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I'm covered in beads!
It is suitably kawaii (the terrifying emptiness of his eyes aside).

I'm covered in beads!
Post-Timeskip Tony Tony Chopper?

Five Finger Death Punch
Vanessa realised, as she looked at their faces, just how Trav and Cass were seeing her right now. A mixture of disdain and shame was not something she was trying to cause at all, and seeing those emotions written all over her them made her feel just a little bit embarrassed for herself.

She let out a long sigh, letting her arms slump to her sides as her posture relaxed. Yeah, the laugh and the scream had helped, she supposed (as much as anything could help right now), but she didn’t want to be doing it at other people’s expense. Jae and herself had just shown up after nowhere and made a scene, it occurred to her, and that wasn’t something to be proud of.

“Sorry.” She muttered, shifting on the spot as the cigarette dangled on her fingers. She looked out into the distance to avoid eye contact, but Jae wouldn’t let her stay distracted for long as he called out for them to leave for a second time.

“Yeah, sure.” She muttered again, tossing her tobacco down after Jae’s. She turned heel and was halfway up the roof, before she paused to turn back again.

“Hey guys, good luck out there. Don’t get yourselves killed.”

With a casual salute and a half-hearted smile, she turned and left. Only later would she slap herself in the head when she realised that she had forgotten to ask whether either of them had actually seen Cams.

((Vanessa Stone and Min-Jae Parker continued in We're Here Because We're Here))

Three sentences about your kid: Critique experiment.
I feel a bit awkward for jumping back into the queue again straight away, but I could use some external opinions on Nate Turner. Little guy's giving me some direction difficulties, so your thoughts would be very much appreciated, Naft.

Forget About What I Said
Nate looked at Ben for a moment, processing his question, then shook his head. No, he hadn't seen anything ‘bad’ yet; he’d only really seen Matt and the asylum, after all. Did that make him lucky? It was unpleasant to think about.

Deciding not to dwell, Nate took the conversation back a question. “Well, I wasn’t in Hamlet.” He replied, stepping into the room and looking around the inside. “They did that when I was a Freshman, and I hadn’t joined drama yet.” He was still adjusting to the school at the time, after all, and had only joined soccer at that point. Bit of a shame, since Hamlet was a good play; he wasn’t sure who he would like to play in it, but it would’ve still been fun to take part.

It dawned on Nate that this wasn’t really the right time to be thinking about such nostalgic things: Ben had just asked them if they’d witnessed anything horrible, after all, and here he’d decided to think about what theatre he liked? He couldn't help but feel a little guilty.

Remembering that he hadn’t been travelling alone, Nate turned back to Matt. “Matt, if you don’t know him, this is Ben. Ben, this is Matt. He found me in a little chapel, and we basically just came here from there.”

In the moment of finding a familiar face, Nate had forgotten about the aches and pains that had brought them looking for medicine in the first place. Realising this only brought them right back, though thankfully they were dulled as his tensions had eased just a little.

“Is there any aspirin in here? I’m not feeling so good.”

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
The same observation room can see into two chambers at once; Yugi's layout is one observation room that can see into four.

Among these 'hallowed' walls...
Sandy watched wordlessly as Maria took the dare and moved behind the shelf, shouting with glee from the other side. Sandy heard the reply, but couldn’t place the last name Diamond at the drop of a hat. Hearing Caleb’s first name too probably wouldn’t have made much of a difference, though, since there was nothing tying the two together.

When the new arrival rounded the corner, Maria unfortunately in tow, Sandy stood his ground as he eyed up the couple. He didn’t recognise Caleb any more than anyone else in the corridor, and the fact that Maria, by contrast, clearly did wasn't any kind of reassurance; if anything, it only made him warier. After all, terrible people tended to enjoy terrible company.

Caleb flinging spiders at him just proved him right.

Sandy yelled out, swinging up his arms to shield himself from yet another face full of who knew what, but he was too slow as a handful of eight legged freaks landed on his skn. Panic set in as he scrambled to pull whatever the hairy things trapsing across him were, and in that time Maria and Caleb had long gone. He spat one particularly invasive arachnid out of his mouth on to the ground, stomping at it to make sure it didn't bother him again.

His chest was heaving now, as he gritted his teeth in a quiet fury. First a CD player, now spiders? Why the hell had everyone decided to make him their punching bag, decided to insult and abuse him? All he'd wanted was just to be left alone; was that so much to ask? He hadn’t even said a word said a single word to Caleb, and this was what it got him?

