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Mimi's Sprite Station v2
Oh my god she's even more beautiful than I imagined and I love you for it.

Thanks Meeeeeeeeems <3

SOTF-TV Mafia: Fallout Thread
Oh yes I feel this should be said cause she deserves to hear it.

I debated killing penguin like a lot (not that it would have done much, but that's besides the point), since she was an active gal and I would've pretty much had the floor. I meant what I said about her being a game pusher being good though (Always is, as the town kind of suffered from at the end), but I actually underestimated whether or not she'd catch on to me, given her relative inexperience on our mafias (Wouldn't know if she's played loads elsewhere, wouldn't be surprised) and figured she'd probably wind up a new person who could be manipulated should need be.

Showed me she did: that gal is good.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Fallout Thread
I feckin' called the last of the mafia!

Oh yes the kill-splanations cause some wanted to hear:

Spoilered for clutter

I do think that without the ten kill count I probably would've given up on Kami and karsk's claim and lost, but I did have a contingency plan in case we got down to two mafia and two townies. Odds of that happening were a little delicate though, so probably would've lost.

Overall it was a fun game, though you do feel rather dirty when it's all said and done. Then again, perhaps that was half the fun?

OH OH I get to post this now don't I?

Posted Image

Gabriella "Gabby" Parker
Okey dokes, hopefully it's all in key now.


cause she plays piano?

Mimi's Sprite Station v2
In hindsight I'm not 100% sure how I want Dave to look. If you haven't started already (whatever I know about spriting, maybe there's outlines or such to be done) and it wouldn't be terribly awful, could you do Becky Long instead? (Summer month clothing (so blue t-shirt and cream cargo shorts plus white sneakers and blue baseball cap) would be lovely).

Apologies for my awkward requesting.

Mimi's Sprite Station v2
Aw crap there's already a queue.

But your sprites are very luvly so I will request a dude in the sea of ladies and ask you if you'd be so kind as to do my darling Dave Russell?

Track Team Thread
I wouldn't say no to taking part, 's not like Ryan's doing anything anyway.

Gabriella "Gabby" Parker
Okey dokes I think I've woven in those changes dar.

Gabriella "Gabby" Parker
Name: Gabriella “Gabby” Parker
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Singing; performing; music, particularly folk rock; playing the piano; acting (Drama club member); chess (Chess club member)

Appearance: Gabriella has no easy means of blending into a crowd: at 6’2” and 154 lbs with an average build, her height often causes her to tower over most of her peers. She possesses an olive complexion, a result of her Israeli heritage.

Her dark brown wavy hair hangs down to her shoulders in the front and back and is usually kept hanging loose. She has an average sized forehead and thin eyebrows that match her hair in colour. Her hazel eyes are sharp in shape, and her nose protrudes slightly more than usual from her face, possessing a straight bridge as well as thin nostrils. She has a thin, narrow mouth, her lips normally damaged by a chewing habit, though she goes out of her way to hide this with lipstick and lip balm, and she works hard to maintain a white set of teeth. She has a thin jawline, giving her a sharp chin and an overall pointed shape to her face. The few traces of blemishes and acne on her skin are hidden by makeup when necessary.

Gabriella usually dresses conservatively but tries to look fashionable, opting for long sleeved shirts and long skirts in the summer and jumpers or cardigans with loose trousers in the winter. For footwear she’ll opt for a comfortable pair of flat soles that match her outfit on most occasions.

Biography: Jerold Parker and Ayala Parker née Hamutal met in college. Both were architecture students, Ayala an overseas student from Israel, and the two bonded over mutual interests and a shared religion in Conservative Judaism. The two married shortly after graduating, Ayala taking on US citizenship. When the two were in their early thirties, Ayala gave birth to Gabriella Nava Jennifer Parker.

Thanks to the two’s high paying careers, Gabriella grew up in a wealthy household in the suburbs of Seattle. From a young age her parents tried to instill a range of skills in their daughter, as their parents had tried to when they were young, but the only one that stuck with Gabriella was the piano lessons her parents signed her up for when she was five. From a young age Gabriella loved the sound of music, and getting to create it herself became a way for her to immerse herself in it.

The only other hobby that Gabriella gained thanks to her parents was chess. Jerold was an avid player of the game and made sure to teach his daughter the rules when she was old enough. She only had her dad to play with, however, and his uncompromising style of play, despite him still trying to make it fun, made for an unappealing opponent. Though she never pursued the game intensely, she would play games against other kids when the opportunity arose, enjoying the nature of the game and getting to play against opponents.

