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I too shall be away for the weekend and a bit.

Enjoy debating with yourself whether you'd have noticed.

How did you discover SotF?

I be numero 23!

One Pen Two Pen Red Pen Blue Pen

Yelping loudly in surprise; that voice came out of nowhere! She had been so deeply immersed in her studying, that Lucy failed to notice Jackie walk up right next to her, even after her books were tapped.

Lucy looked up at the girl, almost instinctively inching away from her into the chair she sat in. After composing herself, she remembered that the person had asked a question:

"Excuse me, I was wondering if you had a blue highlighter I could borrow?"

Oh, it was just a harmless request; Lucy could handle that. It wasn't like she was asking for her life history or anything, after all. Just a few words and movements, and it'd be over.

“Oh, ye-yes. I should have one in here...”

Reaching down, she found herself unable to move past the gap between the table and her seat, and so was forced to scoot back away from her fortress of books, revealing herself more to the people around her despite her desires. In response, she crouched lower than necessary to get to her bag, now using the table as cover.

After cautiously glancing back up at the figure now standing even higher over her, Lucy started to feel through her open bag for her old pencil case. Within moments its cold, metal shell was in her hands as she rapidly pulled it out.

Unfortunately for her however, the item was only half closed, and as she whipped it out carelessly, it flew open, scattering pencils, rubbers, and all manner of stationary noisily over the library floor as the clacking echoed unexpectedly around the room.

“Oh! Ex-, excuse me! I'm so sorry!”

Now bright red with the shame of her embarrassing folly, she dropped to her hands and knees and grasped frantically at the chaotic mess spewed around the bottom of her table.

The Questions Game
What's your favorite pastime?

Lucy Ashmore: Relaxing in my garden on a warm summer evening with a good book, and a tall glass of cold lemonade.

If you could get rid of three people in the world, who would they be?

Introduction Thread
Figures I'd find this about a week or so after joining.

Anywho, hi there all! As I hope you can read, the name goes Slamexo; that name comes from stealing it moralelessly from my older brother, then reworking it with an o on the end.

I come from the good ol' UK, and have lived the majority of my life that I'm aware of on the grand old island. The parts I'm unaware of, I shall not tread.

I've roleplayed for a good few years now, but forum based roleplay is something I haven't done in a good bit, so I look forward to flexing the writing muscles.

Outside of that my interests range from trying new things to sitting on my arse, and everything in between. Oh, and puppies.

I could go on about myself, being the egomaniac that I am, but instead I'll leave you all dangling for more and wish the best in getting to know you all in the near future! Or long distance future. Or never at all. Really, it depends how long my account lasts in the end!

One Pen Two Pen Red Pen Blue Pen
((Lucy Ashmore's Opening Post))

The tower of books blocked her view as Lucy struggled to find her footing. Step by step, she continued her traversing of the library floor to make it to a table, the massive stack of literature weighing down her small arms, straining her slim muscles and throwing off her already unsteady balance. By some miracle, she managed to avoid scattering the many texts all over the floor, and dropped them heavily on the surface in front of her, breathing a quiet sigh of relief, then brushing a loose strand of hair out of her vision and behind her ear.

Shyly glancing around the room, Lucy huddled down in her chair as she cautiously observed the amount of people in the library with her. Sitting alone at the far end of the table, away from the casually hushed conversations going on around the room, she subconsciously arranged the many writings around her to obscure her from others as much as possible. Hidden behind her small wall, the recluse took her simple grey notebook out of her bag, drew a blue ink ballpoint pen, and picked out her first piece for study in the afternoon.

Whilst walking throughout the library moments before, Lucy found herself reaching for many stories and tales that caught her interest, but had to move her hand away in defiance. With examinations just around the corner, she couldn't let herself become distracted from her studies. The many famous pieces by Shakespeare and Steven King found themselves left yet again on the shelves, as the young woman moved towards the maths and science section.

Frowning: she had been daydreaming. There was no time for thinking about her favourite novels; it was still time to be studying. Resuming her lined sheet in front of her, covered in simple dark blue letters to hold the information she had been studying, she resumed moving through the pages of the book.

