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Alternate Roleplay Ideas
I voted Sci-Fi for the same reason as Ciel did Medieval. That and I'm in a space mood.

Mass Effect
If ME3 is like 2 (Which I'm hoping it isn't; I'm hoping they break the limits and make it even better than 2, fucking with the laws of possible in the process) then yes you'll probably be able to make key choices from the first two with your new Shepard. There's absoloutely no reason why you should take this option over importing a save file. For starters you won't get choices and actions you made in the first two games coming back to see you again in a new blaze of glory or potential bullet in yo face, so there's something, and your Shepard will be less fleshed out than one who's saved the galaxy twice already. But most importantly as has been said in here the choices are not the same on a menu as they are in game. If thanks to the magic of tvtropes like myself you happen to get a preview of what one or two choices will be, you might think that you can make them in advance, easy to make with them all lined up in front of you. THEY. ARE. NOT. And damn it it's much much better that way.

So yeah, still advocating whole trilogy here.

Introduction Thread
Welcome to our funhouse Byakko! Here's hoping you have yourself an enjoyable time~

V5 Concepts Thread
Hey guys remember those vague ideas I had a while back? Well put your hands back in your pants cause UPDATE TIME SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE

Names are really just placeholders for the most part right now.

Ryan Banks

Caucasian sandy blonde with a sexy pair of glasses (Bad enough vision that without them reading is pretty much impossible barring some serious squinting, but not so bad that he's gonna walk into any trees) and track team enthusiast (If someone could help me out whether track and field athletes tend to focus on either sprint or long distance or working at both is fairly common please let me know). Introverted type, NOT the same as antisocial as I'm sure plenty of you know but is generally quite quiet in the conversations unless being spoken to directly. Doesn't mean he doesn't have his share of friends to go by mind, not in part hurt by his considerably good looking features but sorry ladies he's only into guys. (Though instead of entering pre-game with a boyfriend already I'm more interested in scoping one out through RP so no need to pm me over that thanks!) However he's not that confident about his sexuality and is largely concerned about what effect it might have if it reached the wrong people or became a factor in his sports participation (If I'm right in my reading this wouldn't be so big a concern for Seattle at large but still it's not that much an unusual thing to be worried about if you're not confident in it) so he's only come out to a very select few people, family may or may not be included. Would like to consider becoming a full time athlete but possibly not qualified enough to make that leap. Also may or may not have a twin sibling depending on if anyone would be interested in handling such a person; background's fairly basic right now so plenty of flexibility in how it goes about.

Alex King
(Ta Iz for confirming that that's a valid surname)

Caucasian brunette with a perky little ski cap wherever she can get away with wearing one. Like Ryan, she's also quite to herself most of the time. Unlike Ryan, however, it's not that she's just that way; instead she's got some pretty bad social skills going for her (Details of what this comes out as still in the deliberation pool so we don't have an overly quiet Lucy Ashmore again or an impossibly rude type either). She's trying very hard to overcome these and learn how to get along with people better, making weekly trips to the school councillor (presuming there is one, which I'm guessing yes but just to be safe) to help deal with her self isolating behaviour (Whether she was always this way or an event recently brought it to face is also still in the making, but given the school year the game will probably be set in I'm leaning to the latter but all concept phase anyway). Outside of her social life she's an avid astronomer (Unless writing that turns out to be more complex than I know how to) but doesn't make a song and dance about it (unless she ends up being an attention whore type) cause she thinks that people will just cite it as another reason to call her weird. Fairly plain under that cap, as far as looks go, and skinny.

David Denim (Most placeholdery name of them all)

The non-introvert because for the life of me I need to write someone with an active social life for once who isn't borderline insane. Sandy blonde Caucasian like Ryan, though without all his athlete muscles or good looks. Artist of some variety, probably the visual medium, and all around friendly outgoing guy. Definitely the least defined of the three and most prone to incineration if necessary to be replaced.

