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Michelle noticed the nod. She bit her lip and nodded back at Virgil. She stepped forward and gently took Gwen from Virgil, holding her by the shoulders. Michelle tilted her head down and looked up at Gwen as she reached out and brushed the other girl's bangs behind her ear.

"Shhhh." She swept her thumb across Gwen's cheek, catching some of the tears.

"I know that it's hard and I know you're scared. This isn't what you want to hear, but there is no more home for us. There isn't, but that doesn't mean there isn't anymore us for home. Everyone back home, all the people you love. They are so proud of you, Gwen," she said earnestly. "They are so so proud. People who aren't as strong have already fallen. There are kids who are killing people or ones that have just broken down and gone bonkers, but that's not you or us. You stuck by your principals when it would have been easier to fold and start killing or haul up in a dumpster crying. That makes you stronger than the toughest football player."

The Farmer and the Viper
He was starting to lose the feeling in his fingers and feet. He could feel her hold on him growing weaker and weaker as well as the numbness climb up his extremities. Paris struggled under her and then suddenly he was free. He drew one huge breath of air and began alternately coughing and gasping. Paris rolled over onto his side and planed both hands firmly on the ground, trying to blink away the black spots in his vision. He rubbed his neck and after a moment, he looked up at Cho with watery eyes.

“Th-thank you.”

A young boy with a mess of dark hair and piercing eyes stood in a tiny suit staring stonily at a casket. A beautiful, teary-eyed woman embraced him, not seeming to notice his gaze.

“My sweet baby,” she said, stroking his hair. “Everything happens for a reason. We may not see it right away, but it’s all part of His plan. Always remember that,” she said, crying into his shoulder.

He reached up and hugged her back while still glaring at the coffin. “I know, mama. I never forgot.”

He got up onto his knees, crouching over and trying to catch his breath. As soon as he was able he got up he stumbled to Cho. In one fluid motion he turned them away from Katy as if dancing and gently took the gun from her. He hugged her, resting his head on her shoulder and trying to catch his breath.

"You saved me, Sunny. Thank you."

Behind her his two hands were working, flipping open the revolver's chamber and removing the extra bullets. He flipped the chamber back into place and withdrew both hands. The right hand had the gun and the left one quietly placed the bullets into his pocket.

Plush Wants To Read Your Dead Things!
I'd like a critique of my lad Paris Ardennes if possible and it looks like you have one spot open. If not, that's fine too. There's a bit of pregame, but no need to read the memory thread.

The Farmer and the Viper
She pushed hard and he held onto her as they both fell to the ground. The blood from her wound started to get all over him and his hands were slippery as he tried to sort out where he and Katy were. He looked up at her and his eyes glinted. She responded like he thought she would, like an animal.

Suddenly she was squeezing his neck. Her hands were shaking, the grip got weak before getting strong again. She knew she was dying and she was putting her all into trying to take him with her. He put his hand against her shoulder and pushed. His palm was slick with her blood and instead slid down her side, but that didn't matter.


It was his second confrontation with an Iselle. She was just like Iselle right down to the stupid, nasty attitude. But she wouldn't win. He knew she wouldn't no matter how desperately she wanted to drag him down with her.


He laughed as much as he could without behind able to draw breath. It was just silent amused shaking as he looked into her fading eyes.

((Michelle Wexler continued from All Our Yesterdays))

Michelle brought up the rear, hurrying everyone into the hospital and out of the rain like they were her children. She had put up the hood on her red sweater to avoid getting too wet. She slowly removed it as she looked around the eerie hospital.

It smelled terrible. She zipped her hoodie up to her neck and noticed the two people who had been shot. More than noticed, she recognized.

Oh Kam

They had seen Daniel with a bullet in his head on the first day and dwelling on these poor kids, unless one of them had a particularly strong connection to them, would help no one. She pushed the others to keep moving by walking past them. Virgil asked if they would bury him and if they would bury the people.

"No." She said it simply and quietly, but with force.

