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Gender-Sexuality Census
My kids are all cisgender.

Sandy Bricks is the easiest to define: he's as gay as a kite. He's pretty comfortable with it too, but he doesn't feel the need to wave it around.

Nate Turner isn't really at the stage yet where he's got his sexuality figured out, due in part to his delayed development, but if he manages to survive V6 (accepting heroes now) then he'll also wind up being pretty gay. 90% of my guys will always turn out gay.

Vanessa Stone is probably the trickiest to label. She isn't interested in girls (she actually gets a bit uncomfortable around the thought of lesbians) but she hates being touched in general, so physical intimacy is a no-no for her right now. She's not really asexual, but she's not going to be doing anything hetero for a while yet. Romance will probably become something she's more interested in at the same time.

Looking for a Mind at Work
Crap, spotted.

Sandy tensed up as he realised what he had just done: taking pictures of people unsolicited didn’t always go over well, after all, and he was stuck in an awkward position of how to explain himself.

“Hey, Jordan.” He replied in a terse tone, still unmoving. “Y-yeah, I just got it yesterday.”

This was a tricky predicament, and he was painfully aware of it. Animals didn’t normally care if you took shots of them, as long as you kept your distance, but of course people were different. He hadn’t really had to justify his shots much before, maybe one or two times, so he was searching for an explanation that wouldn’t come off as creepy and invasive.

“Sorry, I just wanted to test it and it was a good shot.”

He knew Jordan from class, but the girl next to him was a stranger outside of seeing her around the school, maybe. It was hard to really be sure: there were a lot of faces and after a while they all blended together. Either way, he hoped they’d both be cool with it.

The picture was waiting for his judgement on the preview screen of the camera, which finally caught his attention.

“Do you want to see it?” he asked, already walking over before even properly looking at the picture himself. He was focusing on not looking like a creeper at that moment, after all.

Said and Done
Vanessa did not reply for a while.

You didn’t need to be a musicologist to tell that Cams was projecting her own feelings onto this album, rather than it having anything to do with the band as a whole. The fact that Vans knew Cams so well only confirmed the theory to herself, and that riled her up.

Everything getting heavier? Parents dying? Changing people? How about a song about a giant neon sign saying “LOOK HOW TURBULENT MY LIFE IS AND HOW MUCH IT’S FUCKING ME UP”.

It was distressing, because whilst Vans wanted the best for her BFF, sometimes she could be an overly dramatic spaz. Sure, her own parents were still married, but so what if they got divorced? People got divorced all the time these days, and it’s not like her parents spent that much time together. That didn’t mean she wanted them to get divorced, of course, but Cams’ own situation had given her reason to at least consider the possibility, and she was pretty sure she could cope with it.

So why the hell was Cams making such a big fucking deal about it? Why couldn’t she just be chill with it and not fuck herself up so much?

“Cams…” she started, but only managed to trail off.

Yeah, Cams said that it ended well, so she wasn’t convinced that the entire universe was going to collapse in on itself. Still, all this bullshit in the middle felt so unnecessary by contrast. Why did she have to put herself through all this shit?

“Is this because of your parents?” she didn’t really need to guess, since there was no way that she had written an entire album in just two weeks, not Cams. “Cause it sounds…bad. Like the first half is you going into a fucking black hole or something, and that sucks.”

Project: Wiki
Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who's been adding profiles to the wiki; you're stars.

A Wild Beard Appears; A Pathfinder Experience
Holy shit we actually finished a campaign.

Not the campaign this thread's about but still, a campaign.

Looking for a Mind at Work
((Sandy Bricks continued from Picture Perfect))

Sandy turned the Leica M9 in his hands, the sleek camera reflecting the midday sun back at him off its four figure price lens. It still felt a bit unreal to him.

When he’d opened the box with the beast of photography inside back at home, he’d felt giddy. He’d felt amazed. He’d felt more than a little bit guilty about spending so much cash on it. He hadn’t even told Uncle Tom about buying it; he’d just been staring at it for a few days, and lost himself in its hypnotic focus as he made the purchase. What felt even stranger to him was that it hadn’t put anything resembling a dent in his bank account.

Having all the money from the settlement available to him now was alien, and it would take some getting used to. This was his first big splurge, ‘a gift for myself’ he’d said to sweet talk his head into going along with it: something to celebrate school being almost done. He could’ve bought it after he’d actually graduated, but at the end of the day it was all just an excuse, after all.

Maybe it was reckless to spend so much money on a whim, but goddamn did it take good shots.

He looked through the lens again, surveying the Cochise grounds around him. People were hanging out, talking, whilst he stood away from everyone else, like usual. Sometimes it felt like they were in two separate worlds, but he knew he shouldn’t think like that. He had to try and integrate with other people more.

Maybe that’s what had made him bring the camera to school that day. He knew he really shouldn’t have: it was so expensive, and it could have gotten damaged or stolen at school. At the same time, though, he kind of wanted to show it off to the friends he did have who shared his passion for photography.

He hadn’t run into any of them yet though, not that he’d been trying that hard. Instead, he kept looking around, taking in the lunchtime rush.

Damn it, he had to take a picture of something.

He looked around, spying Jasmine and Jordan’s conversation. The way the light fell behind them as a backdrop, combined with a mutual nervousness amidst the dozens of other students around them, spoke to him. Demonstrating that social awkwardness that people loved to throw at high schoolers, It was a very natural image, and that’s what he liked to see.

Without really thinking, he closed in on the scene, crouched on one knee, and took the shot.

brb shoving another kid off a cliff

I'd still love to get your thoughts. Does this mean I have to wait for Nate to bite it, though?

General Video Game Discussion Thread
So I finally got around to playing Life Is Strange after putting it off for ages.

Ending spoilers!

B038 - Cartwright, Wade[/DECEASED]

Name: Wade Cartwright
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Grade: 11
School: Cochise High
Hobbies and Interests: Writing, webcomics, videogames (especially strategic, simulation and management games), and the furry fandom.

Appearance: Wade is a pale individual, measured standing at 5'11 and weighing 155 pounds. His build is slim, but a slight hunch and an even slighter paunch somewhat mar his appearance. His jet black hair is naturally messy and curly, but on the day of the abduction, he has it trimmed to a very low cut which conforms to the dimensions of his head.

He has a diamond-jawed appearance and his lower face is defined by a very light and patchy beard. His teeth have a fair, if somewhat eroded appearance. They vary between yellow and various states of off-whiteness. His eyes are quite thin, with dark brown irises that have an exceptionally dark hue; his forehead isn't particularly prominent and he has a snub nose.

At the time of the abduction, he was wearing a rare 'Leona Fanboy' t-shirt, with a synthetic black-blue jacket, and some partially-damaged jeans along with brown sneakers.

Biography: In February of 1998, Wade was born to Mira and Alfred Cartwright, a pair of recently-wed Miami natives. Mira had previous experience as a hematology technician and Alfred was a civil engineer; both had found stable work in Florida, but the especially demanding nature of their occupations meant that they couldn't fit in normal school hours around their schedules. In addition, he showed strong signs of mental development, and they reasoned that normal schools would be unable to keep up with the accelerated pace of his learning.

Homeschooling was the alternative, providing more flexible teaching timetables but considerably more challenging work. Wade took well to this from the start, rapidly proving to excel in intellectual and creative matters. By the age of three, he understood how to read and had some ability to use computers thanks to his parents' use of educational software.

His parents frequently took him to homeschool association meetings and camping trips in their spare time in order to permit him to socialize, which he did so to some extent, although his forcefully imaginative attitude often got in the way or left him bored. Mira and Alfred slowly managed to more closely synchronize their work to make things easier, and while it still did not completely ease their strain, it meaningfully reduced it.

Although he was exposed to computers from an early age, Wade did not hold much interest for them until, in 2004, his parents acquired a steady Internet connection. He immediately discovered videogaming and the Internet at large. He rapidly found that he didn't care much for frustrating shooters, puzzles were boring, RPGs were tedious and required too much time investment of him.

