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How do you come up with your character names?
Lucy Ashmore ~ Off the top of my head, plain 'n' simple
Janet Claymont ~ ""
Alice Boucher ~ MIGHT have picked Boucher because it means butcher. Probably did, if memory serves.
Amber Whimsy ~ The name came first but she's definitly a whimsy girl of sorts. At least until she was shot and crying. Not so whimsy then.

And the new ones -

Ryan Banks ~ Off my head!
Alex King ~ Off my head!
Rachel Penn ~ Named after a banker I met. It's a fun surname!

V5 Concepts Thread
Arielle looks like a fun if rather complicated girl: I'm a little confused on how brain dead her father is if he's still around for her to talk to; I'm no expert on life support mind but I'm just having a little trouble grasping it. Also what happened to the print & paper company after the accident? Did her mother or some other sibling start pulling double weight?

Also if Arielle enjoys comforting people to help her gain inner peace, how does that mix with her uneasiness at letting people get close? Does she give them a face level service without really opening up to their problems?

The intergenerational romance figure also looks like something we haven't seen much of here, so that should be something interesting to read too. How does the rest of her family view the relationship though?

She's definitely looking like she could end up as another good read from you though Meems! Looking forward to seeing what she does!


And now to update my third character with something a little bit more substantial; this little filly was inspired by a banker I met today~

Rachel Penn

Light blonde short girl with a slightly pudgy appearance although it's really more of a rounded frame than any geniune fat. Fairly ditzy in attitude but has a good heart and her friends are very important to her, almost to a point where she can't even notice their faults at times. Is a creative writer (She rolls with the last name because hey why not?) who tries to write stories based on her real life experience rather than fantastical settings and is quite competent at it to boot. This leads to her spare time either involving going out with her friends to whatever sounds the most fun, spending a long moment with her notebook and pen when something springs to mind, or a healthy mixture of both. Her bad judge of character has gotten her into trouble on more than one occasion when she's been led astray by bad eggs, but her adoptive parents (Dear old biological mum and dad weren't prepared to have a kid; Rachel has yet to meet them and is still in a conflict on whether or not she wants to seek them out) were always keeping an eye out to make sure she didn't end up screwing up irrevocably.

Some bread and bones of her! Thoughts and opinions are just plain divine~

Evolution (A Futuristic Superhero Roleplay)
I will throw an interest nail in.

Introduction Thread
Welcome Aleron! Everyone else is being all warm and welcoming as promptly as always but by damn it I'm going to wish you a happy stay here too! Hope your writing muscles stay strong and flexed to your satisfaction!

Handler: Slamexo
Dates Away: August 12 - August 18
Days Away: 6
Reason for Away: Going down to work with my Dad for a half week in London and thus will not be checking in with SOTF as often as usual. Just in case someone desperately needed my attention for some reason.
Characters: None~

Happy birthday v4!
It's like a birthday, but with dead kids.

Anyway yay for all the staff and handlers who have made this version go the way it has. Ie. no mail bombs to the staff's secret paradise island.

Favorite anime?
Azumanga Daioh is always a good bet for me, as is the first season of Shakugan no Shana (Can not say I've watched beyond that or intend to; for me that is more than enough). One Piece is up there too, though lately I've swapped to the manga thanks to their bad, though justified, pacing requirements.

Oh yes and how could I forget Elfin Lied. They say the manga is better than the anime by a lot but hey I still enjoyed the anime plenty.

Steam SotF Group!
Just had us some SOTF L4D2 versus of Goose's nature; we must have another one soon with even more SOTFers present.