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They're Made Out Of Meat
((<_< >_> ))

Mary-Ann took a deep breath. She reopened her one eye, bit her lip and tightened her grip on the gun.

"I can do this. I can do it. I can," she whispered to herself.

She could hear her heart pounding; blood was rushing around her head. It felt like her hands were freezing against the gun. Cold tingles and sweat were starting to make her fingers jittery.

The sound of her nervous pulse was suddenly interrupted by the crackling of forest brush. Her eyes flew open. Her heart leaped into her throat and reflexively she spun around. It was all so quick that it felt like all of her actions happened at once. She turned, gave a little involuntary squeak and pulled the trigger. The trigger fell back with an empty click.

Mary-Ann hadn't been looking at her target. After the initial few seconds of action she realized she was looking down at the ground while her gun was aimed up at her would-be attacker. She let out a breath; apparently she hadn't been breathing.

Slowly Mary-Ann lifted her eyes and saw R.J. Her chest fell and rose with the rapid breathing that was catching up to her just now.

"Ohmigod, R.J.! Don't do that! You scared me!" she shouted, forgetting for a moment to be quiet.

Her eyes started to become glassy. She drew one of her hands away from the gun, letting the muzzle hit the dirt.

"I'm not dumb. I get what you were trying to do."

She closed the distance between the two of them and hugged him, burring her face into his chest.

"I'm sorry I yelled. You only want me to know how to protect myself. But please don't leave me alone like that again. Don't leave."

The religion poll?
Keep your cream away from Holly :-/

And uh, ditto on what Holly said Re: religion.

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Isabel looked up. Everyone was there....minus one. Her fears were confirmed when Roland announced that she hadn't made it out. Isabel remembered seeing her briefly as she had been running out. Feo was busy trying to cover their tracks. She'd saved them. A girl who never even knew her name, who she hadn't said a single word to, died to hide the rest of them.

"I should have stayed. I should have made sure she made it out. I suck," Isabel mumbled.

Hey. Be emo on your own time. You've got a job to do right now. Save your asses first, reflect on your poor leadership later.

Ethan's letters were still in her bag. She owed it to Feo and Ethan to get those to their families. It was all that was left of them. But more than that....

If the terrorists figured out what happened, the computer, the generator, the message, they'd want to know how it'd been done. If it came down to that Isabel would take all the responsibility, no need for any of the rest of the group to be hunted. She could trade the letters and agree to go quietly in exchange for the safety of the rest of the group. She wasn't like Liz. She wasn't going to put innocent bodies in front of herself in order to survive.

Might as well. Fodder is all you are good for, my little girl.

Isabel picked up her head when Roland had asked her how she was. No one had asked her how she was since she'd woken up. It....it was so simple and stupid but it meant so much to her. She was so fragile that that little show of concern could almost bring her to tears. She blinked a few times.

"I....ummm....I'm okay. As okay as I can be, given the situation. Kindda broken up that she didn't make it," she replied with a long sigh. Isabel managed a sad, small smile at Roland.

Something in the distance caught her eye, some wobbly motion. It got closer and she recognized it as Leila. And she looked in a bad way. Isabel tilted her head. What was that on her arm?

"Oh God," she gasped. "Guys!" she yelled and pointed at the girl. Isabel scrambled to her bag and started pulling out clothes. She laid out a sweat shirt, then a t-shirt, another t-shirt. She was trying to make a clean area on the ground. She came upon her first aid kit and tossed it at Helen.

"Roland! Dave! Give her a hand," she said nodding in the direction of Leila as she laid out the clothes.

The guys were the strongest, they could get the girl to the makeshift bed area and the rest would be up to Dr. Helen. She grabbed the trumpet out of the bag and went over to Kitty. Now that the clothes, the trumpet and the first aid kit were out of her bag, it was pretty much empty. A problem she would have to deal with soon; she was all out of food.

Her fingers were cold, sliding along the surface of the trumpet. She leaned in close to Kitty.

"Follow my lead in a sec, kay?" she whispered. They had to do this before someone more dangerous stumbled onto them.

What am I doing telling these people to do things? Who am I to tell anyone to do anything? It's a wonder they don't just turn on me for yelling orders at them. They don't need me. And my stellar decision making has already gotten someone killed. As soon as we send this message I'll leave them alone. I'll run off.