V4 Character Relationships
Lucy Ashmore
Being the shy, reclusive and bulled girl that she is, Lucy needs a few of the more unfavourable ladies out there to be her personal tormentors.

Let me know via PM if your nasty girls fancy a target.

Lucy Ashmore
Made those changes, so hopefully now she should be all ready and rearing to go!


Lucy Ashmore
Name: Lucy Ashmore
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: Senior [12th]
School: Bayview Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: Lucy spends much of her time working on her academics and practising her flute playing. However, her greatest interest is botany.

Appearance: Lucy is at an average height for a seventeen year old, standing at 5' 6”, and with her small frame weighs in at 126 pounds. Her shoulder length heavy brown hair is casually swept to the sides to reveal her face and fairly large forehead. Her deep, small brown eyes are covered by her thin black rimmed oval glasses, which sit on her sharp, small nose. Her thin lips do not carry a single trace of chap stick or any form of oral make up, hiding her white, well kept teeth. Her jaw and cheeks are slightly gaunt, but they're often concealed by her hair as it makes its way to conceal her features. Her skin is for the most part clear, although light hints of acne do exist on her oversized brow. Overall her petite frame follows her somewhat underweight physique.

Traditionally in public Lucy will wear rather modest clothing: Long sleeved shirts, skirts and jumpers tend to occupy most of her wardrobe, with her usual footwear consisting of practical doc martins. Her clothes are limited in range of colours, consisting of light browns, creams, and greys. Her skin tone leads to her American Caucasian origins.

Biography: Her father died at the start of Lucy's life in a car crash, leaving her with little memories of him or his relationship towards her. She has a very strong bond with her mother though, as a single parent supporting the two of them on her meagre salary as a customer services employee in a small shipping company. Together they lived in a simple apartment in the city, passing their daily lives in a peaceful manner. Whilst Lucy may not have been the most popular girl growing up, her academics were very high overall, and she adapted to playing the flute as a pass-time, having saved for many months to afford her first woodwind.

Eventually, however, the day came where Lucy's mother broke the news to her: they were moving. After being offered a better paying job in a branch of the company in Minnesota, Lucy was quite distraught to be sprung with this fact only a few days before their scheduled leave. With little time for saying goodbye to her few friends, Lucy left her home city at the tender age of fourteen, and moved to her new home of Bayview. Fortunately the new job for her mother was a substantial pay increase, and so the two were able to afford a small home of their own.

As they moved during the summer months, Lucy had several weeks before she would start attending high school for the first time. She would spend many of the days in her new garden with her mother, finding herself fascinated with all the plant species that she'd never encountered in the urban city, and quickly learned their various qualities, features and traits. Whenever she wasn't stopping by her newly discovered library to read various novels or keep up to date on her studies, she would be exploring the wide world of botany.

Eventually, the new school year arrived. Although she was shy and reclusive of the new people around her, trying to avoid getting on anyone's bad side, her intellect and musical ability eventually led her to be subject to a lot of jealousy from other girls. Struggling to fit in, consistent verbal abuse caused her to become more and more isolated, as her reclusive nature made it hard for her to stand up for herself. Eventually she found herself hiding out in the library on a regular basis, huddled in a corner obscuring herself with piles of books.

This continued until her senior year. Throughout her abused school life, Lucy found solace in working on her academics, pursuing her flute playing and expanding her knowledge of plant life. One day, she dreams of becoming an expert in the botanical field, as well as gaining the strength to stand up for herself.

Advantages: Lucy is overall highly placed in her academics, although her knowledge of the subjects are limited to what you'll learn in school and only slightly beyond that. Her greatest knowledge is of plants, and she is quite proficient in identifying their species and qualities, including whether they're poisonous or pain relieving. Her small and meek figure may also serve to make her somewhat more sympathetic, although it's unlikely she'll actively try to abuse this.

Disadvantages: Lucy is very shy and reserved due to her history of being bullied, and as such is very slow to open up to people, and even slower to trust anyone. She is also very unpopular in general, due to this reserved nature and unwillingness to let people in. Her focus on academics also means that her physical quality has suffered somewhat, making her unable to do heavy exercise or even run for extended durations. Her small and meek figure could also serve to make her more of a target for those getting the most out of the game.