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((Amaranta Montalvo continued from Allegory, Allegorier, Allegoriest))

Mara was slowly pulled out of her slumber. She sighed and blinked lazily.

She'd run over to the quad after that horrible meeting with Zubin. Everything was still sore and she couldn't move without breaking out into yelps from the pain from her muscles and bruises. Slowly, she climbed a short tree in the quad, tied herself down to a branch with Mike's long sweatshirts and went to sleep with her bag as a pillow.

Mara rubbed her eyes and found she was still not well enough to move much. She rubbed her arm and shoulder, trying to massage out the injured spot. It was a chore to do even that. After a moment she realized it was two people talking nearby. She very carefully turned to look down and see who it was and if they'd noticed her.

Some girl and some guy. She recognized the girl as the magician who did parlor tricks sometimes. They didn't seem threatening. Mara worked on sitting up in a way that would result in minimal pain while quietly observing.

The Killing Moon
"It's no trouble at all, really. I'm a light sleeper. I always have been. And I'm happy to keep you company."

He quietly scooted over to where she was and took a seat.

"Listen, Cho," he said quietly.

He'd moved in to a whispering distance and although he was close enough to move just a fraction and be touching her, there was no contact.

"I've been taking some asides to feel out Joachim. I think maybe Zoe knew something we didn't and that's why she's taken such a sudden absence. I didn't want to bring this up during the day because I felt like he was watching us very closely and I did it alone because I didn't want him to be suspicious of you as well if he decided that we needed to be dealt with."

The fire crackled steadily and their shadows flickered against the stone floor as one many limbed creature while he moved in to whisper into her ear.

"I noticed you've been getting more on edge and I think that it's because of him. I feel the same way. He's a killer and though he tried to convince us that we'd be safe with him, I think he only did so because of our weapons. I think he wants them. We should take our leave tonight while he's still sleeping, but there's something I need for you to do."

He lowered his head and his eyes were partially shielded by his hair. He moved his hand and fully extended his long, slender fingers to curl around her hand.

"Grab his bag quietly so we have the extra supplies and we can leave together. He's already become very suspicious of me because of all the questions I asked during the day to feel him out, so it would be a death sentence for me, but he doesn't have any opinions on you. If he sees you he'll think it's you waking him up for his shift."

He closed the distance and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Don't worry. We'll make it out of this. Okay?"

V4 Part 2 Mafia Game Thread
This time the town knew for sure. And no matter what stories she spun that everything she did wasn't out of malice, was just bad luck on her part, or that she had changed, they would not listen.

It was best to be safe rather than sorry in this scenario and the town had their voices heard through a length of rope.


I have to go wander into the wilderness in two days so this night phase will have an extra day. Night will end on the 27th at 9PM GMT. Good luck

V4 Part 2 Mafia Game Thread
That's a lynch. Flip to come when I'm not on break....

Allegory, Allegorier, Allegoriest
He grabbed her around the shoulders and brought her in closer. He was clearly flustered and seemed to have some wandering eyes and twitchy hands. He was also mouthing something to her, most of which she couldn't catch. This was getting boring. She was probably going to cause him to have some kind of heart attack before he ever made a move for her to satisfyingly slap down like she'd hoped.

Mara was never much for patience. She rolled her eyes and lifted her left knee up towards his crotch as fast and hard as she could. She ripped herself out of his hold and leapt back onto the rock where her things were.

"No, no clean slate. Let me give you some advice. You think you're what I need, oh brave and noble hero? You're not. I don't need anyone, least of all some boy and even less so you. Everyone who I might have wanted to keep around is dead. Second: you need to pay more attention to current events if you don't want a stump for a head, stumpy. You think you're the first one to try this?" she said waving around the notebook. "Bad news, dipshit. Your participation trophy from little league was a lie. You're not a unique snowflake, so I suggest you think a little harder."

Mara scooped up her damp clothes, the M4 Carbine and her duffle, stuffing the clothes and grenade in the bag.

