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General Video Game Discussion Thread
I finally found the devil social link and now I'm scared for my virtue o.o

Isaac Brea

Isaac Brea
Hi Espi! Isaac looks great, but is DENIED pending a few small fixes.

A handsome young man,

Can you remove this from the start of the appearance section for me? It's just a touch too praising for the profile's tone.

He favors hanging out with partiers and athletes, being both a regular attendant of parties as well as an occasional alcohol provider.

How does he get a hold of alcohol? There's no mention of him associating with anyone particularly shady, so I'd just like to know how he's doing this.

Isaac’s twin brother could also prove a boon if they were to meet up.

Elaborate on how for me.

He is more clever than smart, but could come up with a ruse and catch people off-guard.

I dislike the phrasing 'more clever than smart', since those words technically mean the same thing. I'm guessing that you're intending his pranking habit to justify that he's cunning in this advantage, since it's the only real sign of any smarts in the profile, so I'd like it to be amended to better reflect that if that's the case, and better justified if you had something else in mind otherwise.

Isaac has an earned reputation as a troublemaker,

He is used to getting his way and has problems with being told what to do.

Tidy those points up for me, and Isaac should be good to go!

Vanessa looked down at Georgia Lee as she tied her shoes with a quiet sense of triumph. No witty response, no smartass comment, no uptight comeback that sounded like the sun was trying to shine out of all the shit stuck up her ass. Georgie had nothing, because that’s what she came down to when you got past all the sound and fury.

Satisfied, she finally went back to her own uniform. She half expected an icy barb to stab her in the back when she wasn’t looking, trying to catch her off guard, but the room remained pleasant in the empty silence between the two. Better that than her having to waste more time telling Georgie to shut up and sit down.

Her phone vibrated in her pocket. She pulled it out: a text from Cameron, asking where she was. She texted back, let her know she’d hang out with her later. Then she threw her phone into her bag as she pulled out her shorts.

Nope, she was pissed off now.

She really didn’t like to waste her time being pissed at people. Yeah, she would stand up for herself, put people in their place, give people shit if they tried to give her shit, but at the end of the day holding on to that stuff was a waste of time. Right now, she just wanted to be able to enjoy softball like she always did, rather than have some obnoxious little shit and her sneering face stuck at the forefront of her mind.

As she pulled her shorts up, she heard the sound of Georgia Lee leaving behind her. She let out a quiet sigh of relief, then turned around to sit down on the bench and take in the wide, empty locker room. She pulled her phone back out of her bag, texted Cameron again, finished changing, and headed out the door.

“Can’t believe the shit I just dealt with. Fuck georgia lee day she is a little shit I swear to god”

((Vanessa Stone continued in Smoke On Her Face))

I wanna be king of the pirates!
Colour me interested on the off chance room appears.

General Video Game Discussion Thread
Kanji was immediately promoted to lifetime waifu upon joining the party.

Yukiko remains public waifu.

New Official V5 Away Thread
Business complete~

Slam's Creativity Thread
I wanted a Valkyria Chronicles avatar of my fave character, Emile Bielert, but no good avatar exists. (In fact Elena seems to have grabbed the only avatar-suitable picture from that game on the whole internet.) So I just copied some existing art instead (with a little bit of touching up afterwards because everyone makes mistakes)

lost forever thanks Photobucket