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Off to Cardiff from today (June 27) until Thursday (July 1st), dunno if there'll be computers there or not but I doubt I'd have that much time for SOTF even if there were.

Happy hunting whilst I'm gone!

The Dance Must go on!
A small smile grew on Janet's face as Chadd closed in, speaking those romantic words and giving her a loving kiss on the cheek. Although she was still horribly worried about her secret, hearing his speech made her heart feel just a little bit lighter, if only for a second.

However, she still couldn't be completely calmed by his words. After all, would he still think the same way if he knew the truth that was rapidly growing inside her like a cancer, becoming more and more difficult to contain with each passing moment?

It was inevitable that he would ask what was wrong, but the question was no more welcome for it; she obviously couldn't just outright say te answer, especially given that it was the prom night: the magical evening of their lives. She may have been led astray by that ratty bastard, but that didn't mean that Chadd's perfect night had to be ruined by him too. No, for now she'd just have to continue bottling up her feelings; there would be other times to talk.

“Don't worry about it Chadd, it's nothing important.” she lied, shutting her eyes to avoid looking right as his face as she did so, whilst passing it off with a cheesy grin. “Let's enjoy this food. Steak's great here, what about your's?” she continued, hoping to swerve away from the topic. For now, she'd just have to pretend to be happy enough to keep Chadd happy. She could pull that off for one night, no problems. For the rest of their meal, at least, she would be able to keep up this charade. As the night wore on, she kept her hollow smile aimed at his face, trying to put the terrible truth out of her mind for as long as she could.

For Chadd's sake, Janet would keep lying as long as she could; whatever it took to keep him happy.

((Janet Claymont continued in Closing Time))

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
Well shit.

Writer's Block
I always feel a mindless and repetitive activity gets my brain calm enough to channel it all into writing.

Runeescape works fantastically right now.

Enjoy the Movie
“Two tickets for Wanted, right.” Janet replied slowly to Marty, still tired by the monotony of her job. Spinning on her stool to face the small computer she had been using non-stop all day, she idly clacked in the name of the movie onto the machine, drumming her fingers on the desk as she waited for the slow processor to bring up the information. At least this one wasn't a Spanish film.

Within seconds the movie poster had flashed up onto the monitor, along with all the starting times listed in plain view underneath. Looking at the clock in the bottom corner of the screen, it took a few moments before the half-awake Janet was able to locate the next showing film. “Two tickets then, starting at two-thirty.” she answered, uncaring towards the fact that the film wasn't set to start for the next forty minutes.

For all she knew the customers might have been complaining whilst she returned to putting in the information, but frankly she couldn't give a rat's ass at that moment and so turned a deaf ear to it; all she wanted was to get through the queue as fast as possible. Besides, if they wanted to see the film they'd probably checked it ahead of time anyway, for all she cared.

Drearily punching in the numbers into the keyboard, Janet glanced over to the pair ahead of her, where she finally noticed that the taller, hairier one seemed to be staring at her a little. Raising her eyebrow slightly at his transfixed state, she shrugged it off and returned to her work. Whilst creepy, it wasn't exactly the first time people had stared at her, since she was pretty damn hot after all.

Finally, two tickets printed out of the machine with an idle vroom, the movie details on the paper in fresh ink. Tearing them both out of the printer, she pulled them apart with an unenthusiastic tug, offering them up to both of the customers with one hand each. “That'll be seven dollars and ninety nine cents each.”

Bringing Back The Podcast
I shall be avaliable for that 12-9 GMT tomorrow.

Bringing Back The Podcast
I am sounding off my avaliability. It will remain avaliable for the rest of the summer except between the 27th of June and the 1st of July.

v4 Sneak Preview #2
Preview of interesting-ness, ho!

SOTF Characters (Taking Requests!)
Lovely little works, makes me want one too.

Alice Boucher, to be specific, please. ^_^

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
Since she's not made much of an appearance as far as things have gone:


Vote Sunny

World Domination
Changing the battle system from rolling what armies you have (army sided dice) (very biased system) to a d20 (20 sided dice) system (50:50 chances): YAY

Adding points using the d20 system for bigger overwhelming numbers (i. e. add one extra side on the die for every 5 armies over): YAY

Changing the movement and deployment from a "teleporter" system to a "slow walking" system, only able to move a squad one area at a time: YAY But I suggest perhaps being able to move faster through occupied territory, such as three spaces a turn instead of just one.

Being able to pick attributes or abilities for your armies to do more interesting things, either through a "gives troops for technology" system or a techtree like system: YAY under great scrutiny ~ I lean towards the techtree idea.

Being able to rebuild your headquarters for a cost: YAY for an expensive cost (I suggest 100 troops) and of course just one HQ at a time. As self destructive as it is, I'm inclined to agree with Solomir. NAY

Should we implement any changes in rules now or at the end of the next turn?: END OF TURN

Any other ideas or obvious rules that need to be patched?: NAY

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
So you're still either one less passive voter for the mafia to hide behind or a mafia member covering their tracks; lynching you is a win win situation no matter what the result is.

I'm sticking to my guns here, whether or not you get offed can be up to the rest of the voters out there.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
Jun 10 2010, 01:41 AM
As I said last round, any lynch is better than no lynch so...
As you said. Based on your voting patterns and their relative lack of usefulness, inactivity or not, you've spent the game going with the bandwagons and offering little reasoning of your own. You're either a mafia person who can be culled from the herd, or you're one less passive voter for the mafia to hide behind.

So, either give us something particularly wowing to prevent a lynch, or I'll go warm up the noose.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
Kami has consistently and early on voted both our mafia victims; I don't find her suspicious enough to give priority at this very moment.

Mimi has at least voted Solomir off, that puts her ahead of you by the mobster kingpin.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
Name them.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
Alright, it's time for another lynch.

Vote: Rocky

So far, you've never voted for a mafia member, and even when voting for townies your activity level has been pretty low. We either get rid of a mafia member, or we get rid of an inactive person by lynching you.

It's all of your calls whether you're up for it or not.

Enjoy the Movie
Much to her dismay, Janet's exciting staring contest with the table was interrupted by a voice from in front of her, asking if the girl with her face planted in the desk was in fact alright. ”No, I'm not okay.” she thought, ”I'm staring at a table because I'm stupidly bored dumbass.”

With what little motivation in life she could muster, she wearily brought her head up and away from the desk to look at the two customers vying for her attention, as every person she was fortunate to meet in this job had; ahead of her stood a contrasting pair of young men, who Janet would have likened to a comedy duo off TV if she was paying half as much attention as she should have been.

“Sorry.” She said at the scrawny little guy, only paying enough attention to know where to talk at. “Bad day.” Rubbing her head momentarily whilst she regained her bearings, questoining why she was still the only person working at that counter, she let out a small sigh and returned her attention to the task ahead of her: serving this pair as quickly as possible so she could get back to nothing important whatsoever.

“Welcome to Sunset Cinema. How can I help.” she said monotonously for the hundreth time that day; if she didn't need the money, she would have suggested that the managers use a tape recorder instead.

Mimi - RESOLVED. She's Been Found!
Thank merciful christ she's ok.


Introduction Thread
I shall extend a welcoming hand to both of you. Welcome.

Bringing Back The Podcast
Isn't a minute and a half a bit long for an introduction?