told her parents about her atheism either, but she has made some hints towards it. It's flown over their heads, though, and they allow her to skip church. Natalia feels somewhat guilty about keeping this secret, but it's one of those things she feels extremely guilty and depressed about for a period of time before forgetting it. They've noticed that she's acting odd, but Joseph and Karen aren't suspicious in the slightest. They have questioned her about it, but Natalia either excuses herself or they notice how it's a sore subject with her and leaves her alone.

Natalia has a wide social circle, and strives to be generally accepted by the majority of Aurora High School's student population. She usually puts her peers' opinion of her over the opinion of anybody else, and tries to keep in good standing with them. While it's not usually a problem (she's a very friendly and talkative person around other people), her gullibility has caused her some problems in the past. Some kids have toyed with her, sometimes telling her there's a pop quiz in some class or that so-and-so dislikes her. Natalia has tried to be less gullible, but some people are very convincing. Her relationship with Edgar is somewhat strained, due to Edgar's grudge against her for keeping her bisexuality a secret. Not only that, but the boy has cheated on her in the past (Edgar is the flirty type, and has slept around), and it's been a turbulent relationship since their junior year. Natalia feels betrayed and has made his infidelity very public, and it's common knowledge around Aurora. She feels that he got impatient, as Natalia wanted to stay a virgin until marriage, and the bell went off when he checked positive for Chlamydia. Natalia and Edgar aren't willing to let a long relationship go to waste, so the two grudgingly stay together. Her parents do like Edgar, as he seems to be a nice Christian boy to them and they generally keep out of her romantic life. They haven't heard of Edgar's unfaithfulness and Natalia has planned for it to stay that way, as she has struck up many deals with Rebecca to keep her mouth shut about it (doing chores, driving her around, etc.)

Her grades vary from subject to subject. Her experience with astronomy got her determined to get good grades in science. Contrasting, she struggles with language arts, due to being a poor writer, and math confuses her. Natalia also downright hates Vietnamese due to the level of difficulty and Mrs. Tran's methods of teaching, including the no-English rule. Gym is a struggle, mostly due to her shape. Natalia doesn't really try, and is apathetic to her gym grades, mainly because she believes that most of the jobs in the world require intelligence. She hopes to follow in either of her parents' footsteps, and strives for good grades in classes she believes are essential to being either an astronomer or a veterinarian. Since math is essential to astronomy, Natalia is disappointed by her math grades, and often asks her parents to help her with the subject. They're usually happy to oblige.

Advantages: She's well liked, and might be able to make alliances. Her kind demeanor and friendly attitude might allow people to trust her.
Disadvantages: Natalia isn't physically fit and has low stamina, so fleeing/combat isn't an option. Plus, Natalia is gullible and over-trusting.

Designated Number: Female Student No. 049


Designated Weapon: Tufts 17/23 Dental Explorer
Conclusion: This girl seems fickle and spineless. I almost envy someone who could turn their faith, or the lack thereof, on and off like a lightbulb. Maybe this weapon will cause her to reevaluate that choice. - Abby Soto


B047 - Leung, Marcus[/DECEASED]

Name: Marcus Leung
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Academics, drawing, painting, chess, parties

Appearance: Marcus is somewhat small, standing at 5'6" and weighing in at about 124 pounds. Marcus spends most of his time indoors, leaving him with pale skin and not a lot of muscle on his frame. His hair, black as is usual for a Chinese-American, is long enough to just hang over his brow and cover the top of his ears. His face is long with soft edges, making him appear a few years younger than he is. His dark brown eyes are usually underlined by faint dark circles for having spent too much time studying and not enough time sleeping. His nose is small and flat, and complements his narrow mouth. Marcus doesn't smile often, but when he does, one can see the dimples that add to the smile's energy.

Marcus' wardrobe is geared toward the simple and functional as opposed to the stylish and fashionable. In the spring and summer, Marcus wears khakis with a t-shirt, either plain or branded with a logo of a past church fundraising event, and plain white runners. In the fall and wintertime, Marcus layers up with a zip-up hoodie over a regular pullover sweater, with khakis and a pair of tan boots. Sometimes, Marcus wears a Seahawks cap, a Christmas gift from his father from a few years ago. For the school trip, Marcus wore a pair of khaki shorts, a striped white t-shirt, and his favorite Seahawks cap.

Biography: Marcus was born in April of 1994. At the time, his parents Matthew and Michelle were attending Aurora High School as juniors.

Matthew and Michelle went back to Aurora for their senior year of high school. Matthew also took a part-time job as a barista at Starbucks to help cover costs. When they were at home, Matthew and Michelle could not spend much time playing with their son; they had to focus on their grades for getting into college. As such, Marcus spent most of his first year being cared for by his grandparents while his parents studied.

When his parents graduated, Marcus was already 14 months old. They had missed little Marcus' first words and his first steps, and were determined to not miss any more of their son's milestones in life. Unfortunately, they still had to think about their family's future. They had both been accepted to the University of Washington, but in the end, it was decided that Matthew would continue studying for an engineering degree, while Michelle would stay home to take care of their son. Matthew had been awarded a scholarship, but he still continued to work part-time; Michelle also took some time to work at her parents' workplace. For two years, they maintained this arrangement.

