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Pokemon Mafia: Game Thread
*Doublepecks your eyes out*

Pokemon Mafia: Game Thread
EBWOP: I also think that regardless of whether I live or die, your actions have made today's work far from worthless, Zek.

Pokemon Mafia: Game Thread
I'm still waiting on this quote where I say that I am a townie because I'm a double voter, rather than me simply establishing my alliance and role in the same post.

Pokemon Mafia: Game Thread
No. That's me saying that I am a town double voter. It is not me saying "I am a double voter, therefore I am town."

Pokemon Mafia: Game Thread
I don't believe I ever claimed to be a townie just because I was a double voter.

Pokemon Mafia: Game Thread
Get with the program folks, cause if what Zehk says is correct, you're all taking your time to kill me and clear my name fully of Everyone's suspicion. Might as well toss out a few farewell presents though.

No fancy dancing around this one: Zehk. Oh look, it's a chainsaw defence of myself, or whatever it's called, but he's by far Obviously the most eager to get me lynched. Zek, why're you 100% certain I'm not on your side?

Bump in the Night
She wasn't supposed to be here! She wasn't supposed to be on this fucking trip! She wasn't even supposed to be in this fucking country!

((Alice Boucher Start))

Why the hell had her parents, in their stupid, stupid, fucking idiotic fucking stupidness ever thought it was a fucking smart idea to send her to fucking America!?!? They had every other fucking country in the fucking planet to pick from, and they send her to America where she gets abducted by some fucking terrorists who fucking put a collar on her neck and fucking give her a random bag which just has some fucking whip in it, and tell her she has to fucking kill every fucking American fucker in the fucker school if she wants to go fucking home to her fucking idiot parents without getting killed first!?!


Alice Boucher had been walking around the island aimlessly for a long time now, stopping to kick at trees and plants every short while and scream obscenities at the top of her lungs; by some small miracle she had narrowly avoided alerting her presence to any other students, although Alice was far too pissed off to appreciate that. Instead, she was acknowledging her bleak situation.

"You fucking idiots!" she repeated for the thirtieth time, having cried out all of her tears long ago, leaving her face dry as she screamed. "You fucking send me to this fucking country! You fucking send me to this fucking school! You even fucking send me to the fucking trip! You fucking – I hate you mama and father! I want you both dead!"

She had been clenching her teeth so much between screaming rants that her jaw was starting to go sore, and between that and her hoarse throat, the situation wasn't doing anything to make her feel any better. It wouldn't have helped though; nothing would have made Alice's day any better.

"You do as you're told young lady!" her parents had screamed at her over the phone, with their fucking idiotic voices. "You are going on that trip, and that's final!" She had gone up to her room screaming almost as much as she had when her parents had told her she was going to America in the first place after that conversation; she really hated it when her parents told her what to do. If it wasn't for their money, she'd just run away from them and never look back.

"I FUCKING HATE YOU!" she screamed once more through her burning throat, still far out of earshot of her parents who were oblivious to her situation. But for the third time in her life, throwing a tantrum was not helping her.

In a brief moment of walking through some greenery without yelling out, she had been able to hear the sound of other students coming from her side. Rage built up inside her, as she felt everything that had happened was there fault; if it wasn't for them, she wouldn't have been on the island, or playing this game, or have a sore throat. It was their fault, and she wanted to make it clear!

Pushing her way through the foilage in a fit of rage, oblivious to the terrified cries of David, she pushed her way out into plain view of all three people standing in front of her, two of them quite clearly armed, and as brimming with rage as she was, a sharp sword and a gun can do wonders for anger management.

She couldn't scream anymore, and not just because her voice was going; she was scared. She was scared, angry, and completely helpless.

"Uh." was all she could utter, her face frozen in fear of the lethal situation she had walked straight into.

The Right Thing for the Wrong Reasons
((Janet Claymont Start))

Janet Claymont snored quietly away in the flowerbeds; she had always been a deep sleeper, and so even as the day carried on she slept away peacefully on the opposite side of the gazebo, blissfully unaware of the other students standing not feet away from her, and blissfully unaware of the hell she had been thrust into.

Though the commotion made by her fellow students failed to rouse her, a bee that started buzzing around her face did. Wrinkling her nose reflexively in irritation, she blew at the insect in a half-sleeping state, trying to rid herself of the buzzing bother. It was to no avail though, as the bug landed squarely on her nose, and Janet's eyes finally blinked open and stared into the bug's compounded eyes.

