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Character of the Month #1: August '10
A lovely badge for a lovely writer.

Classroom Deathmatch
I shall throw a hand of interest if anyone runs one of these. Tabletop RPGs are always a good hoot!

Clean and Righteous
For a moment, she just stood there with eyes wide open, as her ears rang in shock from noise of the gun. Then, all hell came over her.

It was like someone had punched her hard in the chest, but they hadn't stopped: they just kept pushing through, pushing a hole into her skin, her body, her organs, and stayed there, inside her body, letting blood trickle out the orifice brutally carved into her form.

She looked dumbly at Kris, mouth gawping open like someone had just told her a bad joke, as her pink hoody was stained crimson. Then she screamed, and fell to her knees.

"IT HURTS! IT HURTS!" she screamed, clutching the wound with her slowly draining strength, trying to pull her skin back together as if it would stick like Velcro. "IT HUUURTS!"

Slowly, she collapsed onto her front, pouring out onto the ground beneath, eyes hot with tears of pain and fear, as she yelled into the floor. "MOMMY IT HURTS! IT HURTS!" It was all too much for her to handle, as she was reduced to nothing more than a crying, dying, child.

Her screams had been so loud, so terror filled, that her throat was starting to go hoarse; it didn't matter though, as the light began to fade from her vision, darkness swimming around her. Pitiably, she pushed her head up onto its chin, looking into a black and empty distance. Far away from her, she could see her friends, her family, all looking at her. They said nothing, merely watching, as she screamed back at them, her voice raspy and thin: "Help me! Help me please!" she spluttered out between coughs at the empty figures, who remained motionless. There was no help for Amber Whimsy, who lay on the floor as what little life she had drifted out for her.

Soon, even the sight of those closest to her began to fade and blur, disappearing like an ending dream. The dreams Amber Whimsy had had: going to college; becoming a journalist; having a family: they were all ending.

They weren't ending because she was waking up; they were ending because she was falling into a cold, endless sleep.

And with one final miserable cry, the life left the plucky young girl forever.


Janet Claymont
Please note that Janet Claymont is very heavily tied to T-Fox's character Chadd Crossen.

Clean and Righteous
Amber blinked; the sight of Kris’ gun had frozen her in fear, and her mouth dropped open in shock. The barrel pointed at her chest made her blood chill, and sweat ran down her brow as she stood rooted to the spot, helpless.

She was about to let out a scream, when she saw Kris pull the gun away from her. The effect was still lasting though, and she could barely comprehend what was being screamed at her. She didn’t want to go, because she had finally found someone else on the island. She had a gun pointed at her, but she had taken it away too, Amber thought as she began thinking again, no longer stunned thoughtless by the prospect of imminent death.

"Wait!" She called out again, even though Kris wasn’t moving. "You can’t leave! You’re the first person I found, and you weren’t gonna kill me!" Amber wasn’t thinking straight, and it came clear in her words. Even Amber wasn’t stupid enough to trust people pointing weapons at her in normal situations, but the pressure of the game had slowly eaten away at her since it started. Now it was culminating in a total loss of logic or common sense.

"We can team up!" she continued, edging slightly closer to Kris. "We can work together, and then I won’t be alone anymore! Don’t go!" she yelled, still advancing. Finally, it overtook her, as she took a glint of light reflecting off Kris’ weapon, and she darted forwards to grab a tight hold of her arm, attempting to cling onto it and never let go.

"Don’t leave me!"

Clean and Righteous
((Amber Whimsy start))

Amber Whimsy had set off on the move some time ago, having grown restless of hiding out in a set of bushes. Although the greenery had proven an apt spot for Amber to cry out the shock of waking up in Survival of the Fittest, that horrible show her Dad had never let her watch, the horror of the island had not proven enough to convince the young journalist to lay low and keep still for a change.

With the army helmet she had found in her daypack worn low over her head (despite how it kept falling over her eyes and obscuring her vision, she continued wearing the only hope of protection she had), she had set off about a short while ago, stumbling around aimlessly in the vague hopes of finding something to help her, struggling to move quickly with the heavy bags dragging her down. She foolishly believed that she'd find something to help her live through the game, refusing to even consider that the odds of escaping were beyond chance.

Eventually, she had made her way into the felled forest, the countless stumps around her seeming to stretch on forever. The place unnerved Amber, as she hunched over low before she slowly crept onwards. Looking around, propping up her helmet as it fell forwards, she wondered if she'd get lost amongst the stumps of wood, indistinguishable from one another. It was after rounding yet another stump that Kris Hartman came into view, sat only a few feet away from her.

Without thinking, Amber yelled out to the girl, unable to see the weapon on her other side: "Hey!" she called out to her. Amber had never been a girl for keeping quiet, and calling out to Kris was hardly out of character for her. Sadly, it was this character that would eventually come to cause her cruel, underserved end.