Marcus saw little of his father over the next few years, though his mother was a more frequent presence. They had moved out of his paternal grandparents' house after Matthew's first year in college, after having saved up some money after scholarships and child care. When Marcus was three years old, his mother also started taking classes at the college, leaving him in the care of the on campus daycare during class hours.

By the time Marcus started school, he had been deeply imprinted by his parents' dedication to their education. Having watched his father put everything into his studies, and then come out with a degree and a stable job working for the City of Seattle, had taught Marcus that focusing on academics was a sure way to success. Marcus didn't have as much natural brilliance and talent as his father, but he made up for that with hard work.

As much as his parents loved each other and their son, that did not protect them from the harsh reality of their situation. Matthew had not wanted to be an engineer, nor had Michelle wanted to be an accountant, but those were tried and true professions and their son's well-being was more important than their passions. Stress was high between the rigors of work, juggling social events, and balancing budgets, and Marcus was not insulated from the arguments that broke out in the house. His parents never involved him directly, but Marcus knew deep down that he was in part responsible for the strife in the house. As a result, Marcus developed a low sense of self-worth: he is uneasy at the prospect of good things happening to him, preferring instead that others reap those benefits.

Marcus' parents experienced a mild conversion in their faith after his birth, and began going to church regularly with his grandparents. Much of his parents' support in raising him came from some of the more open and loving parishioners of St. Edward's Catholic Church, although there were also a fair share of people who looked on the family with disdain. Not being able to afford putting Marcus through private school in his early years, his parents arranged for him to join in the church's Sunday School program. By the time Marcus was old enough for junior high and high school, he elected to stay in public school to stay with his few friends and to minimize the cost of his education. Although Marcus goes to church regularly, he is mostly ambivalent towards the faith, seeing it more as just a thing to do every week than anything more.

At school, Marcus makes his way around the various social circles, but never really settling in any one of them. By picking up various pieces of information, whether it be gossip or opinions on popular culture and recent events, from his classmates, he expands his knowledge base to handle almost any conversation topic that might come up in the cafeteria or in the hallways. Parroting into conversations generally gets Marcus some trust with his classmates, and he has gotten experienced in using his conversational knowledge to direct debates and arguments to a neutral outcome. Despite all the information he picks up, he often does not internalize his classmates' opinions or form strong ones of his own. As such, whenever Marcus gets invited to join in on a social group's activities, he typically will decline. On some level, Marcus would enjoy nothing more than to go to the Friday night house party. Yet, he feels that going to an event like that would worry his parents, so instead, he falls back on his excuse of needing to spend more time on schoolwork.

His dedication to his studies extends to all academic subjects, but he has a soft spot for the fine arts. Marcus' mother used to love to paint, and he picked up art from an early age to bring some of the joy of art back to her. While he has been encouraged to pursue further education and a career in the fine arts, Marcus feels deep down that he should instead focus on achieving a professional degree to better support his parents. Marcus does not pride himself on his artistic talent, but he is far from unskilled with a pencil or brush. Few of his peers notice this though, as Marcus tends to stick to his books when at school. The only place where he may be found with a sketchbook in hand is during meetings of the Chess Club, when he is short a partner to play with. Chess was a hobby Marcus had picked up from his paternal grandfather; they started playing together when Marcus was nine, and it was something Marcus took to quickly. Marcus likes playing chess, not to pit his wits against others, but as an environment over which he could carry a relaxed conversation.

Marcus and his parents share an unorthodox relationship. As he was raised primarily by his grandparents, Marcus has come to see his parents more like an older brother and sister than as parental figures; the small age gap between him and his parents amplifies this relationship. He generally speaks very freely with his parents about a variety of subjects, but also has little appreciation for any attempts to shelter him from the outside world. Still, he tries to act in a way to not worry them. Marcus occasionally finds it difficult to relate to some of his classmates and friends when the subject turns their family life, as the way he relates to his parents is different from the rest of his classmates.

Advantages: Marcus is very observant, and is prone to notice things that appear out of the ordinary. He is good at reading people and determining how to defuse tense situations. He is usually helpful, which may be useful in gaining allies. Marcus tends to keep his head cool to think rationally, even under stressful situations.
Disadvantages: From his small size and stature, Marcus is not very physically fit, and would easily be overpowered by many of his peers. His easy-going nature may make him an easy target for people looking for targets to exploit. Marcus has a low sense of self-worth, making him prone to psychological manipulation.

Designated Number: Male Student No. 047


Designated Weapon: Falchion
Conclusion: Chinese are industrious people, but this boy is softer than pile of gravy. The time for self doubt has already run out and you aren't getting more. - Abby Soto


Characters sharing your name
There's only been one other Victoria to my knowledge, Victoria Logan. I dont have any strong feelings about her one way or the other. She died fairly early on so there wasn't much confusion.

