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I gotta side with...side though

Happy Holidays!
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The Cloud Minders
Well that's a winning invitation she thought sarcastically.

Still, she had no idea what else to do. She had gotten separated from anyone she knew, she was alone. All alone in the dark. It was the smart choice to go with this girl. At least until they got out of the tunnels. It was mutually beneficial, safety in numbers. If she was going to kill her, the girl would have already done it by now. And she even seemed somewhat concerned about Autumn. Who knew why. Autumn nodded, then realized it probably wasn't seen in the darkness.

"Okay. Let's go. Lead the way."

She clicked her flashlight off and put her hand to the wall, following the other girl. Her legs ached with each step, the cuts on her hands lit up in pain with each jagged pieces of the tunnel wall that met them, but she bit her tongue and followed.

The Various Downsides of Becoming "Paranoid as Balls"
((Sorry sorry sorry! Everyone in the thread gets little favor coupons cause I took so long :'( ))

The blade cut through the air and the satisfying resistance of flesh never met his touch. The girl was on the floor now. Lucky, she had gotten lucky. She could be lucky this time, it wouldn't last.

Nick had lost sight of Teo in the commotion, Gracie as well. His world was focused on the small bubble of vision that encompassed him, Jay and the girl. Jay went somewhere away and he didn't exist anymore. Just him and the girl now. Blood rushed around his head and drowned out the noise. His fingers tingled, stuck full of invisible needles as he prepared to swing again, this time a downward blow to the girl. Suddenly, she sprang up and went at him, crashing into his torso. He didn't go down right away. He was much too solid for that, but the shock did cause him to drop his weapon. The weight of the girl wasn't enough to get him to his knees, but it caused him to stumble and his own clumsiness tangled his feet and the two of them went down in a heap.

He wasn't thinking anything. His mind was a blank but a feeling pervaded his body. Nick had to get her, he had to kill her. Why did he have to kill her? There was a reason. He was sure there was. The instinct was too rushed to provide it for him, but it assured him there was a good reason that he would remember if he killed her. When he killed her.

Nick sat up and grabbed her arm. Warm, soft, just like girls should be.

And then a shot. A frenzy of fear cleared out the previous feeling and he looked around to see what had happened. Jay. He was trying to get their attention. Without him knowing consciously what he did, his grip on her arm became loose. His hand slipped down, it was almost as if he was holding her hand. He looked at the boy with the gun, waiting.

Back home in Sweden.

*Flips the large switch into the "ON" position*

The Cloud Minders
Autumn cocked an eyebrow at the girl as she continued to sob and collapsed into a tearful heap.

“Stop that. Crying isn’t going to help anything. Thinking about what you should have done or the way things could have been isn’t productive and it certainly isn’t going to make you feel any better, you know.“

The girl pulled out a gun and looked down sadly at it. The appearance of a gun did nothing short of set off several alarms in Autumn.

“Hey, woah. What are you doing?” she asked cautiously. Perhaps she shouldn’t have said what she did. However if things got messy she did still have her gun, safely tucked away under her shirt. Alright, backtrack.

“I didn’t mean to be callous.”

Okay so here's the deal:

Boy #002 and Boy #133 are going to be visiting me in roughly 8 hours. I'll still be in town for a few days but with them staying with me posting is going to be sloooooowww. I'm leaving with them for Amsterdam on the 15th and should be returning the 20th.

House of the Rising Sun
((Isabel Guerra continued from Faraday's Cages))

Isabel tromped at a steady, determined pace through the forest to put distance between her and Liz. She needed to be as far away as possible to ensure no one decided they were together. But was that all there was? No, she had to run from the girl. She had to forget that she abandoned someone in the forest to most certainly die. Logically, she had done the right thing, but there was a feeling of having done wrong.

Once out of the woods she saw a small house of some sort. If she remembered correctly there had been a ranger station on the map. She had seen it when they were looking for the river. She stepped out into the open ground before the house. In front of the station there was a boy sitting. Upon closer inspection, he was not just resting.

What’s this?

A note. A note to be quiet. And his name was Ethan. Seemed familiar. It was all rather curious. Slowly, carefully, she pushed open the door. She walked heel-to-toe and heard the cacophonous crunching of the glass under her shoes in the silence. She opened the door to a room and saw a girl on the floor with some contraption attached to a bike and….a computer. She quickly covered her mouth with her hand to stop herself from making a sound and the girl nodded them in. Isabel sank down next to the girl, she was very beautiful, and was handed a sheet of paper. She read over it and understood, passing the paper to Dave. As he read she took a moment to think.

Another escape. Another plan. Only they don’t seem to have noticed this one. I guess we can thank the boy for that. It’s risky. But…..what else have I got to do? Maybe I can help this girl to make up for the girl we left.