It was silly of you to think you mattered in the first place, little lamb. I'm honestly quite surprised you've kept going. Do you remember when I gave you that first bike when you were six? I gave it to you without training wheels because I thought you could handle it. You rode it and fell off and cried and cried. You gave up and wouldn't ride it again for years. You just aren't made to outlast anyone, much less lead, sweetheart

Sexual Orientation/Gender Thread 3: Electric Boogaloo
I've made no secret of the fact that I'm in love with GLaDOS. Oh yes.

Also this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGSVYgcy24Q

Take Back The Fear
Autumn heard a loud flurry of noises. Something like a loud pop, screaming, fighting. She picked up speed and when she turned the last corner around the mirror house to the front, she was met with a grisly sight.

Fiona knelt down on the ground fumbling with a first aid kit. Staffan was on the ground, pale, still, with a huge gaping wound leaking blood onto the ground. Autumn took a few slow steps forward. The crunching of dirt seemed amplified ten fold. The bodies Fiona was fussing over were Nik and Evelyn. She looked at them and knew they were gone. A swell of emotion started building up inside her, rising up from her chest and bottled at her throat. They were gone. Gone forever. Evelyn had been her best friend. She had hoped Nik would ask her to prom. Autumn stood looking down on Evelyn. Sure, she was right to cut the friendship, even now she had no regrets about that, but she never wished this on her.

There was another emotion starting to tickle the back of her throat. Looking down on them both there was a sense of jealousy.

You two even had to DIE together, didn't you? Well I'm still alive and you aren't. So I guess that goes to show just how far your relationship took you. To the soil, to till, to the grave.

Autumn blinked a few times trying to will away the tears. She cleared her throat and turned to Fiona.

"I wouldn't bother," she whispered.

Hey guys, I'll be in Latvia for a few days. Be back Monday!

No More Heroes Mafia: Game Thread
Owww T_T

Pretty Handsome Awkward
Nick looked wide eyed for a moment at Mike. He’d actually agreed. Some part of him had hoped the other boy would have caught on, would have turned on him with katana in hand and run away.

I…..I…..oh no. My heart. It’s pounding so hard. I wonder if he can hear it. That’s silly. He can’t hear it.

His hands tingled lightly as if the blood had been drained from them. He tried to look like nothing was wrong. Nick looked at Mike and managed a little bit of a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes. Mike had wandered ahead of him. Nick shuffled along behind.

It just takes one step. One foot in front of the other. The first is always the hardest for anything. It’s always hardest when you just start out, but with practice everything becomes easier. Even this. You want to survive?Then this is the way. An armed boy you aren’t all that familiar with. He’s good to start with. A starter kill. Starter kill? This isn’t a crafts project, it’s a person. A person who would just as soon kill me….

Mike was whistling. It was all he could hear, some upbeat little ditty. Nick walked up behind him.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered gruffly as raised his weapon.


I go out walkin' after midnight, out in the moon light, just like we used to do, I'm always walkin' after midnight searchin' for you

Nick bopped his head cheerfully along with the old song that was floating beneath the chatter of people.Nick looked down at the pie the waitress had brought him. The little shop was bustling with people but he, Jessica, Josie and Alex had managed to find a booth right next to the window. While they waited he had been watching Jessica from across the booth as she looked outside at the first few summer fire flies. The waitress put down the single slices for Josie and Alex and put the pie between Jessica and Nick. She went ahead and put one plate in front of Jessica and was about to put down the other in front of Nick when he stopped her.

“No thanks. One’s good.”

“You sure?” she asked incredulously.

He nodded vigorously. The waitress shrugged, gave him a skeptical look and placed a large knife down next to the plate. Nick looked up at Jessica. She looked away when their eyes met and pushed the same strand of hair back three times behind her ear. He smiled at her and picked up the knife.

The heel of his hand rested on the handle, the knife seemed very heavy now. Much heavier than it looked. He put his left hand on the handle for support and tilted the blade down. The point entered into the smooth crust first. It stuck in slightly. It wouldn't cut all the way. He yanked the knife out.

The pie must be one of those in the display case all day. That would explain why it was a little hard to cut. He tried again. He swept the blade down hard and this time it cut, tearing into the creamy colored exterior. Nick looked up at Jessica. She just kept smiling shyly. He cut in a second time, now much easier. The sticky strawberry filling poured out, rose up along the sides of the blade and spilled over the crust.

The music stopped. Nick looked at his hands covered in the filling. But hadn't he.... asked for apple? His blood pumped faster. The only sound was the high pitched buzzing of an empty room, even with all the people in the shop.