Rugga's scribbles
So Mimi was like "You should try drawing your kids" so I did. Here's Mara with the fastest shop job in the world.


Colleen Lehmbeck
Howdy Howdy, I'm Ruggahissy and your gal is temporarily denied pending changes, kay?


Lordy, I have not a clue what this girl looks like.


- What color are her eyes?
- What color is her hair? I know you said brown, but that's a pretty wide spectrum from light honey brown to dark chocolate brown like I've got.
-More on hair; what's the cut look like? Does she have bangs and if so, how are they styled? Is it straight? Is it wavy? Does she wear anything in her hair?
- What's the shape of her face?
- Color aside, what do her eyes look like? Lashes? Shape? Big? Small? Wide? Narrow? Most expressive part of the face, ya know?
- How about eye brows?
-Nose? Big? Small? Pointed? Wide? Flat? Upturned? Hooked?
- Mouth? Thin lips? Full lips? Shape?
- This girl's got no skin color. What color is her skin? How's her skin? She got blemishes? Freckles? Does she wear any makeup?
- What about her makes her not attractive? I don't know enough about her face to see that right now.


- I need more info on her body type. You said she's a bit pudgy, she's not terribly overweight since she's only about 30 pounds over her ideal weight. What's her body type? If she's muscled then she would weigh that but wouldn't look overweight at all. If it is all fat, is she bottom heavy like a pear shape? Is she top heavy with a big bust? Is she more evenly distributed like an hour glass? I've known girls that were a bit over the recommended weight that were evenly distributed like an hour glass that were quite attractive.

- What's her style of dress? You told me she likes skirts and dresses, but what sort? Is she preppy, liking straight skirts and more proper looking dresses? Peasant skirts and bohemian dresses? Punk? More info on her day of abduction outfit would be useful too.

-What was her father doing before finding a job in Seattle? Why'd he leave to go to Seattle?
- Can you tell me the siblings' names and what ages they are in the first paragraph of the bio?

" "Mostly C's, several B's, and the occasional D or A"."

Remove things with quotes around them and parenthetical references. Find a way to say that without them.

"In High School,"

Not capitalized!

"Also during this time, Colleen acquired a work permit "

-Hu? You can legally work in the US at age 16, no work permit needed.

- The band, we'll get back to that the end so hold onto that thought.

"Art Club because she figured that if she joined, she would just be doing the same kind of thing that she could be doing by herself outside of the club."

- Um, that's pretty antisocial. The point of clubs is to share the things you like with people who like the same thing, no?

"The low level of effort that Colleen has put towards her schoolwork has also resulted in a somewhat strained relationship with her father, who had been hoping that Colleen's excellent performance during her early years in school was indicative that she would do well throughout the rest of her education."

I was going to ask this anyhow, but now seems as good a time as any. So, why don't her parents care that she's a C, occasionally D student? If it bothers her father so, why doesn't he try to help her or get her tutoring?

- Eastern Washington University seems like a good fit for this individual because research indicates that a minimum requirement of 2.0 GPA is the standard for the school which is very low with an acceptance rate of nearly 80%.

Now, my lovely, we have some things to deal with having reached the end.

- The hobbies listed at the top need to be expanded on more because the only one with a real explanation about how she became involved with it is the soccer watching. The band instrument and the drawing shows up without explanation. Please tell me how she became involved in these and why she likes, them, especially the instrument since instruments take time and dedication; things Colleen lacks. Also, as mentioned, remove parenthetical information for the hobbies.

- Does this girl have any favorite subjects? Least favorite subjects?

- What sort of people does she hang out with?

- I need more on her and Benjamin and well as how she interacts with mother and father.

- I've got some good personality information from this bio. I understand she's lazy and feckless but....why? Why does she have no drive to do anything at all? She doesn't even seem to want to put in the effort for friends.

- How's she been with romantic relationships?

That's all I can think of. Post here to let me know when the edits have been made

Beware Of The Boys
"Then I assume you go to the legislature personally to make sure that they do their jobs and they are supposed to and you read all legislation that is passed in its entirety to make sure that the law is as others say it is, then?"

His drink was fairly forgotten by this point, laying idly in front of him.

"And you know certainly that the things written that you hold true in accordance with your laws, written over two hundred years ago appear exactly as they were intended and written by some men long dead that you've never known?"

Paris smiled his knife sharp smile.

"You have your own faith with your own rules just as I have mine. You don't see it as much, but it's there. So why is mine less valid than yours?"

He leaned forward a bit, his voice, normally deep but smooth, taking on an especially low timbre.

"And you are being disingenuous with your examples, dear Naomi. Saying that someone who is a delinquent likes the Bible, who probably only likes it for the violence present, as a way to try and discredit an argument is like saying that Miranda rights are for the degenerate because someone only liked Miranda v Arizona because of the rape and murder aspect."

Let's Start Something
"Hello Cammy," he said casually. He turned his items over in his hands, looking at them and re-folding them before passing them forward towards the scanner.