Dave had passed the paper and she looked up at him. She nodded to Feo and took her first shift on the bike. The back wheel was lifted off the floor by a toppled file cabinet and attached to the motor. Time passed, when it wasn’t her turn she’d lay on her back and stare up at the ceiling. She counted the little dots in the stucco. At one point she and Dave played tic tac toe. They played game after game, scrawling over the papers from inside the desk. Xs and Os filled the time, covered the floor, kept her from thinking more about the island. She won game after game. Isabel never thought she was especially good at tic tac toe, she supposed Dave just wasn’t very good at it.

Well at least I can always say I was tic tac toe champion of the island. I may not win Survival of the Fittest but I DO win at tic tac toe, and that’s ALMOST as good. Almost.

Rugga's scribbles
So like, sometimes when I should be paying attention to a lecture I actually draw things in my notebook instead of taking notes. OH I KNOW. Occasionally they are SOTF related like such:

Feo Eleri and Ethan in the House of the Rising Sun
Spoiler: click to toggle

Kendra from SOTF: The Program
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So in the spirit of being bored I'd like to maybe to some doodles for people! A few things though:

-I'm a suck colorist so I'd be black and white.
- I'm MUCH better with girls than I am with guys so girls are my bag (no one take that out of context >: ( )
- I tend to make things errmmm....rather fanservice-y so if you want that toned down or turned to 11 lemme know.

Aaaaand that's it I guess!

The Cloud Minders
Autum stumbled backwards slightly. She put her hand up to her head and groaned. The darkness wasn’t helping her state of mind. It was too dark. She couldn’t tell where she ended and the darkness began. It made her extremely uncomfortable, the fuzzy lines of her existence made her unsure, paranoid. How long had she been unconscious in the tunnels? She had no idea.

“I-I don’t know the results actually. I missed the announcements.”

Keep it together. Hold it together. You have to hold it together. You can’t fall apart. You can’t fall apart like-

Memories poked themselves into her thoughts. They shoved themselves in where they didn’t belong. The teachers had been gunned down right in front of her, like it was nothing special. Dispassionate guards stood at the sidelines. She had looked at one man and he looked back at her and nodded to the carnage, as if they were watching a school hygiene movie and he was reminding her to pay attention.

You can’t fall apart like your Spanish teacher’s face did.

The girl was starting to get teary eyed. A library volunteer, a little girl, an admitted murderer was getting weepy in front of her eyes. It was all so surreal. She wasn’t sure if this was all really real.

“I..uh, I’m sorry?” she offered for lack of anything better to say. "You killed someone? Did you? That's what you said right?" She was starting to feel a bit sick.

Faraday's Cages
Isabel looked down at the paper, then back up at the girl. A quick glance around the group, down at the paper, back to the girl. She closed her eyes and shook her head. She stood up, taking two slow steps back, head still shaking.

The terrorists are going to get her. If they weren’t one hundred percent sure of what she’d done before, they sure know now that she’s smashed a camera with no consequence. They’re going to be out for her blood. I’ve seen this show, Danya isn’t a good loser. There’s nothing to stop him from sending five heavily armed guys to the island, having them walk right up to Liz and shoot her in the head to take out a possible hiccup in his game.

And just like that the speakers screeched and the voice of a man who wasn’t Danya came on. She looked up and listened. When the announcement was over she closed her eyes for a moment and took a deep breath, opening them to look at the group.

“…..well that was a bit much.”

He had said pretty much all that she thought he would say, though the hunting down of allies and the random explosion of collars was unexpected. They had covered all their bases and so swiftly crushed Liz's plan that Isabel almost gave them a slow clap. Isabel looked away from Liz, she wasn’t looking at anything in particular, but she couldn’t look at the girl. It was difficult to look at someone who had had their hourglass turned upside down and was running down to the last grains of sand. She was dead alive, and if someone didn’t kill her soon, Danya would do it himself. Isabel heaved a heavy sigh and looked down at Liz’s shoes, still not at her.

“You had to have expected that, though. You spat in the face of dangerous people and you couldn’t think that they weren’t going to retaliate.”

Isabel walked back to where she had left her bag. She opened it up and stuck her hand inside. Next to the bag was the knife, the knife she had dropped that belonged to the girl. A special prize to anyone who killed her, and she was as good as dead anyway. The thought crossed her mind briefly. Her hand found metal and she pulled it up, close to her.

Carefully, steadily, she walked back to Liz.


She dropped a tin of crackers in her lap. Isabel couldn’t kill someone for trying to escape a bad situation, but she also couldn’t stay with someone who was clearly done for. Still, she felt bad and giving her something helped assuage the guilt.

“But, I can’t stay with you. Take this; you’ll need it more than I will.”

She turned and walked back towards her things, picked up her bag, but turned suddenly.

“I hope I see you again. I really do.”

((Isabel Guerra continued in The House of the Rising Sun ))