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A Wild Beard Appears; A Pathfinder Experience
Journal of Aeta Tideturner

Iíve been pretty bad too busy at keeping this up to date, and I've forgotten some of the details with all the concussions and hangovers thatís been going on, so this next partís not got much in it. Whatever, thatís what the ghost writerís there to do, fill in the blanks and make me sound appropriately awesome (Not that thatís hard.)


After we arrested one of the women who tried and failed to ambush us, she pointed us back towards the Bloody Bride. I knew that that ship was hiding things the first time I set foot on it, so this didnít surprise me one bit.

As we boarded the ship, ready to arrest one of its crew members for being connected to Tost, he of course tried to resist arrest. Me and Orebic made short work of him, of course, and before he could blink half his men had been put down and he was in custody next to his girlfriend. Not for long, however, since I made sure their cells were spaced out so they could suffer properly. as they should in jail

Then we got a letter addressed to us posted through the guards door, asking us to come to a meeting that night at the Three Spears Tavern. It sounded like my kind of place, but I could tell that there was a trap in store, but as we had no other leads we decided that the best option was to spring it because that had worked so well for us so far.

At the tavern, a woman (I forget her name or if she even said it) offered us evidence on the captain of the Bloody Brideís crimes in exchange for us letting her go. I thought that we should have captured her, but Orebic was more interested in getting the evidence. A risky move, but she had left before I had a chance to spear her anyway. Never mind, we had enough proof to arrest the head of the ship and left without anymore stupid things happening.

Then we went and arrested him, as we had no reason not to. He gave a pretty compelling reason for why he was, in fact, being blackmailed (Iím not going to spill his secret in here, so you can just make up some exciting reason for it), but I suggested we arrest him anyway unless his blackmailer get suspicious, a wise idea that everyone agreed on.

At that point the guards revealed they had been doing there own raid, getting hurt for no reason in the process instead of just waiting for us to do all their heavy lifting. We went to the scene of their fight, where a huge hole had been torn through the floor, and found a secret passageway that led into the sewers. We followed a trail that led us to the basement of some warehouse, a bunch of traps were hidden around, but not doing any lasting harm they were harmless against our group. Upstairs, we were ambushed by another set of bandits, including the first halfling Iíd seen since I left home, and the same bastard with a crossbow we kept running into. I almost felt bad about having to spear the halfling, but Iíve since realised that I just miss the halfling lifestyle a bit, not that I have problems killing other halflings but not humans. The man with the crossbow got away again, hidden up in the rafters, and one guy with a greatsword really put the hurt on Keila, but we took him into custody as the jail cells kept on filling up.

Unfortunately, the next day the same man was released by some sissy spineless wimp from the Jarl on a technicality. I put him down as he properly deserved, but then he started to make petty threats at Markus. It just proved me right, but still.

After that, we went on a stakeout of an unrelated incident. We found a medal that was related to the North, and a woman who put down three people by herself but we saved none the less, and then we returned to the base. It was pretty irrelevant, on the whole.

Itís probably not worth putting into a story, but youíre the writer here.

All that remained to do now was to capture Tost and finally put an end to this pirate ring that weíd wound up in.

Honorable mention because I clearly imagined this one.

Solo Q

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An eggcelent display for only my 4th Anivia game.

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My favorite part was Rengar was finally going to kill me for the first time, except I pulled off a teleggscape. Rengar went "WHAAAT?!" in allchat, with a "BAAAAI!" from moi.