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Rugga's Shutter!
So I was supposed to go out and take pictures or people interacting today. I got a few but then it started raining and people scattered so it was a little bit of a failure. These were a practice in slow shutter speed. Also, none of these photos have been digitally altered in any way : )

Posted with the rest

Rugga's Shutter!
Animal pictures = automatic good picture

I have a "Stalking people" assignment this week so probably some pictures I take stalking people to come.

Rugga's Shutter!

Yeah, it's....very cold and snowy here :(

Rugga's Shutter!
So like, this is the bajillionth art thread I've made but I got a little busy to keep photoshoping weird stuff. I'll get back to it though, promise.

In the meantime, I've been taking photojournalism and got myself a big girl camera with adjustable shutter speed and ISO and aperture and junk so I've been taking pitchurs. So Imma share da pitchurs.


Zoo Outing


Shutter assignment (museum and basketball)



Corey Esposito
Hey Condor! You've got a temporarily denied, but for really small stuff. Corey's already pretty cool.

-Corey has no skin tone!
- We're trying to get rid of parenthetical phrasing in profiles. So take out the stuff in the parenthesis in the interests and hobbies and just list "video game club" as on of them. Also "The internet" is a little vague. Add something more specific?

-I'd like a little elaboration on his relationship to his family. I also think the fact that they own an Italian restaurant is really cute. Did Corey ever work there? Is that why he's so friendly?

- What kind of video games does he like? Can you throw in a few music game titles. Does he like Guitar Hero or Rhythm Heaven or DDR?

- His advantages are a little skimpy. His video game playing, especially since he plays games that require him to respond quickly might mean he has good relaxes or hand eye coordination. It also seems like he's kind of lackadaisical but smart. Intelligence would be an advantage. Also the thing listed in disadvantages seems like naiveté. Could I get a little bit about that trait in the bio?

- One last thing, and this ties into how he is with his parents: how do his parents feel about his kind of "meh" grades?

Not a ton to fix. Post when you're ready!

The General SOTF Discussion Thread
I dislike those descriptors in general. It comes up A LOT and I've noticed it more especially during read-o-thon . I can't tell you how many times Bridget was described as "the red head" or "the red haired girl." Similarly Maxwell was CONSTANTLY referred to as "The young Brit" "The ambitious young murderer/killer."

I just don't understand it. Girls especially tend to get identified by their hair color. "The blonde" "the brunette." Foreign kids will get called wherever they happen to be from. It drives me crazy. What's wrong with "Suzy went to the bus stop." Or "She went to the bus stop." I'd much prefer a name or a pronoun to some descriptor, especially since they tend to get over used.

Descriptors are fine if it's to emphasize something about the state the person is in. If someone just got the pulp beat out of them, sure, go with "The injured girl hobbled to the bus stop." Otherwise, just use a name or a pronoun. S' just my opinion

No One Talks About It
((Gonna go ahead and skip Flare))

Mara arched a critical eye brow at the offer of a sandwich. Her eyes narrowed and widened, a gauge of her displeasure.

"No thank you," she nearly hissed. "Only animals share half-chewed food."

She stood up from her chair with her hands remaining flat on the table she'd been working at. Her phone still jovially shook now and again. Her hair whipped from the sudden move she made to stand.

"Listen, I realize you'd hardly have any reverence for the newspaper seeing that based on the sign above the door and the fact that pointing to it brings up no reaction from you I might safely assume now that you can not read," she said smoothly. "However," she said as she leaned in, saying the word as sugar sweet as cotton candy, "I take pity on you and I will ask you once more to vacate the room, which has been designated for a purpose you have nothing to do with."

So We Settled for the Center of Town
He responded to her long, depressing monologue after a moment. She laughed a bit and her wet hair bounced. She settled back in with her hand propping up her head via her cheek. Her fingers rested lightly against her face with the tips of some of her fingers near her eye.

"Yeah. No one will believe you anyway. Good save. 'I saw the girl's swim captain running around in nothing but a wet swim suit.' Sadly, more believable than you'd think."

He'd changed the subject to something more familiar and she was happy to oblige. Her soft gaze flickered between Garett and the table.