"And last, but not least by any stretch. You're still the creep you were at school. Next time you see a girl bathing, maybe approach looking to the side or the ground and open with something like 'Hey, I need to talk. Do you want to get dressed real quick?' instead of leering at her like you're at a strip club."

She hopped to another rock and stood with her hands on her hips, frowning down at him.

"Hmm, maybe a swim will cool your jets?" she said, tossing the notebook behind her into the lagoon.

With her m4 and her bag she leapt from rock to rock until she was at the far edge of the lagoon, when she leapt back onto the ground and ran as fast as her injured body would take her.

Great. Now I need another bath.

((Mara Montalvo continued in Exposure))

The Killing Moon
((Paris Ardennes continued from Rio Bravo))

A bright flame sparked in the darkness and illuminated the igniter in a warm, red glow. He smiled, hazel eyes half lidded and relaxed and lips slightly upturned.

The area was a dark one, surrounded by buildings which formed a sort of maze of the area. It was too late for them to go elsewhere and in the morning they'd find some place more hospitable. Though Zoe was no where to be found, he assured the others that she'd turn up eventually. She probably just got lost somewhere or wanted to be alone. This game was something that caused a necessity for self reflection among many.

He'd been casting a critical eye on both his companions now. Cho was nervous, scared and sad. She expressed frequent regret over the events thus far, mostly Katy. She was breaking down. She wouldn't willingly kill again and she didn't have the stomach for the game. The most merciful thing for her was also the more practical option for him. Once again, everything had aligned as if by Devine providence.

"Poor thing. The murder she committed has really put her on edge," he'd say when alone with Joachim, tracing his finger over the other boy's metal collar. He comforted both, tried to be reassuring and kind. He carried the other's extra gear when needed and was mindful to their needs for water, rest and food, offering them his supplies if they needed them. He'd protect them.

Now was time for sleep and there was a lookout order set up. Cho first, then Paris then Joachim. He set the flaming wood into an old metal trash barrel to provide light and comfort while they slept. Paris went to Joachim on the other side of the room to bid him goodnight.

"Be alert, okay. Try not to sleep too deeply in case something bypasses the guard..... night!"

And so they all settled into either sleep or guard, except one. About an hour into her watch, Paris woke up and sat next to Cho.

"Would you like company?" he whispered.

Allegory, Allegorier, Allegoriest
"When did I say I wanted you to leave?"

Mara rolled over onto her back and gaze up at him upside down.

"I said the opposite you know."

He asked her to name three people who'd stay with her and she sat back up. Her big eyes wavered and she chewed on her finger in distress.

"How could I? Why would you say something like that? I just told you all my friends died. I just s-said that and th-then you make me name someone who'd st-stay with me and you, you know there's no one left."

She covered her face and little hiccup and sobbing noises leaked out from behind her fingers. Mara rubbed her hands over her face frantically and sniffed.

"I- I just said I wanted someone to stay with me, keep me warm, protect me and look after me. I'm not sure about this- this plan of yours, but I know I don't want to be alone and I'll do whatever's needed to keep you around."

She stood for the first time during the conversation. Mara grasped him by the shirt collar with the same hand that held his notebook and pushed against him.

"Will you take care of me?" she said softly.

Allegory, Allegorier, Allegoriest
((GMing done as instructed and approved by Decoy))

Mara looked around as the noise started up again. She heard a recounting of what had happened with Summer and to her slight surprise, it was pretty accurate. However, there was something else she wasn't expecting.


Miranda and Kat were killed by other Stacy. She thought maybe she'd heard wrong. Stacy was a moron, how was she able to get the upper hand over Kat and Miranda? Mara could take her, she was sure. She wasn't afraid of some blonde bimbo. This also meant she was the last survivor of her friend group, Finn aside.