Working with just three this time round cause four characters gives me a headache. Opinions would be just wonderful and frankly kinda necessary considering all the footnotes I've shoved in here.

Mass Effect
There is definitely a bit of a quality jump between 1 and 2, but 1 is still perfectly fun in its own right.

Mass Effect
Mass Effect on a whole is worth getting I've found after recently getting both in the steam summer sale (And I used to be jaded and cynical so yay persuasion), and that saves transfer effect really is something that makes the whole trilogy worth playing. Being able to make choices several key plot points that make for different experiences (Not entirely different game worthy mind, but still plenty worth it) each run makes playing through the entire trilogy rather than select bits definitely worth it.

'Second Chances' (Interest Check)
I do not make any objections to anyone using Alice Boucher as long as storyspoiler is happy for them to.

Bayview's cafeteria must be awfully picky about who it sells food to.

Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread

Posted Image

V5 Relationship Chart
Full line for current relationship, broken line for former relationship; colour denotes the quality of the relationship, broken or existing.

Works on both a frienship and a romance level.

V5 Relationship Chart
Ideally it'd be great if we could host this on some variety of public program so everyone could edit their relationships in themselves to maintain accuracy, but for the life of me I've no idea if such a program exists.

V5 Relationship Chart
Romance Chart, Friendship Chart and Affiliate Chart? (For things like same club members)

V5 Relationship Chart
And then if we really wanted to we could combine all them different charts into one garbled mess for mass student view or something of the like.

V5 Relationship Chart
Adding more colours than there's already going to be for different friendship levels does run the risk of making the chart even even harder to read than it already chances at though, unfortunately.

V5 Relationship Chart
So we're talking something like this, but with SOTF V5?

Cause that'd kick ass.

V5 News
I'm just lovin' the escape plan changes; the ambiguity just makes them ten times more exciting!

Introduction Thread
Welcome Widespread. Hope your time with us is filled with whimsical hallucinations and partial nudity.

Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
Twenty four hours can end early.

Maybe my different style of play is due to the mounting pressure of all these votes when I had far less of a believed sure card than I did when I was vigilante in NMH mafia (Kill immunity was suspicious enough to start me up, especially since my aim at Vinny was due to already not trusting him). Maybe I'm just having a jerkass phase, who knows, but I'm sorry if it's starting to make anyone's game feel unpleasant on a meta level.

Unfortunately though it seems I'm as far as wits will allow me to go and no amount of arguing is really going to help me anymore. Why you want to hear more from me when you have six pages of reference to go on just strikes me as wanting me to waste more time for the town, so I'm just going to throw out my card and that'll be the last you hear of me in this phase and quite possibly the rest of the game if I die any time soon. Pretty likely under the circumstances.

I choose you! Go...

Posted Image

Froslass! You're Pokemon #478! You tend to freeze your opponents in an icy prison. Thats why you're the TOWN ROLEBLOCKER.

Once each night, you can PM me the name of one player you want to block, preventing them from acting out their night actions! You win with the Town once all threats have been eliminated.

Last night I targeted Rocky. At the time of doing so I neglected to remember that he had claimed townie, and I believed at the time that targeting a potential mafia member would be meaningless as long as the hitman was still alive. If Namira was a roleblocker, I suspect she would have targeted me but again I was in a fairly cornered position and not necessarily thinking totally clearly.

There you have it, now you just have to decide who's faking their PM. It's either me, or the one who's, yep just bringing this back up again, been pointed out by a claimed cop as not town.


Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
Right, except people were still considering you scummy before I started 'twisting your words'.

And since you apparently want me to counter 'you're evasive and selective and scummy' every single post, I don't see why you should get to be exempt.

And since people are still reading without commenting and this cannot move forwards as long as they are, this shall be my last post for the next twenty four hours.

Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
Except people had already come to the conclusion that you were being pushy on their own and were considering it scummy without me reminding people today.

And you just spent two pages repeatedly pointing at me as evasive and selective in my arguing after being outed as anti-town by a cop; you tell me what to call that.