He looked back up at the mention of the other two girls with her. One of them had a name tag that said Rachel so it was pretty easy to deduce which was which since Cammy had mentioned two girls' names. He leaned with his elbow on the station near the card swiper and his hand holding his cheek as if he were thinking while looking at them.

"Oh, is she?" he said lightly. He smiled and looked to the odd girl out, more exotic looking by a mile than the other two. "Good luck." Cammy went on to ask him about his purchases and looked to her, still smiling.

"Bananas," he said simply. He waited a beat and chuckled. "You're quite the inquisitive one, aren't you?" he teased. Paris tilted his head and poked at the folded garments. "I'm buying clothes, of course. Just some hanging-out shirts."

Paris pulled a silver card out of his wallet and started flipping it back and forth between his fingers like a coin. "Whenever you're ready," he said to Rachel, while he stole another look at Jaquilyn.

So We Settled for the Center of Town
Somewhere in the background, Michelle thought she saw a fellow swimmer clad in similarly soggy attire. She stretched her arms upward, twisted together and got up from the table.

"I think they're on to me. I better go. Remember what I said about your art, kay?"

She ruffled Garett's hair as she walked by. Michelle looked at him and took a few steps backwards. She held her finger up to her mouth and winked, then turned and skipped away.

((Michelle Wexler continued elsewhere))

Let's Start Something
Paris saw the wave back, smiled, then went back to looking at the impulse items while whistling a bit, music still going. He tapped his foot and cradled his purchases. He looked back up and noticed it was three girls that he recognized from school all talking together. He was mildly confused. Only one of them looked like she had items she wanted, but she wasn't in the process of purchasing. Then there was the employee, no brainer there, and then a third girl who appeared to be neither working, nor purchasing.

He looked around for a moment to see if he was missing something. It appeared he wasn't. Paris slid the headphones off his ears, down around his neck and approached the checkout. He put his two desired tops on the table just before the scanner and pulled out his wallet.

"Afternoon, ladies. How goes it?" he said with an upbeat inflection.

Beware Of The Boys
"It's different than other communities because the people are bound together not only by their belief which is a personal thing and quite strong, but as well by common practices and ideals. I doubt you could say that about your neighborhood home owners association," he said with a bit of a laugh.

"You are right that there are other types of communities of course, but this is a special sort. Since you admit that neither you nor your family has first hand experience with it, well, I suppose it makes sense that you would characterize it as such. That's alright though, if you aren't exposed then it's hard to have an accurate impression."

Paris leaned forward just slightly. His look didn't waver, though seemed to be running over her as if looking for something.

"I think that the codes are something that give good people reinforcement and less kind people guidelines. What about laws, Naomi? Wouldn't you say that it doesn't speak very well for a society that needs laws in order to make sure that people don't do bad things? What does it say about one that does? And in any case, I think that deep down, you agree guidelines are necessary. What about your young man from your book? Weren't you so miffed when he suddenly became good of his own accord because it didn't fit? Because people don't just switch like that? Because you think that he needed those perimeters that were placed on him to be good?"

B042 - Wells, Arthur[/DECEASED]

Name: Arthur Wells
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12th Grade
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Roleplaying, writing, drawing, comics, books

Appearance: Arthur is a tall and bulky guy at six feet in height and two-hundred-fifty pounds. Instead of being an athlete, though, he carries himself like a man who doesn't know what to do with his body, and probably isn't entirely comfortable with it, either. Though he is on the overweight side, he looks normal enough at first glance, and he does have a bit of muscle tone to him, but not much. Most of his padding is concentrated on his torso and thighs.

His face is framed by wavy black hair, long enough to reach just past his shoulders. Over dark brown eyes he wears a pair of large aviator glasses. He has a thick, bony nose with periodically flaking patches of dry skin on either side, as well as a chip in one of his front teeth. His face isn’t entirely clean shaven, instead possessing a modicum of stubble at all times, the sign of a boy who isn’t comfortable with shaving, either.

Usually he wears casual clothing with little variation or regard for fashion trends. Usually he’ll wear a pair of jeans or chinos secured with a brown leather belt, a pair of black sneakers, and a gray hoodie over a t-shirt. The shirts range from plain, solid color designs to tees with logos or images on them on them. The images typically come from franchises he's been enamored with over the past five years, but in the event that he’s too self-conscious about his weight to open his hoodie's zipper, the logos won't be visible anyway.

On the day of the abduction, he wore sneakers, jeans, the belt, a gray hoodie, and a beige T-shirt with the Life symbol from Homestuck on it.

Biography: Arthur Wells was born to Ingrid and Barry Wells, a Seattle couple who hooked up in a whirlwind romance that had long since cooled down into dying embers by the time Arthur entered preschool. For the last fifteen years, the two of them have been in a loveless relationship that never destabilized into a hostile enough condition to lead to divorce. They had too many mutual friends and pursuits to separate, but most of all they stayed together for the sake of Arthur and his younger brother Stephen.

Early on in his life, Arthur was friendly and in all of the other kids’ faces, doing his best to make fun with them and failing to notice when his antics annoyed them. In school, he excelled at everything grade school could throw at him. The reason for his repeated social blunders with his peers was revealed with a diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome in the third grade.

