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Rugga's Shutter!
More pictures. Shutter speed assignment and some of the basketball pictures I did. I think they came out well.

Beware Of The Boys
Naomi didn't seem very receptive suddenly. She expressed her atheism as Paris was ringing the biscotti plate with his finger again. Round and round until she'd spoken and then suddenly his long index finger arched and his nail scraped against the ceramic noiselessly and then stopped. Paris bit his lip for a moment. He sat up a little straighter and pushed his slightly wavy hair away from his face.

"Sure. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion."

Paris smiled at her just like he'd smiled at her before. Not unusual as he was frequently smiling. And though his smile was the same there was something intangibly different about the way that he smiled. His large, deep eyes seemed a little more defined due to the narrowing of his dark lashes.

Paris tilted his head to one side and his gaze moved over the girl across from him. His smiled had faded a little while he looked over her.

"If you don't mind me asking, what brought you to that conclusion?"

No One Talks About It
((Hey, Decoy! Just a reminder that there's a posting order. You can break the post order if you're exiting the thread, but otherwise, try to stick to it so everyone gets a turn :) . New posting order is now Rugga, Decoy, Flare, Laurels, Weasel))

No One Talks About It
"My my. Well, of course that's the conclusion that you would come to. Obviously, when someone is acting in a way that you personally can't comprehend for one reason or another, you jump to the conclusion of illicit substances," she said with her arms crossed.

"Hmmm, let's see," she said tapping her finger to her cheek. "You're belligerent and you're clearly disoriented since after three times of pointing it out and asking, you still seem not to have noticed that you are in the wrong room. Sounds like you're altered to me."

She walked up close to Zubin and leaned down. "It'll take a few minutes for the computers to boot back up, so I suggest you go watch your nonsense elsewhere." She jabbed a finger in the direction of his food. "And there's no eating in computer rooms. Now get out before you make me go through the trouble of fetching the faculty advisor to come throw you out."

Mara didn't bother acknowledging Claire much. She was a nonentity to her. Steven walked in, understandably confused. Mara put a hand on her hip. "Afternoon, Steven. We've had a little accident," she responded breezily. "I'm sure you'll be able to get right to work in a few."

Introduction Thread
Oh my, someone's been spreading falsities about us!

Kidding. Welcome to the site! :)

Beware Of The Boys

Paris nodded deeply, eyes closed.

"It's been a real anchor in my life. I'm very dedicated to my faith and I think it provides good guidance in people's lives, including mine. My mother and I are both very involved in the church. My..."

Paris looked downcast for the first time since entering the shop. In fact, it was a very unusual expression for the normally fairly chipper young man.

"My father was a kind of hedonistic sort, quite irresponsible. To me, that's the sort of thing that happens when you don't have the guidance of faith with you. You become susceptible to unsavory influences in life. There is a certain comfort in knowing that there is a plan for us. That is, if you are willing to devote your life to Him. That keeping on a path that is asking of you will lead to inner peace."

Paris fiddled with his cup for a moment before taking another sip and brightening back up again.

"It's very important to me, yes. Sorry that was so round about!" he said, seemingly waving away the temporary drop in spirit.

"And you?"

Beware Of The Boys
He looked cheerful over the edge of his mug. Paris liked her thus far, and in fact, wanted to know more to make a more complete judgement.

"In any case, thanks so much for helping me out earlier. You're a real life saver, Naomi. And it seems so weird that we've never really talked much one on one. I hope you don't think I'm too annoying or forward. I imagine someone like you would have a lot of guys asking her out and it'd break my heart if I knew you were just too polite to turn me down," he said, clutching his heart and dramatically slumping. He popped back up and continued munching on a cookie with a smile.

"You're a lucky duck, though, you know? Naomi, it's a name from the Old Testament. It's Hebrew for beautiful. It'd be kind of awkward if you were given that name and turned out to be a aesthetically challenged," he said thoughtfully.

Earth as a Character Gallery
Beatrice struggled to put on her white uniform for the fencing class. She pushed her thick dark braid under the white, faceless mask.

"Really? Fencing? I thought you didn't like that stuff," asked Amy.

"I mean, maybe I didn't give it a fair shake," Beatrice shrugged.