She let out a loud shriek, pushing herself against the dirt of the flowerbed and sending the bug on its merry way, as it landed on a nearby flower and started searching for pollen. Startled by her rude awakening, Janet looked around and realised she was not in familiar territory. At first, she wondered if she hadn't passed out after going out drinking again, as she stretched herself to an upright sitting position.

Searching to see something she remembered, she scratched her head in confusion, trying to figure out exactly where she was. If she had passed out drunk, she must've been really wasted to get this far out of the places she knew, and that didn't seem that likely, since she hadn't drunk nearly as much since the whole Rizzo thing.

Looking down at her feet, she saw two bags in front of her, wondering where they had come from as well, not realising one was her belongings for the trip, and the other contained her randomly assigned instrument of murder. Slowly it came back to her that she had gone on the bus earlier on the way to the senior trip, Chadd sat next to her as always, and she realised that no matter how wasted she had gotten, she couldn't have gotten this far off a bus. Hell, she didn't think she had drunk anything on the bus at all, so this was making less and less sense by the second.

Struggling to her feet, she yawned, still tired despite her long rest, and looked around, scratching her stomach, the need to pee after sleeping so long prominent in her bladder. It quickly became apparent that there were other people on the other side of the gazebo, since they were hardly making an effort to hide themselves, and so Janet decided the best course of action was to go and see what they were doing. Still not comprehending the nature of her situation, she lazily turned to face them, walking forwards and leaving her bags behind without a care. It wasn't hard now to see the other students, and whilst she could recognise them as from her school, her slow mind could not piece together what they were up to, so instead, incapable of thinking of something better to say, she gracelessly blurted out:

"What the fuck are you guys doing?"

Shelter From the Storm
((Lucy Ashmore Start))

She hadn't planned on coming on the trip at first, but her mother had pushed her to go because she was sure she'd have a great time; she wanted her daughter to make some new friends, even if the year was just about over; she just wanted to see her surrounded by friends like she had been before they had moved. Of course, in due time she would be hunched over a table, crying her eyes out after hearing the news of her daughter's whereabouts, guilt suffocating her from the inside, but this isn't the story about the mother, this is the story of her child.

It began in a room smelling strongly of lingering alcohol, the walls lined with barrels of various liquours and drinks, stacked up to the ceiling. This was the wine cellar of the pub that Allen, Robert, Mike and Jennifer were standing in, though the name was misleading as it was simply a room off to the side of the main bar, behind a door visible yet unnoticed by the other students, the door blending seamlessly into the wall behind it. A girl of average height, yet small when surrouned by others, groaned from the floor of that room; if it wasn't for the lethal collar around her neck, it might seem like she had passed out drunk.

Lucy Ashmore awoke, and her nightmare began.

Slowly, she rolled over onto her side, habitually swatting at where her alarm clock would have been had she been at home in bed on a sunny morning, instead striking nothing but the cold hard floor. Her eyes flickered open, and she looked at the bottom of the shelf opposite her, blinking hazily as her environment became clearer and clearer; as her sight came more into focus, so did her memory, and she quickly bolted upright with fear filling her body.

Even if she didn't want to, she had no trouble recalling what had happened barely hours ago: the scenes of the murders of her teachers clear in her mind and the words of the games master Danya clear in her ears. She raised her hand to her neck, her fingers touching the cold collar, giving a sensation akin to touching a thorny plant; she pulled her fingers away defensively. A moment later, she brought both hands back up, pressing her fingers against the collar. She would have tugged too, had noise not started becoming clear from outside the room, and she would've been killed there and then with a loud kaboom.

The moment the noise emanated through the door, she pushed herself away from it as if it was some hungry lion coming to swallow her whole. She quickly found herself rushing into the two bags behind her, startling her as she whipped her head around to see what she had barged into. Finding that they were simply bags, one of them hers, she turned her attention back to the voices, a lump in her throat begging to be swallowed.

Taking a deep gulp, Lucy struggled to get to her feet, hunching over as the fear of the situation weighed down on her. Terrified, she moved closer and closer to the door, slowly reaching out for the handle; she finally tightening her hand around it, gently twisting it open, just about to put herself in full view of everyone outside, when she finally noticed the keyhole underneath it.