They gave him all the help that they could, trying to ensure the best future they could for their son, but the gulf between them and their various neuroses made parenting difficult. Throughout his development Arthur would periodically engage in normal socialization with his peers, even trying out for sports a couple of times during middle school, but sooner or later he would always relapse into reclusiveness and fiction. Deep down he knew that he was different from his peers. Since his diagnosis, he’d started to learn there were ways that social interactions could go horribly wrong, and since many of the other kids seemed like ciphers to him, he got used to being nervous around all of them. From time to time he would change his mind on whether to wish that he was normal and capable of relating to everyone, of being a social butterfly like his brother, or to blow off everyone else and embrace his differences and his own little world.

The real, physical world often proved to be a drudging disappointment for Arthur, so when he first discovered the world of fiction, he latched onto it and never let go. His main methods of exploring fiction started with books and comics, since with those he could propel the story at his own pace, but as he grew up he gradually moved to mediums with sound, like TV shows and movies. When he was young, he made frequent visits to the library, always checking out all the books he could and reading far ahead of his normal grade level. He typically tended to science fiction and fantasy novels, only gradually coming around to show any interest in the more mundane stories that most people seemed to enjoy, since he knew he wasn't like most people. His favorite aspect of fictional stories was that unlike real people, he always knew what motivated fictional characters, what drove them and what they were like deep down. As a result of his increased focus on consuming fictional media like junk food, his athletic pursuits dwindled from playing team sports in grade school to the occasional attempt to lose weight at the gym.

In high school, he mostly kept a small, focused circle of friends, as he had difficulty opening up in any meaningful way to anyone else. By then he’d discovered the internet and how much easier it was to find all of the social interaction he ever wanted. He could talk freely to people he knew shared his unusual interests with without ever having to deal with the discomforts of meeting them face to face.

High school was also when he decided that he wanted to try pursuing the idea of making his own comics and stories, so he started writing and drawing not only in his free time, but during school hours as well. He earned mostly B and C grades in high school, preferring to focus on his own projects instead of working to achieve academic excellence. Though he often works on his work in public, typing up stories on his laptop and drawing in a sketchbook, he seldom shares them with people, and acts embarrassed when they take an interest in his work. At those times, he remembers how different people are, and how uncommon and weird he thinks his interests and the subjects of his drawings are, and closes himself off.

Another recent, internet-related hobby he's taken up is the act of online roleplaying, interacting as one of his own characters with other roleplayers. When he first discovered the hobby, he spread himself thin on many websites, but now keeps it focused to one or two. He mostly prefers the play-by-post style of internet forums, though he's recently gotten very comfortable with roleplaying in IRC.

Depending on where he is and who he's forced to interact with, Arthur can range from a dull, glass-eyed alien who only speaks when spoken to and adds as little to the conversation as he can manage to a cheerful, normal-sounding boy who loves to ask questions and crack jokes. Usually he leans to the former offline and the latter online, but not always.

No matter what mode he's in, he tends to be critical of himself and his creative works. He almost always assumes that the misfortunes in his life are his own fault if it's a reasonable conclusion for him to come to, and blames himself for missed opportunities and bad choices he made in the past. However, he mostly prefers to point out all of his faults himself, since he’s defensive and sensitive to when he hurt someone else he talks to, or gets hurt. Should someone else do it instead, he typically gets angry, possibly losing his temper. He’s snapped at his parents multiple times, as well as gotten into passive-aggressive arguments with friends on the internet. Once he lost his temper in the middle of class for this reason and got a week’s detention.

In addition to his Aspergers, he also suffered from bouts of depression when he was younger and now takes medicine to control it. Nowadays the medicine serves to keep him from becoming irritable and losing his temper, which has gotten him in trouble before.

Nowadays Arthur’s friends are mostly limited to the book club and other people whom he knows to be pursuing creative endeavors like drawing, writing, photography, and so on. His grades are still very good, maintaining a solid average of B’s and A’s and easily making the school’s honor roll. He gets along with his family reasonably well, but as time goes on, he’s had arguments with his mother (most of which end up turning into one-sided lectures) about his future, reaching his full potential, and so on, while his father is away on business so often that he rarely gets involved with parenting. He has a good relationship with his brother Stephen, but is still envious of how easily Stephen socializes and collects friends like playing cards.

Advantages: Arthur is good at being quiet and unnoticeable, and he’s intelligent when he manages to keep himself free of stress.
Disadvantages: Arthur is dependent on medicine to keep a clear head, has little in the way of distinctive athletic capability, and snaps at other people when under pressure. His chances look slim.

Designated Number: Male student No. 042


Designated Weapon: 56 oz. bag of M&M
Conclusion: What a shock, fatty got some chocolate candies. He's got the build to make it far, but it seems like he's not suited for working in teams or outlasting people through determination and savagery. Eat up. - Abby Soto


B039 - Yoshikawa, Takeshi[/DECEASED]

Name: Takeshi Yoshikawa
Gender: Male
Age: 17
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: History, Music, Anime, Manga, Cosplay

Appearance: Takeshi is a lean Japanese-American boy weighing in at 130 pounds, and appearing rather scrawny all around. In addition to his slight frame, Yoshikawa is also shorter than most in his class, standing at 5’4”.

