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Pretty Handsome Awkward
((Ahh, sorry sorry sorry. I promise to be quick now!))

((Fixed >_>))

Nick turned at the sound of the new arrival. Returned the wave with his weapon hand, jauntily shaking the blade back and forth. Though his movements were of a jovial greeting his eyes held the tiredness of the days taking their toll. Nick wasn't used to being on edge, he was a calm boy mostly. Slowly his eyes traveled down to the thing extending at Mike's arm. It was a katana.

Mike Jeffries. Nice guy. Likes the girls. Good on the basket ball team, he thought as his mind pulled up the file on the blond. He knew of him and they were amiable but by no means close.

"I, uh, I dunno," he said in response. "We only just got here. Me an' Teo and Gracie. Teo just-"

He turned at the sound of footsteps on the dirt. It seemed the person from the sawmill had come down. Nick cocked his head to one side, then the other. The person confused him. "D'ya.....you.....?" he said trying to push through the jumbled thoughts.

Touhou Mafia: Game Thread
Well hi all! I'm Rugga and I've been kidnapped and placed with y'all for the duration. And I've totally done this before, yes >_>.

On to the business. It seems like we finally netted someone other than townies, so that's good! Though....does that mean the mafia took down one of their own this round? Or I suppose a vig could have gotten him. Hmmmmm.....

I think I'll wait and listen to some thoughts from the rest before choosing if I want to vote for someone.

Take Back The Fear
((Autumn O'Leary continued from The Cloud Minders))

Autumn trudged dutifully forward. The dirt was kicked up and she half shuffled forward. From somewhere far off she heard an explosion and picked her head up. Autumn had no idea the source of the noise so she continued on. She had gotten separated from that other girl, the one from the tunnels. It was just as well, she didn't seem very trust worthy or stable.

You're one to talk.

Her normally line-straight posture was starting to slump forward and though she hated when other people didn't pick up their feet, she felt them weighing her down. She'd been going forward for quite some time on her own, not really knowing where she was going, only knowing that it would be too depressing to go back. She stopped a moment and pushed her hair backwards back into the hair band, sighing deeply. She was behind some sort of building. From far off she heard some voices. Autumn took a step back, ready to run again, but then a a bolt of recognition flashed in her mind.

"I know those voices. I'd know them anywhere," she said quietly to herself.

They were coming from the other side of the building. The familiarity of the tones hummed throughout her. They pulled her to them. Autumn made sure her pack was secure on her shoulder and took off running. She sped towards the voices she knew so well.

The Waiting Room Bar and Grill
"This," Ethan said, straightening up his glasses, "is an abomination," he said calmly in response to Carol. Suddenly there were arms holding him. Someone was hugging him. She pushed a drink into his hand by his side as she pinned his arms to his torso in her embrace. Ethan tilted his head down and glanced sidelong behind him. She was trying to calm him, tempt him with promises of afterlife ass. Maybe a week ago he would have jumped at the chance to screw the girl, but a lot had happened since then.

Ethan shoved the girl and broke free from her grasp, turning on his heel to face her. "Shut up," he seethed. "Just shut your moronic gaping hole of a mouth. It's like listening to what happens when stupidity eats too much vapidness and shits it out." He might have been a bit too harsh, but he didn't care. Who was she to tell him that they would all die? Was she going to tell him that his sacrifice was for nothing? No.

"They aren't going to end up here. They are going to survive. I made sure of it. Feo will survive. I'll never see her again and If I never do, then I know I did things right. She's gonna live a long, happy life and marry someone and forget that I existed."

Just then someone walked in. Two people. The first seemed to be the girl's boyfriend. "She's a charmer. Piece of fucking work," he mumbled to the boy as he walked to the other end of the bar.

He looked at the drink they girl had handed him just as another girl walked up, took it and smashed it into the floor. He didn't so much as raise an eyebrow. "Not everyone can cheat I guess. Some people just flat out lose," he said more to himself than to anyone else.