For the first time since waking up, Lucy made a sound: "Sa-safer... I'll look through it.. it's safer.." she babbled quietly, slowly crouching down to bring her eye level with the keyhole, and she was rewarded with her first view outside the room.

Unfortunately, the door was not in a prime position to see anything of the other students, and so Lucy was left looking at the back of the bar. The stroke of bad luck broke something for Lucy, and tears welled in her eyes as reality finally hit: she was in the program. She had heard about it on the news, (who hadn't?), and now she was expected to take part in it. She was going to have to kill everyone, or die herself. She didn't want to die, she just wanted to meet some new people! That was the only reason she came on this stinking trip!

Her mind clouded with grief, she sunk to her knees and began crying. She did not cry softly, despite being such a quiet person, and her tears splashed on the ground as her wails escaped her throat and filled the air.

Her story was beginning here, and as far as she thought, it would be over soon.

Pokemon Mafia: Game Thread
Very well, seems I've got no choice: even if I manage stay alive, all it's going to do is keep the townies focusing on me rather than looking for a mafia, and that's just going to waste more and more time. After all, you've wasted the last two days chasing me down, and I've wasted the last two days defending myself. Someone drop the hammer and lynch me, because it's the only way at this point things can get back on track.

Don't grow despondant though, even if the mafia looks like they have the lead: you all have the clues in front of you, so I'm sure you can figure them out.

Pokemon Mafia: Game Thread
Tell me then Zet, what would you do to prove your innocence if you were in my shoes.

Pokemon Mafia: Game Thread
No Stef, no it does not. I'm still waiting on a town prooving suggestion.

That said.

Vote: Killer_Moth
Vote: Killer_Moth

Pokemon Mafia: Game Thread
Brilliant; why don't you nominate someone for me to vote for then so no-one can vy that off as 'suspicious' targetting.

Pokemon Mafia: Game Thread
What do you want me to do? Pull out a "I'm a Townie" T-shirt from mid-air and strut around in it for the next ten or twelve posts and let you all goggle it in the vague hope you have enough sense to think things through?

It's the day phase, for one thing, so the odds of me being able to do -anything- ability wise would already be low if I was anything other than a double voter, as I've already made clear, so there's pretty much nothing I can do to show myself as a townie. Please, if you have any ideas for something that would prove me innocent, I'm more than happy to indulge.

In the meantime, for all those out there with a little common sense, you should look closely at the people who've been pushing for me to get lynched. Whilst they can't all be mafia, I would bet my life that there's plenty of 'em scattered in there and if you look close enough you'll find them.

Of course, betting my life is just dandy since people seem so intent on playing straight into the mafia's ploy because they haven't got any sense to do anything else. Baaaaaaa.

Pokemon Mafia: Game Thread
Don't distract from my post!

Pokemon Mafia: Game Thread

Pokemon Mafia: Game Thread
Oi! Stop wasting your time voting for a townie because you're just playing right into their hands ye morons! Why not save your time and use it better on an inactive or something, instead of just once again blowing a perfectly good vote on someone who's on your side!

Hell, I could name any number of people who've followed this trick who're playing on the suspicous field! Moth, you've been acting strangely since the game started! Blast, you were able to have Zetta back you up on gut instinct alone! Geno, it's hardly like you to join in on a lynch just because it's there!

Stop hopping on the immediate bandwagon just to make something happen, and use your heads instead! Just because the cops are dead doesn't mean we need to take desperate action! After all, the last game was won with no cops whatsoever!

Think things through, don't be passive and work for the scum!

August Mid Month (ish) Rolls
Oh snap!

Edit: You know what, screw it. EPIC HERO MANUEVER (Which is actually a misleading name)

Swap Card: Amber Whimsy for Janet Claymont!

Pokemon Mafia: Game Thread
You can waste your time voting for me if you want Serp, but I've already given a roleclaim and explained why I've voted for Sunny, so frankly beyond reading back there's not a whole lot more I can give for a defense.

That said, Zetta, to dig up old wounds I'm still confused why you defended Blast last night with the words 'I have a gut feeling he's a pro-town role'. Is there any better reasoning behind that, or are you really just going to try to pull out that pretty bland statement as an argument?

Kay I'm back and stuff.