Takeshi has medium length black hair that tapers off just above his shoulders. He wears his hair messily spiked most of the time, revealing a high-set brow. His eyes are almond shaped with dark brown irises, framed by noticeably arched eyebrows. His face is smooth and young looking, with an oval shape. His nose points slightly upward. His lips are somewhat thin and his mouth is quite small. His ears are small with attached lobes, coming to a slight point at the tops.

Takeshi has hands that are proportional to his size, with neatly trimmed nails. On his right hand he usually wears his class ring; silver with a ruby set inside.

Takeshi walks and stands very straight, but he tends to sit with a leg curled under him or else contorted in a half-sitting half-lying position, especially when he is occupied with something.

Takeshi tends to dress in darker casual wear, but he has a love of cosplay and has been known to wear outfits inspired by favorite anime characters without occasion. On the day of the abduction Takeshi was wearing a black mock garukan (Japanese school uniform) decorated with a peach shaped pin, and sneakers.

Biography: Takeshi was born and raised in Seattle by third generation Japanese-American parents. He is friendly and social, and loves a good joke, even at his own expense. His parents raised him to be bilingual, as they were both raised by their own parents, a decision they made when Takeshi was beginning to learn to talk. Though they both spoke English primarily, each of their parents preferred to speak in Japanese. By teaching Takeshi to speak Japanese as well as English, they hoped to honor the wishes of their parents, who placed much more importance on their cultural heritage than they did. Takeshi considers himself fortunate to have been able to learn both English and Japanese while growing up, and uses both languages daily, whether that means reading a favorite manga or teaching his friends how to say rude words in Japanese. Takeshi is named after his father and is called Taka by his family, while his friends tend to call him Yoshi, that being short for his surname Yoshikawa.

Takeshi's father is a neurosurgeon at a large hospital, and his mother, Kimiko, teaches Kindergarten at a nearby elementary school. He has one sibling; a younger sister named Sayumi, who is one and a half younger than he is. His home life is peaceful and organized. His parents are incredibly supportive of whatever he and his sister choose to do, as long as they do it with excellence. Both he and his sister have been raised Buddhist and are more or less fairly devout, both being strict vegetarians and doing their best to do no harm to anybody.

He is musically talented, being proficient in both the flute and violin. He began learning the flute in elementary school, when music classes began giving way to band. He took up the violin in junior high, studying with a private tutor. His favorite composer is Vivaldi, whose violin concerto L'inverno inspired him to learn violin in the first place. Though Takeshi listens to popular music, his favorite songs are those that contain large segments that he can play. As such he tends to listen to a lot of gothic and symphonic metal.

Takeshi is very interested in anime and manga and is slowly building a collection of Japanese books. He has said on a few occasions that his favorite part of being bilingual is that no one ever asks to borrow his manga. His favorite series is Death Note, and he has often dressed to look like L. Other favorites of his include Axis Powers Hetalia and Oh! My Goddess!. He originally got into manga when his parents started buying him Japanese comic books as incentive for him to learn to read in Japanese. Takeshi and his sister grew up with Studio Ghibli films and received gifts related to Japanese culture and entertainment from their grandparents for birthdays and holidays, given in hopes that that they would hold on to some parts of their heritage.

Takeshi has a strong interest in World War II, sparked by the story of his grandparents' time in Japanese internment camps after the Japanese Imperial Navy's attack on Pearl Harbor. His grandparents on both sides became very involved in the Redress Movement, and out of that became passionate about other civil rights issues across the nation, seeing the struggles of other minorities as paralleling their own fight for equal treatment. They each raised their children to have a passion for social justice, a passion that Takeshi's parents have passed on to him and his sister. He is rather close to his paternal grandparents who live in Portland, and less close to his maternal grandparents, who he does not see as much as they live in Los Angeles.

Takeshi and his sister are close, sharing similar taste in music and movies. While Takeshi doesn't enjoy sports, he goes to all of his sister's basketball games to be supportive. He has started to get her interested in anime and manga, which has lead to her stealing his manga on occasion, as well as their attending a few anime conventions together, once dressing up as Light and Misa from Death Note. Takeshi often ends up as his sister's date to various functions; a role that he bears with grace as he complains and teases his sister for not getting a real date. Secretly, he doesn't mind all that much, as it gives him the opportunity to look after her and scare off boys that he disapproves of. Takeshi sees this as an extension of a duty he feels to care for his younger sister which he has held since they were young and her outgoing nature would often lead her into harm's way. While he cannot recall her having problems with boys, he is aware the problems they can bring. More practically, Takeshi would rather not be forced to socially interact with many of the boys who show interest in Sayumi, and discouraging them early saves him time and frustration later.