He looked down at the writhing body of the spider on the floor again. It was still moving, twitching, as it struggled in its limited sense to understand what was going on, why someone had wrestled it from its web, and why it could no longer do anything about its fate whatsoever.

Sandy stared at it for a moment longer, before bringing his foot down hard.

((Sandy Bricks continued in Dreams and Reality))

Three sentences about your kid: Critique experiment.
Awww Naft, you made my morning <3

Forget About What I Said
“Really?” Nate replied, looking past Matt at the now closed door. “Who is it?”

Nate returned Matt’s alarmed expression with a quizzical one of his own. Matt clearly hadn't expected to find someone else in the supply cupboard, but why did he look so freaked out by it? Someone else didn’t seem like something to be nervous about to Nate; quite the opposite in fact. He reached past Matt for the door handle, when the room's inhabitant called back out to them.

The voice sounded familiar, Nate realised, as he pulled the door open, calling back an “Ok!” as he did so. At this point, he was thoroughly distracted from any concerns Matt might’ve still had.

His eyes squinted in the darkness as the door swung open, the ill-lit room being just as advertised. The air was musty, something that Nate's nostrils picked up on straight away, and from what he could see the contents looked cluttered. Never the less, it didn’t take him long to spot the room’s sole occupant, and it took him no more time to recognise the familiar face.


Three sentences about your kid: Critique experiment.
Sandy Bricks?

Five Finger Death Punch
Vanessa kept laughing, even as Cass and Trav looked at her as if the asylum was her true home. Jae's own words fell on mostly deaf ears.

“What would I rather be fucking doing? I’d rather be at the fucking science museum, learning how fucking magnets work!” she was shouting at Cass now, no malice in her voice but no restraint either. Even if she was trying to stop herself, it was unlikely that she’d be able to. “Jesus Christ, Cass, what am I supposed to fucking say? No-one told me about the part of the trip where terrorists come over and have us start going fucking slasher flick on each other!”

She turned to Trav, still shouting. “So how’re we going to make the most of things then, huh? You want to stand up here and admire the view until we’re all fucking dead instead? Going to watch the sun set and ignore any gunshots or death screams from down there as our classmates pull out their first amendment rights on each other?”

She may have had a point behind what she was saying, but it wasn't a conscious one. Words were coming out that she wouldn’t have said if she could stop herself, but she just kept on yelling them all the same. After all, she was having a bad day.

“Fuck me if I know what I’m going to do! Find Cams, then fuck knows what! I’m not exactly a fucking expert in this kind of fucking situation! I just wanted to get out of school for one fucking day!”

She took deep breaths as she finished shouting, still holding the single finger in the air that she’d thrown up at the end of her rant. She stood there, looking between the three of them, as the mania that had swept over her gave her a moment of respite.

Forget About What I Said
((Nate Turner continued from Dear God))

Nate and Matt’s hike from the chapel to the asylum had managed to be quiet, which was quite impressive in itself considering where they were. There had been the unmistakable ringing of the Asylum’s bell, not that Nate had ever heard it before, but the two had more or less glossed over it. Nate was far too wrapped up in his own panic to think too hard on such things.

He still felt nauseous and horrible, failing to stop gripping his arms as needles pressed on the back of his eyes, but the fresh air was helping. The two didn’t really talk about very much, but that was ok. As long as Matt was next to him at the time, someone to keep him company and share his emotional burdens, that was enough to help Nate. How much he could help was relative given the circumstances, of course, but Nate appreciated it oh so much all the same.

They’d finally decided to enter the asylum itself, rather than hang around outside forever. Nate really wanted to sit down somewhere, and a look at the asylum map had lead them to consider the staff area. There was a lounge up there, and doctor’s offices, so maybe they had aspirin (of which Nate was unaware that there was a supply in his medkit) which he could use to alleviate panic-induced pains that were coursing through him.

So the two had trekked up to the second floor, the asylum appearing just as creepy as you’d expect an old building full of the mentally ill to be. He might’ve thought on all the patients and what living there might’ve been like for them, but he was far too exhausted for imagining much of anything. Checking the map as they walked, Nate called Matt to stop outside the storage closet, a likely home for medicine.

“Should we look in here? Maybe we’ll find something useful.”

General Video Game Discussion Thread
Dem Japanese and their domestic advantage. So inconsiderate.

