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Daniel Scott
Apologies for the wait on this one. Leaving a note that I'll do this one tonight

V5 Epilogue: Desiderium
She woke up in someplace gray, cement, empty. Her moan echoed when she sat up and the only objects near her were a black bag and an envelope. Her black hair was splayed out in all direction on the ground and she was still in her terrorist issued outfit, white tank top and gray running shorts. She was alone again in a strange place. Bright white light flooded in from a skylight and the broken windows around her.

A flash of anxiety cut through her groggy fog and she suddenly felt very cold. This wasn’t the first time she’d been drugged and left in a strange abandoned place with a pack. Her heart raced and she felt like she’d faint. What if it was another game? Mara swallowed hard. If it was, she would kill herself. It was decided.

I won't do this again.

Wasn't that was Joey was so afraid of?

She reached for the bag to see what was inside.

She yanked up the bag and saw that there was an envelope underneath. Mara looked at it for a moment, and once her brain caught up to her eyes she dove for it and it tore it open.

Hello Amara, I hope you are doing well-

Her face flushed with heat and her fingers dug into the letter, crumpling the paper at the edges. She imagined everything Tracen touched was poisonous. There was a chance it had important information, though. She tempered her nausea and kept reading.

A taxi will be arriving at your location. He has been paid and will take you to wherever you please, within reason. We will always remember you and you us. Sincerely, Tracen Danya.

It was safe. Her muscles relaxed and she slumped, taking deep breaths. The black bag was still there. If there were any nasty surprises, it would be best to get it out of the way now. Mara slammed down the zipper and pulled out the contents. All she found was the gift he’d given her in his office. For awhile she just looked at the box, wondering what horrible thing might be inside. She ripped apart the wrapping and opened it. Inside was the yellow dress she’d worn during her meeting with Danya and a smaller box.

She weighed the second box in her hands. Mara held her breath, but the box did not make any noise. It was too small to be a human head, so that was a small comfort. She opened it, felt something smooth inside and removed the object.

Immediately Mara started shaking. It was a memory. She nearly dropped the object out of shock, but caught it before it hit the ground. She tasted blood.

It was one of the snow globes from the island’s lighthouse museum. Mara wrapped her arms around the cold glass and curled her body around the snow globe tightly.

She thought about a number of places while she waited outside the warehouse for the taxi, but ended up telling the cab driver to take her home. Mara felt like she was hopped up on adrenaline as the car sped back through increasingly familiar territory. Looking out the window, she wondered if anyone would see her and start screaming or something, but no one noticed the cab.

As soon as she was out of the car, it took off. The front door of her home yielded easily. In their wealthy neighborhood locked doors weren’t common. Mara put the black bag down in the foyer and stepped inside.

The marble was freezing against her bare feet. She didn’t make any noise to alert anyone of her presence, nor did she hear anyone else. Mara grabbed a candlestick off a table and made her way to the kitchen. In the kitchen she saw a sandwich on a plate and the trusty rack of cooking knives. She threw the candle stick behind her with a clatter.

"I don't feel better. I thought I would feel better." she thought, drooling over the bread. It was as if there was something she still had to do, some last final foe to face.

Moments later a maid was scared half to death seeing Mara crouched on a counter, ravenously eating the sandwich with one hand and holding a meat cleaver in the other.

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
Popping in quickly since I'm a worst staffer and also at work, but my first character ever had a fear of people touching her, which was based on my own fear because it was a self-insert.

It did come up every single time someone attempted to or happened to touch her and in pregame she had a panic attack being locked in a room with two people making out.

I guess it wasn't hard because I just wrote how I would actually react to the situations or feel. (I'm better now, but I'm still not a fan of being touched and I scream if people touch me without warning). I don't feel like I've seen that many weird allergy profiles, but I haven't looked very well.