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'Second Chances' (Interest Check)
On the random chance someone's interested:

Lucy Ashmore, Amber Whimsy, and Jethro Stuarts are all free to grab. Janet Claymont and Jay Harland will be played with to death by moi. PMs of loving interest are great.

Second Chances: Poll
I am firmly in the 'no' territory simply because without being able to ask them we can't be sure if they'd want their characters played or not. Loads of people have denied their characters as up for grabs in the interest thread and I doubt its very fair to deny this same thing of sole ownership of their character's exploits if they wouldn't want their characters written by someone else just because they've moved away from the site.

Janet Claymont
So since she was technically my longest lived character I figure if I'm going to get any writing tips I should shove her in. Would be nice to see what people though of her overall after all.

Starts here. Fabuleux is probably the best single scene for her in terms of interaction with others. Critique on anywhere is lovingly loved though ('cept the bit where Vanikiro handled her for a while cause, don't use that for critique.)

'Second Chances' (Interest Check)

Yeah sounds cool.

Ready Aim Fire
It's so simple in concept yet so beautiful to execute.

Which means I'm in for round two of course.

Same position as Geno nevermind that my to-do list is met so eff it I'll throw my hat in. Kinks are fun.

No limits, go crazy.

Ready Aim Fire
My my my, Inky proved a popular guy...

Introduction Thread
Welcome to the site Irene~

Wage Slaves [Interest Check]
Why did I wait this long to read the entire intro?

Fyeah I'm in.

Ready Aim Fire
Oh why not, I shall sign up.

Board Mafia V2: Game Thread
With my last breath, I CURSE ZOIDBERG!!!