Sally glared at the boy who'd knocked her off the table. She knew him, oh yeah, she did. He was screaming like a god damn crazy person. Well, he could fuck himself as far as she was concerned. Sally began to pick herself up when Clio threw her drink on the floor. Little pink specks covered the bottom of her drink. Her manicured nails curled into her palms and her lips were a thin line.

Sally walked after the girl in a stomp, grabbing a drink off the bar as she walked by it and grabbed her hand just as she went through the door.

"You spilled my drink you skank. Here, this one's on the house," she said and threw the milky brown drink on Clio.

and back

Hey guys, going to Helsinki. Be back Friday!

Three characters up for adoption.
Well, I know I said as much in the chat, but puttin' it here to be all official-like, I'd take in Mary Ann.

House of the Rising Sun
They continued on in their wordless cycles. After some time Charlie wrote something down, said she needed to stretch, said she'd be right back. Isabel looked at Dave and understanding passed between them. Charlie wasn't coming back. You didn't take your bag out with you to go stretch. She'd liked Charlie but who was she to tell anyone to stay.

Isabel took her turn again on the bike. Feo pushed the start button of the computer and it lit up, whirring just a little. Her heart pounded and she gripped the bike handles. Soon Feo waved them over. Isabel hopped off the bike, pedals still going round on their own and drew in close with the rest of them. Her eyes went wide and she slapped her hand over her mouth at what she saw.

Oh my god. Oh my god. We did it. We did it! I can't believe it. We found the island!

She couldn't help it. Isabel jumped up and down a few times waving her hands around. It was all she could do to stop from screeching in excitement.

We can really do this. We can really really find a way out. I mean, I don't want to get ahead of myself but this sure beat where we were at before. We've got a shot!

And at that in came familiar faces. Roland Harte and Kitty from the fair. It was a good thing Isabel already had a hand over her mouth because otherwise she would have yelled "IT'S YOU!" at him. Roland seemed to be much calmer since she and Dave had left him and it looked like he and Kitty were willing to cooperate. Isabel wrote down the island location and name quickly on a piece of paper and stuffed it down her shirt. She looked down at what the others were writing and shook her head vigorously.

Dave's right, she scribbled on the note pad. Roland, you know Morse code, right? If you can translate this location to Morse code then I think I've got a plan.

She knew he wanted to be a Marine so hopefully he'd brushed up on his Morse code. Isabel looked around at the group. It was pretty big considering it started with just her, Dave and Roland but there was safety in numbers.

There's a lot of us now and we'll need supplies to keep going. Three of us will head down to the town area and scope out what we can find and try to refill the water bottles on the way. If it's just a couple of us we'll be able to move faster than the whole group going. The rest of you stay here and trash the place. Danya's gonna send some guys eventually to fix the cameras and he can't know what we did.

Isabel looked around. Who to stay and who to go? Roland had to stay; he needed to make the code. Helen? She'd stay too. They couldn't risk the team doctor. Winnie....she still looked fragile, spooked. That left her, Feo, Kitty and Dave. Based on her previous experience with Roland, Isabel felt much better leaving Dave to even him out. Dave might have been a racist, insensitive ass hat, but he was a racist, insensitive ass hat that she trusted.

Feo.....She assumed those notes were written to her and the notes said her name was Feo. Considering she just gave up almost everything for them to get as far as they did, Isabel trusted her as a traveling companion. Kitty was a wild card. Isabel didn't know much about her, but she'd have to take the gamble.

Isabel pointed to herself, Feo and Kitty.

We'll go. Give us all your water bottles and we'll try and scrounge anything we think can help along with water. You guys make sure to throughly mess this place up. We'll meet back in 3 hours. Everyone agree?

Pretty Handsome Awkward
((Nick LeMonde continued from The Various Downsides of Becoming "Paranoid as Balls" ))

Nick plodded forward next to Gracie. Up ahead Teo had run toward the thing on their map labeled as a sawmill.

There were announcements about a girl named Liz through out the previous day. It was the one Nick had strangled back on the first day. He'd let her go because he heard Jessica's voice telling him he had no right to judge. It was because of her five people were dead. He was conflicted. He shouldn't have killed her, but he'd decided to kill now. If he'd killed her he would have saved lives. Trying to logic this out made his head pound even more. He closed her eyes and decided to stop thinking about it.

