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Out of the Frying Pan ...
"Well, yeah, Baxter was kind of a brute."

Mara looked at what she recognized to be what used to be her friend, Miranda. She assured herself she didn't look or sound as bad as Miranda did. Just in case, she smoothed down her hair. She looked between her and Kat like either might at any moment shiv her. This was not good because it meant she was jumpy and more prone to a possible shiving herself. It was ended for a plea not to judge.


"Of course not."

Given the present company, it was probably prudent to leave and continue trying to find her bag. After all, she said she'd meet Finn. This girl looked like she was about to snap at any moment, and in fact, she may have already.

She put one foot behind the other preparing to leave and looked sideways at Miranda. Her look softened for a moment. After everything, the girl was still someone she had been friends with and someone who she had even liked.

"I have to go now, but you better pull it together, Miranda. You have to do it for yourself because no one is going to help you. Get your self in line and tough it out. I'm not saying that to be cruel. I'm saying it because no one else will." She hesitated for a moment, wondering if she should do or say something more. "Good luck."

((Amaranta Montalvo continued in Dude! Fortified!!! Pt. 3 ))

The Farmer and the Viper
"Everything's fine. I thought I heard something, but it must have been a bird or some animal."

Suddenly the other girl came through the trees after him. She was very angry and he subtly moved to shield out of the way of his body. She punched him. "I'm sorry, can we help you?" He turned to Cho and asked, "Do you know her?" He gave a look that was halfway between sympathy and confusion and shrugged. He stood up and walked to the girl, coming to stop a few feet from her. He lowered the shield.

"I'm sorry, I don't know who you're looking for. Maybe we can help you," he said said smoothly.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
I just woke up, okay?

Vote: Flare

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
I believe Flare is telling the truth.

But I'm swayed by Grim's argument. If we kill Flare, then we'll have our answer to the safeclaim question if he comes up mafia and all we risk is a townie that isn't a power role. Losing a townie is not good, but if we have to, this is the best way. If he rolls town then I guess we have people who don't look very good.

I'm sorry, Flare : (

[color-red]Vote: Flare [/color]

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
Upon research apparently that's a thing that is standard to other sites and my surprise was because I've never seen it done here on this site before.

That just seems like an outrageous advantage to the mafia to do that.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
Scum have most likely (read: I'll be yelling at penguin after this game if it's not the case) been given a set of characters that aren't in the game. These characters also probably align thematically with their role, so that claiming role+character doesn't seem out of whack. Given that penguin is a good mod, there's also no guarantee that how major/minor a character is impacts whether it's a real claim or a flavor claim. Not doing it this way causes the game to break via day 1 massclaim.

Haha, what?

I've played four games of mafia on this board, two of which I was a mafia myself and they were never given a list of characters not included.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread

I didn't provide justification because it would have just been repetitious of posts that had been made before mine, said better.

We're supposed to be a team. We should stop trying to rip each other's heads off.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
Nov 25 2013, 08:21 PM
Vicks hun, could you please actually justify a vote on me next time rather than just adding it as an afterthought.
Nope, hun.

But I'd have provided one if someone asked.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread

Bro's response is not making me feel very good. He is implying that Flare is mafia and Unpersona pushed him hoping for town cred later in the game.

I'm pretty convinced that Flare is telling the truth because well logic says that he is given that the real Oz would say something and his role is pretty convincing.

His push for Flare is concerning to me.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
I believe Flare.

Only just slightly, though.

Oz is a big enough character that he'd HAVE to be in the game somewhere. If someone else was Oz they'd speak up now to counter claim against Flare's claim since he'd be town. The role makes sense.

Re: Angelus, I kindda thought at first that maybe there was an Angelus and and Angel as two different players since one is good and one is kindda not as good. However, Angelus being Buffy's lover kindda stomped that one.

Bro: I have no idea what a safeclaim is. That link doesn't really help me and I have never gone to mafia scum prior to you referencing it a bunch so if you could not reference it as much, that'd be real helpful for those of us who don't know anything about it, maybe.

Given everything else I cautiously Vote: Slamexo

The Farmer and the Viper
[Originally Posted by Outfoxd]

Katy came in on Paris's heels, and when she parsed the situation, her irritation was nearly immediate. She looked around, glancing from left to right. But the only person who was there was another girl from school. Someone inconsequential. "What the.." Her brows knit together in consternation, and she gave Paris a shove with her good arm. "Where the fuck are they?" She said.

Out of the Frying Pan ...
Another voice from behind them. Mara's hand closed around the gun and she turned her head. It was Kat. She turned back to Miranda and rolled her eyes. Kat, who has the smarts of a block of wood. They were acquaintances only because they had to be. It was a half friendship of convenience. "Speak for yourself. I still look great." Miranda for sure looked worse for the wear. She'd obviously not had a very easy time since they had last seen each other.

