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Mary Jane's Sanctum
((Dave Russell continued from Rationally Early))

Far from the condition of the school's toilets, the hotel staff had done their part in making the prom’s bathroom spick and span from roof to floor. Whether it would stay that way after a hundred or so young men made their way through it, god knows how many stoners included, remained to be seen.

Dave Russell was currently making good use of the facilities by avoiding his date and freaking out over his ex.

His fingers darted across the number pad of his $20 phone as he sat inside a toilet stall, the bathroom otherwise deserted. It was just as well, as Dave was pretty much on the horizon of making a huge ass of himself.

“Hey Lana at prom cant wait for u to get here :)”

Oh god, was the smiley face too much? He was just saying hi, but after that whole thing at Starbucks what if that came out wrong? Oh god, was the whole text idea just really stupid? What if she was back out there right now and she got it and it looked like he was a moron who didn’t even know if someone was already there?

And yet a jerk of his finger had hit ‘send’ when he wasn’t even looking.

“Oh, damn it!”

Rationally Early
Dave forced a smile and a fake laugh as Lana Sophie made her cracks, his head still wrapped in his phone or the front door or wherever he’d first find out about Lana showing up with her date. He was obsessing, there was no question, but what’s wrong with obsessing over someone you really like and just want to hang out with? It wasn’t like he had anything better to be doing right then anyway.

Screw it, he needed to talk to her or something. Even if she wasn’t there yet she’d probably be on the way over or something; he’d just call her and say hi and find out when she was showing up and then he could relax already and have fun with Sophie and Matt and Cass.

“Hey I’m just gonna, uh, go to the bathroom! Yeah, I really need to go after all those, drinks. Yeah! ” He announced to the other three, fake smile still stretched across his face whilst his hands flailed beyond his control as he slipped away in search of some privacy and a phone signal.

((Dave Russell continued in Mary Jane's Sanctum))

Stars and Bucks
“Uh-huh, uh-huh, grea – Wait, what?”

She already had a date.

Christmas Prom had been ruined forever.

“Oh. Oh, right, right.” He stuttered, eyes darting to the table below and away from Lana as he scratched at his head. “Mike, right.”

In all those weeks he’d been running around trying to find a way to get together the cash for a prom ticket, she’d gone and found someone else to go with like he didn’t even count. Like she’d never expected him to actually get a ticket in time and that that meant she could just go with anyone she wanted. Like their ex-relationship meant nothing to the concept of prom date dibs that he’d just pulled out of his ass that very moment.

Who was Mike, anyway, thinking he could take Lana to the prom when he’d been planning on asking her since three days ago? What, did he think he was such a big hotshot that Lana would have gone with him even if she’d already been going with Dave? What was his problem?

“Which Mike?” he asked, the only question that he could think to, as an unnerved twinge in his voice broke through whilst his face began to flush. Whichever one it was, he was obviously and undeniably a complete and utter asshole.

Handler: Slamexo
Dates Away: 29th September - 11th October
Days Away: 12
Reason for Away: Moving into new house for university; no internet connection until October 11th.
Characters: Ryan Banks, David "Dave" Russell, Gabriella "Gabby" Parker

I can probably still get away with using the internet at university if something important comes up, but if I'm being slow then you all know why. I'll try to get those two posts I owe up before I leave even though my brain hates being creative lately!

The Realism Litmus Test Revived
Ryan Banks: 4

Dave Russel: 7 (But I had to add five because he's unusually well developed for his age) (*Eyebrow waggles*)

Gabriella Parker: 20 (Musical passion inflates the hell out of her result, which seems a bit silly but I don't take this test seriously anyway)

My Little Pony Mafia - Game Thread
*Bleats like a goat and flips over*

MurderWeasel's Post Clinic
Super thanks for the critique Tobe; I never even realized my grammar could get so sloppy at times! Will be sure to keep it as well as your other points in mind for future posts!

Mimi's Sprite Station v2
Crap, I simply must request another one of your lovely sprites Meems.

Let's give Gabby a go. For the outfit, I would put her in a long sleeved navy blue cardigan with a white undershirt and loose fitting black trousers, with some brown flat sole shoes. Hopefully my fashion sense isn't in the toilet.

No fudge that let's go with her V5 outfit:

On the day of the abduction, Gabriella was wearing an apple green short sleeved tunic top and a pair of bootcut dark blue jeans, with a pair of dark brown flat soles on her feet. For jewellery, she was wearing a pair of silver studs in her ears and a trio of silver bracelets on her right arm.

My Little Pony Mafia - Game Thread
Okay yeah my vote's coming up at a lynching 10 now too with Inky, Will, jimmydalad, bacon, BROtoro, Whirlpool531, Un-Persona, MK Kilmarnock, Deamon, Bikriki

So I'm going to be shutting up now.

My Little Pony Mafia - Game Thread
By my count we're on 9/10

I don't want to speak for T-Fox but in every previous mafia game on this board the rule has always been shut up when we hit a lynch. Whether that's the case this time or not he'd have to clarify, I'm just saying what it usually is.

My Little Pony Mafia - Game Thread
I'm a huge MLP:FiM fan and I don't even know who Tootsie Flute is.

Whirly would you object to using our friendship powers on Persona tonight? I'm still not really convinced about him, but I'd rather our priority still remained dmboogie for the time being.

My Little Pony Mafia - Game Thread
Oh my christ, sorry not to sound mean and I'm not making fun but I just found that hilarious. No, Lyra is NOT an important character to My Little Pony. She is a background character that the fans just like a lot, and she's not even the most popular fan character at that.

My Little Pony Mafia - Game Thread
What reason do you have to believe it? A lack of conflicting evidence isn't the same as proof after all, and that PM is still very fake-able, not to mention the inconsistencies that have already been pointed out.

My Little Pony Mafia - Game Thread
I don't like the idea of lynching Optimo one bit; if he hasn't posted since day one, and only posted once, then I can't see why he wouldn't be inactive modkilled soon.

I have to raise a thought: if no-one's stepping forward as a townie/townsperson to confirm or deny dm's wording, could it be that there aren't any townie roles (Potentially besides him)? It is a role-apolooza after all.

Speaking of element powers, Whirlpool, you and I should probably co-ordinate our hits. With three of the mane six dead, you and I have majority anyway; Rainbow Dash, wherever you are, you should follow with whatever target we decide with, since you won't be able to out priority us both and you'll let the hit still go through should one of us get roleblocked/die.