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I don't really find that I have the "Oh no not sure what to do in the story" thing. Right at the very start of the game I sketch out roughly where I want my characters to end up. So everything that happens is just how they end up getting there.

She was alone again, enveloped in purple smoke that glowing slightly with the orange light; evidence it was nearing sunset.

Mara looked around frantically, but only saw the smothering blanket of purple which was both hiding her and trapping her. She pulled her shirt up over her nose and mouth to keep from coughing.

“I WON’T,” sounded from somewhere above her. Mara got up on her hands and knees and started feeling around in the grass. She had to find something, anything to help her.

Even a sharp stick or a rock would do. As long as she could find something to help her she might still be in the game. Joey’s yelling was echoing as if he were everywhere at once. Her hands swept desperately around the grass and she shuffled forward, trying to ignore the screaming. Somewhere not too far away was the sound of a dull plunk and she felt a slight vibration. He must have been swinging wildly in the hopes of hitting her.

He was acting chaotically and using up his energy unwisely. Mara moved cautiously towards the sound while staying low to the ground. It was about self control. It was about not letting your emotions get the better of you. She felt for him; how could he not let them take over? Mara knew exactly what that was like.

Soon the shouting became closer and she nearly ran into the side of his left leg. Mara slipped a finger between her shoe and foot and gently pulled her right shoe off. She repeated with the left and held both of them in her right hand. As slowly and quietly as she could she stood up, making sure that she was at the side where his back was, the side where shouting wasn’t coming from. From this distance his back was visible now, as well as the swords. Mara bit her lip and threw her shoes up into the air knowing they’d land somewhere in the direction he was already facing, drawing his suspicion away from her.

Okay, one chance.

Her shoes clattered a few feet away in the smoke. He didn’t know she was right behind him. As soon as he starting moving in the direction of the noise Mara grabbed the handle of the sword out of his left hand. With all her strength she pulled back, raking the hook sword across his midsection. Mara looked at him and felt nauseous.

“Don’t worry. You won’t go back,” she said breathlessly.

Wow v6 is gonna be version of the twins. I'm also doing twins. But by myself. One's breaking his arm before the trip and staying behind to eat cheetos on the couch because I hate other people and do things alone.