Strategy games were his sweet spot: when he received Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri from Mira as a reward, he immediately took to it, spending practically all of his allotted videogame time on it. He greatly enjoyed the feel of coordinating groups and making large-scale decisions in-game, and in spite of his lack of ability he still invested significant parts of his offtime on them.

In mid-2005, the first SOTF incident occurred. Wade's parents were shocked by the act itself, but they were not truly perturbed as Wade was not enrolled in any sort of formalized education and had a long way to go before high school. At this time, he was beginning to really explore Internet culture and encountered one subculture that caught his attention: furry fandom.

He discovered its webcomics and forum sites, and although he had no real success in his attempts to become involved in it at this early time, it nevertheless became a major part of his aesthetic preference and he enjoyed the atmosphere and feel its works had, driving him to start writing creatively. He came to love writing in particular: putting his imagination out on paper and telling stories for others was satisfying for him. His attention was also drawn by visual illustrations, which presented, often in very rich detail, the subjects of that imagination.

Wade also discovered his newfound passion for reading scientific and cultural articles on the Web, leading him to consume large amounts of information from a wide variety of sources, both relevant and irrelevant. His parents often interceded for schoolwork, however, driving a long-lasting wedge between them, especially as the subjects became increasingly complex and difficult. Nevertheless, his intelligence showed itself and he went through the material at a very fast rate.

In 2008, the Great Recession and Version 4 of SOTF occurred. Mira's hospital underwent significant budget cuts and Alfred's construction work had dried up. The pair agreed to settle in Kingman, Arizona, where there was an opening available at the Regional Medical Center. Wade was slightly enticed by the prospect of this change in scenery, as the long initial months of the Recession were a rocky period. Version 4 was a serious emotional blow to Wade's parents, as he was getting close to high school age.

It was January of 2009 when the move was enacted. Mira was finally earning an income once again at the RMC and Alfred found work with a local construction office. By 2010, the family's financial prospects had finally reached a new balance, but homeschooling Wade was steadily becoming more impractical as their schedules again became restrictive and subjects increased steadily in complexity. Around this period, Wade also gained his taste for anime and eurobeat tracks, watching series such as Sword Art Online and listening to artists like Dave Rodgers.

Despite his laziness, Wade had managed to keep up on his schoolwork so far and had managed to reach about the education level required of a high school freshman. In mid-2012, at the same time that Version 5 took place, he finally enrolled in Cochise High School and entered the formal schooling world. It was surprisingly easy for him to get into the routine of school life. He had an active Steam account, with a rapidly-growing library, and had registered on FurAffinity and SoFurry, where he followed various artists and started posting some of his short stories. It brought him a deep sense of satisfaction to fulfill his aesthetic values, and began posting his writing to those sites at a brisk pace.

Although he possessed a significant aptitude for academic work, he rapidly developed a slacker nature that stymied him from doing well in courses that weren't immediately intuitive to him: particularly, things like math and chemistry, which required a combination of attention and deep memorization in their material as opposed to reading comprehension, simple memorization and intuition, which is what other courses largely involved. As a result of this, he initially scored D's, F's and C's in his starting math and solid As in courses like History, Geography and Biology. This alarmed his parents, who placed him in remedial courses. There, he managed to salvage his grades, but his performance elsewhere dropped slightly.

As the semesters went on, he became more introspective and self-aware. After some soul-searching, he began to think he should become a furry animator, this coming primarily due to his aesthetic preference. Animation appealed to his instinct by adding even greater detail, breadth, and depth to its subjects. But he also sometimes felt that he should become a biomedical researcher; biology and genetics were fields that both piqued his interest, and his same creative nature also drove him to want to be involved in scientific progress and innovation.

Socially, Wade is actually fairly able to connect with others, but his inability to make small talk outside of his own interests causes him to come across as somewhat awkward. A lot of his interaction takes place on the Internet, on discussion sites and chatrooms. He's starting to realize he'll have to choose between the two paths he's sketched out in the near future, and his emotional world is characterized by internal moodswings from deep depression from poor school performance to amazed by his own creativity to being frustrated by his lack of actual ability, progress, and especially his procrastination issues.

Advantages: A great lateral thinker, Wade has a remarkable capacity to make connections others may have missed or overlooked. His mind is also fast, picking up on such connections almost immediately. Both of these are strong boons in a tense tactical environment like that of the island. In addition, he has a significant language capacity and intuition for how people think and feel, which is a great skill if he can establish interaction.
Disadvantages: Wade can be surprisingly absentminded at times, often floating off onto his own little world. Such distractions could allow someone to easily catch him off-guard. He has no real physical strength, either; although he is not overweight, he doesn't put much effort into exercise, has some posture problems, and lacks real endurance. Moreover, he's very awkward in light, inductive talk and doesn't hold much confidence in approaching others. The former can easily become a serious obstacle in combat and the latter is a large initial roadblock socially, preventing him from being able to establish interactions with others easily.

Designated Number: Male student No. 038


Designated Weapon: Adrenaline & needle
Conclusion: Lateral thinking won't save you if you're too spaced out to notice the guy with the gun, and the adrenaline's only going to help so much with his limited physical skills. Maybe he can use that furry knowledge and try to play possum for a while? Otherwise, this kid's a goner. - Trent Camden


B035 - McKay, Jonathan "Johnny"[/DECEASED]

Name: Jonathan "Johnny" Ray McKay
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Grade: Junior
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Watching birds, reading about birds, some casual drug use, stealing, spending time alone in the desert, practicing with an air rifle.

Appearance: At 5'8" tall and weighing 124 lbs, Johnny has a lean, almost childish frame, with thin limbs and narrow shoulders. Regular, structured exercise is alien to him, and he has little to no muscular definition. He keeps thin through a fast metabolism, infrequent meals and a constant twitchiness which seems to burn a lot of calories. Johnny suffers from eczema and dermatitis, with very dry skin, and red, blotchy patches in his inner elbows, under his arms and across his chest and throat. He scratches often.

Johnny's eyes are a light brown, large and far apart in his narrow, angular face, set deep under his patchy eyebrows. His nose is long, but thin, turning up in a point at the end. Beneath it, his mouth is wide and thin lipped, a little feminine but not unhandsome, provided it remains closed. Johnny's teeth are extremely crooked, long overdue for orthodontic correction. His incisors in particular are located nearly a full centimetre above the rest of his teeth and jut out almost horizontally, giving him something of a feral, almost animal look when he smiles. His hair is a particularly dirty shade of dirty blonde, cut by his mother. It was shaved nearly two months ago, and is now in the process of growing out, tufty and unruly.

Many of Johnny's clothes were handed down from his older brother, Darren, three years Johnny's senior. Even at 15, Darren had 3" and 30lbs on Johnny's current height and weight, and as a result many of the younger boy's clothes are much too large for him. Darren McKay liked greens and greys, and so most of Johnny's clothes come in those colours. He does, however have a great number of shoes, which he has collected from various people's porches. A pair of black, high-top Chuck Taylors are what he wears most often, though if exercise is called for, he swaps those out for a pair of women's high-end running shoes, which are white and purple. He has unusually small feet.

Johnny's most prized item of clothing is a hoodie he was given by Darren, two birthdays ago. Initially bright red and well fitting, time and a growth spurt have rendered it faded and tight, though Johnny still loves it, and wears it whenever the weather permits. It has pictures of a rib cage on the front and back, and bones on the arms, mimicking the appearance of a skeleton. He treasures this hoodie, wearing it at every opportunity, and it is frequently dusty, dirty or stained in some way. Due to the heat in Kingman, Johnny often wears it unzipped, without a shirt underneath, though only outside school hours as this would comprise a violation of Cochise's dress code.

Biography: Johnny was born in 1998 to Louis McKay Senior and Tricia McKay nee Bell. Louis Senior had trained as a mechanic, but had difficulty getting work, and bounced from one job to another for most of Johnny's childhood and adolescence, working intermittently as a ranch hand, a custodian, a landscaper, a construction worker and a barman, interspersed by ever-longer periods of unemployment. Tricia McKay cleaned houses. The two had met in Cochise High School, when they were students there. Louis Senior had been in his final year, with a scholarship to pursue fine art at Arizona State, which he turned down when Tricia had fallen pregnant with Darren.