"What happened-" Mara saw her grip on on the spear tighten. Her eyes narrowed and then widened. "- to your hair?" She shifted uncomfortably and took a step back so that she now had a girl on either side rather than one in front and one behind. She took the gun in her right hand and held up her bandaged hand. The bandages had just a few flecks of blood that had seeped through. She didn't like the way Miranda looked at her.

"I was walking and Hansel shot Dan, that guy who works with deaf kids, right as I was talking to him. I ran to a lighthouse and he followed me so when he walked in a threw a snow globe at his head and he went down. Right when I was trying to escape, Mike came in and thought I'd attacked Hansel so he threw me on the floor. He was on top of me so I stabbed him with a piece of the broken snow globe." She wiggled her hand as evidence of her story. "As soon as I did it, I got up and ran away. I found Finn the next morning and he helped me fix my hand. I'm supposed to meet up with him tomorrow."

She looked at the other girl with her head tilted and her eyes searched. They roved over her, critical of every detail. Mara took another step backwards. This wasn't what she thought she thought Miranda would be when she finally found her. She was....off. This was a somewhat damaged Miranda. It made her uneasy.

Dude! FORTIFIED!!! Pt. 3: Directors Cut
((Amaranta Montalvo continued from Out of the Frying Pan...))

Mara half-walked, half-ran from the hangar. She’d done all she could for Miranda, but felt like putting some distance between her and the two girls. She'd continued around the island, searching for her belongings. Finally upon waking up in the morning she found her bag. She quickly transferred anything usable from Mike's bag into hers and set off once again to go find Fin like she'd said she would. She stopped for a moment and pushed her hand into her waist, feeling for the stitch with her stitches. She swallowed and something wet hit the back of her neck. It was starting to rain. A slight glance up revealed not only the weather, but a sign that indicated the looming building in the background was a hospital. More bandages would definitely be a good thing, maybe some pain killers if she was lucky.

In the distance there was a noise and a scream. She straightened up in an instant and took off towards the decaying building. She reached the side of the building, tugged on the metal handle, went in and leaned with her back against the door. Tilting back her head she saw a dizzying pattern of stairs. Slowly, she started walking up, trying to mask the echo of her dulling Mary Janes.

After two flights there was a door. It yielded silently and she poked her head through. No one in sight. Heel to toe, she slipped past the door and darted to the first room she saw. A moment passed in silence. Mara pulled on the handles of a metal storage locker. They didn’t budge. She tugged harder and harder until it noisily flew open. She began grabbing items, tossing the ones that didn’t look useful haphazardly behind her as she dug through

All Our Yesterdays
Too many people. This was too many people for her to feel comfortable telling someone if something was wrong. And there was of course. There was the feeling of failure weighting down on her like a lead blanket. She'd tried so hard, but what else could she do? It was most important above all that she not let the despair have her. As soon as it took hold of her, wrapped her in it's warm embrace and pulled her backwards into the darkness it would be over for her.

She looked up at the new voice and the new arrival. Michelle quickly passed her fingers under her eyes and moved her curls away from her face. It was Bianca and she'd wandered up acting pretty friendly which was good. Michelle sat up and smiled at the girl.

"We're actually trying to get rid of them. We- uh, we're trying to run out the clock. We won't kill anyone and maybe if no one dies for an entire day this game can end our way. Not their way," she said getting quieter. Michelle had just now remembered how pretty Bianca was and she blushed.

"Either way, you are welcome to stay."

She gathered up a few of her things to make it into a vague sort of pillow shape and flopped down, staring up at the aviary ceiling.

"We better get some rest. The doors to this place are pretty loud. We'll hear someone if they try to get in."

Michelle hugged herself and uneasily closed her eyes.


Michelle was at a carnival. In front of her was a table with three cups and a ball. She bit her lip and cocked her head at the thing behind the counter. It was someone in a clown mask. He swept a hand over the cups and mixed them.

She chose a cup. No ball
She tried again. Wrong cup again.
Again? Another loss.
Again? She lost again.
One more time? Nothing.
Press your luck? Nope.

She was getting angry. “What kind of game is this?” she demanded of the clown. A voice came from behind the mask, smooth and calm.

“Time to collect.”

She couldn’t see the face, but it sounded like it was smiling.

Michelle looked at the clown wide-eyed with fear for a moment, then glared knocked all three cups over. They fell onto the floor and out of all three spilled cascades of balls.

“What’s going on?!”

It grabbed her wrist with one hand and with the other reached out and stroked her face. “Shhhhh. It’s hard playing a game you keep losing.” The unmoving mask smiled blankly at her. “I know how easy it would be to play a different game. Maybe I can help you.”

With a gasp she broke the grip and ran. The ground warped and a swing ride bent and swayed. The chains shot out and grabbed her and she screamed. The plush prizes were suddenly huge, looming. They were like people in grotesque mascot suits.

“Let me go! Get away from me!” she shouted and thrashed. All of them moved in. They touched her all at once, pushed their furry hands against her as she screamed. Her screaming turned to crying. The clown appeared in front of her. Her head hung down while she was assaulted.