They made their way upstairs and Michelle went straight to the medical cabinets. Someone had already been through it, but whoever it was didn't look very carefully. Things were thrown around, but a lot of it could be used. She started opening up extra first aid kits and putting gauze, medical tape, antiseptic and suturing materials into her bag. In one cabinet she found iodine. Michelle opened the bottle and could tell it was old and no longer as strong as it had once been. It must have been there for years. Who knew how effective it would be now. No one in their party was hurt except for her.

Her thoughts were cut off by Gwen's screaming. Michelle dropped the iodine and went running towards her. She looked around and found Gwen being embraced by Virgil. The two were standing over a boy on the floor with his face caved in. Michelle looked at him for a moment. She wasn't shy about injuries as long as it wasn't an eye thing because eye injuries really weirded her out. She had been on ride-alongs with EMTs. Once while she was on duty they were called to an ice rink where someone had slashed open their leg on an ice skate.

Michelle covered her mouth and looked away for a moment moment, then regained control of herself. He'd died recently.

She briskly went back to the supply room, grabbed a sheet and returned.

"We were too late to help. Probably by just a few minutes," she said as she threw the sheet over the body.

Michelle walked over and put a hand on Gwen's shoulder, moving it up and down.

"We're not burying anyone. Not him, not the people downstairs and not you," she said softly to Virgil. "Burials take time. They take energy. They are emotionally draining and demoralizing. They leave us vulnerable. A burial is a waste of every resource we have left. It gives them nothing and takes what little we have left from us," she said while looking at the white figure on the floor. "We can put sheets over the couple downstairs when we leave, but that's it."

She looked at the two of them. No injuries that needed attending to. The rain was starting to become stronger, the pattering of water more frequent. "When you guys are ready, go look for the kitchen. Hospitals have food, some of which is designed to last. It doesn't taste good, but it lasts."

Michelle heaved a heavy sigh and rubbed her eyes.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
Gosh, like the ONE time I was ever telling the truth. I guess this is what I get for constantly lying in my daily life

Dissolved Girls
((Mara Montalvo continued from Dude! FORTIFIED!!! Pt. 3))

The hotel. She told Finn to meet her here. She had her bag now with her things in it. Finally she had things from home. The only thing was she didn't know was where he was inside the building. She approached and there was a fancy looking door leading to what looked like a restaurant. It was showy, something he'd choose.

Mara looked around and self consciously touched the bandage on her cheek. It didn't seem like there was anyone around. That is, until she heard a familiar voice. She held the gun close and ready. She knew not to trust anyone anymore. It was a survival game.

She walked closer and saw the door was open. Carefully she stepped in and breathed in the musty smell of the lounge. The voice, it seemed, was coming from Summer Simms up on the stage. Mara's hold on the gun loosened.

"Summer?" she asked quietly.

All Our Yesterdays
Michelle smiled a small smile that returned some true life to her face.

"Maynard," she said warmly. "I know who that is."

The next answer was not exactly as comforting. Michelle gulped and pushed some of her tangled curls behind her ear. Her smile wavered a bit. She was a killer as well and, if she remembered correctly, she was hunting people according to the announcements.

"Well....Jaq." She looked down at the ground for a moment and bit her lip. Finally she looked back up at Bianca. "If she's your friend we'll do our best to find her," she said with a serious nod.

Last was Virgil and it felt a bit odd for him not to have anyone to look out for. His statement was good in that no one he cared for might die, but it was a bit depressing that he hadn't made a friend out of the whole senior class over who knows how many years.

Michelle shuffled over to him. She looked him up and down. He saved her. He pulled her up from the edge of a breaking cliff. It had been rough going since then since they disagreed so often, but back then she trusted he would do what was right when presented with the opportunity and though she still had her reservations, he hadn't betrayed that.

"You have us."

She threw herself on him in a one-armed hug and squeezed as hard as she could. With some difficulty she righted herself again after a moment.

"We should get going. It's going to rain and we should find someplace with better shelter, warmth and people."

((Michelle Wexler continued Reverie))

The Farmer and the Viper
Paris released the shield and put both of his hands up. It was a sign that he had nothing in the way of weapons, but also a sign to slow down. "Hey now. There's no need to insult the girl-" She grabbed him roughly by the shirt and Paris went with her grasp like a rag doll, not putting up resistance. Suddenly he was face to face with her. He probably could have kissed her without moving his head too much.