Johnny had a generally happy childhood. His father still worked at a garage at that point, and the boys were often left in the care of a sitter. The McKays lived in one of Kingman's larger trailer parks, and there were always plenty of older kids willing to keep an eye on the two of them. The brothers got along well, playing together often and enjoying one another's company. Johnny idolized the older boy, seeing him as a protector and as a role model, while Darren made sure that his little brother never got himself into too much trouble around the park.

Although both sets of grandparents were alive, and lived locally, the McKays had long since cut ties with Tricia's parents, who didn't approve of Louis or their daughter's relationship with him. Louis' mother and father were around, though Johnny saw little of them growing up: occasional visits to their house on Christmas and Thanksgiving were about the extent of their relationship. Louis' brother, Toby also lived locally, and would visit the McKay's trailer fairly regularly, though usually for a drink, late at night, meaning Johnny didn't see a whole lot of him either. As he got older and was allowed to stay up later, Johnny tended to avoid Toby. His uncle had a sarcastic and mean-spirited personality that became increasingly cruel the more he had to drink, and he delighted in taunting Johnny about his looks and intelligence.

At a very early age, Darren showed himself to have inherited their father's artistic ability, and he was very much the favourite son. Johnny had been late to start talking, and his parents had some doubts about his intelligence. He was naturally curious, but tired of things quickly: any attempt to immerse him in an activity was doomed to failure, as he would soon lose interest and wander off to investigate something else. When she was around, Tricia made frequent attempts to improve his focus by forcing him to sit still, and not allowing him to abandon whatever it was he was doing, as soon as he wanted to, though most of these ended in tears and tantrums. Louis and the sitters tended to simply leave him to his own devices, content to let Darren entertain the younger boy, or for the young Johnny to simply find his own fun. Though he didn't have much in the way of toys, Johnny was an imaginative child, and could play happily with mundane, everyday objects such as cutlery and shoes, often to his parents' annoyance.

Entering elementary school opened Johnny up to a new world, socially. There were closer schools than the one his parents sent him to, where most of the park kids went, but Louis was adamant that his boys go to school where he went to school, and so Darren and Johnny would catch a bus across town each morning. Most of the other kids at their school were from that area, and tended to be from a different socio-economic background to Darren and Johnny. Most of them wore clothes that weren't from thrift stores, and had haircuts from hairdressers, rather than from their mom.

Even at that age Darren was good looking and sociable, and adapted well to this new world, but Johnny was a bit of an oddity to the other kids, and he found it much harder to get acceptance. Johnny experienced some initial taunting and exclusion, but soon learned that he had a particular knack for making the other children laugh. He found that if they were giggling at him, they'd be much less likely to call him names, or take his things. He played up his ignorance for their amusement, pretending to mispronounce things, or not know who certain celebrities were, and the other kids by and large left him alone.

Johnny's entrance into elementary school confirmed the McKays' worst fears about him. His teachers found him inattentive and easily distracted, and he would often find himself in trouble with them. Johnny wasn't disruptive on purpose, he simply had difficulty maintaining focus on anything for long. One result of this was that he fell behind in basic math and reading, and was consistently one of the worst performing students in his class throughout elementary school.

Numerous letters were sent home with Johnny about his behaviour, and those that weren't lost or forgotten urged his parents to try and work with their son and address his attention problems. Problems were emerging at home, however, and neither of his parents had the time or energy to devote to their difficult son. Louis' attitude to work had always been poor: he'd taken the job to support Tricia instead of going off to college, and he resented it, seeing the work as beneath him. His lateness, foul temper and on-the-job drinking all became too much when Johnny was six, and Louis McKay lost his job. The financial strain this put on the family was exacerbated by Tricia falling pregnant again and eventually giving birth to Louis Jr, which took her away from work for some months. Louis managed to find work again as a janitor for a number of small offices, and stayed in that job until Tricia was able to get to work, but money was tight for some months, things in the McKay household were tense, and Johnny's problems by and large went unaddressed.

For Johnny, these tensions at home went by largely unnoticed. Both of his parents were too preoccupied to pay him much mind over this period, and he was essentially left to his own devices. The park was like his playground, and there were a number of children there of his own age, granted similar freedom by their parents, who were free to play with him whenever he pleased. Johnny was a social and friendly child, and generally got on well with the other park kids. The park was a large one, and there were always places they could find, away from adult eyes, to play games of tag or make-believe. These started out innocently enough, but became more dangerous as Johnny got older: smashing bottles, setting off firecrackers, jumping off the roofs of trailers or out of trees all became common elements of their play. The McKays took little notice. If Johnny was making it to school, was home for dinner and wasn't hurting anyone, that was good enough for them, and this inattention was very much to Johnny's liking, with him reveling in the freedom he was granted.

Darren, meanwhile, was kept on a much shorter leash. Tall, handsome and charming, Louis McKay found his elder son to be pleasant company, on those days when he was home out of work. Tricia too found him useful to have around, especially when pregnancy rendered her increasingly immobile. Darren was successful at school, and was gifted artistically, and was considered to be the future of the family: while Johnny was allowed to roam the park relatively freely, Tricia or Louis Sr. would always ensure that Darren did his schoolwork and stayed out of trouble. Darren was an obliging son, but he came to resent this double standard, and his parents for imposing it. Unlike Johnny, he saw the acrimony building between the two of them, and the strain that his father's sense of superiority was putting on their family.

Another point of contention between Tricia and Louis Sr. was over the state of the boys' souls. Louis had been raised Catholic, but no longer had much time for the church, while Tricia was a Baptist of some enthusiasm. Louis saw church attendance as a waste of time, whereas Tricia saw it as an absolute necessity. Darren quickly tired of it, and Tricia reluctantly ceased to bring him, but much to Louis Sr.'s annoyance she would not give up on taking Johnny with her, despite his protestations. In this and this alone, one of Johnny's parents valued him above his brother. As Tricia saw it, Darren could be anything he wanted, whereas all Johnny could hope to be was good. Louis Sr. alternated between seeing the whole thing as highly amusing and deeply annoying, but whenever he would mock or chastise Tricia for her efforts, she would ignore him.

His experiences of Church made a major impression on the young Johnny. He marvelled at the sense of community he felt between all the different sorts of people there, and the idea of a world beyond this one was immensely attractive to him, as were many of the Church's specific tenets. Johnny was particularly drawn to the idea of Sola Fide, where salvation can be achieved through faith alone. The idea that no matter what he might do, he could still be guaranteed a place in paradise if he just believed in God, was a source of great comfort for much of Johnny's young life.

A major turning point for both Johnny and Darren occurred when Johnny was bitten by a stray dog while playing in the park, aged 8. There were numerous dogs throughout the park, mostly owned by residents and almost all of them friendly. This was one of Johnny's first real experiences of physical aggression, and though the bite was not serious, not even requiring stitches, it left him quiet and withdrawn for days and with a lifelong fear of dogs. From thereon out he would avoid them while playing, if he could, or shoo them off if they came near him. For Darren, then aged 11, this was all the evidence he needed of the failure of his parents laissez-faire approach to Johnny's whereabouts and supervision. He blamed them for neglecting their son, and himself for not being there to protect his little brother, as he felt was his role. From then on, he became increasingly disobedient, refusing to do homework or stay home with his parents, choosing to play with Johnny or to pursue his own interests around the park instead. This was of great displeasure to Tricia and Louis Sr., with each blaming the other for their son's newfound rebelliousness. There was little that either could do however. With Tricia busy taking care of a one year old baby and working, and Louis Sr. ever more infrequently sober, neither had the time nor the energy to impose harsher discipline.

As Johnny entered middle school, the cracks in his parents' relationship continued to grow. Louis Sr was working odd jobs in construction and landscaping, but the shifts were unpredictable, and sometimes weeks would go by with nothing. He was spending more and more time away from their house, visiting his brother Toby, or out drinking with his "work buddies", as Tricia referred to them. Tricia herself was working overtime, and outside of church on Sunday mornings, Johnny would rarely see her. Occasionally at night he would hear her though, as she and her husband engaged in ever more frequent shouting matches into the early hours of the morning.

