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Do us proud, you newly green light blue named folk!

In Loving Memory of Jerred Guillen
Jerred Guillen, you will be in our hearts.

Rest in Peace.

As mentioned not seconds ago in chat, count me in.

Hospital Thread
As I was randomly writing up various nonsensical things yesterday, I began to think that there's no hospital thread about here, and since then it's been playing on my mind.

There must be enough characters in the pre-game with injuries or illnesses or such to warrent it (Unless Bayview High isn't the physical therapy school I seem to be imagining it as), and even if there's only so many you can always have a little bit of RP in the land of the sick friends and family, and the stabbed up rebels.

So, is this something that was already thought of and decided against? Or am I being genuinelly imaginative here for a change?

As far as I recall, don't remember seeing anything like this in the rest of this section.

Janet Claymont
Name: Janet Claymont
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
School: Bayview High
Hobbies and Interests: Gymnastics; the Tsukihime and Melty Blood franchise.

Appearance: Janet stands fairly tall for a woman her age at five feet nine inches; her physical frame is quite muscular, as well as no visible fat and a fairly standard bust size: 34B. In total she weighs 142 pounds.

Her crimson hair contains visible brown roots, evidencing dying, and hangs to just below her shoulder blades in the back and just above her breasts in the front.

Her face is of a normal proportion to her body, with a fairly average sized forehead revealed by her side swept hairline, and possessing a sharp, pointed jawline. Her nose is slightly larger than usual, with down turned nostrils and a wide bridge. Her eyes are quite large in contrast to the rest of her face, and are a vivid blue in colour that results from contacts. Her actual eye colour is grey. Her mouth is an average size, with her lips being slightly thinner by proportion, with well kept teeth underneath.

Janet typically wears a simple white t-shirt, blue jeans and black trainers. On colder days she has been known to wear a red jacket over a black top.

Biography: Born to an upper-class family, Janet spent most of her childhood attending school, celebrating birthdays, and getting along with her parents, as per normal. She also practised gymnastics as a personal sport and passion, and at the age of ten she took home the gold in a state competition. She led a happy childhood, with all that she could need.

At the age of twelve Janet began to develop an inexplicable fascination with the Tsukihime franchise, that some claim bordered on obsession. Although encountering it had been a pure state of chance over the internet, she soon began to regularly repeat the visual novel as well as mastering the spin-off fighting series, Melty Blood. She even won a few unofficial contests with other players in the area, and was well known amongst internet forums as a talented kid who had way too much free time.

Around her fourteenth birthday, people began to notice a change in Janet's personality. They reported that she wasn't 'The same, happy, friendly, mature Janet she used to be; she's someone else entirely.', and it wasn't long before psychiatrists had diagnosed her with paranoid schizophrenia. At first her parents settled for regular counselling, but after a particularly bad episode where Janet had misinterpreted one of her friend's kind gestures, her parents began to seek more serious treatment.

Taken out of her normal school life and placed in a school for the mentally ill, Janet spent the next two years of her life under careful watch from the faculty and doctors, whilst her leotard gathered dust in the back of her cupboard. During this period, her episodes began to take an unhealthy turn: she would believe herself to be her favourite character from her favourite franchise: Aoko Aozaki, and would act out her persona in her daily life with remarkable accuracy.

Thankfully however, although her episodes as the character were potentially dangerous due to her use of real life objects for her 'magical powers', Janet began to show improvements. She began responding to new medication, and even began taking part in gymnastics again. Her life was getting back on track, and after two years in the institute doctors deemed her safe for mainstream education once again.

Having attended Bayview High for the last three years, most people don't really remember Janet from before she went away, and as such she has been able to gain a healthy reputation as a transfer student. Now with a new group of friends, a new gymnastics medal, and a new, healthy mind, she has re-immersed herself back in a normal life, and is known throughout the school for her friendly demeanour, mature outlook on things, and generally level headed attitude; in the future she intends to become a psychiatrist herself. Rumours do still exist from where she was for those two years, but most people dismiss them as such.

Although she still has weekly counselling sessions, and must take daily medication, she finds she can finally see the world for what it truly is once more, with a smile.