When she began school, Gabriella did well both academically and socially: she was quick to make new friends and adept at picking up new topics. However, she suffered from a lack of motivation, more interested in playing with her classmates than paying attention in class, her academic skill largely a result of natural intelligence. When her parents became aware of these discipline issues, they cracked down hard on Gabriella, responding to each sign of laziness or disobedience with harsh discipline, namely banning her from her favourite activities for days at a time, be it from watching her favourite cartoons, reading books she was enjoying or going to friends’ parties, though her punishments never extended to her music lessons.

As a result of her parents strict attitude to her schooling, Gabriella picked up a disciplined work ethic. However, it was one that resulted from a fear of failure rather than a desire to succeed, and her extroverted nature in classes receded from fear of punishment. Whilst her parents were informed of their daughter’s shift in personality by her teacher, they considered it an acceptable compromise for the sake of Gabriella’s education.

As her piano lessons continued, her true passion became evident at the age of seven as she began to sing along with her pieces. Her natural talent at singing was noticed by her teacher and parents and it led to her taking private singing lessons in addition to her learning the piano.

Her parents, both committed to their faith, also did their part to teach Gabriella the ways of Judaism. Synagogue was a regular event in the family and Gabriella was enrolled in Hebrew school. Gabriella considers her faith an important part of her life, though whilst she makes no efforts to hide her beliefs or how it affects her opinions on matters, she tries to maintain discretion about it to avoid being mistaken for an evangelist.

She regarded her Israeli heritage in a similar way, often learning about her country from her mother as she grew up, and throughout her life she would visit Israel on a number of occasions to meet and spend time with her mother's family. When asked about her background she would happily share her origins, but whilst doing so she would never hide that she was an American.

Towards the end of elementary school, when Gabriella was eleven years old, her parents gave birth to her two unplanned fraternal twin siblings, Kenneth Even Lester Parker and Joseph Hagai Charles Parker, the two arriving safely despite Ayala’s relatively older age for childbirth. Gabriella was very jealous of her two new siblings when they first arrived, because her parents' attention suddenly shifted dramatically away from her after years of being an only child. This continued for a number of years, though she learned to tolerate the two, until her two brothers were old enough to start pursuing the activities her parents had pushed her into when she was a kid. Though she was still the main focus of her parents’ expectations, being the oldest child and closer to college, their attention was now split between her performance and her younger brothers’. She greatly appreciated the fact that she was no longer under as much pressure, though her relationship with her younger brothers’ continued to be amicable at best.

Going into middle school was the signal for Gabriella’s unpleasant bout of puberty to begin. Already tall for her age, in spite of her parent’s average height, the additional growth, in addition to a bad case of greasy skin and a need for braces, made her a merciless target for bullies, becoming a frequent victim of name calling and insults. Whilst she tried to keep the problem to herself, unfaithful that her parents would intervene, Ayala and Jerold soon noticed the effect it had on their daughter as she began coming home close to tears.

Whilst the school was contacted over the issue, the incidents of harassment were never really dealt with. There would be punishment for the obvious bullies, but the fact that name calling could be easily missed led to Gabriella’s status as a victim continuing. Unsure of what action to take, never being long term victims of bullying themselves, Gabriella’s parents contemplated sending her to a different school. Gabriella, however, did not want to have to adjust to an entirely new school, even if it meant having to put up with her bullies.

Instead, she took matters into her own hands and started insulting her bullies back just as much, at times more. However, these only served to aggravate the bullies, and in response her comebacks became sharper and sharper. Whilst on a few occasions Gabriella was the one in trouble for her insults, instead of her bullies, her parents accepted that it was helping her to cope with her problems, though they still reprimanded her for the marks on her record. Whilst the school continued to try to resolve the issue, Gabriella’s retaliations provoked the bullies further and made the situation less clear as to who was at fault, and so the administration was never able to truly put a stop to things.

The situation lasted until Gabriella reached her stride in her development, her skin clearing up and her teeth corrected, making her height her bullies last remaining favourite target. With only one thing left to pick on, and Gabriella now fighting back hard all the way, the bullies eventually lost interest. To this day she remains very insecure about her height, but has also learned to mask it with a strong verbal retaliation against anyone who mocks her. She responds in a similar way when she sees others bullying, stepping in and taking on the bully with a slew of insults out of sympathy for the victims.

It was in middle school that Gabriella would have her first taste of performing. Gabriella took part in her school’s talent show, despite insecurities about looking bad that were instilled by her tormentors, and did a piano and vocals cover of Galileo by The Indigo Girls, a personal favourite of hers. Placing well overall, Gabriella loved the praise she received by some her peers for her performance and the satisfaction of coming high in the rankings.