If you had asked her at school if she thought she was the toughest of her friends, she would have said yes. She wasn't entirely surprised, but it was a shock to be the last one. She'd only seen Miranda and Kat a day or two earlier. She'd have to pay Stacy a visit.

And then there was Zubin.

"Maybe you don't care, but I do. God, you have the emotional sensitivity of pond scum!" she said as she hurled a handful of small pebbles and dirt at Zubin.

"You think I wanted to kill Summer? I had to shoot my best friend in the face after she blew her own leg off trying to kill me. All my friends are dead," she said, grabbing hold of her knees and lowering her head. "I know I don't show it much, but it affects me."

Zubin began saying something about his plan. What he said next was so weird she had to lift her head to look at him again. He was saying something about a giant orgy or something and she just stared at him, open mouthed.

"I'm sorry, come again?," she asked shaking her head, thinking maybe her hearing was still fuzzy from the grenade blast.

He held out something to her. Mara shifted from her seated position with her legs pulled up to her chest. Her left hand was still holding the grenade, but she got up on her hands and knees and reached out with the free hand and snatched the notebook.

Whatever plan I say is a decoy to throw off terrorists. Collars are the key to this game. Best plan is to figure out how collars work and disarm explosives only. Must find some way of preventing detection by cameras. Makeshift shelter? Bedsheets? Desk?

Mara looked up at him with a frown after reading the note

"...did you not just hear the announcements? Like...did this very thing not just happen? More than once in fact, if memory serves? And what the hell are you doing asking me about this weird pervert stuff?" she snapped.

"If you think I'm going to sleep with you just because we're alone on this horrible island and I'm in front of you like this, then you're right."

She fluttered her feline eyes and bit her lip.

"I've been so scared and alone and there's nothing as reassuring as the weight of a man. I need a big strong man to keep be safe and whoever that is would certainly entitled to a reward. When you told me to go home and touch myself I was so turned on by you ordering me around. Tell me what to do, Zubin. I'm so tired of trying to figure things out on my own. Make me yours."

V4 Part 2 Mafia Game Thread
there are 13 left alive and 7 to lynch

1. Persy
2. Ricky 3 Psychadelic, DocBalance, DN
3. Doc
4. Renard
5. Flare 5 Imehal, VysePresident, JamesRenard, Un-Persona, MK
6. Ciel
7. Turtle
8. Vyse
9. Imehal
10. Gooooose
11. Cake
12. Sideliner
13. DN

Allegory, Allegorier, Allegoriest
"About not having filled you with holes? That can be remedied."

He finished his rebuttal like they were still in debate club and She sat staring at Zubin with one eyebrow raised incredulously.

"That's your pitch? No wonder you're alone. You know you just told me that you only want me because I happen to be sitting here and that I'm as expendable as your last ally who was shot, right?"

She sat with her legs drawn up and both hands on the rock. He mentioned her kills and her arms tensed up. She crossed her arms tightly and bit her lip.

"I don't care who's after me. I killed because people were trying to kill me. In one case at least...no one is going to come after me. Because if anyone else had killed her, I'd be the one looking for the killer."

Mara visibly wilted again for a moment, but then puzzled over part of what he said. "What even is your plan? I don't understand. You want some plan thing, but then say you want to make it to the end. I still don't know what you want."

Rio Bravo
They were pretty sure the building was empty and they were well enough alone. Paris wiped imaginary sweat off his brow and offered Joachim a pat on the shoulder for a job well done.

"It's a good place, but Zoe was right. Too many hiding places. We should get back to the girls, take what we need and get going to a more secure place. At least we know no one is going to be jumping at us on our way out, hu?"

Paris headed swiftly downstairs and by the time he had, Zoe was nowhere to be seen, but Cho remained. He was sure Zoe would turn up sooner or later. They always did.