The regularly scheduled morning announcements were blaring now and he let them wash over him. He'd hardly paid attention to the other announcements before this one, so he made only a slight effort to register the killers and kills. He recognized those gone and those turned hunters and each name on each side stung, but none carried more weight than any other. In other words, his girls, his Jessica, was safe. It was a selfish thought to have, but his shame was fading with his energy. They'd walked so long now without seeing another person. They hadn't rested much, always moving. Almost half the class was gone now. It was strange to imagine that if all the current survivors were put in the auditorium as school for a pep rally, a solid half of the gym would be empty.

They'd been walking and walking and now Teo was in front, and now Teo was checking the Sawmill. He needed to rest soon. The ground was fuzzy, the crackle of the rocks and dirt under his shoes seemed to reach his ears slower than he felt they should. It was almost like a dream.

Will it be just like I'm dreaming? Will it be just like they're dreaming?

Nick wanted to rest but it was like he was constantly on an adrenaline rush ever since they'd left the fair. He was alert even when he was tired, he was queasy with anxiousness. Nick stopped and put a hand on a tree; his hand hung down weighted by his weapon. Up ahead Teo ran towards the building where it looked like a girl in a dress was standing. That was..... unusual. Nick collected himself and trotted after Teo.

Um, pretty much just not scat for me. I'm not a huge fan of watersports but if you want it, I will oblige. Any and all other things are good. Go crazy.

Good point, teenage sex-bot.

Jan 12 2011, 11:42 PM
This can only lead to disaster and hilarity.

So yeah, I'll do it.
And now everyone in here is on a government watch list.

Yes. This can only be good.

Sign me up.

The Cloud Minders
(Inactivity save)

Autumn felt around on the sticky, slimy walls. She tried to keep up with the girl ahead of her. Her footsteps echoed in the cavernous space, mixing with the sound of Erika's footsteps. She couldn't tell if she was still following the other girl. Was it the footsteps up ahead she heard or was it just hers over and over again, fooling her? Was she tricking herself? Where was she? Where was Erika?

Touching the dirty, filthy walls was making her anxious. She hated the dirt. She hated it. Slowly, an unpleasant tingle rose in her skin, crept up from her fingers up towards her. Hair was coming loose from her head band. If she could have seen it would have made it difficult to see but as of now it just annoyed her. The feeling of the messy strands touching her cheeks tickled unpleasantly. Autumn couldn't take it, she brought her hands away from the wall to brush the loose bits back. Suddenly she realized there was no noise. She'd lost Erika. Desperately she swung her arms, trying to get back to the walls. The filthy, disgusting walls. Autumn was lost, alone, in the dark. Which way was out?

Autumn ran again. She ran and ran, and after awhile a terrifying thought hit her. What if she was running deeper into the tunnels rather than towards the exit? There was no way of knowing. For just a second, she let the despair take her. Autumn grabbed her head, shook it back and forth and screamed.

((Autumn O'Leary continued in Take Back the Fear))

The Waiting Room Bar and Grill
Ethan's heart pounded in his chest. He sat down and felt around his pocket for his inhaler out of instinct. The asthma attack never came.

"Oh right. Dead. I remember now."

The feed changed again. This time a boy shooting a girl from far off. Ethan stopped paying attention for the moment. He noticed that he was somewhat more somber than the other bar patrons. He was still anxious. For a moment he thought back on Liz again. That girl he had saved in the tunnels. That girl who was in the same advanced math. She had put melted metal into her collar to......stop the terrorists from blowing her up?

"Bullshit...." he said quietly. "Bullshit!" he shouted.