Takeshi came out as gay in his sophomore year, a year after determining that for himself, but has been fortunate in that he has not experienced much persecution from his peers. His decision to come out was motivated strongly by a desire to live authentically, expressing himself without pretension. His coming out came largely without fanfare; his friends had already guessed it, and while his parents seemed mildly surprised by his revelation, they were accepting and supportive. Takeshi's grandparents had figured that they had little business rejecting anybody, given what they and their parents had suffered because of their race. They expressed some disappointment at the idea that Takeshi would likely not be having children of his own, but they came to terms with it fairly quickly.

Takeshi is becoming more active in social justice efforts and makes his voice heard through participation in Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) events such as the Day of Silence, and by joining protests and rallies in and around the Seattle area.

In school he performs very well academically, and is in the running for Valedictorian. Though he excels in all subjects, his favorites are History and Band. He is exceptionally passionate about music, practicing daily. Most of his friends are members of the school band as well, though he has acquired several outside the band, mostly anime nerds who were drawn to him by his Japanese heritage. On some level he finds this a little demeaning, because he disapproves of assuming too much about a person's interests because of their race, but he lets it go because he actually is a pretty big nerd.

His college plans are to attend the University of Washington to study music. He has chosen Washington for two reasons, the first being that the school does have a strong music program, and the second being that it is very close to home and he would be able to commute from home without difficulty. His goal in life is to play music professionally.

Advantages: Years of dedication to the violin and flute have given him a great deal of control and strength in fine motor skills, which could could come in handy should he be required to do anything requiring delicate fingerwork. His reputation for non-violence could also win him the trust of his classmates, as he is one of the least likely to participate.
Disadvantages: Being small and not very strong, Takeshi will be easier to manhandle than most of the other boys in his class. His Buddhist upbringing has given him a deep respect for life. Even in extreme circumstances he is not likely to respond with force. To cause harm to any living creature, directly or indirectly, regardless of intent is something that will compromise his core values very deeply and could cause him to shut down at a key moment if he is forced into a situation where that is a strong possibility.

Designated Number: Male student No. 039


Designated Weapon: Magnesium Firestarter
Conclusion: So this boy likes those Japanese cartoons? I think I saw Astro Boy when I was a kid. I'm sure one of those shows has characters with fire powers or something so he'll like this. You're a fire starter, wicked fire starter. - Abby Soto


G032 - Tolstoff, Katarin "Kat"[/DECEASED]

Name: Katarin "Kat" Tolstoff
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Varsity basketball, parties, socializing

Appearance: Katarin Tolstoff is one of the more attractive people in the class. She is 5' 9" tall and weighs 150 lbs, giving her an athletic, toned physique. She has straight blond hair that goes about an inch past her shoulders when she ties it back into her usual ponytail. She has an oval face with a small nose and piercing blue eyes that are occasionally framed by a pair of rimless rectangular glasses that make up for her 20/60 vision, although normally she wears contact lenses to correct the problem. Unlike most people, she does not have a navel, the result of surgery she got for an umbilical hernia when she was six weeks old.

When she is working out, she wears a basketball jersey along with athletic shorts and basketball shoes. When she is not, she normally wears a collared or short-sleeved shirt and jeans or shorts, depending on the weather. On the day she was abducted, Kat was wearing a pair of black yoga pants along with a pair of Air Jordan 2012 Q's and a pink sleeveless tank top under her Aurora High varsity jacket with her glasses in the right jacket pocket.

Biography: Katarin Tolstoff was born to first generation Russian-Americans Fyodor and Natalya, two minutes older than her fraternal twin Edgar. Fyodor was a partner at a medium-sized law firm and Natalya was a sous chef at a high class restaurant. As a result, Kat and her twin grew up pretty comfortably.

The elder Tolstoffs tried their best to be a part of their children's lives, however, their jobs and schedules meant that they were either frequently busy, in Fyodor's case, or had a disconnect in schedules, as was with Natalya. Nevertheless, they have tried their best to help out their children and be there for them when they can, although sometimes the only way they can show their love is through money. Kat appreciates when they can actually be there and has learned to deal with the latter.

From the beginning, there were stark differences between Edgar and Kat. While Edgar was much more introspective, preferring photography, Katarin was much more athletic and social, frequently hanging out with other kids and staying active. It was during a gym class at the age of nine that she found her true passion: basketball. Kat showed a natural talent as well as a genuine interest due to the quick pace of the game. As she continued playing, her parents installed a basketball hoop at their home and signed her up for a youth team at the earliest opportunity.

When Kat was in middle school, she started to grow into her body, and joined in with the more popular, pretty girls, taking pleasure in pop culture gossip and the occasional rip on other students. Her group of friends, combined with her attractive appearance, caught the interest of boys, an interest that was reciprocated. This interest mainly amounted in some flirting, as well as a couple dates with a few guys. Still, a lot of her time was spent on basketball - during the school year, she was on the middle school team, and over the summer, she went to basketball camps as well.