Darren, meanwhile, was also home less and less often. At 14, he was in his final year of middle school, and had become popular in his time there. He spent most of his time with friends from school, either at their houses or hanging around the town centre together. He never brought these friends home to visit, and Tricia was immensely suspicious of them as a result. How Darren was spending his free time became a constant source of arguments between him and his mother, and whenever Darren was home, the two of them seemed to constantly be fighting.

Louis Jr. was 4 at this time, and being looked after by a seemingly-endless rotation of local teenage girls. The youngest McKay was chubby and exuberant and the girls doted on him, and fawned over lean and good-looking Darren whenever he was around. Scrawny, awkward Johnny was paid little attention.

This suited Johnny just fine, however. His play with the other kids his age was beginning to roam further afield, and the more time and less supervision he was afforded, the better, as far as he was concerned. They'd wander through local neighbourhoods, racing on foot or on bikes, chasing cats and stealing shoes and packages off of doorsteps. Johnny also began to experiment with stealing from shops around this age, slipping chocolate bars up into his baggy sleeves shile pretending to read magazines in convenience stores, and walking out of shops holding comics as if he'd already paid for them.

Darren disapproved of his younger brother's behaviour, and repeatedly advised him to be smart, and not to live up to the "white trash" stereotype that much of Kingman saw the kids from the trailer park as being. Although the brothers were seeing less and less of each other, as Darren was spending his time away from the park, Johnny still looked up to his sibling, though he didn't quite take this message to heart. Still, he was careful from thereon out in his delinquent undertakings, and was never caught.

At school, Darren was also looking out for Johnny. Johnny's first year of middle school was Darren's last, and kids who might otherwise have picked on or teased Johnny left him alone, out of respect for his popular older brother. There was little overlap in their social circles: Darren's friends were popular and successful, mostly budding artists and athletes, whereas Johnny fell in with a clique of kids who didn't really fit in anywhere else, and even among them he was something of an outsider. Darren and his friends would sit in circles outside, or play basketball or soccer over lunch, whereas Johnny's crowd tended to hang out in the library, reading and playing cards. Still, Darren made sure to eat his lunch with his younger brother at least one day a week, to check up on him and make sure he was doing okay, and the brothers remained close.

Johnny started school behind most of the other kids academically, and he never caught up. None of his classes seemed able to hold his attention, and when homework was sent home with him, there were so many things that interested Johnny more than doing it. In class he was fidgety and distracted. He had trouble sitting still for an hour at a time, and found it difficult to refrain from sharing any interesting thoughts or ideas that came into his head. Teachers would describe him as a nuisance, and saw him as intentionally disrupting the other students' learning process. Few complaints were raised as he began to attend class less and less, with many of his instructors seeing it as something of a blessing. Phone calls made to his parents about his behaviour or his attendance either went unanswered, or were met with distracted and half-hearted assurances that Tricia would "have a word with him".

At this time, Johnny was being dressed mostly in Darren's hand-me-downs. These were a little big and baggy on him, and it was probably due to a combination of this, and his frequent absences, that his weight went unnoticed by his teachers. Among his extended family though, for whom Johnny was made to dress more formally for the rare family occasions at which he'd see them, his weight was a continual point of comment. Johnny was short for his age and thin for his height, with a body that seemed more appropriate for a child a good two or three years younger than he. Comments and questions regarding whether he was getting enough to eat became increasingly pointed and were a source of a number of arguments between Johnny's parents, especially his mother, and their relatives. Tricia in particular took great offence at the implication that she wasn't providing sufficiently for her child.

In truth, Johnny was most likely undernourished. Neither Tricia nor Louis Sr. had much time for cooking, and meals at home tended to be heated from frozen, and often the same thing for several nights in a row. Johnny was expected to make his own breakfast and lunch, and there were cereals and sandwich ingredients around the house, but Johnny was an absentminded boy, and these meals would often slip his notice. If he ever grew hungry, his go-to solution was candy from a vending machine, for which he had a particular sweet tooth, rather than more wholesome or nutritious food.

The lack of variety of food at home was much less of a problem for Darren, who often ate at the houses of friends, and who was diligent about providing himself with three meals a day. However, while Tricia and Louis Sr. took offence at comments made about Johnny's size, Darren took note, and began to prepare meals for his brother. Much as had happened when Johnny was bitten, Darren blamed himself for not taking responsibility in the situation sooner, and resented their parents for putting him in a situation where he had to take that responsibility. Johnny began to grow, though he remained smaller than his peers. He would hit a growth spurt at age 15, but even then he remained undersized.

When he was in his second year of Middle School, Johnny found a bird by the side of the road, near the park. It was following this that Johnny's interest in birds began to emerge. Birds were one of the few things that seemed able to hold his attention, and many of his classes were spent staring out a window, watching a Cactus Wren or a Yellow-Headed Blackbird hop along the gutters of a neighbouring building. He read every book the school library had on local birds and bird watching, and the procured a library card at the local public library to read their collection as well. Teachers who noticed his fixation simply assumed that it was a passing fancy, and that he'd lose interest in them, but Johnny would retain his particular fascination with birds for the rest of his life. In his freshman year of high school, he was given a set of binoculars by Darren, and they would become one of his most precious possessions.

As he continued through his middle school career, Johnny felt less and less connected to it. He was underperforming academically to the extent that discussions regarding holding him back a year were beginning to be had. He wasn't an athlete, and didn't participate in any form of afterschool extracurricular activity. Johnny liked his school friends well enough, but he didn't feel a particularly close bond with any of them. He realized that he was getting very little out of attending school, and began to see it as simply a waste of his time. More and more frequently Johnny began to skip class, going to the library instead, or hanging around the park. With many teachers this got him into trouble, but some simply ignored his absence, and Johnny came to the realization that for them, too, his presence was unnecessary and troublesome. His truancy was curbed to an extent by a number of conversations with his brother, who could see that Johnny was getting into trouble, and urged him to keep up with his studies and stick with school, telling him that even if he felt like he wasn't getting an education, at least it would give him a qualification, and whatever else he wanted to do would be aided by that. Johnny persevered, albeit with a certain reluctance, putting in only the most minimum of effort needed to carry him through from one year to the next.

Entering highschool many ways marked a great improvement for Johnny. The style of teaching he found much for engaging and conducive to his learning, for starters: knowing the "why" of things appealed to him in a way that rote learning did not. In his first years of high school, Johnny began to gain an understanding of his own learning process, realizing that although the minutiae of how they operated bored him, the broader underlying ideas and theories in maths, the sciences and English fascinated him. It wasn't always enough to hold his attention, yet alone get him to the practicalities of how they actually operated, but it did make attending class easier. He was far from a good student, or even a mediocre one, but he passed more often than not.

In a larger student body, it was easier for Johnny to find students with common interests, and to avoid the attention of students and teachers alike who might look to give him trouble. Johnny was again at school with Darren, but the elder McKay was preoccupied with his junior year, and the brothers saw little of one another. Johnny spent most of his freshman year with the same kids who he'd hung out with in middle school, but as he moved into his sophomore year he drifted apart from those students and into a crowd of mostly older kids who shared his offbeat interests and somewhat lackadaisical attitude towards schoolwork and attendance. Many of these kids were stoners, and this was a lifestyle that was both an easy and a natural transition for Johnny. Drugs were commonplace around the park, and the ease with which he could procure weed for his newfound friends caused them to overlook his unusual appearance and often awkward manner. Johnny found that getting high suited him. He felt less twitchy and over-energized when he was stoned, and other people seemed to find him less off-putting when they were similarly intoxicated. He was unemployed at this point, but there was considerable demand for pot among his friends, and he always took a small cut for himself whenever he bought for them, which tended to be enough to last him through the week.