"What the hell is this? Okay. Number one, it is dubious that even with a blower that Liz would have gotten her forge hot enough to melt aluminum. But there is a slight possibility so I dunno, whatever I guess. Number two, metal cools seconds after being removed from a crucible so it would never have stayed metal long enough for her to get it from her forge all the way to her neck and it still be liquid to be scraped into the port. Number three, RADIOS DO NOT WORK THAT WAY. Radio waves don't need a channel to "flow" through...they arent mechanical in any way. They are generated and received via antennas, which are simply pieces of metal cut to ABOUT the right length that are driven with an AC voltage at a certain frequency, making Electromagnetic waves, or receive a certain frequency wave and generate a voltage, as the case may be.

Even assuming the collar designer for some reason had to design it such that there was an ipod-touch-style black-plastic-window-thing for the antenna , covering it with a little bit of ungrounded metal that is touching the rest of the collar wouldn't work at all...it would just act like more of the antenna....it might attenuate the signal SLIGHTLY, but in reality, it wouldn't even decrease noise, which is all a Faraday Cage would do, even properly implemented, which it isn't....not even a little bit. This is bullshit in so many ways it hurts a little. Then a lot."

Ethan stood up and glared at the screen.

"So is my education about metals and radio waves wrong or is THE WORLD WRONG?"

He sighed and brushed his hair back, eyes squeezed tightly together.

"I need a fucking drink."

The Waiting Room Bar and Grill
Sally's unaffected facade cracked and her mouth hung open. She was furious, she looked like she might explode into a shattering scream but her her anger was kept silent just by shock. Just then the doors to the bar slammed open.

Rough as fuck and with very little care Ethan Kent felt he had been dropped outside the two large wooden doors. He ignored any questions about where he was or what had happened and sprang up, ran to the doors and threw them open as fast as he could. It was a bar, but he didn't seem to be concerned with the food and drink, nor his fellow students.

I'm not done yet. I have to see her. I have to find her. I have to make sure she does what I told her. I have to know.

There was a projector at the other end of the bar playing a live feed. He ran through the crowd to it, inadvertently bumping into the shocked blonde girl and sending her toppling off of the pool table. He sat in an empty chair and watched the feed from the old projector intently. He watched Liz Polanski disable her collar, then have a bounty placed on her and have five kids killed for her sake.

"You fucking moron," he growled under his breath. "I should have let you explode in the tunnels. You think you're so clever, but you couldn't think more than two fucking steps ahead, could you? Disgraceful." He squeezed the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes, shaking his head.

And then there was the feed he came for. Feo turned around after hearing the explosion and ran back to him. She cried over his body and with strength he didn't think she had, she dragged him back to the cabin. He let out a breath that it seemed like he had been holding forever when she read the notes.

"She knows. She knows I didn't mean what I said," he sighed in relief. She walked into the room and he wondered what sort of place this was for the first time. After all, if this was the feed from the cameras on the island, he wouldn't see anymore from her. However, this place wasn't any ordinary bar. Sure enough the feed continued into the room where there were no cameras left.

"I really am dead, then hu?"

Feo followed the instructions to the letter and built the generator. Soon, the group who had saved Liz came by and helped her to run it. And at the end, Feo pressed the start button and the computer lit up. Ethan walked up to the wall the image was projected on and tried to touch the Feo on the wall. Her face lit up ten times brighter than the computer; they had found the island.

"You did it, baby girl. I'm proud," he said, feeling overwhelmed. He wanted to hug her, hold her, he wanted her to know how she'd exceeded all of his expectations. But when he tried to touch her all he felt was the wall. He felt they had been kind of robbed of a proper good bye. It was frustrating, but he had to take his victories where he could. "One day. 'Till then, good job."

The Various Downsides of Becoming "Paranoid as Balls"
Nick swallowed breathlessly, eyes darting back and forth between the various players. The warmth of the girl, her slender wrist in his large, clumsy hand, was there one second and gone the next. The girl had snapped out of the momentary calm caused by the gun shots fractions of a second faster than he had and lunged for his fallen weapon.

"-you murderous whore"

An arrow cut straight past them, missed Janet by a hair and stuck into the ground. Nick stood up as fast as his cumbersome frame would allow and this time it was him with the luck as his own weapon flew just past his shoulder. Jay had run off, leaving Janet behind and it seemed that Janet wasn't keen on staying with them on her own.