Among these 'hallowed' walls...
Sandy flinched back out the way, even as Maria’s shoulder barge only brushed the air. Great, so she was acting like a fucking twelve-year-old bully too. She was without a doubt the hottest shit he’d had the misfortune to meet so far, in the biggest steaming pile.

“Maybe you’re going to die first, think about that? Maybe someone less patient than me’s going to show up and put you out of all our misery, you callous bitch.” His spiteful words were accompanied by a quiet tremor going through him, hand gripped so tight around the neck of his bottle that it started to leave an imprint. Its heavy weight in his hand reminded him that it wouldn’t be so hard to just whack her across the face with it. It was violent, criminal, and something crazy, but he could absolutely do it, and no-one would be able to stop him. At least that would probably make her shut up.

Before he could make an assault though, he was distracted by the crashing of a Diamond through the library doors. Sandy couldn’t see Caleb, the shelves blocking view of the entrance from where the two were stood, but of course that only made the situation worse.

Not wanting to be the first to look and find another battered mess of a boy, he turned back to Maria with a glare that could cut glass, silently daring her to make the first move.

Freakin' ay people don't fill it up too fast.

TV Tropes Page Needs YOUR Help!
It's too bad SOTF doesn't just have an outright logo we could use.

Five Finger Death Punch
“Don’t mind if I do.” Vanessa nodded at Jae, taking the cigarette from him as he lit it up for her. Mm, nicotine.

Truth be told Vanessa wasn’t actually that much of a smoker, but she wasn’t going to say no to something to chill her out at a time like this. Underneath the cool exterior she’d been presenting to everyone else, the fact that they were in a life or death situation was not lost on her.

Looking out from beyond the rooftop and to the island, Vanessa took advantage of the quiet to reflect. It was still hard to swallow that she was standing where she was; you heard about kids being abducted and put in these things, but you’d never think it would’ve happened to you. Kingman wasn’t exactly the centre of attention of the world, and you wouldn’t think it would be the first choice for an act of terror. Just her luck, she figured.

So there she was, stood on a rooftop with three people she’d never talk to otherwise. One of them was half crippled, and all her classmates were running around below trying to do the same, if not worse, to each other. It was insane.

She couldn’t stop herself: what started as a quiet chuckle devolved into a mad laugh.

“This is some fucking bullshit. We’re going stand here and admire the view when we’re supposed to be running around trying to fucking kill each other?”

She was still laughing.

“Fuckin’ aye, what kind of joke is this supposed to be?”

Among these 'hallowed' walls...
“Fuck you.” Sandy spat back to Maria’s heartless retort, before heading over to a bookshelf to distract himself from yet another person who just wanted to give him shit for not liking people.

As he browsed through the titles, he continued to keep Maria in the corner of his eye. As far as he cared, she was a rude, thoughtless bitch, one who wouldn’t know how to be civil if it came with a step-by-step manual. She thought she was such hot shit, acting like being in the situation didn’t bother her or that she was so much smarter than Sandy because she could actually deal with being around other people at a time like this. Besides, if he was going to die (which he probably was, because his chances were somewhere between zero and less than that), then why would he want to do it around other people? Fuck other people. Fuck Maria.

He paused his search to rub his temple. All this anger and rampant swearing was starting to give him a headache.

Finally, he pulled out a familiar but unread title from the shelves: The Iliad, by some random Greek who shared his name with a cartoon character. Heavy reading, especially compared to the light hearted novels he usually went through, but heavy reading was what he needed to take his mind off of everything. Besides, what were the odds he was going to find Artemis Fowl on an island like this?

Sandy turned back to Maria, still giving her a look that could freeze fire. “I’ll be going now.”

Dear God
Nate nodded back at Matt as he agreed to his invitation, struggling to get back up to his feet. He really didn’t care where they were headed; as long as Matt was with him then it’d be much better than sitting in the room crying to himself.

He picked up his bag and staff, not really sure why he cared, but possessive of them all the same. They were the only things he had right now, apart from Matt’s company, and he didn’t want to just abandon them where they might get stolen. He always tried to be careful with his things at school, even if he did still forget them sometimes.

School. That was starting to feel like a million years ago.

((Nate Turner and Matt Moradi continued elsewhere))

Plush Wants To (Tarot) Read Your Kids!
Sure why not.

How will Sandy's depression play out in his future? (Abduction or no abduction; the former is preferable but whichever's most convenient (or you could even look at it from both PoVs if you feel generous, but that's up to you))

Posting in here is fine.