Having drugs also got Johnny invited to parties, and he always enjoyed seeing his peers in various stages of inebriation, as well as getting a look inside their homes. This started out as simple snooping, a result of Johnny's natural curiosity when there weren't conversations that were able to hold his attention. Soon, though, he began to take things. Usually nothing big or conspicuous, just little things that he felt nobody would notice. If there were cash lying around he'd pocket it, but if it was something else he'd leave it outside somewhere, in a bush or under a car, so that he didn't get caught carrying it around. Johnny was very much aware that any good disposition towards him that people might have was due to him being a convenient way to get weed, and that he'd be seen as a lot less convenient if he were known to be pilfering from them. It was a lot of effort for Johnny to talk to people sometimes, but knowing that he'd at least leave a party with something made it much easier for him to motivate himself to actually attend them. Almost everyone whose party he attended was considerably more well off than he, and Johnny never had any compunctions about taking their possessions. Stealing, as a whole, was something that came quite naturally to Johnny, and in that year he amassed a not-inconsiderable collection of shoes, simply by taking them off of porches that he walked past.

This sophomore year was also when puberty really hit Johnny, and it left him gangly and acne-ridden. All remaining traces of baby fat shed away, and he was left with a long-limbed, angular figure and a case of chronic dermatitis, which had him frequently scratching his arms and throat, a habit that many of his peers found unpleasant and disconcerting. Darren and somehow been blessed with perfect teeth, and Louis Jr's were straight enough, but Johnny's, while clean, were horribly crooked, and he had more than once seen people visibly recoil at his smile. Johnny knew his appearance unsettled people, and he spent little time among students who he wasn't sure were friends of his, preferring his own company to that of strangers. His reading had expanded beyond birds to the natural world as a whole, and much of his free time was spent with a book in one hand and a spliff in the other.

At home, things had worsened. Louis Sr. would often be away for days at a time without notice of his leaving or his whereabouts, and Tricia had taken on a second job. Louis Jr. was frequently left in the care of Marci, a neighbour and friend of Tricia with twins of her own that age, and would sometimes stay with her for up to a week, when Tricia's schedule simply left her no time to take care of a young son. Neither Darren nor Johnny were as close to their younger brother as they were to one another, but they nevertheless shared an affection for him, and Johnny would always make sure to check in on LJ when he was at Marci's. Marci never seemed particularly excited to see him, Johnny noted, but she tolerated his presence.

Johnny's 16th year was an important one for him. He gained his graduated drivers license, and occasional driving lessons from his father marked a rare occasion for bonding between the two of them. Johnny found driving soothing to the point of being almost meditative, and took to it naturally, a fact that didn't go unnoticed by Louis Sr. The McKay patriarch had never held his middle child in much regard. Still, during their drives together Louis Sr. was impressed by his son, and acknowledged that while he might never be a great success, he was also not doomed to be a complete failure.

Johnny had never had a particularly high opinion of his father either, but he found his father's calm manner much more conducive to his driving than Tricia's anxious, stressed demeanour had been in the one, terrible lesson that Johnny had had with his mother. Johnny recognized a number of traits in his father that he himself shared, that he hadn't noticed before: an easygoing attitude; a nervous twitchiness when distracted; a disregard for many of the cohabitants of their park, whom Louis Sr. would disparage as they drove by; and a certain fatalism in his view of the world and how it worked. Like many of his friends, Johnny had taken up smoking earlier that year, and though the car would often reek of cigarettes Louis Sr. never once commented on it except to warn him not to let his mother find out, which Johnny appreciated.

Perhaps the most important result of their renewed closeness though was Louis Sr. finding his son a job, doing dishes in the restaurant of an acquaintance of Uncle Toby's. Johnny didn't mind the menial work, and got on well with the other kitchen staff. All of them were several years older than him, and many of them had neither college degrees nor marriages, both of which were seeming like increasingly unrealistic and unappealing propositions to Johnny. He'd had his first sexual experience that year too - awful and fumbling at the party of another park kid, with some girl he barely knew -but he'd never been in a relationship, and had resigned himself to the fact that one was most likely not in the cards for him any time in the future. Still, it was nice for Johnny to see that there was an alternative path available to him to the one that he felt like the school system and his mother were pushing him towards.

Johnny only worked a couple of shifts a week, and much of his wages went to buying cigarettes from older kids, and buying gas. Almost immediately after Johnny had gotten his license, Louis Sr. had gotten a DUI, and so his father's 1994 Nissan Altima was basically his. Johnny loved driving alone, and would often drive over an hour out into the desert, just to be by himself with his thoughts. There was something about the desert that really appealed to Johnny, though he couldn't put his finger on quite what. Perhaps it was the bird life, which was abundant, and Johnny would always bring his binoculars to try and spot species he hadn't seen before. Alternatively, it might simply have been the emptiness, and not having to worry about people watching him, or wanting something from him, or making fun of him.

Johnny didn't watch much TV, or keep up with current events to any degree other than what he gleaned from conversations with his friends, but the vast empty desert somehow kept his attention in a way that modern media could not. Johnny had spent $8 on an air mattress from Walmart, and on weekends he'd sometimes take that out with him and spend the night out in the desert. Now in his Junior year, many of his friends had either graduated or were in their final year and talking about what colleges they'd go to and what they'd do with their lives, and Johnny was feeling increasingly isolated. Darren had left, now living somewhere in Texas after some massive fight with his parents that Johnny wasn't privy to the details of, and the brothers hadn't spoken in a number of months. Johnny missed his sibling, but he'd known for a while that Darren wouldn't be around forever. Johnny didn't mind being alone.

Another purchase of Johnny's at this time was an air rifle, which he absolutely loved. He carried it around in the backseat of his car, or in hand when he was walking around the park, and would use it to shoot at any dog that he saw. Violence on the whole abhorred Johnny, making him feel almost sick, but the idea of a dog being near him revolted him even more, and a warning shot was much more humane than throwing a rock at one of them, he reasoned. Occasionally Johnny and his park friends would practice with the rifle, shooting at glass bottles or tin cans, and Johnny would sometimes do the same by himself, out in the desert. He improved, to be sure, but he mostly practiced firing while sitting down, and when standing he found it difficult to steady his aim. While certainly better than anyone who'd never fired a gun before, Johnny was never more than a moderately competent shot, and was considerably worse than almost every one of his friends. In time, he stopped shooting while in other people's company.

Some might have said that Johnny had low self-esteem at this point, but others, including himself, would probably have said that he had quite a realistic appraisal of his own worth. Johnny knew he wasn't particularly smart. He knew he wasn't athletic, or attractive, or particularly pleasant to be around for most people. Johnny knew that nobody, with the possible exception of his mother, really expected him to amount to anything, and as he would say to anyone who asked him, which was almost no one, he liked it that way. Having no expectations on him was freeing, in many ways. No one would ever be disappointed, or push him to do anything other than what he wanted.

Now 17, Johnny has no plans to return to school next year, and instead intends to continue working in his current job, full time.

Advantages: Johnny is self-reliant and used to being on his own. He has never really seen himself as having much of a future, which might make the reality of his situation easier to adjust to for him than some of his peers. Johnny has experience firing an air rifle, but is far from an impressive shot.
Disadvantages: Johnny is easily distracted, not particularly intelligent, in poor shape physically, not very popular and has little regard for his own wellbeing. He has never been in a fight and is not inclined to violence. What's more, Johnny has a nicotine dependency which he will be unable to meet on the island, which may distract him further.

Designated Number: Male student No. 035


Designated Weapon: Tracking Bug and Transponder
Conclusion: I think we're doing this kid a favour by cutting what little potential he has short. - Trent Camden


V6 Launch Date
As with V5, pregame will be open until the first rolls, and Memories from the Past will remain open until right before Endgame.

I cannot draw
I'm actually curious about this so what sound is Nate Turner's aura, RC?

is how I give you your first suggestion.

I will draw your character...
I would love to see Sandy Bricks in your style.

Slam's Creativity Thread
Another month means more art!


This month was brought to you by the letter Pirate.

G049 - Adams, Rea[/DECEASED]

Name: Rea Adams
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: 12
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Reading, Following Politics, Religion, Writing

Appearance: Nearing the age of 18, Rea Adams stands at a height of around 6 feet and weighs in at 152 pounds, placing her just under the average weight for her age, but appearing slightly taller than those around her. Her body shape is a straight one, with a distinct lack of curves. Although standing at around the average height for her age, she has a lanky build with long, thin arms and legs. Her race is Caucasian.

