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Pokemon Mafia: Game Thread
A risky approach, but darned better than doing nothing and letting the mafia make the first move.


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Cook Until Done
((Alice Boucher continued from Lonely Soup))

Alice Boucher was not a team player.

Back in France, she had the luxury of working with friends in cooking class, and even if she didn't see them as nearly half as skilled as she was around a stove, they were smart enough to do what she said in class, whether they liked it or not. Usually the deal was that they'd prepare the ingredients, and she'd turn it into something delicious, and everyone would get marked just fine for her culinary triumphs.

But here? Oh no, nothing like that. Here, she had to co-operate with these American morons, who were probably just looking for the fastest way out of class, or the quickest way to shove fat into the meal. Frankly, she would be surprised if they could tell a fork from a spoon. Unfortunately though, as much as she hated it, she had no choice if she wanted to keep learning cooking, and so she grudged through her days trying her best not to flip out and give everyone a well deserved tongue lashing.

Today's lesson in American fattening was, to Alice's displeasure, making pizzas. God forbid they go for something adventurous: someone might have a heart attack if a dish came anywhere near a vegetable, after all! The stuffy and uncomfortable temperature of the classroom didn't help Alice's mood, and to top it all off pizzas were one of the few things she couldn't prepare with undeniable perfection!

Of course, she'd be able to make one far better than anyone else in the class; she didn't have any doubts in that. However, no matter how much she denied it, pizza was never a dish she'd had much practice in, and now she had to learn fast before the rest of her group screwed it all up without her guidance and ruined her marks!

Looking around, she scowled as she saw the rest of the people in her team preparing the ingredients for the sauce; she had been able to understand between their idiot slang that they had left her to take charge of the sauce when the ingredients were ready, so for now she was standing around waiting for the rabble to finish cutting up as slowly as possibly whilst the dough waited restlessly to the side.

As she stood there doing nothing, occasionally glancing around the others in her group to see if they were any closer to being done, she took the opportunity to watch the other teams to stave off her boredom. Finding problems with her merciless criticisms in every group she looked at, she found herself particularly entertained as a tiny girl struggled to even cut an onion properly. The fact that the table was covered in flour as well did not serve to impress Alice in one little bit, and she couldn't help but let out a cold, cruel laugh as she watched her onion induced tears, continuing to mock her even as another member of her group came and saved the day.

V3: Endgame

A Night to Remember
This was it; she couldn't go on any longer. There was no doubt in her mind that she didn't ever want to do anything to hurt Chadd, but she knew she couldn't keep it inside her forever. He was the most wonderful guy she had ever known, and he deserved the truth. In fact he deserved more than that: he deserved her eternal love and devotion. She couldn't offer that right now, with this terrible secret buried deep within her heart; she had to fix it, for his sake.

"Fine, I'll tell you." she answered him weakly, sounding much more hostile than she had meant to. Turning away from him, she bit her lower lip nervously as it trembled between her teeth, keeping tightly shut in an attempt to stop her from breaking Chadd's heart. She didn't want to talk ever again, because she knew the moment that she did she would ruin everything. There would be no more nights out racing, no more day trips to restaurants or theme parks, no more nothing. They would end, there and there, the moment she opened her mouth.

But he deserved better than that.

It was for his sake that she had to talk, not for her own. No matter how much she wanted to be with him forever and always, in a blissful dating wonderland, Chadd had a right to know just how awful she really was. It didn't matter whether or not she regretted it; the fact was that she had done it. She had ruined everything for one reckless night of drunken passion. He deserved to know everything.

"It was at that party, the one you couldn't make..." she muttered, her voice getting quieter as she spoke on the oft chance that Chadd couldn't hear her in the silent night air. "A guy I don't know, he got all over me...I was drunk."

Her eyes were clenching as she spoke, because she knew that even if she had whispered it as quietly as she could Chadd would've heard. The words were practically forming in front of her, clear as the stars in the black sky. It was hard to continue, but the words seemed to be forcing themselves out.

In an instant, she ruined everything.

"I slept with him." she whispered, as tears fell down her face. "I'm sorry..."

Pokemon Mafia: Game Thread
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A Night to Remember
Janet cuddled up to Chadd, looking at him whilst lying in the hammock underneath the starry night sky. Her heart knew love for Chadd Crossen, as he was the only guy she wanted to be with, but her mind knew that she had betrayed him in a truly horrible way.

Why? Why did she have to cheat on him? He didn't deserve that, and like hell she wanted to hurt him! That little bastard, he had ruined everything! Their perfect night, ruined!

And what about Chadd? He hadn't said anything, but could he be catching on? Ridiculous as it sounded, Janet's distressed mind wasn't above that paranoia. She could practically see it in his eyes: he was staring at her, disappointed at her betrayal, his eyes asking: why?

No, that was ridiculous. Chadd had no way of knowing what was going on. And that was awful.

"Chadd..." she finally said, looking into his lovely eyes. "Thank you for tonight. I love you, really."
She smiled weakly, trying to remember every reason she had stayed with Chadd all these years. He was smart, funny, kind, sexy, exciting; he was perfect. He deserved a perfect girlfriend, and right now she was far from it.