"I think maybe you're confused. You're disoriented, you may be experiencing a quickness of breath," he said quietly, smiling.

"Everything's going to be fine. We can talk this out," he said louder.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
Also being a bullet proof doesn't line up with Aura's earlier soft claim of being a power role.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
I blocked Goose as a shot in the dark. I dont think much came of it

Dude! FORTIFIED!!! Pt. 3: Directors Cut
She felt like she was going to vomit from the nervous tingling all throughout her hands and spine. Mara was only hitting the wet ground now. She stopped to take a clear look at what she had done and saw a disgusting mess where a head once was, connected loosely to a clean neck

A shrill, loud scream that would freeze blood rang out solid and clear for ten seconds. Her throat tore and she threw the gun as hard as she could into the next room. She ran into the same room and huddled next to a sink. She drew her knees up and hugged them with her shaking hands. Mara put her head down and panted into the small space she'd made for herself.

She held onto herself harder and tried to take deep breaths. After a moment she reached out of one of her blood splattered hands and snatched back up the gun. She wrapped her arms around it and pushed it into her chest. A moment passed.

"Get up. Get up. Get up," she muttered hoarsely.

Mara reached her right hand up to the sink and dragged her wobbling body up. With both hands planted on either side of the sink basin she lifted up her head. Her hair fell to the side and revealed the slash across her face. He had attacked her and she attacked him back. He was some faceless nobody from school; she didn't care that he wasn't around anymore. Tilting her head to the side caused more of the hair to shift and show the side of her face more clearly.

She turned her head back towards the hallway and could see one of his legs. She shut her eyes tightly and looked back at the mirror. He marked up her face. She felt cold. Plastic surgery could fix it, but what if she survived and it was too late to fix completely? What if she had a scar forever down the side of her face?

All those beauty trophies in her room, all the times people had told her she was for certain the prettiest girl, much prettier than her sister. Her parents told her over and over how pretty she was, every one did. She was going to marry a respectable, wealthy man. Everything in her life had been planned around her looks. The only thing anyone would look at would be the line down her cheek.

Shakily she went back to the room with first aid kits and got out gauze and medical tape. She went back to the mirror and started bandaging the side of her face, watching the blood come through the white cloth. As she concentrated her mind started to clear. What had she done? She was crazy for a moment, and in her opinion, it was justified, but still. What if she became like Miranda?

No. It wouldn't happen. She was going to survive. She was going to win. The sheer numbers and probability of winning occurred to her and made her feel sick again. Mara finished and looked at herself. She put a hand against the bandage. With her gun and her bag, she tip toed around Ray, shielding her eyes with her hand and carefully left the hospital now that the rain had become lighter.

((Mara Montalvo continued in Disolved Girls))

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
You're assuming too much. One that people who are being blocked are getting notification of it. It's possible for there to be another blocker who just chose a bunk target the night Naft was killed.

And this:

"AMF is strongly suspected as scum so he's kind of safe to put in your list. I suppose we could ask him to confirm whether he was blocked or even has powers"

Aura WAS asked to confirm a block. By you. Yesterday. And he said nothing for the rest of the phase and then didn't vote.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
Also using this line of thought

Also, Toben seemed to know he was blocked. Deamon didn't said he didn't get a notification like that. This further suggests to me that they were affected by different abilities. This leads me to believe that Rugga is lying, and may very well be a mafia roleblocker. Thoughts?

Doesn't make sense. Of course Toben knew he was blocked. it's an information gathering role. If he asked for information and was told "None for you, you can't haz" then he'd assume he was blocked. Deamon claims a killing role where he simply tells Penguin the target and that's the end of that. Deamon wouldn't know why he failed where Toben would know for certain he was blocked.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
Dec 14 2013, 11:50 PM
I'm just going to start this day off with a big ol' FoS:Rugga.

Deamon wasn't role-blocked. He was re-directed. That means that at least for now, it seems we can assume there's only one role-blocker in the game, that being her. One problem: Her roleblock claims don't match up with the one confirmed roleblock we have, that being Toben. She claims to have blocked Slam night 2, the same night he was blocked. Why the discrepancy, unless there's another blocker?