Ciara shrugged. “If she wants to let her.”

A group of people filed into the building behind her. Amy put a hand on her hip and frowned.

"Yeah, sure. Like that's what you're trying to shake. We’ll see you when you’re done.”

Beatrice blushed.

She grabbed her foil and closed the locker. Out in the gym area people were already practicing. Another figure in white, only different in her that there was a lack of curvature, held out a hand to practice with her. She was grateful for the mask covering her face. She nodded.

The pair began practicing a bit. She let him correct her and "miraculously" picked up the forms quickly. She grinned and congratulated herself for her cleverness. Sure, she wasn't as experienced as the people here, but she'd had a little bit of fencing training before. Beatrice wasn't much compared to those with training, but she came off as unusually skilled for a flat beginner.

He's gonna think I'm so cool! 'Oh no, this is my first time! You think I'm a natural?’

After awhile of practice he proposed a spar. Best two out of three. Why not?

They started slow. He tapped her sword’s end. She tapped back. A slow steady exchange followed and in little time his sword tip touched her torso. One to nothing.

Beatrice decided to pull out a little flair. They started slowly again. Tap, tap, tap. Then, suddenly she stepped forward with a quick succession of moves. She caught him off guard and her sword tip hit his neck. One to one. She was almost giddily from her small success.

Beatrice held her sword at the ready and before she had even finished 'go' he started. He swung at her and in a panic she moved her hand and blocked the blow. He hit her so hard she felt the impact throughout her body.

"What the hell?!"

She stepped back quickly just before another punishing smack against a hurried block. Lightening fast, he thrust downward and she barely blocked again, being pushed further back and forced to retreat. Beatrice tried to hold on and matched blow for block again and again. He refused to let up, no matter what noises of shock and surprise she emitted. He swung at her mask and Beatrice ducked and watched the sword sail above her head.

What is wrong with him?

She couldn't see his face behind the mask. He recovered quickly and brought the sword sharply down as if to slice through her head. Beatrice’s sword shot up to protect herself and she stepped deftly to the side.

Beatrice deflected attack after attack with the sword close to her body. She was unable to get it very far out, for each wave of attacks would come in too quick a succession. A clumsy maneuver left her open and he thrust his sword at her, stopping inches from her neck.

Beatrice flinched but looked down to see he hadn’t taken the win. Why wasn’t he satisfied? Why wouldn’t he end it?

Beatrice dug her heels into the mat and lunged at him. He easily deflected. She tried again, unwisely throwing all of her weight into the lunge. Their foils connected loudly and for a moment it was a contest of strength. Try as she might, Beatrice couldn’t hold on. He swept his sword around hers and she felt her wrist twist painfully. The sword went flying out of her hand. She lost her weapon and her balance.

Beatrice pitched forward. He caught her around the waist and, to her surprise, roughly slung her back the way she came, throwing her backward. Pain shot up her arm as she and her wrist collided with the floor. With her good hand she lifted her mask and saw him gently poke her chest with the tip of his sword.

She looked a mess with her frazzled hair and flushed face gasping for breath. Her liquid eyes looked up at him, confused. He removed his mask and for the first time since it had began, she saw his face.

A smile.

((Paris Ardennes continued from Free Sample with Purchase))

“Good match!” Paris enthused cheerfully.

((Continued in Let's Start Something))

No One Talks About It
"But you see, he's not. He's really not being quiet and furthermore, he's being a rude little popinjay who could easily go find a computer in the COMPUTER labs in the library where people don't have the rooms reserved for a specific-"

And then Zubin decided to pretend that she'd agreed with him. Oh, that did not sit well with her, not at all. Zubin went on to flat ignore her and turn back on his show. Mara's face turned a flushed pink color and her nails dug into her palms. Her eyes narrowed dangerously and then, suddenly, she stopped. Her shoulders relaxed and her fingers loosened. Mara pulled her hair back into her ponytail and took a deep breath.

"Yes. How dare I not let you watch your stupid internet show. I mean, why should I complain just because this is the newspaper room and you're not doing newspaper things? How silly of me."

Mara walked past Zubin and the others to the end of the line of computers where all of the plugs met, plugged into an outlet expansion.

"So please accept my sincerest apologies."

