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Now I'm radioactive! That can't be good!
((Alex King continued from Scavengers))

The only reason that Alex had been moving quicker than Cassandra for the entire hike was that she was more determined. Even though her lungs were burning like hellfire, sweat soaked her forehead and her face had since turned a desperate shade of crimson red, her mind was as focused and prepared as ever. Her body ached from the long hike, and her skin ached under the summer sun, no doubt made worse by her stubborn choice of clothing, but she just kept running the plans in her head to distract herself from the face that she fucking hated goddamn hiking with a burning oh god was this fucking trip ever going to FUCKING END?!

When they reached the nuclear plant, Alex had wanted to keep going so that she could get to know her surroundings, in spite of her exhausted state. Her legs however, which were more than ready to buckle on her if she didn’t sit down already, disagreed with that plan. Thankfully, Cassandra actually had the good enough idea in her otherwise retarded life to suggest they stop, which meant that Alex didn’t have to suggest they stop. That way, she could blame someone else for the delay in the execution of her master escape plan. At least, she could if she still had enough energy to give a shit about blaming people.

“Whatever.” She muttered in between gasps for air, supporting herself against the wall of the office block as she breathed in and out. God knew that she didn’t want to keep carrying around both bags like this, and since she had the fucking sense to own a rucksack instead of one of those piddly ass tiny purses, she’d probably be okay shoving everything in there. Really, she should’ve been smart enough to think of that to begin with, a thought that just made her lungs ache more for the extra effort.

Finally, she gained enough of her breath back that she could afford to keep moving a little longer. She didn’t bother to check in the windows, as Adam had done before her, but instead moved straight to the door and forced it open with as little grace as humanly possible. Right now, the only important thing in her life, apart from getting off of death island, was getting some goddamn R&R.

"Let's just find somewhere to take a fucking sit down, already."

SOTF Grand Map of Doom!
That's pretty flippin' impressive.

D&D 4e: Funhavers! Interest Check Thread
On thinking it over no I'd probably be better off not signing up for this.

D&D 4e: Funhavers! Interest Check Thread
In like Flynn. oh Dom did it first.

Still in. Would like to be a defender or a leader, but slight preference for the former.

“Okay, so this is where we are now.” Alex pointed out on the map, as Cassandra headed over to her. “And I’m looking here, here, and - well, just those two.”

The first place she had pointed to was the nuclear reactor. What a nuclear reactor was doing on such a tiny island like this was a total mystery, but where there was a nuclear reactor, there were a few things she could probably take advantage of. Unlike a communications tower, removing everything she could use from the building would’ve been a lot harder, if not out and out impossible. Unfortunately, her knowledge of nuclear physics was fuck-all, but she didn’t need to know anything about the science to get what she had planned done.

The second place was, unlike the nuclear reactor, much larger, and located outdoors. It would basically be the alternative setting of her first plan, except a lot more risky to take advantage of it. The good news was that, unlike anywhere else on the island, the terrorists had absolutely no fucking way of screwing up this plan. Hell, she could see what she needed out through the communication tower’s window.

“So, yeah, that’s where I’m going. Unless you want to sit here and wait for ‘inevitable deaths’, you should come with.” She said as she gathered up her map, barely even weaving more than a basic sarcastic tone in to her words. She was too focused on her full-proof escape plan to be bitter to Cassandra at the moment, and as that previous encounter had demonstrated, she at least helped in getting rid of people, if not getting shot instead of her. Whether Cassandra actually wanted to follow her, or was just going to wallow in her own hypocritical negativity, was up to her.

As she headed to the control tower’s door, she dug her arm into her own backpack to make sure she still had the key part of the whole scheme. As if her luck couldn’t keep improving in the middle of a kidnapping/murder, both it and her pack of Marlboros were still stored in the bag. It would be a gift from the terrorist bastards that they’d definitely regret giving her.

((Alex King continued in Now I'm radiocative! That can't be good!))

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If you're interested I could always use more feedback on Gabriella's death.

Oh yeah, and the stuff that happened before it. You should be able to find a link to that in my sig.