((Paris Ardennes continued in The Killing Moon))

Allegory, Allegorier, Allegoriest
The offer of a traveling companion was unexpected. She had pretty much accepted that she would be alone after having all of her friends die, try kill her or leave her for dead. She'd slept in hidden brush and barricaded buildings in the nooks where she wouldn't be seen if someone were to stumble upon her hiding spot. In her fitful sleep her only companion was the guns she clutched like a child with stuffed animals. When day came she was afraid to travel in the light and in the night she was afraid of moving in the darkness that was a hinderance and a help. In both she pushed past the fear and moved forward regardless of her fears.

Here was Zubin, asking to stay with her. She hated him at school, but schoolyard hate is very different than what she felt for the people she had come to hate during the bloodsport. He was a familiar goof from a lifetime away and the familiarity itself was a bit of a security blanket, like if she'd found a bundle of prize tickets from The Castle on the floor.

She pulled her knees up, let the grenade dangle by the pin ring on her pinky and hugged her legs close. Mara stared into some far off place with her wet hair plastered to her neck, shoulders, and bandaged face, holding herself close and resting her chin on the gap between her knees.

"No...I can't come with you," she murmured.

The clarity returned to her eyes and she focused back in on Zubin and as if someone had flicked a switch some of her ferocity returned.

"You describing your own plan as 'hair-brained' doesn't really make me want join up," she snapped. Her hold on herself became slightly more slack. "Is that how you've pitched it in the past? Because if so, it shows," she said, tilting her head towards him and the lack of companions by his side. "And in case you don't listen to the local news, I've already killed people. It was really really fucked up!" she said drawing her hand in front of her from left to right. "I'm the strongest girl on this rock. I don't need your help. Is that it? Oh yeah, in school it was all 'Let's fight with Mara' but NOW you want my help?"

She jabbed a finger accusingly at him. "You told me to go home and rub one out or something, you creep."

V4 Part 2 Mafia Game Thread
Boker tov, towns people

Sorry for the errors, there are 13 left alive and 7 to lynch

1. Persy
2. Ricky
3. Doc
4. Renard
5. Flare
6. Ciel
7. Turtle
8. Vyse
9. Imehal
10. Gooooose
11. Cake
12. Sideliner
13. DN

Shangela is being removed from the game, no replacement this time.

Also Psych, an error was made, check PM.

Allegory, Allegorier, Allegoriest
"I know who you are," she said bluntly.

Of course it was Zubin. It wasn't like she would have had a bout of memory loss between last week and today, though if she ever had the ability to selectively forget things, Zubin wouldn't be a bad candidate. Things had shifted since a week ago though. He certainly wasn't someone she liked and she would not have spit on him if he were on fire.

However, here she had worse people to look out for, people who had actually tried to kill her. She didn't recall ever hearing about Zubin, so while she didn't like him, he wasn't a dangerous.

When he first walked up and it became clear that the person was male and Zubin, her first instinct was to slide backwards back into the water for coverage. A second instinct was to grab her clothes or bag to cover up. She didn't though. While he walked up she had a moment to think about it.

Scurrying to her clothes and clutching them to her body would be an act of submissiveness. It would mean she was embarrassed and he would have the upper hand. The classic delicate girl, blushing, meek and nervous. That was certainly not Mara and she wouldn't do that. She was going to stand her ground. She wasn't going to back down to anyone, least of all Zubin.

And so he stood in front of her, shifting and appearing to have some trouble with his face. She had a grenade, but after what happened with Summer she wasn't eager to use it. She never wanted to experience that again. She woke up at night shivering and shaking, having dreamed of the light and sound and Summer. She didn't want to fight at all, in fact. Every movement she made was a screaming round of pain from her injuries. Mara wanted to rest, not fight. This was a situation where her hand was not being forced. This kid was not looking to kill her.

Mara put both heavily bandaged hands on the rock, still holding onto the grenade with the left hand, and pressed down like a push up to lift her torso. She sat up with her legs pulled up and crossed at the ankles. She draped her right hand across her chest, covering herself somewhat, but her hand was relaxed as if she was fiddling with an imaginary necklace.