Rea has shoulder length hair that is usually not tied back, which is now a dark red after being dyed. She has a pale complexion, with the exception of dark circles under her eyes, caused by a long-term suffering of insomnia. Her face is slightly narrower than average, She has dark blue, often bloodshot eyes and a faint scar running from the bridge of her nose to her jawbone from an accident with a glass when she was younger.

Rea's chosen appearance is mostly tomboyish. She rarely, if ever wears makeup, and on even fewer occasions wears anything but forms of long pants, usually dressing conservatively. On the day of the abductions, Rea was wearing a brown jacket. Under this, she wore a long-sleeved shirt under a thin black polo-necked sweater, along with grey trousers and a digital watch. In her day pack, she has stored a standard-issue school lab coat.

Biography: In the year 1998, in the city of Brisbane, Australia, Rea Adams was born without incident to wealthy parents Albert and Sarah Adams; the former being on the Board of Directors of a large corporation, and the latter an accomplished neurosurgeon. The fact that the two occupations of her parents were so demanding for time resulted in a lack of time spent with their daughter. This in turn led to a very isolated childhood, though not an independent one, as her every need was taken care of by housekeeping employees of her parents, namely her father's butler, a long time family friend.

Rea's early childhood was a very sheltered one, as having vast amounts of money as well as people to take care of her every need resulted in the development of entitlement issues from an early age. However, this did not impede her education, as having a surgeon as a mother caused her to have a desire to follow in her mother's footsteps, having a fascination with medicine and the sciences.

The school life of Rea began with primary schooling in Brisbane. From the first day, her teachers were startled by her uncommonly large amount of general knowledge, as she spent her time reading various books owned by her mother, something unusual for her age. She was top of her class in most subjects, baffling her teachers with her intelligence. However, this resulted in problems connecting with her peers, and as a result of becoming isolated at such a young age she developed very poor social skills.

After Rea completed primary school, her father moved to America for the purposes of being closer to the headquarters of the corporation, having been recently promoted to C.E.O. after the previous one died in an industrial accident. Having built up a small group of close friends, Rea did not take this well. Being set back this far socially, she became anxious and worried, believing that building up a new friend group would be impossible for her. She suffered frequent panic attacks as a result.

Before the school year began her father's butler that moved to America with the family decided to take Rea to a church, as the butler was deeply religious himself. Despite some reluctance, Rea became a convert, managing to find peace in her newly adopted religion of Christianity. She was baptised and as a baptism gift was given a metal-covered bible, according to her butler one that was issued to his grandfather, an Australian Digger, in the First World War. Rea's parents were indifferent to her choice.

Now that Rea's anxiety issues have been mostly solved, she is enjoying living in Kingman, a town chosen by her mother as a way of escaping inner-city life, by living out in what appears, to her, a small town. Rea herself has taken up writing as a form of entertainment, though considers it nothing more than a hobby, and in no way a possible career path.

Since moving to America she has taken several courses on First Aid and CPR. After moving to Kingman and settling into her new home, she enlisted in and completed a course on First Aid at the local Kingman Regional Medical Centre; the centre now being her mother's new place of work and a location Rea has become quite familiar with because of it. She has also completed several other related courses such as learning how perform CPR.

She has also become fascinated with the American culture, and major differences between it and that of Australian culture. She has grown to be intrigued by the relatively consumerist nature and brashness of it all. She has begun closely following American politics, finding the melodrama and the elaborate personalities constructed by presidential candidates and other politicians, and the wildly different and comparatively bizarre system of elections in the country. This has translated into Rea taking up writing as a hobby, writing stories that often make fun of and satirise American culture. She has taken this up as a pastime, seeing it as nothing more than a hobby and in no way wishing to further it as a career, choosing instead to focus on her chosen field of medicine.

Rea's school life has been going well for her. She has been making friends more easily than when she was back in Australia. Her grades are naturally well above-average, with overall feedback from teachers being largely positive. She has spent long hours studying in both the school's and her private library, with a degree of enjoyment unusual for students of her age. Despite her life being overall positive, she still has to contend with disorders of her past life that refuse to go away. Whether from residual stress or other causes, Rea has developed insomnia, and as a result often stays up late through the night, and if she can help it, sleeps from the morning to the late afternoon. Obviously this is not possible during school days, leading her to be constantly on the verge of falling asleep in class, and can sometimes be found sleeping in the library during free periods and lunch. She has found a way to counter the profound effect this may have on her education by spending late nights studying and catching up on what she may have missed in class during the day.

Another disorder Rea faces is acute Nyctophobia, a fear that most people have before growing out of it, but for Rea it is a severe disorder that can reduce her to a catatonic state if left in the dark without a light-source. She is highly secretive of this fact, and does her best to keep her phobia hidden, and so far has been successful. This has been to her perceived benefit, as she believes revealing this secret would cause her to be the source of ridicule to fellow students.

Rea has fit in well with some of the more affluent members of the school, with her previously mentioned entitlement issues being common among her friends. Despite being a natural introvert, her friend group is of a decent size. She has the tendency to look down upon some of the less wealthy members of the school, as well as those who do not appear to be taking their education seriously. It is this type of snobbery that has gotten her in hot water with some of her less affluent peers, who believe she is only where she is now because of her parents. As a result of this she has trouble making friends with anyone she perceives to be below her social class.

Rea's favourite subject is expectedly science, and one that she excels at. Her dreams of becoming a doctor are what drives her to excel at this subject, along with many others. As is to be expected with someone who has never performed physical labour in their life, Rea's weakened physique means she has an absolute loathing for sport, her least favourite subject. She can only lift the lightest of weights, and consistently comes last in anything to do with running, often collapsing at the finish line. After repeated tests, it has been confirmed that she does not suffer from asthma.

In terms of relationships, Rea has never had much success. Whilst having attempted a relationship with others a few times, her entitlement issues have often caused problems, in the form of suddenly cancelling dates without notice, and various other related problems. This has caused friction with her partners, and as a result has gained an undesirable reputation in this field. Occasionally she will have thoughts about relations with other girls, though she has dismissed these, and finds herself in disbelief that she could be bisexual, something further exacerbated by her Christian faith. She chooses to disregard these thoughts as mere stray thoughts, and continues on with her life, doing her best to ignore them. Due to the compounding factors mentioned above, Rea is still a virgin.

Advantages: Rea is possibly the closest thing to a doctor on the island, being certified in first aid. She has a keen intelligence, and her introverted nature means she will be able to mentally survive alone for longer than most. Her Christian faith will be a source of moral strength for her, looking to it for support in times of need. Her acute knowledge of the human anatomy means she will be able to identify weak points in opponents.
Disadvantages: Rea is extremely unfit and frail, with a stamina comparable to those with asthma. Her entitlement issues may cause friction with anyone she is travelling with, which would compound with the dislike many already have for her due to her snobbery. Leading a very sheltered life she does not know how to cook or do anything to take care of herself beyond the simplest of tasks. Her crippling Nyctophobia will be her worst enemy, as when night falls and her torch batteries run out, she will become paralyzed. Her introverted nature means she will have trouble making allies.

Designated Number: Female student No. 049


Designated Weapon: Colt Single Action Army
Conclusion: Is that gun too heavy for you, Rea? You're so goddamn frail I'm expecting you to snap in half when you try to pick it up. - Trent Camden


G048 - Herrig, Cameron[/DECEASED]

Name: Cameron Herrig
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: Senior
School:Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Music, playing guitar, body paint, wildlife/nature photography, painting, drawing, BMX, dinosaurs

Appearance:Cameron is 5'8” and weighs 134lbs with her weight evenly distributed over her body. Her face is round with a flat nose and small thin eyes with eyebrows to match. Her mouth is small and has a noticeable cupids bow and she has a small rounded chin and jawline. Cameron’s hair is a light copper red in colour and is kept long down past her shoulders, although part of this length is through extensions. Cameron accentuates her fair complexion by wearing dark eye shadow. Cameron typically wears band t-shirts or tank tops with either skinny jeans or shorts depending on the weather. She also wears multiple festival bands and band wristbands on her right arm. Recently Cameron got two tattoos, one of a Coyote's head with a desert landscape making up the interior while the other is a tattoo of an eye with a spiral galaxy inside it on a background made up of dark blues and purples on the palm of her right hand.