“God, please stop. Oh my God, make it stop. I don’t want to feel anymore,” she begged.

Now the clown tiled her head. “Every minute, every second is pain.”

The prizes were pulling at her skin and it stretched like gum. Just as her flesh felt like it was at the breaking point she lifted her head back up.

"I miss her," she whispered as she was ripped apart.


Michelle woke up twitching and rolling around on the ground. That was soon drowned out by the fact that her collar was beeping. Suddenly she stood stock still. Had they done it? Was it finally finally over?

No. It was to mock them. Her limbs relaxed and she fell flat onto her back. Michelle's relaxation period was shortly lived. Her heart stopped when she heard Kam's name. It restarted when there was confirmation that was still alive and then dropped right into her stomach when it was revealed that she was a murderer. Not only a murderer, a double murderer.

"So what now?" she said looking at Virgil. "Are you going to shoot my girlfriend?" she said quietly.

Out of the Frying Pan ...
"Maybe you should knock."

((Mara Montalvo continued from Walk the streets so mean))

Mara stood behind Miranda watching her try to open the door, not making her presence known until this moment. She'd walked for a bit after leaving Finn, not sure exactly where it was she'd left her bag, but she knew that if she saw the place she'd remember. She was woken up early by the announcements again. They said she was a killer, but she knew what happened and that was enough for her. There was a weird feeling for being acknowledged for a kill like that. She almost felt sort of proud. And everyone that heard knew she was strong now.

However, Summer killed Naomi. This was not good. Not good at all. It was the first death that made Mara unhappy. There was a sense of loss, like something that one was there was gone now, but it didn't feel real. She just saw Naomi on the plane. What had happened? She knew Naomi could be an undercover bitch. That was the only difference, Naomi was a secret bitch and Mara wasn't. Maybe she tried to attack Summer. Summer was so sweet and nice. Mara couldn't imagine her murdering someone for no reason. They were both her friends.

Mara walked into the hanger hoping for a bit of shade and maybe a cleaner place to sit and rest. She hated the dirt. When she walked in there was some kind of racket. The source seemed to a girl and when she looked closer it was Miranda, who she'd seen on the first day acting shell shocked. She was also on the announcement. Mara knew it was a better idea to walk away, but the girl had been her friend and there was a great curiosity tugging at her.

She had her bag over her left shoulder and the gun held loosely in her uninjured, but non-dominant right hand. Miranda looked feral, dirtied and with her huge spear, now slightly red. Suddenly Naomi being gone and Summer being tainted came back to the front of her mind. Mara just looked at Miranda for a moment fighting the door. She felt like crying, it was a feeling that was starting to crop up frequently. Miranda had a bruise on her face.

"Maybe you should knock."

The Farmer and the Viper
He heard her behind him. She was following. There was a twinge of guilt. She was so happy.

It was just a twinge.

He emerged first from the forrest to the clearing near Cho like he'd never left.

The Farmer and the Viper
"Do I know you?"

The question bounced around his head for a moment. He was slightly sad over it. She didn't know him? Who didn't know him? He was all over the place.

And in any case, he knew her.

"Oh honey, we've been looking for you."

She was one of the softball girls, and one who had a reputation for being disagreeable. She was living up to it right now. He'd seen her around with Sven's girl. She was brusque and rude and she could have very well been Iselle. As far as he was concerned, she was Iselle.

"Iselle and Andi and Alda. Where have you been? They've been worried sick."

His big, kind eyes looked concerned for her. He allowed the shield to drop. He'd been scared at first when he ran into this girl and she looked like she was ready to brawl. But then he remembered Iselle and Sven. She'd taught him something very valuable and though it hurt to lose Sven, it was how things had to be. That was all to teach him that this was how it was supposed to be.

And so he smiled reassuringly at her. It was no coincidence. Everything had fallen perfectly into place and light a shot of lightening, he could see everything that would happen in the next five minutes laid before him. Ask and He provides. In this case, everything was provided. He would be just fine.

"Here, come on."

He started walking back the way he'd come.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
I'm with Shangela in not really understanding what's happening with the Deamon suspicion. Also, any post that uses mafia scum terminology or goes on about mafia scum strategy I will be unable to respond to or comment on since I've only been in four mafia games and they were all on this site and I don't go elsewhere for mafia information.

The Farmer and the Viper
Paris moved further, trying to stay behind his pilfered shield, but that was becoming harder and harder with the trees and the leaves and the dark.

Then there was a guiding voice. More of a guiding swear actually. It was a female voice. That was important. The wheels began turning and he wondered if calling out was really the best course of action.

But it was very dark among the foliage and as soon as he took another step forward, he collided with the unseen girl.

"I'm so sorry," he said, half-dazed.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
No, the contradiction on it's own wasn't enough to make me suspicious. A little, maybe, but what did it was that plus his absence from Flare's analysis on the people who had voted for RC.

So primarily I am suspicious of Flare with Slamexo as a secondary. At the moment.