It was also in middle school that Gabriella met her best friend, Cho, a guitar player. Meeting each other in a music class, they bonded over their love of sound and became fast friends. The next year they entered the talent show together and since then they have been almost always playing as a duo.

Working with Cho’s guitar playing, Gabriella switched her own focus from both pianos and vocals to just her voice. Whilst she still took piano lessons until she was fifteen, she eventually dropped them to focus purely on her voice, leaving her piano skills largely for writing her own music. Later, when she was seventeen, she dropped her singing lessons as well, considering herself skilled enough to practice on her own. Her parents were displeased with her dropping two of her routines, but tolerated it as Gabriella continued to work at her music on her own.

As she grew older, Gabriella began to really understand why music was such a passion of hers: the emotions it evoked and the power of the melodies appealed to her greatly. Alone with her music, she could feel things that her parents’ expectations and her problems at school had denied her and finally relax. Singing and playing the piano became an outlet for her frustrations, though she never realised that this was the case, and a way for her to enjoy the feelings of the music personally.

In high school, her skin now cleared up and teeth corrected, Gabriella stopped being a favourite target of bullies and started opening up to others. Though not quite as extroverted as when she was a kid, Gabriella still grew into something of a social butterfly as she made friends with a number of students, most of whom were classmates who shared an interest or were just likeable. The only person she truly opened up to was Cho, however. Over time she picked up the skills of being a shrewd conversationalist, utilising her fast learning pace and her natural wit, and developed from her withdrawn and cutting adolescent self to a much smoother talker. However, she still retained her venomous tongue for people who get on her bad side and bullies.

She also joined the chess club in her freshman year of high school. After playing most of her matches online in middle school, not wanting to add to her bully’s arsenal by joining her middle school’s club, she enjoyed the opportunity to play face to face again. Her relaxed attitude to the game kept her skills at a good level, but not a great one, as a result of her experience only. Though she went out of her way to conceal her participation at first, as she grew in confidence she stopped trying to hide that she enjoyed the game, though she still avoided bringing it up herself in conversation.

As she continued working on her and Cho’s performances the thoughts of a music career started to appear in Gabriella’s mind, an idea that Cho was also on board with. As a duo of a guitarist and vocalist, they found folk rock to be the most accessible form of music to them as well as one they both enjoyed. Gabriella used The Indigo Girls as her private inspiration, considering them proof that the music scene didn’t have to be dominated by pop and rock, and the two started working regularly towards their goal through a mixture of covers and their own pieces. Gabriella always pushed the two towards perfection in their work, rather than risk appearing sloppy.

Her parents did not approve. They considered the music industry a frivolous waste of time, one that Gabriella would get into only by luck rather than skill, and started voicing their opinion whenever the topic was brought up. Though they didn’t stop her and Cho from playing together, they insisted that she keep working on her studies rather than her music. Her brothers were too young to really understand what the problem was and the fact that Gabriella maintained a somewhat distant relationship from the two did nothing to help, so the conflict remained between Gabriella and her parents.

As high school progressed, Gabriella grew bored of going home right after school almost every day and decided to join another club in her sophomore year, settling on the drama club. Though she wasn’t a natural actor, only playing supporting characters at best, she enjoyed playing the roles and the presence on stage enough that she stuck with the club. Her constant performances in both drama and music boosted Gabriella’s confidence greatly.

Academically, Gabriella maintained high grades through her inherent smarts and her parents’ pressure, though her general disinterest in most subjects kept her average lower than it could have been. Whilst she performed well generally, her performance in creative subjects often outdid the more logical fields, though she also took to language classes well after spending her childhood learning Hebrew. Her goal was still to join the music industry, but her parents fought it at every turn and went out of their way to make sure she’d have other options available to her through her grades.

Gabriella was never a physically fit girl. As a sensible eater, she was able to maintain her slender figure, but a natural awkwardness, exacerbated by her height, as well as a consistent disinterest in anything physical kept her from ever working on keeping in shape. As a result she possesses little in the way of strength or stamina.

Although she has a wide circle of friends, Gabriella has never been in an intimate relationship, nor does she have any interest in entering one. Whilst she can appreciate why some people go for a relationship, she is simply not inclined towards pursuing a romance and never has been.

