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Characters who've never met?
I'm gonna say familiarity with the rest of your year definitely falls down to the individual.

Characters who've never met?
Okay, corrections of a sort:

Yus, there is a difference between the odds that two students will wind up in the same class, and the odds that a student will wind up in the same class as a student already in that class.

Odds that student B will be with student A for AT LEAST one class within a year: 61.3%
Odds that student B will be with student A for AT LEAST one class across all four years: 97.8%
Odds that student B will be with student A for EVERY class across a year: 0.000000101%
Odds that student B will be with student A for EVERY class across all four years: 0.000000000000000000000000000000000103%
Odds that student B will never share a class with student A = 2.2%

So the odds become way different then. It's a tricky wording issue, really, but the key component is that my previous calculations were the odds of both students being placed in a class, whilst these results are the odds that student B is placed in a class that A is already in. Really, you should pay more attention to these ones.

Also, the number of arrangements that would include student A is 1/200th of that number. I'm not sure about the number of arrangements that would include both A and B, let me get back on it.

Characters who've never met?
I used Nugget's numbers for the class size and number of classes taken. So that's nine classes a year, 36 over four years. Using your numbers would change the results, of course.

I'll have to double check what you're saying, but I'm fairly confident in my maths. The fact that I was calculating the odds that a student would be paired with a SPECIFIC student in at least one class isn't the same situation as the probability that they'll be paired with a range of students. (Though I would need to confirm that, before my foot goes in my mouth)

Incidentally, consider that out of a class for twenty for two hundred students, there's 16,100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 different arrangements (Rounded down) and see if it affects your opinion on the feasibility.

Characters who've never met?
The odds that two specific students would also share a class (based on random) is also 20/200 x 19/199, (the odds that a student is selected for that class AND the other student is selected for that class) not a flat out 20/200 like you've said, which comes out as 19/1990, or 0.00955 (3s.f.), which is about a tenth of the 10% you've used here. In other words, you only have about a 1% chance of two specific students being in the same class (which follows, since in rough terms, there's two of them out of two hundred)

Also, the chances that at least one class is shared doesn't work like that. The best way to figure it out would be a probability tree. Unfortunately, said tree would be pretty dang big to account for every possibility.

Fortunately, we have mathematics. Unfortunately, it would take me a while to write it all out and would be tricky on the standard post format, so I'm just going with plan B and giving solutions.

Odds that students will share AT LEAST one class within a year: 8.27%.
Odds that students will share AT LEAST one class across all four years: 30.4%
Odds that students will share EVERY class across a year: 0.0000000000000000659%
Odds that students will share EVERY class across all four years: 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000189%
Odds that students will never share any classes = 69.6%

(All to 3 s.f.)

Students who skipped a year/repeated a year would be fairly easy to account for, as you just calculate the odds of the number of years that they've been moved ahead/fell behind. Before that, no shared classes.

So, statistically, students could go their entire high school careers and be quite likely to not share their classes with a specific person, but the odds aren't totally against them either.

Of course, as BRO pointed out, since classes aren't randomly assigned, this is all moot. Oh well, statistics are fun.

New League of Legends Thread
Comparatively, my Soraka in that game was awful, but also like the third time as her so.

Now I'm radioactive! That can't be good!
So Cass didn’t want company. Fine, her loss; Alex didn’t really give a shit either way. Some extra hands might have come in handy, but then they’d also probably never shut the fuck up, and that would just get on her nerves even more than what she already had to put up with.

Alex was prepared to leave with Cassandra without a further word, in pursuit of the power plant itself to put her game changing plan in motion, until Cassandra announced her opposition to being in on said plan.

She couldn’t stop herself from reacting to the slap in the face that Cassandra had just given. What wasn’t worth listening to about her plan? Did she think it was stupid? Did she just not care if she survived or not? Or did she just not give a shit to actually know what she was getting in to?

Christ, just when she was starting to get used to Cassandra, she reminded Alex just how fucking annoying she was.

“Sor-ry, then.” She scoffed, brushing past Cassandra as she headed to the door. She grabbed her bag up from the floor, slinging it over her shoulder as she avoided looking back at Cassandra. If she didn’t want to get involved in her plan, then she didn’t need any of her attention, either.

Besides, she had better things to worry about, as she headed out the door, than filling a retard in on her plan. Like making it happen, and then being home by dinner time.

((Alex King continued in Geiger Counter))

Giant Mecha battle!
Suspect you might be getting a bit volunteer overloaded but I'd love to be a cameo or squaddie or team engineer or w/e in need if there's space.

Some kind of support role would be fun if it's non-cameo, really. That aforementioned engineer or anything else you might need would be cool.