On the day of her abduction Cameron was wearing a sky blue A Day to Remember Unicorn Killing Spree t-shirt that she's cut into a tank top with a Mastodon creature bandanna tied around her left wrist. On her lower body she was wearing a pair of blue distressed low cut jeans with dark blue floral pattern sneakers.

Biography: Cameron was born in Kingman, Arizona on the 18th of November 1997 to Brandon and Joanna Herrig. The result of a romantic Valentine’s Day Cameron wasn’t planned to happen when she did. Although since her parents had been thinking about trying for a baby they decided to have her.

With both her parents being musicians and having a passion for art many of Cameron’s first memories involve music or art in some way. This quickly rubbed off on the young Cameron growing up as she spent most of her time either finger painting, playing with a toy guitar or playing with a toy T-Rex her parents bought her.

As Cameron grew older she started to put more time and effort into learning how to play the guitar and how to draw and paint. Her parents helped teach her both as she got older. This was helped by Brandon being a guitar tutor and Joanna being a well-known local artist. By the time she entered middle school Cameron was skilled at both. Cameron had never put much thought into playing in a band. Instead being perfectly happy to play by herself and write compositions. That changed once she entered high school however.

On the first day of high school Cameron met Vanessa Stone. The two quickly became inseparable and bonded over the fact they both played guitar. Even though both of them getting into music for very different reasons the two had a shared love for it and it didn’t take long before Vanessa pitched the idea of forming a band. Despite never having any real interest in being in a band before Cameron quickly accepted and found that actually playing with others was a much more enjoyable and rewarding experience. The music collection her parents had accumulated over the years helped inspire and develop Cameron’s love for all forms of music. With there being shelves and boxes packed with CDs, tapes and vinyl’s littering the house and basement. Her favourite genres are sludge metal, stoner rock and alternative rock and metal, with some of her favourite bands being Soundgarden, Mastodon, The Sword, Baroness and Kylesa.

Painting, drawing and photography were all things Cameron learned off Joanna and to a lesser extent Brandon. Her interest was helped by Joanna taking Cameron out into the desert with her whenever she went out to get inspiration. This also gave Cameron an appreciation for the desert surrounding Kingman as well as its natural life which is what she went on to focus her art on. Most of Cameron’s drawing and paintings, when they aren’t of the desert or wildlife tend to depict dinosaurs in either a prehistoric or modern setting sometimes being cartoony in style or more realistic. This is as a result of her ongoing interest in dinosaurs she has had since childhood. Some of her favourite movies are The Land Before Time and Jurassic Park. The reason she likes dinosaurs is that she thinks it’s amazing that giant lizards could have also existed on Earth. Cameron frequently wishes she could see a real dinosaur but knows this is nothing but a fantasy. Her skill at art isn’t as developed as her music but is still up to a high standard.

Cameron’s interest in body painting started after seeing pictures on the internet. She found the art immediately striking and thought the medium offered a lot of creative potential. It immediately overtook her interests in drawing and regular painting. She still regularly practiced the other two but most of the time she put into art was devoted to learning the intricacies of body painting. She found it more difficult than regular painting but also found it much more interesting and rewarding. Once she got the hang of it she spent much of her time experimenting with different types of paint and different designs. It didn’t take Cameron long to decide to mix her body painting with her musical performance. The idea she had being to combine her two biggest interests and also allow her to express herself more during performances.

After arriving in high school Cameron discovered BMX through some students she overheard talking. Interested in the idea of the sport Cameron started researching it and quickly became a fan. Seeing it as both a way to get around and have fun Cameron quickly decided to buy a BMX bike. She frequently uses her bike to get around. She also rides out into the desert whenever she wants to relax, be alone, do some nature photograph or just ride around. She also goes to the Desert Plains Skate Park every so often to practice her freestyle skills but she isn’t serious or very committed to it.

Cameron’s favourite classes are art and music. This is mainly due to her upbringing and passion for both subjects. While she is interested in biology and geography she is not committed enough in either of them. Cameron’s least favourite classes are languages and maths both things she finds incredibly boring. When Cameron graduates she plans to follow Vanessa to Arizona State University to study art history. She has decided on art history because the idea of having to play in a studio band and being restricted with what she could perform and do didn’t appeal to her. She hopes to keep Peyote Coyote going but is also prepared to start another band if she has to. Her grades at school also show this lack of commitment to anything but coasting by as her grades are good enough to get her into Arizona State, apart from art and music where she has been a straight A student since entering high school.

At school and outside of it Cameron spends most of her time with Vanessa, the two of them being nigh-inseparable. She also hangs around with the other members of the band. Generally she is friendly to most people she meets and talks to, but doesn’t think much about what she’s saying and can wind up saying insulting or rude things for the purpose of making a joke. This has led to her offending people before. However despite this Cameron rarely talks about her home life in public, instead mainly confiding in people she’s close with and trusts. After returning from the Christmas break Cameron became friends with Coleen Reagan and invited her to be the new lead singer of Peyote Coyote. This has caused a bit of a rift to develop between her and Vanessa due to Cameron's poor handling of the issue leading to Vanessa feeling betrayed.

Cameron's relationship with her parents was good at first. Despite her status as an unplanned child, her parents treated her well as she grew up and nurtured her and her hobbies. However around the age of fourteen cracks started to appear in her parents’ relationship. They began to argue more and threats of separation were made. Cameron having an understanding of what was going on retreated into herself keeping her anxiety and fear of the situation bottled up inside. Eventually Cameron resorted to self-harm as a form of release for all her negative feelings. After discovering this behavior following a call from one of Cameron’s teachers; her parents eventually decided to stay together for their daughter’s sake but the fear of her parents separating and the scars she gave herself have stayed with Cameron. After things being back to normal on the most part Brandon and Joanna’s issues resurfaced near the end of high school. They started to argue more aggressively and eventually divorce was decided upon. Like the time before it Cameron has kept her feelings bottled up inside. Not giving any hint that anything is wrong despite the fact she is very stressed and anxious about what is happening internally. She has also become more distant from her parents as time has gone on. Preferring to spend her time at home shut in her room or alternatively spending as little time at home as possible.

Advantages: Cameron could potentially have a pre-existing group of allies thanks to the other members of her band being present within the game, meaning there is less impetus on her to try and gain allies. Cameron also has a degree of fitness others may not have thanks to time she has spent practicing BMX, this has also served to give her good reactions. Cameron also has good hand-eye coordination thanks to the countless hours she has spent playing guitar.
Disadvantages: Cameron has no filter when talking to people and doesn’t care or think about anything she says. This could be detrimental to her on the island as she could say something at the wrong time and make an enemy or push a potential rival away. Another disadvantage is that the abduction has occurred at a very stressful time in her life and Cameron may not be able to handle the stress emotionally, potentially cause her to make rash or stupid decisions without thinking through the consequences.

Designated Number: Female student No. 048


Designated Weapon: Pickaxe
Conclusion: No tact, poor coping skills, and a mediocre weapon draw? Even if she can hide behind her band, I think it's only a matter of time before this girl's introduced to a whole new style of red body art. - Trent Camden


I will draw your character...
I am also a fan of this art. Stylish but straightforward, it's showin' all dem artsy fundamentals in full effect.

Said and Done
“Oh?” she asked, her eyebrow peaked alongside her curiosity.

The band had done a few original pieces here and there, but it surprised Vanessa that Cams had summed up the energy to write an entire album for them, especially given everything else that was going on in her life at the time. With that in mind, Vanessa supposed that her BFF being pissed at her probably wasn’t helping her cope with things like her parents imminent divorce all that much.

Then again, getting betrayed like that didn’t help Vanessa much either, so there they were stuck at an impasse carved from Vanessa’s own stubbornness and refusal to just let her friend be happy at her own expense.