Hesitantly, she took in a small breath, shutting her eyes whilst trying to maintain her courage. "Would you love me, no matter what?" she asked, fearing his answer. She had probably given away that something was up there, but she couldn't keep hiding it from him forever. Even if it ruined the evening he had worked so hard to put together, and even if he did leave her for it, he deserved perfection. She wanted to be perfect to make him happy, because she wanted the two of them to have a perfect life together. Deep down, she appreciated that it was a bit young to be thinking about such things, but for now she had no intentions of leaving Chadd Crossen's side.

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A Night to Remember
((Janet Claymont continued from Closing Time))

Janet giggled as Chadd led her way through the trees, dragging her by the arm as she struggled to keep up with him in her unfamiliar high heels. She had to admit that she wasn't expecting something so romantic, even from the wonderful Chadd Crossen: the stars in the sky and the cool night air, coupled with their private time together was a wonderful thing he'd made for them both.

Led to the hammock, Janet looked at Chadd with a cheeky grin. She chuckled at his remark, whilst kicking off her shoes, letting out a sigh of relief as she was freed from the uncomfortable footwear, and then jumped into the hammock ahead of him as best as she could with the long dress on. After a few moments of effort, she finally navigated her way into a comfortable position and then turned onto her side to look at her boyfriend.

"Boy, there sure is a lot of room in here." she said, smiling suggestively at him. "Why don't you come join me?" she continued, running her finger invitingly along the fabric. He had definitely thought of the best way to end the Prom night; lying down under the starts with him felt just right.

Looking at his handsome, kind face, made Janet's heart tingle with warmth; sadly, it was still heavy with guilt throughout it all.

What was she doing, accepting Chadd's kindness like this? She wondered how she could keep hiding that secret from him, as her eyes drifted nervously down away from his face, the smile on her face shrinking slightly. She couldn't keep lying to him like she was forever: he deserved better. But he had put so much effort into it all, how could she break his heart like that?

Damn that rat bastard! He was ruining her perfect evening!

Enjoy the Movie
Janet shrugged, blowing air out of her lips in a raspy sound of disinterest: fuck knows where this guy had seen her before, and fuck if she cared. Her priority was still to get through this queue as fast as possible so that she could go back to wasting away her afternoon doing absolutely nothing fun whatsoever.

"I don't know sir." she answered honestly, though the lack of enthusiasm squirmed its way into her tone. Moving her head to the side, she looked behind him and was reminded that the queue was not empty, and that she still had people to serve, much to her dismay. There weren't many left at all now, but damn if she had any enthusiasm left at all.

"Please move aside sir, there's a line behind you." she told Josh blankly, pointing her finger at the people behind him to illustrate her point. She really couldn't sit there all day and have a random conversation: her boss could show up at any moment. Actually, that wouldn't be so bad, because then maybe he'd see he'd only staffed one freakin' ticket girl to serve the entire theatre.

"Enjoy the movie." she continued carelessly, not bothering to pay attention to whether or not he had heeded her request to move, instead returning to doodling idly on a piece of paper. She knew that she was hardly being a model employee, but once again she lacked any motivation to give a damn.

"Next!" she called up, not taking her eyes up off her meaningless scribbles, save to drift her vision over her iPhone and discover that Chadd had yet to text her back, causing a small sigh to emanate from her lips.

Finally, she put her pencil down with a light clack and turned her attention back up to the queue, raising an eyebrow at the person in front of her, as if to say 'get on with it already.'

World Domination
Slamexo stared out of the windows of Buckingham Palace, the streets below him afire with the flames of war. He let out a small sigh.

This is what he got for trusting people not to stab him in the back. First those damn communists, who he was comfortable to believe would leave him alone if he didn't go after their lands, then those damn penguins and polar bears, who he had even tried to make peace with. As soon as one turned the knife, the other got greedy and drove it in.

"How did this happen?" he wondered, watching the streets beneath him being pelted with Penguin Bombs as the citizens ran around frantically, screaming and cradling their children in their arms, their blissful dream state turned into a nightmare. "Why?"

"Sir, your helicopter is here." a worried voice announced behind him, having just appeared in the doorway. "We need to retreat now."
"Jason." he said airily, turning away from the carnage behind him. "Do we know now never to trust the arctic creatures?" he smirked slightly; it was a tired smirk.
"It would seem they're resistant to mind control sir, yes."
Slamexo chuckled a little, and began walking towards his assistant, when realisation struck. "What did you say?"
"The mind control sir, in the crates of tuna. I guess it didn't work."

For a moment, Slamexo just stared at him, mouth dropped slightly. Then his face contorted, his cheeks flushing red, and he ran across the room, hand reaching for Jason, who even whilst wearing those sunglasses you could tell that his eyes had widened with surprise. He grabbed him across the throat and with a mighty roar, lifted him off the ground and threw him across the office, finishing with him crashing onto the war table, scattering the soldiers everywhere. Within seconds, Slamexo was above him once again, shoving a gun against his temple and almost choking him.