Alex breathed out a quiet sigh of relief as the two girls on the other side of the door left.

“There, see? Full of shit.” She said to Cassandra, making as much of a show of dropping her guard, relaxing, and strutting back towards her map as possible, as Megan shouted insults from beyond the door. The fact that she was safe for a moment longer was one less headache to worry about, and considering the two that were leaving on the other side of the door, she was doing pretty well. There was no reason to let Cassandra in on the fact that she had just been shitting herself and spoil it all.

Yes, the fact that Megan had taken rejection so poorly just proved what she’d thought. If she thought shouting petty insults was the way to get things done, then she’d be totally useless as a teammate. She hadn’t even been trying that hard to get in, so it was doubtful that they really wanted a look inside. After all, Cassandra could’ve been lying out of her ass about the room being empty, and they could’ve been lying out of their asses about having a plan that involved the communication equipment. Hell, she could’ve just saved them both from a nasty ambush, so Cassandra should've been grateful as shit.

Anyway, they were gone now, and she could get back to her plan. Getting back on the ground to scour her map again, she continued running the numbers in her head. With any luck, even if she never had such a thing, she could be back home by tomorrow.

This was total bullshit.

Alex had started walking over to the door herself, moving to mirror Megan’s position by pressing herself against the wall next the door. “They’re full of shit.” She had muttered to Cassandra as she passed her by.

It wasn’t like giving out their names was going to make them all suddenly BFF’s who weren’t supposed to be murdering each other. It would be stupid to start acting all buddy buddy, not to mention completely meaningless, and as such she had no intention of doing so.

With her own back against the wall, she gripped the handle of her knife as she looked to Cassandra, holding up a hand to indicate that she should wait a moment. She didn’t want to let them in, and she didn’t need the retarded Cassandra to think that that was her intention. No, against the wall she at least had the element of surprise if they came in guns blazing. She didn’t want to have to stab anyone, but, in all fairness, she didn’t want to get shot up either. If people weren’t going to respect her wishes, well then that was their price to pay for.

Cassandra, meanwhile, was probably screwed if they tried that. Hey, at least Alex could stab them whilst they were busy shooting Cassandra.

Her chain of thought was starting to sound as bullshitty as the situation they found herself in. The hand that held her knife was already trembling as the danger sunk in, and she’d probably get shot before she even had a chance to stab once. All she could hope for was that it wouldn’t come to that, and even if it did, then maybe she’d at least get a chance to fuck someone’s day up first.

“Fuck off!” she shouted out through the door, before turning back to look at Cassandra, letting her take the next move.

June Midmonth Rolls
Gabriella Parker has left her body.

Leave My Body
Even with the ringing still fresh in her ears, she heard the gun shots. As blurred as her vision was getting, she saw the gun go off. As numb as her body was becoming, she felt every bullet shred into her form.

She kept screaming as the gunshots tore through her flesh in a cascade of blood and gore. The fire in her chest spread throughout her body, incinerating her with pain as skin, muscle and bone gave way under the hail of gunfire. The bullets forced her back, almost over the railing and plummeting to the ground below. That would’ve been too easy though; instead she found herself forced to slump down, forced to endure the process of bleeding rather than the quick death gravity could’ve given her.

Reduced to nothing more than a bleeding body against a wall, she went limp. She couldn’t raise her head anymore, not even to look at her murderer. She couldn’t move any part of her, no matter how hard she tried, and her thoughts were becoming muter by the second. The light began to fade from her vision, as her fingers twitched with futility, as if they could grip on to some last shred of hope. She couldn’t even breathe.

As the weight of her own death bore down on her mind, the last part of her conscious clawed desperately at the walls, screeching madly for a plan, or something that could save her, or for someone to finally help her so she didn't have to go out like this, so pointlessly. All it wanted was just one last shred of control.

It struggled relentlessly, but it was all for naught. Try as she might to save herself from a death she did nothing to deserve, Gabriella Parker bled out, and died.

G028: Gabriella "Gabby" Parker – Deceased
150 Students Remaining

Leave My Body
Blood. She could feel it pouring out onto her shirt, staining her once fashionable tunic top a filthy red. She reached up to press down on the wound, to stop the blood from flowing, but all she could do was palm at it feebly and stain her hand red too.