Mara stomped on the main power cord, unplugging it and sending all the screens to black.

"Opps. Bad luck."

Ilya Volkov
Howdy Solitair

Ilya is denied pending some fixes, kay?

-Ilya was born in 1992, which would make him 19 or 20 in 2012 when the game takes place.
- Imma need you to go through and take out parenthetical references in da profile.

Alrighty, we get to a big roadblock when it comes to the family moving to America. I'll buy that Petr disliked Putin enough to move. However, Putin was elected president in 2000, but was appointed Prime Minister in 1999, so why was president the breaking point when he was already prime minister?

When he does chose to move away because he is not a Putin fan, why does he chose America? Why does he chose Seattle? As far as I can tell neither him nor anyone in his family speaks English. There are five other countries that are not Russia where Russian is the official language. Surely it would be easier to move to one of those?

If Ilya realizes the move is petty and childish, why doesn't he speak up? How does his mother feel about the move?

- How long has this kid been doing martial arts?

- I need some more info on the parents' occupation. What exactly does one do for a career in horticulture? More problematic though is the father's job. How did he get back into politics when the political system he is used to is the Russian one? How good is his English? What was his original job in Russia? "Works in the mayors office" could be anything from janitor to accountant.

", noticed him relapsing"

Noticed him relapsing into what? It seems like he's quiet and kind of depressed and never got any better so not sure what there is for him to relapse to.

- Reading and violin are brought up quickly without much backing. Why the violin? That seems random. What sort of books does Ilya read? What are his favorite and why? Are they in Russian?

- It says Ilya discovered wrestling with a friend in middle school. So he has friends then?

" After joining the amateur wrestling club in school, which was not choreographed, he talked with his seniors and discovered that mixed martial arts would be a better use of his talents."

So this would be Greco-Roman wrestling instead of the fake-y wrestling, right?

- Ilya decides to fall back on his martial arts training for a career in MMA. Has he been keeping up with his training since leaving Russia?

"grudgingly take the "if it makes you happy" stance."

Find a way to say that without the quotations.

"He became aware of hormones giving him his father's irrational impulses and did his best to suppress them, using the "Spock" character from an otherwise uninteresting TV show as a role model of sorts. "

Hmmmm...His father would be fairly on in age to the point where his hormones would have evened out and he wouldn't be getting the same shots of testosterone teens get. Is Ilya under the impression that his father has the same level of hormones as a teen and that makes him irrational? Has it ever occurred to Ilya that his father is just an irrational person? There are irrational women who aren't that way because of testosterone. His reason for being so set in keeping up this stony facade seems kind of flimsy to me.

- Uhhh so who is friends with this dude? Is he smart? Which classes does he do well at or do poorly in? Having a crush on someone isn't controllable, trust me, I've tried. It seems like if he did try to hold in his feelings to such an extreme extend, it would have a negative effect on him. Isn't he lonely?

- It should be in the disadvantages that people don't want to approach him because he seems unfriendly. That seems like a pretty significant disadvantage. Did he get better at English? How're his communication skills?

-There's almost nothing about the mother in here. More expanding on dis plz.

"By the same token, he's not good at making split-second decisions, and seems likely to hesitate at a critical moment."

Is he not? I didn't know that until the end. Tell me about it in the profile.

I think that's everything! Give a shout when you're done

Beware Of The Boys
Paris took another sip of his hot drink and nodded sagely. A barrista came by and set a plate of biscotti at the table. He picked up one of the thin cookies and took a bite out of the end.

"Very good," he beamed. "For someone who hasn't heard of it you know a little known fact," he said pointing to her with a wink. "There is a story in One Thousand and One Nights that has a similar structure to that presented in The Alchemist. It's very short in Arabian Nights though, the story is only about 7 pages long. I imagine it was one of the nights that Scheherazade was a little tuckered out," he said, amused at his own joke.

"It's a story of self discovery through a journey. Finding oneself through experiences and faith and eventually finding what you were meant to do. There's something very comforting and appealing in thinking that we all have a thing meant for us and that we'll find it."

He ran his long fingers around the outside of the smooth white surface of the plate the cookies were resting on. Looking a bit absent and lost in thought for a moment, tracing around and circling the middle of the plate.