"You tried to mind control the penguins?! WHY THE FUCK DID YOU DO THAT?!"
"It was orders sir!" he begged. "One of the guys upstairs said those were your orders! Weren't they?"
It had only been a few seconds, but Jason had started crying at this point, terrified for his life at the hands of his boss with a gun pressed against his head. "Please sir! I have a family! You know that! I must have misheard you!"

Jason wept beneath the gun, certain of his death. In his feeble state, all he could do was beg for his life. "Please..."
It seemed beyond doubt that Slamexo was going to blow his head off, given the intense look of hatred in his eyes. However, he did not pull the trigger. After the scariest minute in Jason's life, Slamexo pulled the gun away, stuffing it back into its holster under his armpit. Slowly, he paced his way back to the window.

"There's no point killing you now Jason. The blood of this country is on your hands, as well as most of our men. Right now, I need everyone with the experience I can find."
Cradling his throat and coughing slightly, Jason looked up at his boss in disbelief. Was he really letting him live?
"However. If you so much as get my coffee wrong from now on, I will make you wish you were dead. Remember Project Ellison, Jason."
Any white left on Jason's face drained, as he nodded solemnly to his boss. "Sir, what about the Queen?" he finally uttered, after a moment of silence.

Turning around with a look at Jason with utter boredom, Slamexo growled once more, causing Jason to reel in fear. "I am up shifting what little men I have out of this country to my small force back on the Canary Islands. Do you think I care what happens to the Queen of England, Jason?"
"But sir, she's overheard all our plans! What if she spills to the enemy?" he desperately uttered, trying to re-establish his worth. Slamexo still did not look impressed.
"Fine. If you want to go get a gun, unlock all the doors down in her cell in the dungeon, put a bullet in her head, and get back here before I take the helicopter away without you? Be my guest."
Jason gulped; he felt stupid once again.
"Good. Now let's get out of here."

As they walked down the hallway to the helipad, the explosions from outside rocked the hallways. Jason struggled to keep from tripping over, keeping up with Slamexo's poised body, only seeing the scar running down the back of Slamexo's head. He really had fucked things over this time, hadn't he? He'd doomed his entire country. Even the kids back home! Were they safe?! As if he was reading his thoughts, Slamexo spoke once more. "The penguins were probably planning this from day one, Jason. You fucked up, and I stand by what I said, but I can't guarantee we were safe. Slimy bastards, you can't take their word for anything." he said, not looking back whilst doing so.

Stepping up into their helicopter with one of their few loyal men left piloting, Slamexo looked down at the burning streets below for the last time as it took off. How would this country fare under the control of penguins? Considering their brutal war tactics of firing missiles until stuff stopped firing back, probably not very favourably. Oh sure, he had kept the Queen of England in a cage for the past few weeks, but that was only until she spilled all her war secrets. That, and Slamexo liked having someone to talk to that wasn't always kissing his arse. He was hardly as brutal as these birds.

"Send a distress call out the second we get there." he ordered, turning to Jason sat next to him. "Get all our troops in Africa back home, and send a message to any of the other global forces. Tell them we're willing to destroy our mind control technology and follow their orders in exchange for troops."
"But sir.." Jason began.
"Shut up, Jason." he sighed, wearily.

As they flew across the country, heading out towards the sea, Slamexo rolled his head back into the helicopter's seat. Things were going to get very hard from here on out.

2 Squads to F3
8 Squads from G2 to F3
6 Squads from G3 to F3

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Closing Time
((Janet Claymont continued from The Dance Must go on!))

This night was supposed to be perfect, but it wasn't.

Janet had been managing to keep up a façade of having fun for Chadd's sake the entire evening now, her hollow smile plastered on her face like a shiny poster on a decrepit building. She had wanted to enjoy herself on her and Chadd's most special evening, but the secret of her cheating on him had been eating away at her insides all night, growing more and more malignant each time she looked into his happy, perfect eyes.

"I love you too." she whispered back honestly, as she danced slowly in his embrace. Behind his head, she peered up to the clock hung high on the wall in front of her, noting that the evening was due to be over soon. Knowing their school, the ending would probably be pretty anti-climatic compared to everything else that had gone on that night. Frankly, she wasn't desperate to hang around for it: they'd already had their picture taken, so the only thing left to do was dance the night away, and her heavy heart was weighing down her dancing too much to care about it anymore.

"Chadd..." she whispered once again, pulling back to look at him sadly in the eyes, trying her best to still look happy. "Let's run away." she smiled, attempting to mask her misery with an impish smile. "Let's just take off early."

She didn't want to be at the prom anymore; she'd had fun whilst she could, but now the place was just too depressing for her to stick around, keeping up her lie to Chadd. She just wanted to get somewhere else, where the two could be together in peace, where her mind could think about something else.

She smiled up at him, her feelings for him taking all importance of the matter. She would go wherever he went that evening, because she loved him with all her heart.

((Janet Claymont continued in A Night to Remember))

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