She had been shot right in the chest. Her ears were still ringing, and Theo was still standing there, holding the gun, but she couldn't see any of that anymore. All she knew was that her chest felt like it was on fire, her heart was beating a thousand miles a minute, and she couldn’t catch her breath anymore even if she tried.

She had collapsed onto the railing, barely supporting herself with a single trembling arm, as her blood dripped onto the ground below her. Her body wouldn’t stop shaking, and her chest felt like it was about to collapse in on itself, falling straight in on the bullet that was lodged in her ribcage. Any fear that she had felt as a victim of Survival of the Fittest couldn't even compare to the hell she felt right there and then.

“Why?” Gabby finally said, lifting her head to look straight at Theo with her rapidly dwindling strength. Her legs refused to buckle, even as her body suffocated under the pooling blood in her chest, and she kept staring straight at him. She had to focus on it, otherwise she couldn't see him anymore. “Why do this?”

Tears were running from her eyes, and her hair tangled around her face as it became harder and harder to stand up. It was only a matter of time before she fell over, never to get up again, but she couldn’t even think that far ahead anymore. All she could think of was the murderer stood in front of her: the one who had killed her, her dreams, and made everyone she loved suffer for it.

Leave My Body
“Stop it, just put the gun down.”

She was losing her cool, faster than Theo was losing his. He wasn’t listening to reason, he was being a hypocrite, and his own reasoning was terrible. She couldn’t get him to stop just by talking, at least not in either of their current states of mind. She was out of options; he was going to shoot her, and she'd die.

Everything that would happen afterwards, she couldn’t stop. Her parents would see their daughter die, Cho would find out that she was dead, her little brothers would have to live with her death growing up, the world would be denied her musical genius, and most important, she’d die!

Her mind searched desperately for an angle she could exploit, anything that he had already said that she could take advantage of. Playing logic wasn’t working, playing for sympathy wasn’t working, and she couldn’t sound any more forceful than she already was. There wasn’t anything she could do, and she was going to die!

“Just put the gun down!”

Those screams for help that had been locked in her mind to retain control, to appear as in charge of her life as she’d always wanted to be, had finally broken through.

Cassandra was contradicting herself faster than a US Senator. All her criticism of Alex's negativity followed straight up with announcing how they were all going to die, just because a bunch of terrorists stole an airplane, put bombs around their neck and told everyone that they’d die if they didn’t start killing? Alex would’ve laughed at it, if it wasn’t so goddamn annoying.

Alex had read her share of psychology pages on Wikipedia during the lonely hours spent staring at her laptop screen. Milgram, Zimbardwo, stuff like that about how everyone would kill each other just because someone told them to. She’d never bought into that sort of thing, or indeed, psychology in general. People were their own people, and didn’t all act the same way just because some artificial situations said they do. By all inner city statistics, she should’ve been some drug popping junkie who was in a gang and cutting up bluds.

Whatever Cassandra thought was going to happen, be that mass murder or whatever, she didn’t buy into it. People were going to do things their own way and, as much as everyone at Aurora sucked, she didn't know many who'd out and out murder. Of course, she still planned on doing things her own way too, and she was going to get the fuck out of there ASAP.

Cassandra could talk all she wanted about leaving, anyway. If she did, then Alex just wouldn’t have to decide for herself if she needed to keep her around or not, and that’d save her one more headache. If she decided to stay, then she could just laugh at how she kept contradicting herself. It had suddenly become a win-win situation, which, given the circumstances, was about due.

She was looking over the map on the ground again, an idea taking shape in her brain, when she heard Cassandra calling back about the incoming strangers.

Shit; she wasn’t prepared for that.

She grabbed her knife out of her pocket, getting back to her feet and staring at the door. Bella called back through the door, but she didn’t buy into it. Cassandra wasn’t meant to be there in the first place, she was just putting up with it because she couldn’t be bothered to get rid of her. Letting more people in would only be more people to put up with.

“Don’t let them in, we don’t need company.”