"Are you going to tell me what you want or are you going to keep staring at me like a weirdo?"

V4 Part 2 Mafia Game Thread
Rise and shine!

Tonight was very strange. A girl and boy were sleeping in a thicket of bushes when they heard something. She woke up first and went to the sound, but all that was left was an extra first aid kit. She bit her lip and twirled a bit of her hair, picked up the kit, and shook it. Seems normal. With that, she took it back to where her companion was.

"Good morning kids! Last night was ABYSMAL. How am I supposed to enjoy myself if you put on a less interesting show than the golf channel? Remember, those collars aren't just fashion statements. Try to do a little better tomorrow night or we'll be very sad and bored.

The only one you all managed to kill was Leila Langford. Maybe she should have been nicer to people, hu? "


Day will go until 24th of Feb at 6pm GMT.

15 players means 8 to lynch

Rio Bravo
((So sorry for lateness))

Paris moved in and out of the rooms, quickly checking closets and under desks before moving with Joachim to the next. As he was sifting through a desk with colorful, but likely petrified marshmallow candies Joachim asked him a question.

He stood and leaned on the desk looking thoughtful. After a moment he seemed to find what he wanted to say.

"Well, I'm with Cho and she is also a killer. Call it intuition maybe, but you're a reasonable guy. I think a lot of people do things because they don't think them through and make rash decisions. I have a feeling that when you killed someone there was some kind of plan or thinking behind it, right? I think you want to get out of here and will do what you have to, but won't lose yourself."

He stepped in close to Joachim and lowered his tone to a near-whisper.

"That's why I'm so glad I found you and Zoe. Really, I've been hoping to find another person for days. Sunny is, well, she's a great girl. But you know how girls can get. They're emotional, irrational and her especially seems like this is really taking a toll on her. I know she's a good girl, but I'm afraid she's going to snap sometime soon and so I've been hoping to find some other people so I don't have to keep an eye on her by myself."

He sighed and shook his head. "It's just really hard for her and if something happens I won't blame her, but it's nerve wracking for me too, ya know? That's why I'm so happy to have found you," he finished giving him a hardy pat on the back. He stretched and walked out of the last room.

"How has Zoe been? I mean as a person to travel with and stay by?"

Allegory, Allegorier, Allegoriest
Mara buried her face into the crook of her right arm. She rolled her shoulders back and felt the hit she took against the wall from the grenade blast. She picked up her head and looked at the bruise down her back, turning a light purple color under the red-brown of her skin. There was movement out of the corner of her eye. Her hold on the grenade tightened and she squinted at it.

It appeared to be male, or possibly a girl with short hair. She was somewhat exposed in the literal sense of the word, but not in the way that mattered. She was never particularly bashful and now would be an especially stupid time to start worrying about modesty. What did it even matter when she was already all carved up and marred? She didn't have her perfect looks anymore that she had so prized before.

She stayed laying on her stomach, picked her feet up at the knees and bent them towards her and propped her head up on her right hand and her left hand resting with the grenade.

"Who's out there?"

Allegory, Allegorier, Allegoriest
((Mara Montalvo continued from Drink Me))

It had been a quite the hike from the shopping center, but she was feeling as well as could be, given the situation. She still ached, but had the time to re-bandage her hands and face. She ate half the pizza before her stomach began hurting and she put the rest in the bag for later consumption.

Her goal was the lagoon. It made her skin crawl how dirty she was. Mara was the type to take a shower every single day and sometimes twice a day in the summer. It was borne out of insistence from her mother, but became habit. She could feel the filth caking her skin, the grease on her hair and the blood making her clothes stiff.

Mara walked around the mossy cliffs to the lagoon and took in the quiet, beautiful surroundings. She stripped off her clothes and underclothes and beat them in the water against a rock. She laid them out flat to dry and hugged herself.