Now I'm radioactive! That can't be good!
Alex had already been awake for an hour when the announcements blared. She’d never been the type to sleep in, not that she’d ever had much of an opportunity to. It was either school, work, or her parents fighting in the other room. Or rather, it would be her prick of a father shouting at her mom. So, she’d been smoking her morning cigarette, staring out of the opened staff room window that only overlooked the reactors, rather than what was probably a pretty nice view on the other side, when the names of the deceased aired.

She’d wanted to pretend that it hadn’t surprised her, that she’d thought little enough of her ‘peers’ that them starting to freak out and kill each other was predictable, but it wasn’t. Fuck if she knew any of the victims, and fuck more if she’d be able to ID the killers on sight, but she was still surprised.

Eight people were a lot.

She’d tried to write down the names of the people who were playing, as well as the danger zones, just to get her mind off of it, but of course they’d taken her pen and paper. The staff room was empty of the stuff, probably because whoever worked here whenever ago wanted to keep their mind off of charts and nuclear fission and whatever, so she was shit out of luck as far as keeping prepared went. It didn’t matter though: she’d probably remember anything important if the names came up, she usually did. She managed to find a small amount of humour in the fact that the airstrip would now kill her too, so that helped.

But eight people were still a lot.

She hadn’t tried to wake Cassandra up yet, not that she was actually still asleep. When they came into the room last night, she hadn’t said anything as she’d eyed the couch, but she’d expected they’d at least rock papers scissors for it or something. When Cassandra hadn’t said anything about it though, she wasn’t even sure whether she should have first. Cassandra hadn’t said anything though, so she just took what was there. If Cassandra wanted to make a piss about it, then she should have done so earlier.

She didn’t though, so that was cool. Whatever, she could have the next couch.

“Yo Cass, wake up.” She finally called from the window several minutes after the announcement had been and gone, as she flicked the butt of her cigarette out the window then moved towards her roommate. She crouched down closer to Cassandra before speaking again. “You want to see the other guys, or should we just fuck out of here?”

She really didn’t care for making an escape party, but fuck it, they might come in handy. Cass could decide and save her the trouble.

Now I'm radioactive! That can't be good!
Alex’s heart skipped a beat when she met Adam on the other side of the door. Had she been less angry and more tense, she might have even yelled out in surprise, but instead she just flinched. It was unexpected, that was all.

“Uh, yeah.” She responded, as her wits returned to her after the momentary relapse. “Whatever.” She peered behind Adam, looking for any sign of company, but she couldn’t see them from where she was stood. However, unless his buddies that fell under ‘our’ included some assholes that would only make her life worse, she didn’t really care to meet them right now. Hell, she hadn’t really cared to meet Adam either. Not part of her crowd, just some sport guy or whatever, and not someone she cared to spend any more time with and any less time away from a bed for.

“Look, I’m just trying to find the staff room. You seen it?” she asked. Well, she was still looking for all that other stuff too, but the staff room could come first. And besides, there was no reason she’d have to share her plans with the other guys, and no reason she’d even want to. Cassandra should’ve counted her lucky stars she was still tagging along.

Though the thought occurred to her they might have already been camping in the staff room. That woulds make things either really uncomfortable, or just really unpleasant until whoever these people were got the fuck out of there. It was going to be a pain in the ass, either way.

New League of Legends Thread
I made the same mistake at first Tobe. Thankfully, I discovered my error and was able to go on to annoy many, many people.

BDA Quote Voting Thread #1
(I would just like to point out that the third quote doesn't actually end in ellipsis the way I wrote it)

Now I'm radioactive! That can't be good!
“Whatever.” Alex repeated, much in the same tone as the first time, save for the extra air in her lungs. She tossed her bags down on the ground behind her, as she began to pace around the lobby.

Whilst the nuclear plant itself was still her prime target, an office complex was probably just as good a place to be for now. There must have been a copy of the blueprints to the plant around here somewhere; probably posted on a wall somewhere, wherever the technicians did their work outside of the plant itself. Finding those would make Plan A. a hell of lot easier.

However, that part still had to wait. Between the kidnapping, and the nearly dying, and looking like a moron by having her first plan screwed up, the only plan she could push herself into was still just finding somewhere to take a fucking nap.

“I’ll look for the staff room.” She called back to Cassandra, heading towards the first door she saw. Whilst she may have been hoping to find a comfy sofa to rest her weary head, what was on the other side of the door was, in fact, a block of cubicles. As Alex got closer and closer to opening the door, Adam was still approaching it from the other side.

New League of Legends Thread
I sign up.

You know me, Slamexo, level 19 going on 20.