Leave My Body
It wasn’t working; he was getting closer and closer to pulling that trigger, and that would be her end. As her death loomed ever closer, beads of sweat began to trickle down Gabriella’s forehead.

She was running out of ideas. He wasn’t going to back down just because it made sense to; he was set on killing her. The only thing that would stop him is if she came up with something that would change the situation, make it so that her death won’t just be over with and be something that he would regret. Gabriella Parker was not someone you could just kill and then walk away from, and she was going to make that clear if it was the last thing she ever did.

“I have two little brothers.” She said. “You kill me, and you’re killing their big sister.” She didn’t know if it would be enough; everyone in school had to have family of some sort, so she was hardly unique. But it was still something that changed the context: she had ties on the earth, and people would be traumatised by her death. Plenty of people would be, but people always liked little kids. She didn’t want her brothers to know that she died, anyway: they were pains, but they were her little brothers and there was no reason why should they have to live through her death. There was no reason her parents should have to try to explain to them what had happened, try to understand themselves what had happened.

It didn't feel like enough, but it was all she could offer. Killing her would be the worst thing that Theodore could ever hope to do, but her little brothers were the only things she could think of with a gun pointed in her face and a gunman who looked ready to open fire.

“Just put down the gun already.” She repeated. It was so hot out there, the cool breeze long replaced with an unbearable inferno of panic. “Put it down, and we’ll forget this ever happened.”

Leave My Body
No. That was his only response. All she got. A simple declaration of the fact that, yes, he was definitely going to murder her, and unless she acted quickly, or someone came along to save her, she was going to die. Gabby didn’t like putting her faith in other people, so her life was in her own hands.

She wished she knew his name, so that she could talk to him easier, but she didn’t. She didn't even know anything about him. This guy was a perfect stranger: not a part of her crowd, and she wasn’t a part of his. If this had never happened, they would’ve never even met each other, and that would be that. It was as good as getting murdered out in an alley in the middle of the night by some bastard who just wanted to make a few dollars. It wasn’t her fault, she hadn’t provoked it, but there was nothing she could do that would have prevented it.

If she was going to die, and she had no intention of doing so, then it wasn’t happening like this. Not because of some nameless nobody who freaked out and had a gun. Not because it was just how it happened.

“Look.” She said, strength returning to her voice as the will to live overcame the fear. “Don’t do this. You don’t need to, and it won’t help you.” Her eyes had narrowed again, even if she was still shaking, and she stared down at Theodore with her own authority. “I don’t have a weapon,” she continued, memories of Naomi’s impaling of Travis for stealing her hedge trimmers flashing across her mind, “and I wouldn’t hurt you anyway. Just put the gun down, and it’ll be okay.”

Despite the trained confidence in her voice, barely a quiver in her words, her heart kept choking in her chest. Just one wrong word, and it would be over. Just one nervous twitch of his trigger finger, and it’d be over. Just one slip up, and she would be over.

She would never go out like that.

Leave My Body
Gabby turned around at the sound of Theodore’s voice, in spite of his exact words. Without warning, or any chance to prepare herself, she suddenly found herself staring down the barrel of a gun.

She trembled. Even though just moments ago she had been envisioning this exact situation, where someone shot her and that was that, she would never in her life have anticipated it actually happening. Her bottle of water fell out of her limp hand to the ground, as she stared down at Theodore with eyes stretched wide by fear.

This was real. Before, it had only seemed real because that’s what she had been telling herself, but now that she was experiencing a gun in her face, held by some pasty faced guy who looked like he was ready to snap, anything she would’ve told herself became irrelevant. She was being threatened with a lethal weapon, and her next move became more critical than anything.

“Drop the gun.” She finally said, the only thing that came to her mind. She wasn’t going to let it unfold like this: it was her life, and she’d stay in control of it. Even with a gun in her face, she’d stay in control of her own life, never give up, and get out of this alive. All she had to do was stay in control.

Leave My Body

Gabriella Parker had lost track of how long she’d been staring out over the overlook. Since seeing that crazy bitch Naomi try to skewer one of her classmates, even if it was someone as sleazy as Travis, she’d lost track of a lot of things: how she’d wound up where she was; where she was going to go next; what was going to happen to her. There wasn't a lot she could think of anymore without the rising bile of dread building in her heart.