Advantages: Janet is an award winning gymnast, and as such maintains good body strength and stamina, as well as agility. When properly medicated, Janet is calm, level headed, and generally mature, and as such is likely to look at a situation from a logical viewpoint, rather than emotional. If she does go without her medication long enough to slip into her delusions, she believes herself to be invincible and as such will not back down from any threats or dangers.
Disadvantages: Janet is mentally unstable, being on medication to prevent schizophrenic episodes. If she goes without her medication for extended periods, she is very likely to slip back into her demeanour of Aoko Aozaki, who lives in an entirely delusional world, and therefore reacts with completely insane reactions. She also believes herself to be invincible in this state, and as such will not respond cautiously to anything; more than likely she will rush into a deadly kamikaze. Even before she reaches the stage of total delusion, she will still suffer hallucinations beforehand that will severely impair her judgement.

High Lonesome
((Continued from One Pen Two Pen Red Pen Blue Pen))

Lucy continued clutching her notebook tightly to her chest as she crossed the moonlit fields of the Bayview High campus. Her face, having cooled down from its previous bright red state, continued to reveal the embarrassment she had felt a short while ago with its soft pink nature, whilst she kept her eyes focused on the ground ahead of her and nothing more. She silently replayed the situation over and over in her mind: the request for a highlighter; the dropping of the pencil case; the scattering of equipment; the quickly receded offers to help. Her face clenched in time with the scenario.

Eventually she arrived at the football stands. She usually cut across here if she stayed late in the library, due to the fact that her house was much quicker across this route than going out and around the front gates. Thankfully, there was no football game going on this evening, so she wouldn't have to hide behind the stands and risk stepping into something unpleasant. Of course, that's not to say it was safe to go behind the stands even when there was no game going on; in fact, if anything she was more likely to run into an even more unpleasant character, taking part in activities she'd rather not relive.

As she rounded the stands, her defensive observation of the area quickly noted two men up in the stands, the thin lighting revealing their location. Hastily pulling back behind the stands and out of sight, her heartbeat increased. She had no idea who these people were, but from what she could make out in the silent air they were up there drinking some sort of alcohol. Lucy would really like to forget how embarrassed she was not moments ago...

No, drinking her problems away was not the solution. If she started doing that, she could end up as some loser in the back alleys giving out hand jobs for five dollars. No, she would just go home and bury herself under her covers. Then she'd drift off to sleep, and wake up to another day.

Oh, who was she kidding? She'd never be able to fall asleep so easily after that humiliating experience. She had to do something to get her mind off it, and at the moment, it was the only thing she could think to do.

Slowly she turned around and back into the vision of the guys up on the stands. Traditionally, Lucy had always been slightly more open to approaching men than she had women; the whole of her tormentors being made up of girls as it were. As such, she slowly climbed up, step by step, until she was level with them, before nervously walking up to their vicinity. Avoiding eye contact and maintaining her grip on her notebook, Lucy meekly asked:

“Excuse me; would I be able to get a sip off of that? I could really use it...”

One Pen Two Pen Red Pen Blue Pen
Now burning red with sheer embarrassment, Lucy tried to focus more on the task at hand than the hoard of people moving in and out of her vicinity, some offering assistance and then vanishing just as fast. It didn't matter though; she was far too nervous and jittery to realise anyone was even talking to her, let alone reply.

She did briefly notice the girl who'd came over take one of her blue highlighters and proceed to wag it in her face before wondering off. As awkward as she felt about making the whole disruption, she couldn't help but feel a little annoyed at her rude decision to leave herself to clean up the mess. At least if they worked together, she wouldn't be isolated as the sole noise creator.

Oh, who was she kidding? It was entirely her fault to begin with, and she could hardly blame them if other people were getting irritated with her. Indeed, she somewhat forgot that two people had offered to assist her, and that the third actually had lent a brief hand.

Eventually the mess that was her writing equipment was eventually returned to its case in a slapdash manner, hastily shoved in with no regards for its previous order. Clutching the container to her chest, she yanked up her bag whilst returning to her footing, stuffing the cause of the whole situation deep into the shadows. Fuelled by shame and awkward feelings, Lucy moved quickly as she gathered up her notes, clutching them to the chest space which was occupied not moments ago, and pulling her bag up in her hands. Leaving the wall of literature out and untidy, defying her usually well kept manner, Lucy blushed her way right out of the library in a blur of embarrassment, despair and shame.

((Continued in Tending the Flowers))