He brought his hand up to his mouth and licked the vibrant red filling from his fingers. It wasn't strawberry.

He was panting, out of breath. The overwhelming metallic taste in his mouth brought him back. It startled him. What had he done? The realization of his actions hit him. He quickly dropped his weapon. Nick's stomach gave a violent churning lurch and he braced himself as he vomited what little was left in his stomach

No More Heroes Mafia: Game Thread

Certain details of the PM convince me of it's authenticity. Though I just KNOW trusting Toben YET AGAIN will probably lead to my untimely death (as it almost always does) I have no choice but to believe him and vouch for his innocence.

Unvote: KillerVole

No More Heroes Mafia: Game Thread
Feb 14 2011, 07:44 PM
Also, providing information only one person can verify doesn't really prove anything unless they out themselves.
We can figure something out I'm sure.

Awww, poor Crowman. Don't be too down. I can cheer you up. ;)

May or may not involve syringes.

No More Heroes Mafia: Game Thread
*Tilts her head and twirls a curl around her finger*

Hu. Well now I'm unsure. It certainly has a ring of truth, but Toben is very crafty. I won't unvote though because he's still got a long way to go before he has enough votes to be in danger of a lynching and I'd like to keep him on his toes : P

No More Heroes Mafia: Game Thread
Slamexo is right on there. I do not believe that that is Toben's role : D

Pretty Handsome Awkward
Nick looked at Mike. This was critical, he had to pay attention. He had to use all of what he knew about reactions to gauge the other boy. Mike sighed. His hand became loose around the weapon and pulled away. His shoulders dropped and came slightly forward. Those were signs that a person was becoming relaxed. Mike was relaxing.

Nick, in contrast tensed up. He bit his lip and swallowed. Waves of temptation had pooled around him, licking his feet, building slowly. So slowly... Now without realizing how it happened he was being dragged under foot; caught by the surprise rip tide that really wouldn't have been a surprise to someone paying attention. He's never been good at that.

"That's a good idea, Mike," he said looking down at his shoes. He picked his head up and looked at Teo. Electric understanding passed between them.

"Great idea," Teo said smoothly flashing another brilliant smile. "You and Mike go around back and make sure no one's camped out there. Gracie and I can get out the front."

No More Heroes Mafia: Game Thread
Vote: Killer Vole because I keep trusting him and he always turns out to be evil. Seriously, dude, how do you keep getting me to do that? Hypno-vision?

SOTF Alignment
Lol, I'll give it a go before I pass out.

Sally Connelley: Neutral evil. Spiteful, bitchy, selfish girl that she was, she didn't really care that much about anyone but herself. Not particularly lawful or chaotic, but with a definite slant on the evil side with the way she relished putting people down and hurting others.

Nick LeMonde: Despite the fact that he's my only "player" per say I'm tempted to put him as lawful good. He really does care about other people and he's got a lot of compassion for the people around him, but he's a product of the rules and the rules say to kill people so kill he must. He's a slave to the rules because they make the world easier to navigate. However, he's also got a major selfish streak (as well as the whole killing thing) which detracts from his goodness so I'd say lawful evil.

Isabel Guerra: She lacks the ability to show others she cares for them, but she does. At the start I would have put her at neutral but she's grown to care for others more which leans her at good. She does have a rigid sense of personal responsibility but mostly ignores rules if they do not fit her purposes. Neutral good.

Autumn O'Leary: Not my character to start with but she really couldn't care less about anyone outside of herself and rationality rules the day. Lawful neutral.

Ethan Kent: Awful, and almost as selfish and violent as Sally. But in the end, he didn't have the heart to be evil. He understands the rules and doesn't disregard them, but he's a nasty cheater all the same and uses the rules to his advantage, fair or not. A little too sneaky for a lawful alignment and in the end, a little too good for an evil one as well so I declare him true neutral.

No More Heroes Mafia: Sign-Ups

No More Heroes Mafia: Sign-Ups
I suck at this game. And yet, I will sign up. Why? Because I am an idiot. :D

-.-- -.-- --..
((Isabel Guerra continued from The House of the Rising Sun ))

Isabel sat with her chin resting in one hand on top of a small suit case. White ear buds hung down from her ears to her ipod, shoved in her pocket. A melodious tone sound cut through the music and she yanked the buds out.

Attention: Flight 287 out of Terminal 1, Peir E, Gate 27 will begin boarding in 15 minutes.

She quickly wrapped the cord around the ipod and stuck it in her purse. Isabel stood and extended the handle on the smaller of two bags. Isabel looked up at the departures board.