She had caught her breath by then, but a lingering migraine continued to threaten her from the back of her head. She held one of her bottles of water between her fingers, dangling it over the side as she kept on staring out at nothing. There was a fresh wind in her face, but that was all the place could offer.

This was it. This was how Gabriella Parker was going to die. Not after a lifetime as a superstar, or after recording a dozen platinum albums, but as a statistic in some grand terrorist plot. She probably wouldn’t even get to die with dignity, just get shot in the face and then go out like that. No final goodbyes, no saving by the army in the final minutes, nothing. She doubted that she'd even get to see Cho before her one final curtain call.

She was getting really close to crying. There was no-one nearby, and she could do it all without a shred of concern over her own appearance, but she just couldn’t bring herself to letting the tears go. It just felt too much like giving up. She’d never quit at anything in her life, and even at the end of it she didn’t want to start. As hopeless as the situation was, as much as she knew that she was going to die, she couldn't bring herself to quit. She couldn't believe in hope, but she couldn't quit either.

So, she just kept staring in silence, waiting for her inevitable fate to come and take her whilst she kept her desperate screams for salvation locked in her trembling mind.

June Midmonth Rolls
I think SOTF God wants me dead.

No heroes please. Feel free to send in murder invitations, but I'm not looking for a quick murder here. Someone who'd like to write one nice and long and descriptive and full of emotional impact and all that wonderful shit, would be just dandy thanks. Prompt posters get extra points. Nope I'm already sorted.

“Okay, seriously. ‘We’re probably dead, but negativity can’t help’? Fuck you, just fuck you.”

Alex’s throat was still burning, but it was the least of her concerns. Cassandra was already a retard, but now she was a retard on a high horse. If she had any strength left in her throat, she would’ve told her to fuck off a lot more royally than she already had done, but for now flipping her off as she walked across the room would have to do.

Still rubbing her throat, she stared out the window of the tower, mind working again. Signalling was a bust, or at least they weren’t going to find anything in here: the terrorists may be assholes, but she doubted they would just skimp around searching a room like this. If that was true they’d be really retarded assholes, and she could never accept being kidnapped by someone like that. No, regardless of whatever Cassandra hoped to find in the room, it was time for a new plan, one that wouldn’t be so easy to screw up.

What was she supposed to do about Cassandra, though? Well, it wasn’t really a question of what she should do; it was just a matter of whether she could leave her to soak in her own retard juices. On one hand, she really could use another set of hands if any heavy lifting came up. Cassandra may not have looked like much, but better to have her do the grunt work than have to do it herself. On the other hand, she was annoying as balls. Both were valid concerns.

She had to get a new plan in motion: I would be easier to decide how much she needed Cassandra then. She reached into her bag, grabbing another gulp of water before pulling out her map, getting the lay of the land, looking for any weaknesses in the terrorists’ master plan.

Oh, here we go. Here we fucking go.

“Wow, Cassandra, where the fuck was this ten minutes ago? I didn’t hear you mention any of this on the way over!”

Alex was back on her feet now, and her shouting was aimed squarely at Cassandra’s face. Her throat was beginning to burn again, but it did little to deter her from shoving Cassandra’s ‘I told you so’ back in her face.

“Because, fuck, I had totally thought of that too! I just came up here to see the fucking sunshine, but I didn’t want to say anything, you know?!” Jesus Christ, she had to put up with this shit again in the best fucking place. If there was one thing in this world she hated (and there were a lot of things that Alex hated), people bragging about hindsight as if they were a goddamn psychic were right up there with everything else.

“But no, really, you pointing out the fucking obvious now that we can all see it just makes my life so much easier! Thanks for telling me things that I just couldn’t fucking figure out on my own!”

At that point, her throat was failing her again. She wanted to shout more at Cassandra, but it fell victim to more choking of her hoarse voice box. She scrunched her face and gripped her throat again, as she swapped her screaming back from vocal to mental.