Nick watched as they disappeared. He breathed deeply; he could feel how jittery the adrenaline had made him now. Calm as he could, he walked to the booth and picked the hunga munga up.

"Yeah. Let's go," he said in response to Gracie.

"There's nothing here for us now."

((Nick LeMonde continued in Pretty Handsome Awkward ))

House of the Rising Sun
Isabel had just completed another shift on the bike. She got off and sat down next to Dave when Helen had passed them a bit of paper with a question. She carefully took the pencil from Helen and looked at the paper for a moment before writing.

Yes. I would have.

She paused. The end tapped against her closed mouth for a moment while she thought. She thought of the announcements, of the innocent detonated classmate and the teacher still alive.

We should have.

Without looking to see what the reaction would be she picked up her bag. She leaned back down to write Gonna shower. Back in a bit. and put the pencil back on the paper. Looking around the cabin, she didn't find a bathroom or a shower. She walked out and finally saw a drain on the floor near the side of the cabin and a shower head. She grimaced a bit, but pulled the towel and travel sized shampoo from her bag.

Isabel sat down and took of her shoes. Her socks clung to her feet with sweat and dirt. She was keenly aware of the cameras outside of the hut.

Oh well, I guess my showering habits were going to be on television.

She peeled off her shirt and slid down her skirt. Both items were grungy and the shirt was a bit stiff. Isabel turned so that she faced the wall. It would be easier to pretend there weren't cameras that way. After fiddling with the taps for a bit, lukewarm water rained down. Isabel closed her eyes and her wet hair stuck to her face. The water felt good at least.

Simon....poor sweet guy. He's gone. He didn't deserve this. He only deserved good things. Allen is still out there too. Such a nice guy, Allen. I should have said something to him when I had the chance. I should have really gone for it at prom. I was just too scared. Is murder island really less scary than giving a guy a kiss? He doesn't deserve this either. Deserve....what does anyone deserve? I want to see Hayely. If I could just get to Hayley one more time. She's a murderer now. If I could find her she'd tell me they were accidents. They were self defense kills. The Hayley I know isn't a murderer. But maybe she isn't the Hayley I knew anymore.

From the corner of her eye she could still see the limp leg of the dead boy peaking out from around the corner. Am I bad for having abandoned Liz? Am I worse for thinking of killing her? She squirted about a fourth of the tiny bottle in her hand and smashed it into her hair. Isabel couldn't be bothered to find real soap, she just used the suds from the shampoo. The names didn't seem to fade much from her skin.

Trusty permanent marker.

Out of the same bag she kept the shampoo she pulled out a cheap, single blade, plastic razor. She took care of her underarms and went over her legs, trying to be careful of the many cuts that marked her ankles.

I wonder if my parents are watching. I wonder if my dad is watching. It would be the first time in a few years since he's seen me.

Isabel turned off the tap and used a small towel she packed to dry her self. She pulled the dirty shirt over her head onto her wet bra and jammed her skirt back into place. With her skirt on she slid her underwear off and put on a new pair under the skirt in an attempt to keep some modesty. There was still a new pair of socks in her bag.

At least I'm clean. Now I feel almost human again.

All nice and clean except for her outer clothes. She had packed more clothes but there was some strange determination she had to make it through in the same clothes she started in. Probably the same strange thing that wouldn't let her throw away that damn trumpet.

Barefoot, she took up her dirty socks and underwear and her sneakers and walked back to the cabin. She had to pass by Ethan again to get back in. Isabel knelt back down by him and looked at him. She recognized him now. He had worked at the math tutoring center. She gingerly took his glasses off of his face and put them on her own. The world was a blur. Isabel took them off and put them back on him, shaking her head. Isabel tilted her head and gazed at him a moment.


She stood back up with her things and walked back in. Right away she saw that going barefoot was a stupid thing to do. She tip toed around the glass littering the floor until she got to the sink and opened the drawer, tossing her dirty laundry into the garbage bin. Inside the room with her companions things looked unchanged. She sank back down next to them and looked at the computer. They had been peddling for hours. It wouldn't be long now.