Before going into the water she made sure her bag was close at hand next to her clothes and kept a grenade in her hand even as she bathed. For the first time in awhile, she had a glimmer of happiness by herself in the clear water. Birds sang every once in awhile, the wind sifted through the trees and her movement pushed the water too and fro, though she couldn't hear any of it. Mara took a deep breath and plunged her head under. She curled up with her knees to her chest and hugged the grenade. Wisps of her hair floated near her face. Mara was suspended. She stayed as long as she could and then shot up.

She swam over to the rocks near the shore where she'd laid out her wet clothes and bag and climbed up, laying flat on her stomach in the sunshine. Her slick black hair hung off the rock and her eyes narrowed, looking at her clothes across from her.

"I'm glad I wore black on the trip," she mumbled and rested her head on her forearm. The grenade was clutched in her left hand, dangling off the rock lazily.

Drink Me
She leaned down, drinking deeply and not paying mind when some of the soda spilled around her mouth. She came up for air, gasping and wiping her sleeve across her mouth. She cringed and suck her tongue out. It had been a long time since Mara had drank non-diet soda. It was so sweet.

There was some heavenly smell coming from the box. She flipped the box open and was met with a large, supreme pizza. It had all the toppings; mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, sausage, pepperoni. It was her favorite. It was also huge. She hadn't eaten pizza in even longer than she'd had real soda and never in her life had she eaten a whole pizza alone. One, two slices at most and always blotted with paper towel first to remove the excess grease on the seldom occasions she indulged at parties.

Despite quite literally starving, she closed the box. Instead she reached out and grabbed the basket.

"Variety Basket" is what the note said in a swirly font. She ripped the note off, tossed it behind her and looked inside. It held eight grenades with identifying notes attached.

"Fragmentation grenades (2x), smoke grenades (2x), flashbangs (2x), incendiary grenades (2x)."

They were color coded. She scowled.

"More fucking grenades," she muttered and tipped the contents of the basket into her bag. She zipped it up and that was that. She sighed and looked at the pizza box. With one finger she lifted up the lid and peaked inside. The smell hit her again.

Despite trying and succeeding in not thinking about Summer on the way, she couldn't help but think of her now. She was different. Mike had spelled his own demise by being stupid. That other kid, that was his fault. He attacked her.

It WAS his fault she repeated to herself as she touched the bandage on her cheek.

It was most certainly Summer's fault as well. There was no self convincing or internal doubt. Her friend tried to blow her up and killed two other people trying to get to her. She was still disturbed by it, though. Part of it was having to kill a close friend who wanted you dead with their dying breath. The other part was fear that maybe Mara wasn't that far from Summer's mindset. Summer was so desperate to be loved by someone that she decided the terrorists where the ones who'd give it to her. She was obsessed with that love and did everything for it.

What had Mara done all her life if not that? Maybe not for terrorists or even for the other students like Summer had done in life. Mara didn't give a shit if she was liked by her peers. She wanted their respect and their envy. More than that, she wanted the praise of her father. Everything she did was for one of those two ends. She dieted, she bought beautiful clothes, she joined all of the clubs and worked harder than anyone else for her parents and for the status she gained.

For both those reasons, she wouldn't eat the pizza in her real life. Now, it was a bit disorienting not having to keep up some kind of appearance if she didn't want to. What would her father want? She didn't really know and couldn't find out. There was no sister to compete with here. Her face was slashed up so it wasn't like she was going to be the pretty one anymore. Without other people telling her what to be, she had no idea what to do.

Mara flipped open the pizza box and started consuming ravenously without a care as to how it would look.

She was free.

((Mara Montalvo continued in Allegory, Allegorier, Allegoriest))

V4 Part 2 Mafia Game Thread
The towns people must have been desperate. Who ever could have thought this young man would mean to do them harm?

"It's okay," he said dejectedly as they were ready to lynch him. "It's not like I would have made it much longer anyway."

"It's a trick! He's just trying to phase us!"

"Lynch him!"


Night phase starts tonight. It will go until February 18th at 6pm GMT