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Slam's Creativity Thread
It's been a month so how bout some more doodles:

More Pictures~

Would just like to extend a thank you to my drawing senpais who are great people and should feel happy with themselves.

I really need to find a way to colour these that I like. I experimented with pencils, but I've never really liked how they look on paper and I don't have the patience to get that much better. Anyone have any better ideas?

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Fallout Thread
We're done already?

Well, good job everybody elsthe. Top effffffort all around.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
Frogue and backslash confirming each other is the sketchiest thing here to me.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
STHix alive, how many offf thosthe are confffirmed/sthemi-confffirmed?

Picture Perfect
"Yeah, that sounds about right."

Nadia's list might've summed up just about everything you'd typically expect to see from a dance, but he supposed the task at hand was delivering photos of exactly that. Really, hearing her spell it out like that had killed some more of his interest in this whole collection: his understanding of what needed to go together was, after all, just another vanilla yearbook spread. Apart from faces, more or less indistinguishable from last year's yearbook, and just as indistinguishable from next year's.

It was tough to make this work into anything special.

Hey let out a long sigh, scratching under the front of his hat at his forehead, gently caressing his temples in the same motion. He'd been at these photos for a while, and whilst he could do this for hours if he was interested, this exercise in futility was draining him. It was time for a break.

"I'm going to head off and mull these over." he said to Nadia without making eye contact and instead glancing down at the photos that he'd already seen plenty another time. "We can pick this up again tomorrow or whatever, if you feel like it."

He grabbed up his bag, offering his fellow photographer a small "Seeya." as he headed out the door, not really stopping to consider how few of her photos he'd looked over. Maybe if he was in a better mood he'd have the energy to return the favour, and maybe with a little more time he'd come to realise how inconsiderate he was being, but for now he really just needed some time to get out of there and brood.

((Sandy Brooks continued elsewhere))

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
Plusth sthcum can kill me ifff they want but that justht leavesth more towniesth with power rolesth running around, stho I'm cool with it!

Offf coursthe that'sth asthsthuming that the doctor doesthn't choosthe to keep me alive asth the mostht confffirmed persthon.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
The sthweetestht.

I chosthe to claim becausthe we have gotten to a fffairly reduced pool offf good looking people versthusth not stho great looking people stho I wanted to narrow the candidatesth. Plusth sthcum can kill me ifff they want but that justht leavesth more towniesth with power rolesth running around, stho I'm cool with it!

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
FFFor the record MW'sth sthtrat isth to disthcourage people buddying with him generally, sthince he'sth quite effffffective at getting lynchesth pusthhed through on histh own. Not sthaying it'sth worth disthmisthsthing the angle, justht don't get your hopesth up.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
Thisth stheemsth like a good time fffor a dramatic reveal.

RuPaul, sthhine me a sthpotlight, pleasthe!

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
RC's doing that thing where there's a lot of sound and fury signalling little, which doesn't tend to help. Plus no-one else is doing much to make themselves look hugely suspicious to me, so eff it why not.

Vote: RC

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
People that I believe to be town


Remind me why you believe me to be town?

Oh hey no listhp.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
I have abstholutely zero knowledge offf RuPaul'sth Drag Race.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
What, only two pagesth to catch up on?

STHo I'm willing to take Rorick'sth hypothesthisth that mafffia have a roleblocker. I don't buy that a townie would blow it on him (and ifff you did then sthhame on you), becausthe a sthcaum wouldn't admit to having a power thisth early in the game in the fffirstht place no matter how much presthsthure they were under. Unlesthsth they were bad.

I alstho am not immediately becoming BFFFFFFsth with Rugga (great asth sthhe isth). It'sth pretty easthy to retroactively claim you were doing sthtuffffff involving sthomeone'sth role, and a JOAT with only one ability leffft isth a fffairly reasthonable cover fffor not recreating it. It'sth an elaborate gambit, but I haven't played with Vicksth in agesth stho I don't know how sthneaky sthhe isth.

I don't think a stherial killer, ifff they existht, would target Laurelsth, persthonally. STHerial killersth want sthcum dead too, yesth, but it'sth generally in their interestht to encourage panic and disthcord that isthn't targetted at them. Laurelsth wasth providing that very nicely without actually targetting anyone who wasth them (unlesthsth Rorick isth the stherial killer, but playing the watcher card isth a very elaborate (ifff not sthtupid) gambit in light offf that, stho I'm sthkeptical that that'sth the casthe).

We sthhouldn't ignore the posthsthibility that two people both targetted one offf our victimsth (mostht likely Laurelsth). That would allow fffor an STHK and a mafffia asth well asth a JOAT and vig. However, that would require one offf the mafffia or the stherial killersth to go afffter Laurelsth, and I don't think it wasth in their bestht interesthtsth fffor either offf them to do stho. Ergo, my posthition at thisth point isth that the town doesthn't have a vigilante, which wouldn't be an unreasthonable balancing fffactor in a game thisth sthize.

And, uhhh, that'sth pretty much it.

Caleb Diamond
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New Official V5 Away Thread
Oh hey I'm back!

New Official V5 Away Thread
Pc is fully borked.

Will be back when it's not.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
Becausthe you asthked stho nicely:

Along sthimilar linesth, light sthcumread on STHlam. here he'sth puzzled by RC'sth questhtion about the sthelfff voting, which makesth me think he'sth not thinking in termsth offf maximizing town power role utility, which isth a mark againstht.

Your link pointing towardsth me being confffusthed about why Rorick would want to sthelfff-watch, not sthelfff-voting. At the time, I wasth confffusthing watching with tracking, sthince doing the latter to yoursthelfff makesth zero sthensthe.

There'sth alstho thisth postht, which I really don't like. STHlam acknowledgesth the momentum againstht Rorick, but doesthn't really take any posthition on it. He mentionsth that there'sth a tradition offf newbiesth getting lynched, which isthn't wrong, but alstho sthervesth asth a reasthon fffor him not getting on board a Rorick train. He alstho mentionsth that Rorick'sth caginesthsth isth sthusthpiciousth, but phrasthesth it in sthuch a way that it appearsth asth ifff he'sth offffffering Rorick advice.

Yesth. I am offffffering Rorick advice becausthe Rorick isth new to our board mafffia and not really acquainted with how the way he'sth talking isth making him a common early lynch target, sthince acting all aloofff and telling people to leave you alone generally hasth the opposthite effffffect over here. I'd rather we lynch him becausthe he isth sthcum, not becausthe he isth unfffamiliar with our meta.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
May 6 2016, 04:59 PM
I sense genuine frustration from Rorick over this. While I still don't like his play, I'd be willing to bet on him being town at this point.
I can appreciate that thisth isth probably fffairly fffrusthtrating, but that'sth not an auto town-bypasthsth. Justht an 'it'sth understhtandable that you're fffinding thisth fffrusthtrating.' sthituation.

Alstho Rorick I wasth talking to RC if it'sth all the sthame.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
Are you able to watch yoursthelfff, Rorick?

Da fffrack doesth thisth have to do with anything?