When Katarin joined Aurora High as a freshman, she tried out for the basketball team at the first opportunity, easily making the team and improving consistently over four years, eventually becoming the varsity captain. On the court, she is praised for her aggressive, yet calculating play. Her main position is as a point guard, although she does occasionally play as a shooting or combo guard. Much of this crossover is attributed to the two NBA players Katarin desires to emulate: shooting guards Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. As such, she is an excellent ball-handler, passer, and observer, as well as a very good shooter, specializing in hook shots and jump shots. Defensively, her agility and calculated aggressiveness on the court has made her very good at stealing the ball. On the flip side, Kat only possesses an average three-point percentage and is below average in blocking, relying more on taking the ball on the rebound. During the basketball season, she is very active, commonly found on the court in her free time. During the off season, she is more relaxed, shooting some hoops at home or at the gym about once a week, but mainly relaxing and enjoying the time off.

Loyalty has always been a big thing for Kat. At first, it was due to the team oriented nature of basketball requiring her to do right by her teammates, as well as her close relationship to her brother. Katarin has drifted a little bit away from Edgar, but she still loves him dearly and is willing to stick up for him. Additionally, in high school, Kat remained with the popular girls. While a lot of them liked to party, Katarin gravitated to being the voice of common sense in order to ensure the safety of the group. Sometimes this meant steering them away from dangerous or illegal activities, but most of the time it meant she accompanied her friends to parties and other social events to make sure they stayed safe and relatively sober. Kat herself stayed out of most of the action, most of the time simply enjoying when she's socializing with the more sober people and sharing a laugh regarding the drunken exploits of others. She occasionally goes out with her friends during basketball season, but goes more often during the off-season.

Katarin is currently in a pretty good position. She does decently in school, getting mostly B grades peppered with the occasional C+ or A. She mainly hangs out with the popular girls, but also with the basketball players, occasionally playing a pick up game. To those she's close to, she's a loyal, supportive friend, however, she does dabble in making mean comments about others with her friends. She also keeps an eye on Edgar who she remains close to as she is one of the few people who knows him personally. Her abilities in basketball have attracted scouts, and she has accepted a scholarship from the University of Connecticut.

Advantages: Kat is, due to her time on the basketball team, quite athletic, being agile, tough, and both physically and mentally quick. Socially, she could use her looks to her advantage, or call upon her friends or her twin brother Edgar for support. She is willing to work with others to achieve a common goal, and looking out for her brother and friends has made her reasonably cautious.
Disadvantages: Kat and her group of friends, while popular, has enemies, mainly among those students that they have insulted. Furthermore, Katarin is very loyal to others, and somebody could use that sense of loyalty against her. Finally, while she does not have horrible vision, losing her contacts and her glasses would make it troublesome for her to see at a distance.

Designated Number: Female student No. 032


Designated Weapon: Kimberly Nguyen's KA-BAR Combat Knife
Conclusion: What a perfectly unremarkable girl to get the knife of one of the finest winners the game has ever seen. You may want to clean that first. - Abby Soto


Let's Start Something
((Paris Ardennes continued from Earth as a Character Gallery ))

Paris walked into the Old Navy with a huge pair of headphones on his ears and a bounce in his step. He loved Old Navy. Hands down, his favorite clothing store. It wasn't very expensive, but he liked that. He hadn't inherited the super sleek stylish tastes of his parents. He was a more sporty, simple sort in his clothes and he appreciated that Old Navy clothes looked nice and were hard to mess up by putting pieces together.

Paris browsed through the men's section eventually settling on a green sweater with two black stripes and graphic t-shirt advertising a fictitious bait shop. He stood in line with his purchases and looked at the impulse counter. They had dog toys, but why didn't they have cat toys? he mused as he looked through the rubber bones.

He looked up when the line moved and saw a few familiar girls from school. It must have been more popular than he remembered. He looked at the girl behind the counter and waved.

Beware Of The Boys
Paris' expression softened as he listened, leaning his tiled head against a hand.

"Fossils and faith aren't mutually exclusive. I think maybe you've just kind of got the wrong idea about it. I'm guessing none of your family is really much into it either. The idea of someone watching over is supposed to be comforting. Not so much a scary dude who watches you when you pig out on pizza, but someone who deals with ultimate justice. Good people don't have to worry about Him because they are rewarded."

His voice was kind and gentle as he spoke. He seemed completely and utterly sincere.

"It's about having a code to live by and believing in something bigger than yourself which leads to a sense of community. In having faith you automatically have a whole, huge family of people who share a common identity and believe that's based on a really nice code; being nice to others, respecting parents. If you want, you could come with me some Sunday to see what it's about. Being someone who values empirical evidence, it would only make sense you experience something personally before dismissing it."

Magic: The Gathering
I missed this awhile ago somehow.

I've got a mono white deck. It was a starter set from Innistrad supplemented by boosters I bough from Dark Ascension and Avacyn Restored.

It's mostly humans and angels. Good on defense and good on healing. Not so good at speed or power, but the flying from angels really helps.

I've recently become super fascinated with white cards from the Machine Orthodoxy movement from the New Phyrexia expansion. I want them sooooo baaaadddd. My only current New Phyrexian is Suture Priest and I love her to bits and bits :(