Now nearing the end of high school, Gabriella possesses a range of friends and a good GPA to get by on. However, her interest in joining the music industry has not waned and her parents’ have lost their patience, as they’ve started threatening to cut her off if she does not go to college. Worried about her ability to support herself, never having had a job in her life, she has begun to apply for different colleges to satisfy her parents. Though she knows she can pursue music on the side whilst still learning, she’d much rather make it her main focus and play every day with Cho.

Advantages: Gabriella is a skilled conversationalist who is able to easily talk to most people, which could enable her to negotiate her way out of trouble, and her wide range of friends gives her many potential allies to fall back on. Her high intellect could also help her to survive if she can outsmart any dangers. Her experience in the drama club may prove useful should she try to deceive anyone.
Disadvantages: Gabriella is in poor physical shape, so she would have difficulty keeping pace on the island. Living a life of comfort and dependence on her parents also means that supporting herself on the harsh island conditions may prove overwhelming. Her venomous tongue may cause her trouble if she’s properly provoked, as it could earn her dangerous enemies.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread

Vote: bacon

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
I reeeeeeeeally don't think the mafia have an investigative role. I know they've had a lot of good hits in a row, but it's not a role we've ever used on the board before and I'm not noticing too much experimenting from Tobe in terms of roles so far, so I'm skeptical that he'd include that now. Frankly I just think the mafia got really lucky with their hits; it's no more unlikely than they've consistently hit well with investigations then followed up with an execution.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
I was kinda planning on saving that for the post game. I dunno, call me a romantic.

If you wanna know why I hadn't targeted Penguin, it's pretty much been because she's been a game pusher and I didn't want the game to stall (not that I'm saying that was guaranteed or anything) and also because she kept helping push along lynches on people who weren't me. Plus I had no reason to kill her until she got close enough for karsk to investigate and by then it was too late anyway.

I would benefit from getting rid of vocal players, like the mafia, but it would mean I'd have to do more pushing myself to make up for it, which is why I had been mixing it up between louder and quieter players. (goes into a bit more complexity than that but I like saving juicy details and interesting habits for post-study).

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
Oye yoy yoy always so much to read through Penguin hun.

I think it'd be safer if I held off killing tonight. Unless someone's protecting karsk, which is lovely and they should keep it up, then we probably won't have an investigation to go on tomorrow, and if the mafia really did start with 7 a LyLo is probably not a safe place to be, considering our luck with hitting in lynches before our cop came forward. Besides, if I was going to hit someone I'd probably just go for one of the unconfirmed no claimed yet people unless you directed me elsewhere, since statistics. I wouldn't do anything without being asked anyway, as per our arrangement and I don't want to go around shooting willy nilly and put us closer to a mafia win.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread

Seems no-one has much to say on the day's events; should we just skip forward to the lynching of the lovely confessed lady bacon?

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
And now I'm back.

Does anyone have anything they'd like to suggest doing as well as karsk's investigating? (If anyone did manage to protect him last night, keep doing what you're doing)

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
I feel I should point out I won't be around pretty much all day tomorrow (wedding to go to and what not), just on the fyi.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
Hi I didn't try to kill anyone last night. It's not mandatory for me cause I'm a genius serial killer I guess I dunno I haven't read Karen yet.

What I said you could all trust me.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
RenardFox JamesRenard whoever Renard is.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
Well, people wanna hear them:

Kami, if I was going to suggest someone to roleblock tonight, I'd go with Penguin. She's still been acting pretty off all game, and although karsk's investigation does tend to alleviate anything but a godfather, it's godfather I'm most concerned about. I'm especially concerned about how pushy she is to get rid of me and her priorities (the fact that she was most concerned about not being able to nightkill me is a big alarm bell to be honest), when at this point a SK is much more dangerous to the mafia than it is to the town (I can only off one townie, max, before you'd all pounce on me like jaguars on elk). If she is the godfather, with their hitman dead last phase the chain of kill command could potentially shift to Penguin, which would make blocking her stop a mafia kill at least and be pretty suspicion attaching.

I understand that would mean not blocking me, which you might be hesistant to do, so I'll leave it up to you whether you want to or not. I'd suggest keeping the decision to yourself though.

karsk, if I was going to recommend anyone to investigate tonight, it'd be RenardFox. He's been really passively supportive the entire game, and given the previous mafia's playstyles I'm just quite suspicious of him. Truth be told there's a lot of gut feeling in it, but if nothing else it's still a townie cleared, assuming you hopefully live for tonight.

Any protective roles that might still be alive for whatever reason, looking after karsk would be lovely thanks.

I still won't off anyone tonight without a town consensus, if we can reach one.