“So, what’s the concept?” she kept her eyes straight down the road as she spoke. It had been tricky enough to not shoot daggers at Cams the last time she'd turned her head, after all.

She really hoped it wasn’t something miserable. 'My life is a shitstorm and my wrists bleed the pain' wasn’t really a theme she wanted to provide the soundtrack for.

G036 - Kyle, Nancy[/DECEASED]

Name: Nancy Kyle
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Grade: 11
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Anime, Japanese culture, idol culture, drama, singing.

Appearance: Nancy is 5'4" and weighs 125 lbs. She has a thin frame with little fat and a small amount of muscle. She has a light skin tone. Her straight hair, originally brown but dyed deep blue, is cut down to just below her chin. Her oval face is adorned with round brown eyes, a small, almost pig-like nose, and full lips. Nancy takes great care into maintaining her skin, and as such it is free of blemishes.

Nancy's clothing style betrays her interest in Japanese culture. Many of her clothes display anime related imagery, or are inspired by styles that Japanese idols known for wearing. On a typical school day she will usually wear an anime-related t-shirt with jeans, but on days that she considers special occasions, she will wear more complex outfits, usually ones inspired by uniforms that idol groups wear. On the day of the abduction, she was wearing a denim vest over a white button-up shirt and a loose necktie, black wristbands, a knee-length plaid skirt, and black kneesocks with brown loafers.

Biography: Lucas Kyle and Fiona Taylor met in middle school, beginning a friendship that would last for years. As the two were finishing high school, they realized that they were falling in love with each other. Eventually, after college, they married, and had four children. Nancy was the third of these children, being born on May 13th, 1998. Nancy was preceded by Nick, her older brother by three years, and Phoebe, her older sister by one year. Two years after Nancy was born, the final child of the Kyle family, Richard, came into the family. Lucas works as an electrician, while Fiona works as an elementary teacher. Nancy loves her parents, and she enjoys spending time with them, but her relationship with her siblings is slightly more distant, as they mostly keep out of each other's hair.

Being one of the middle children, Nancy was always vying for attention from her parents, especially her mother. Between her job and juggling four children in the household, Fiona didn't have much time to divide her attention equally between her children. Most of the attention was given to Nick, the oldest, and Richard, the youngest. Because of this Nancy began to do things to gain attention from not just her parents, but her peers as well. This led to her being the weird kid in elementary school, as she acted out to gain the attention of her classmates. These episodes of acting out mostly consisted of her acting out her imagination during recess and parroting things she heard from the TV or from her family. Fortunately, it never got to the point that she became overly disruptive, as she mostly kept her weirdness to the recess periods. Nonetheless, some of her outbursts would lead to her getting disciplined, at which point she would keep her disruptive tendencies to a minimum for several weeks, before slowly returning to her former self. Amongst her peers, she gained the reputation of being the weird girl, a reputation that has followed her up until the present day. Some of the attention that Nancy got wasn't so positive, not that Nancy really noticed. It never escalated to physical bullying, and Nancy was mostly happy that she was known to people.

Meanwhile, at home, her parents had noticed her attention seeking tendencies, and although they paid a bit more attention to her, they still had her other siblings to attend to, and couldn't spare much more time for her. Although she now had others at school to give her attention, she still slightly resented the lack of it given to her by her parents.

Nancy had always had a passion for singing, which evolved from her mimicking the pop songs that her sister Phoebe was always listening to. The mimicking started out as humming, but before long she would learn the lyrics, and that's when her singing began in earnest. Whenever she sang in public, her family praised her ability, which fed her need for attention, but the main reason Nancy sang was because she enjoyed being able to display the same vocal prowess as those in the songs she imitated. However, as Phoebe moved onto middle school, she began to listen to pop music less and less, her tastes having shifted into primarily instrumental genres. With the easy avenue of songs cut off from her, Nancy began to sing less and less. Although she was still able to listen to pop songs in other situations, her passion settled, at least for the moment.

Up until high school, Nancy spent most of her time at home watching the television. She was never really invested in any particular types of shows, she just watched what looked entertaining. It was during one of these watching sessions that Nancy came across a channel that was airing dubbed anime. The animation style captured her attention, and she ended up watching for over three hours. As she grew older, she began to change to that channel more and more often, and began to look on the Internet for more anime to watch. It was also through this exposure that she came across other facets of Japanese culture, such as Japanese comedy, traditional architecture, and its festivals. She enjoys the contrast between Western culture and Japanese culture, and the traditionalism that she feels the West does not have. The biggest of these facets was one that would define her from the beginning of middle school onward: the idol culture.

Nancy enjoyed the idol culture for a few reasons. Firstly, she enjoyed the the idea that these idols were popular doing something that looked so fun to do. Secondly, discovering the idol culture re-ignited her passion for singing. And lastly, because of the influence of anime, she saw only the glorified parts of idol culture, mostly through idol anime such as The IDOLM@STER, Love Live!, and Aikatsu!. As she grew older and began to do more research into idol culture, she began to learn about the more negative things surrounding the idol culture, such as the unrealistic standards idols were expected to live up to, as well as the scandals involving the idols themselves. And although this dampened her love of idols slightly, that love never truly went away, and she still holds that idealized picture of the idol culture in her head even today. Idol anime still remains her favorite type of anime.

With her passion for singing renewed, Nancy began to look for more songs to sing, although this time she forwent the pop songs for the songs she'd grown to love in the time gap: anime songs. One of her friends invited her to sing karaoke with a group of friends. Although Nancy knew about karaoke through her anime, she had never participated in it herself. Nancy got incredibly lucky in this particular instance; her friend owned a home karaoke system, which had a moderate selection of popular anime songs. Although she wasn't fluent in the Japanese language, she had nonetheless memorized the lyrics to a few songs, and in that moment, got to sing them in front of her friends. She began to ask her friend to invite her over for more karaoke sessions.

Although Nancy enjoys singing, she has not so far sung to a crowd of more than around ten people, mostly people who, like her, were fans of anime. She feels that her interests don't line up with those of the public, and thus has not yet performed in public.

When Nancy began high school, she chose drama as one of her electives. It was, in her mind, the closest thing to being a real idol, even though she knew it wasn't really that close at all. Even though she joined because of that loose association, she eventually grew to enjoy drama. It gave her an outlet to channel her acting out, as well an audience. Nancy prefers comedic and lighthearted performances above more tragic and serious ones. She is fairly competent in her endeavors, though mostly gets supporting roles, which has gotten her into a few minor arguments.

Academically, Nancy is squarely average. She mostly gets B's, with the occasional C. The exception to this pattern is drama, where she gets A's. Nancy shows enthusiasm in learning during class, but doesn't spend too much effort when it comes to doing work, especially homework. As a result of this, although Nancy learns a lot in her studies, it doesn't show too well in her grades.

Nancy is optimistic, if a little naive. She is energetic, and enjoys talking at length about her interests. She is not too self-aware, and believes herself to be more popular and well-liked than she really is. Socially, Nancy knows most of the student body, and most of the student body knows her, though the connections are usually very tenuous. Nancy's lack of self-awareness causes her to see others as being at fault for any lack of interest they may have towards her, and so she tends to passively avoid prolonged contact with such people if possible. Nonetheless she does have a few people who genuinely enjoy her company, mostly people with a similar interest in Japanese culture. Otherwise, many see her as optimistic and energetic, but sometimes incredibly grating.

Advantages: Nancy is optimistic and energetic, and will thus be unlikely to become despondent and feel hopeless. Her experience with acting might be able to help her fool people, and her cheerful disposition will make it unlikely that others see her as a threat.
Disadvantages: Her lack of self-awareness might make her believe that she has more allies than she does, and her naivete could lead to her trusting someone at the wrong moment. Additionally, her need for attention may backfire on her, causing her to do something foolish or attract the attention of a player.

Designated Number: Female student No. 036


Designated Weapon: Hatchet
Conclusion: Wasn't there an anime about some girl going nuts and killing all her friends with a hatchet? If Nancy felt like recreating that for us, that'd be peachy. - Trent Camden