F287 YYZ to LAX -------------- On time

“ Mmph-hey Izzy!”

Isabel turned around and beamed with a big smile. She crossed her arms and cocked her hip to the side.

“Hey jerk face. No sandwich for me?”

A muffled “Nope” came out between bites.

She swiped a chunk off the sandwich and threw it into her mouth.

“Fine. I’m stealing your in-flight peanuts then.”

“Yeah, right. Good luck.”

“Come on, they started boarding! Get your stuff; I’m not carrying your crap to the gate.”

She grabbed her little rolling bag and the two set off. Though it wasn’t necessary, they ran down the moving sidewalk past the people patiently waiting to come to the end.

At the gate they handed over their passports and boarding passes. Isabel shoved the little red passport into her bag and waited at the threshold.


“Born ready.”

She took his hand and they walked down the hall to the plane.

“Are you going to miss it?”

“Are you going to miss it?”

Isabel was lying on a mattress on the floor of an almost completely empty room.

“Go away,” she said moodily and turned onto her side to face the wall. Her long legs were bent, pulled halfway up to her in an almost fetal position.

“Excuse me? Don’t take that tone with me!”

“You want to know the truth?” Isabel said, her voice slightly louder now. “Of course I’ll miss it. Just when I think somewhere is going to get to be my home, the place where I’ll stay, it never is. I don’t even remember where I am some days. Times and places slip and slide around. I hate it. I hate it all.”

The sharp crack of contact rang out in the room. Isabel put her hand up to her stinging cheek and her eyes began to fill with tears, but she didn’t look away from the wall or turn her head. Stubborn.

“You are such an ungrateful child. You have such a bad attitude. I don’t know what’s gotten into you lately.”

The door slammed behind her mother.

"I absolutely am," she muttered.



Isabel giggled into the phone and fell backwards onto her bed, twisting the cord around her finger. "No. Absolution. Like the name of the space ship that Tom operated from on the little thingies in between the shows on Toonami? I know it's a really dorky thing to name my car after but I have to start thinking of names now, right?"

The line suddenly wasn't responding anymore.

"Hayley? Did your phone crap out? Hayley?"



Isabel shook her hair with her fingers a little and closed her eyes for a moment. The day dreams and memories were running together in her mind, she hadn't slept. She'd made it out of the ranger station with her neck still attached to her head. That was good. As she was running to the nearby swamp and hoping the beeping in her collar would stop she had some time to think about the other information she'd heard. Hayley killed for a third time. This was not good.

She better give me a good explanation when I find her or I will kick her skinny white ass.

She plopped down cross legged into the ground. They seemed to be just at the edge of the swamp. Past the little land mass they were on it looked decidedly less solid.

Isabel looked up at Roland and cocked an eye brow.

I hope this works.

The Waiting Room Bar and Grill
"Hey! I KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. I HAD A HISPANIC MAID YOU KNOW!" she shouted after Clio. The door shut behind the other girl and she noticed Craig had appeared behind her with the purpose of calming the girls down. "She started it, you saw!" Sally was practically on fire with anger. It was rather unbecoming, she thought. Sally took a deep breath and smoothed out her bright blonde hair and dress, transforming once again into her normal, photo-ready self.

"Low class trash isn't worth it anyway," she said in a syrupy sweet tone.


Ethan grabbed a beer off of the bar and sat next to Roman. He slumped down and leaned with a hand on his chin. "Fuckin' indestructible fridge," he sighed. "What up,?" he asked and offered a bro pound. "This place has really messed me up. I can't even enjoy a hot cat fight."

Pretty Handsome Awkward
The katana. Mike Jeffries. They weren't close, not very close at all. Never had a problem sprung up between them, but still.... He wasn't a girl either. Would Nick have felt worse about killing a girl than a boy? A good person to get one's feet wet.... Killing?! Yes, killing. He had decided on it already. Nick had thought about it and he came to the conclusion that the rules said to kill so you follow the rules. Gruesome, awful rules, but rules all the same. Rules make things so much easier to understand. Though his problem wasn't in the understanding, it was in the action.

I told Teo to kill Clio. But that was different. She wasn't a girl anymore. She was a cold blooded murderer who laughed at us when she talked about killing the violin player. This is just a guy. Just a guy who didn't do no harm to anyone.

Teo was trying to calm everyone when Nick came out of his cloud of thoughts.

"Do you know you're wearing a dress?" he blurted out to Vivien.