"In the case of your young man if he wasn't happy being good, that's not really the concern of everyone else. If he wasn't going to be good and couldn't be happy being as one should, it seems fitting that he try to kill himself. Maybe it is a bit of a cop out for him to become good if your impression is that he couldn't be. A little cynicism is good for the blood, but only a little. I must admit that I didn't take you for someone to eschew an overly optimistic ending, but it's a twist that I like in you."

Paris held out one of the cookies to her. "Biscotti?"

JillSandwich's Music Type Things
I like them! Especially the original stuff. Very nice work : )

Beware Of The Boys
After Naomi was done with her explanation Paris held up a finger and left the table briefly. He returned with a beverage and settled back into his seat.

"Sorry for excusing myself. That does sound unusual. It's an interesting concept to be sure. It sounds like a bit of a shame that the experiment didn't stick. I mean, surely he would have been better off as a good person, wouldn't he? Though I guess it's preferable if he had found something to inspire him to be good, it might have stuck then."

He leaned forward with both hands around the warm drink. He mirrored Naomi and took a sip of whatever was in the cup and smiled. She seemed nervous, which was really quite cute to him. He supposed her nerves came from a place of wanting to impress, which showed a level of caring, but not too dominating.

"Yes, I am aware that there are many other books that exist other than Clockwork Orange," he said with a good natured chuckle. A little teasing wouldn't hurt her too much. "I do read quite a lot though. The Alchemist is one of my favorite books and one that I've read recently. Other than the Bible of course."

The Alignment thread V5: Welcome to the Hive
Yeah, I guess?

I didn't really know what to do with him so that's fine for now.

The Alignment thread V5: Welcome to the Hive
Uhhhh I'll give it a shot I guess?

Mara Montalvo: Lawful Evil. Based on the Toben guidelines this is her. She is almost strangled by society and the structure. She would never ever stray from the established guidelines and rules by in large (she may cheat occasionally but a rejection of the norms is out of the question). Her whole life is to keep up the appearance that she conforms and her seeming happy is way more important that if she is happy or not. Evil being equated with selfishness, she is most certainly evil.

Michelle Wexler: Chaotic Good. She's a free spirit, she has little regard for rules she doesn't find to be important (her running around school barefoot despite being yelled at). She's selfless and cares deeply for others. She's stopped to help people even if she isn't particularly close with them like Joe in the gazebo thread.

Paris Ardennes: .......

uh...fuck. I have no idea really. He's kind of all over the place? It SEEMS like he cares for people, but careful reading of his actions reveals he's never done anything in pre game that wasn't because he wanted to obtain something (to stop Rosemary from complaining about the music, trick Sophie out of money, get Rosemary to help him, have Naomi do his homework). However.....uh...he seems to want to help people through converting them to his religion? But like...I'm not sure if that's for a selfless reason or not. He's shown flashes of being willing to help someone if it's not too much of an inconvenience (helping a little girl with a ball).


Chaotic vs. lawful. Again, I have no idea. He does weird shit like hang out of trees and seems to reject norms like not talking to people about religion because he simply doesn't give a shit if people are uncomfortable.


Chaotic Neutral?

Beware Of The Boys
"Of course. I wouldn't stand you up."

Paris looked to the chalkboard behind the counter at the various beverages and foods offered at the establishment. He lifted the sunglasses up and pushed them onto his head, revealing now his green eyes.

"Haven't been waiting long, I hope," he said, turning back to her with a smile. Her hands was half obscuring the cover of the book she'd been reading upon his entry. A Clockwork Orange.

"I've heard of the book and the movie, but I've never seen it. No interest in it, I suppose, though I guess I don't really know what it's about."

She was very pretty and very dignified. Naomi was someone he could see himself spending more time with. She seemed demure and intelligent, but not ostentatious.

"If you find it interesting, I'd like to hear about it."

Saerne Cunningham
Ohhhhhh for once I get to say hello first. Hello!

Before we give Saerne a full critique, please be sure his profile conforms exactly to the template. Specifically, please be sure to get the correct bolding and spacing for the sections (no space between sections like name and gender and no space between advantages and disadvantages). Post when you've got that done, and we'll give him a looking over. Thanks!