Also, Toben seemed to know he was blocked. Deamon didn't said he didn't get a notification like that. This further suggests to me that they were affected by different abilities. This leads me to believe that Rugga is lying, and may very well be a mafia roleblocker. Thoughts?

Other lead: Do we want to hear more from the other three people Toben named, or should we leave that alone to protect power roles since we already got one confirmed scum from it?
Tell me this:

If Deamon was redirected instead of blocked why did he keep his shot, according to him? Surely redirection would result in him just hitting someone else.

I assure you that I'm the town role blocker. If I were scum, it would have been safer for me to just not name my blocks at all rather than lie. I even had a good reason not to name them, namely that then everyone would know who I can't block anymore.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
I didn't know who to block last night since I've already blocked a few people so I chose Goose last night. I guess that wasn't it.

Dude! FORTIFIED!!! Pt. 3: Directors Cut
He swiped at her and at first she thought he was trying to punch her. A sharp sensation dragged across left cheek. She yelped and turned her face away with her bandaged hand covering her face protectively. Her heartbeat sped up and her hands shook. Mara pulled her hand away from her face and saw a thick line of red glisten against the new bandages.

"What...?" she whispered.

She started breathing heavily. Suddenly her fear from a moment ago was gone. She couldn't think of anything except anger. A ball of fury started near the pit of her stomach. It squeezed her heart and built up in her throat before finally escaping as a ragged scream. She took a swing and her gun collided with his head with a crack.

Mara kicked him in the shin as hard as she could and as soon as he was down on his knees she swung again. Her hands were shaking with adrenaline and rage and she couldn't do anything other than hit him over and over. She went for the head and only connected once every few times, hitting the dirty linoleum next to to him or another body. In her hand she could feel the stitched come loose again, but she didn't care. The only thing that mattered was hitting him. It was all she had.


"Your daughter is so pretty!"

"Say thank you, Mara."

"Thank you!"

"She loves to dress up."

"I love to dress up."

"Her favorite is white gold jewelry."

"My favorite is white gold jewelry," she parroted back.

"She prefers to keep her hair mid-length."

"I prefer to keep my hair mid-length," she intoned.

"She's beautiful"

"I'm beautiful."


The only noise was her grunting and the clang of her gun against the floor when it wasn't blocked by the warm squishing and cracking of Ray.

Dude! FORTIFIED!!! Pt. 3: Directors Cut
Rain continued to patter and drip around the building. She looked out a window that had been smashed in. It was one of the few sources of light in the room, allowing the murky gray glow to provide a little illumination. Suddenly the footsteps were close. Her hands were shaking and she held onto the gun as hard as she could, pressing it against her stomach with her finger on the trigger.

The rain, the steps, the sound of something outside, her own breathing. It was hard to know what was happening where. The sound of the water was drowning out everything else and muffling the other sounds. She moved her head to the left and to the right, swinging around her long black hair. Before she could check behind, the voice called out to her. In between all the many little noises the one big one was a shock. Her finger pulled back on the trigger and a short burst of bullets went into the wall. The short explosion of noise was deafening and she couldn't hear the small scream she let out, but she felt it. Plaster from the wall jumped onto the floor.

She spun to see who was behind her ready to yell at him. Her anger faltered for a moment from shock when she saw the bloody, hunched mess eyeing her. Mara gasped, brought a hand to her mouth and jumped back. She quickly got a hold of herself and her eyebrows drew down and she glared at the boy. Even more than sneaking up on her, she was angry he made her lose her composure. She was embarrassed he made her accidentally fire and look silly.

"What do you want?" she shouted. "Don't you know better than to sneak up on people with weapons you idiot?"

Mara marched up to him and planted her feet firmly. "I guess it's too much to ask from common sense when I already knew most of the kids in my class can't be trusted with safety scissors," she huffed.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
I agree with everyone else. The claim makes very little sense. I can't really see the logic behind putting together a survivor and a flavor cop as Doc explained. My vote stands.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
I thought he said two somewhere. I guess I misread :(