"Oh you know, I'm alright. School's winding down so it's like, the lull period. I'm looking forward to the senior trip like woah. It's gonna be so cool," she said dreamily. "How is Nate?"

Stylistic choices
Uhhh I dunno if I have a style? Like Outfoxd, years of journalism writing has sort of beaten the purple prose out of me so like, I'm not very descriptive and tend to be a bit short and to the point.

I do do this one particular thing. Anyone who has ever adventure buddied with me knows I do this very particular style of flashback where like, something in present day will happen, then that exact line of dialogue will be repeated but in the context of the flashback and then flashback starts without any warning.

V4 Read-A-Thon: The Reboot



Okay, so like.....I will say right now at the top of this thing that I don't hate Maxwell. This is because I can not hate Maxwell. I would not put Maxwell in my top ten disliked of v4 and honestly, he'd probably float even in the middle to lower middle among my ranking of characters. An explanation now:

So like, this will likely not be a very long write up cause there's not tons to say. Maxwell is someone that from the very instant he woke up, I did not like. I did not like his personality or his entitlement or his constant reminders to me that is is rich. That could very well have been intentional, but it wasn't someone I loved to hate either. I just did not like to spend time with this person and his thoughts. He wakes up and is at first hesitant to kill because he thinks playing the game is playing into Danya's hands and that those who are killing are animalistic and below him. Shortly he kills Agustus and is like "Killing is fun! Imma kill now. Not cause Danya said to but because I think it's cool and also it'll get me to the end so what's wrong with that?"

And he pretty much stays in that mind set until he dies. There is not change in his thoughts. He does not learn from any encounters or people and he never changes. That means any time Maxwell thinks, I get to listen to the same thoughts over and over and over and over.

So, the reason I can't hate the character of Maxwell is because, there really isn't a character to hate here. He's a guy who kills people and that's fun and that is it. That is all that exists here. He's more of a story device than a character. Now, there are points during Maxwell's story that I thought he was good in. Those points were:

-When Maxwell kills Vera. He took the evil down a notch and spoke very quietly and civilly to Vera which I found to be creepier than yelling or insults.

- Marty hiding under the bed after Maxwell had just killed Kevin. I never hear Maxwell's thoughts or even see his point of view in this thread which makes him so much better. He's creepier when he's just stalking around mumbling to himself instead of thinking about how awesome he is.

- Raidon's last talk with Maxwell. Again, this is written by Grim Wolf so there's not as much internal dialogue from Maxwell and that makes him work.

Maxwell loses a lot of the fear he would inspire when he just keeps reiterating that he's evil and sometimes does evil things for no real reason just because....um...they are evil? He tries to rape a dying Sarah Atwell and also thinks about raping Mizore which come out of no where and serve no purpose to him.

In another story where this is a novel format and Maxwell comes and goes, killing people and we have no insight to his thoughts, Maxwell would have been an alright antagonist. As a character that you have to spend time with, it becomes tiresome to read him since he never evolves and almost never has new thoughts.

So, the reason I can not dislike this character is because there is not much character here to dislike. There are far more grating and annoying characters in v4 that I feel have BAD character but I'm not sure what to do with the absence of character. It's like saying you don't like the flavor of tofu. Tofu has no flavor.

As a villain, Maxwell is a crap shoot. Sometimes he works and is creepy and frightening, sometimes he is evil to the point of being ridiculous and makes nonsensical decisions.


EDIT: This was the second explicit sex scene I had to read and while at least it wasn't as rapey it was still very uncomfortable and silly and not sexy.

Can't do the formatting.

I had a critique (sorry Fiori) and was going to get back to profiles once I got back to the East coast. I got food poisoning this morning and I'm not well enough to stand let alone fly. I'm afraid I can't do much like this but hopefully I'll be healthier in three days


V4 Read-A-Thon: The Reboot
Rattle and I made a deal. A GENTLEMAN'S DEAL. I will read Maxwell on my flight back to New York. I'm copying all his threads into a word doc.


Worst Cliches
I'm going to second socially awkward loner. That just seems like people trying to make a special snowflake.

It's actually been a joke for v4 and v5 that we have SO MANY bullied loners and SO FEW bully/jerk students that like two people are bullying the entire school.

Philip Ward of v4 was beating up like half the class for the uneven bullied to bully ratio.